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Synonym: delusory, misleading, shoddy,


Dishonest, deceptive, and not to be trusted
fraudulent dishonest underhand deceitful duplicitous treacherous crafty disingenuous guileful bogus cheating counterfeit crooked cunning scheming sham sly sneaky untrustworthy bent dissembling false insincere lying Machiavellian perfidious shady sharp deceiving foxy hypocritical mendacious slippery subtle tricky unprincipled unscrupulous untruthful double-dealing fast hollow-hearted rogue shifty slim two-faced underhanded double-faced false-hearted Punic truthless astucious bum catchy designing devious fake fishy imposturous indirect insidious mock oblique off phoney phony plausible pretended rascal roguish seeming serpentine slick snide spurious unreliable wily Janus-faced artful dodgy misleading dishonourable artificial feigned dishonorable faithless corrupt shrewd affected unethical smooth imitation pseudo untrue beguiling disreputable left-handed unctuous put-on calculating double delusive forged specious shonky two-timing cagey astute conniving unfaithful backhanded traitorous pretentious Pecksniffian sneaking disloyal knavish dubious assumed ersatz furtive dirty double-crossing canny hollow unnatural pretend immoral illegal unfair phony-baloney wrong phoney-baloney cute stealthy inauthentic delusory clever evasive fly simulated cagy faked mealymouthed jive unlawful defrauding glib nefarious cod queer base mean criminal fictitious dissimulating swindling unauthentic carny deluding rascally smart mealy not genuine perjured recreant intriguing lip captious canting pirate ingenious skilful skillful iffy plastic despicable undependable arch fallacious questionable dummy contemptible unjust jivey oily feigning ignoble secretive villainous contrived pharisaical low sharp-witted faux wicked trick manipulative bluffing deep pawky elusive pharisaic factitious fibbing secret equivocating vulpine framed forced strained smooth-spoken mechanical inconstant smooth-tongued not kosher scurvy mischievous pietistic sanctimonious impish make-believe knowing doubtful copied back-stabbing ambidextrous amoral clandestine unsound illusory forsworn surreptitious self-righteous suspect moralistic bland pious caviling assuming fiendish discreditable malfeasant venal Hollywood plant brummagem crock shabby intelligent sordid depraved vile resourceful streetwise cavilling shameful wretched pseud suppositious uncertain fickle illicit won't fly soft shell malicious detestable prevaricating deplorable dirty-dealing cheap ignominious quasi- equivocal abject substitute unstable scummy slimy fly-by-night dicey puckish unconvincing implausible devilish scoundrelly inaccurate hoodwinking supposititious nasty waggish unsavoury flimsy fallible weak corruptible suspicious unsporting contriving grafting buyable sinister rotten tenuous perjurious greasy pixieish tricksy scampish pixie leprechaunish pixy prankish elvish synthetic execrable unsportsmanlike snidey abhorrent reprehensible unsupported chancy shaky risky unsubstantiated rocky treasonable inventive disgraceful shameless malevolent imaginative dexterous adroit unpleasant dangerous snaky covert dud savvy vulgar incorrect mistaken defective erroneous abominable degenerate frolicsome sleazy unsavory foul misrepresenting inventing misstating falsifying renegade plotting treasonous lame lousy apostate dextrous grubby odious falsified virtual worthless invalid below the belt ratty scabby indecent crass graceless flakey flaky sorry would-be crazy like a fox wide of the mark off-target meretricious committing perjury unloyal betraying low-minded no-good so-called open to question snake in the grass open to doubt goody-goody formal holier-than-thou exploitative bribable overdone exaggerated lawless intentionally misleading cynical mala fide acute hypocritic pretending wry witted keen not candid lacking sincerity not frank deft alert Pharisaic Tartuffian Pharisaical unqualified masterly adept irresponsible appalling thoughtless unpredictable backbiting bootleg bamboozling against the law unveracious salty ornery hostile proficient politic experienced backstabbing deviant sub-rosa undercover hush-hush concealed playful perilous ensnaring wormlike knock-off pirated despisable disagreeable paltering collusive unhonest leading with tongue in cheek invented concocted cheeky economical with the truth pseudonymous adopted improvised under the counter nifty iniquitous ruthless evil suborned loathsome meanspirited disrespectful pseudo- actorly quack unconscionable double dealing fabricated manufactured trumped-up sketchy seedy superficial mannered fugitive naughty subversive seditious lubricious loaded under the table scandalous irregular distasteful rebellious slipshod shoddy cruddy disdainable malignant not to be trusted adulterine adulterous murky inglorious ludic teasing coquettish mutinous made-up falsehearted mythomaniac wannabe self-styled quasi supposed ostensible apocryphal ungenuine unreal breakaway heads-up back-alley cloak-and-dagger unsafe unsteady insecure hard to pin down changeable mutable variable like a snake in the grass on the QT under wraps on the quiet sportive rakish raffish apparent commiting perjury swearing falsely bearing false witness sagacious unregenerate reprobate street-smart street smart sly like a fox not real not legit espiègle good-for-naught meritless good-for-nothing no-count no-account dual alleged ostensive semi- purported nominal of dubious character potentially illegal as it were to all intents and purposes reticent afraid mincing hesitant euphemistic bad near fakey reported beggarly cowardly squalid ungentlemanly low-down disgusting tawdry low-life beastly paltry illegitimate inequitable unsportsmanly diffident overdelicate restrained prim currish scungy dastardly arrant not cricket off-color ill-gotten against the rules out of order mealy-mouthed imitative mimic hoax man-made not what it is cracked up to be sinful improper conscienceless corrupted cutthroat dark vicious unrighteous not dependable trustless unprofessional conspiratorial dissolute wanton wayward mercenary perverted untrusty fair-weather conspiring not to be depended on incorrigible unpatriotic heinous infamous flighty debauched licentious unworthy profligate doubting unconscientious undutiful errant ungodly unbelieving mean-spirited warped vitiated self-seeking petty wrongful felonious objectionable cruel fast and loose colluding suspected disbelieved uncandid caballing Byzantine stinky funny mysterious unfrank tortuous wrongdoing opportunist not entirely truthful terminologically inexact dissident extramarital opportunistic observant heedful rudderless expedient backstabby fink cowboy casuistic selfish degrading degraded left- handed untrusted dissipated discreet complicitous strategic chary craft involved flagitious perverse repugnant not trustworthy of bad faith crazy like fox adulterate unchaste extracurricular unrespectable hugger-mugger shrouded hidden veiled hole-and-corner undesirable macabre chameleon-like mercentary praetorian stop-at-nothing abandoned backstairs fornicating moonlighting speedy profiteering black unseemly impure shy louche notorious opprobrious insignificant negligent extortionate open scurrilous obliquitous erring gimmicky complicit flimflam scam unconverted sceptical skeptical wavering capricious changeful fluctuating playing politics put on playing games on the take devoid of validity not to be relied upon gone to the dogs beyond contempt under-the-table faking one out not straightforward biased prejudiced discriminatory brutal merciless debased inhumane callous hateful inhuman partisan unfeeling unkind delinquent forbidding bloodthirsty heartless pernicious savage tyrannical barbarous brutish defiled bestial sadistic inexorable spiteful opprobious miscreant putrid offensive blackguardly discriminating prejudicial partial unequal bigoted sacrilegious monstrous pitiless rancorous self-indulgent disparaging hard-hearted libertine wrathful demonic scrofulous black-hearted evil-minded vengeful contemptuous grisly cold-blooded scornful morally wrong maleficent decadent despiteful harsh virulent vindictive gruesome disdainful irreverent profane blasphemous weighted distorted unwarranted intolerant coloured slanted preferential unholy godless undue unbalanced uneven arbitrary irreligious blameworthy culpable one-sided grievous unrightful non-objective inexcusable injurious uncalled-for colored non-believing heathen pagan non-theistic agnostic atheistic disobedient defiling pietistical hardened desecrative contrary satanic diabolic unhallowed nullifidian unsanctified recusant iconoclastic disbelieving desecrating impious not religious


Likely or designed to deceive
misleading delusive false specious ambiguous deceiving fallacious illusory beguiling deceitful deluding delusory fake illusionary illusive mock spurious unreliable distorted erroneous untrue mistaken unfounded sham unreal imaginary fabricated misguided fictitious incorrect wrong bogus inaccurate unsound sophistical fraudulent phony concocted chimerical invalid phoney seeming apparent invented counterfeit made up inexact trumped up illogical casuistic untruthful imagined flawed baseless fanciful fishy apocryphal off sophistic hollow ostensible faulty imprecise vain insincere misrepresentative ungrounded distracting dishonest counterfactual trumped-up cooked-up delusional unreasonable visionary fantastic unsubstantiated groundless feigned idle contrived faked foundationless unproven mad misinformed non-existent unreasoned unsupported uncorroborated forged ill-founded reasonless truthless improper in error colored fictional without basis without foundation way off coloured economical with the truth deluded unread mocking chimeric hallucinatory affected irrational confusing assumed fakey evasive impostrous pretend fancied plausible disingenuous tricky dicey iffy lying casuistical notional dodgy credible probable sophisticated empty flattering ostentatious pretentious meretricious presumptive likely captious colorable nugatory presumable fabulous out off the mark contrary to fact unstraightforward misconceived adopted Barmecidal supposititious Barmecide whimsical fictive semblant suppositious float ideal mythical mythological improvised off beam full of holes seemingly correct deflecting diverting unfactual nonfactual insubstantial quixotic way off beam pseudo equivocal cod untested unverified unconfirmed unwarranted unjustified unattested made-up perplexing bewildering mistakable demagogic catchy confounding puzzling plausible but wrong apparently right conjectural blue sky pipe dream speculative questionable nonvalid mendacious gratuitous tenuous uncalled-for off-base bottomless not backed up by evidence diversionary artificial simulated factitious ersatz


Existing only in the imagination
imaginary unreal fanciful mythical fictitious chimerical imagined fantastic visionary fabulous fictional invented mythic illusory fantastical ideal pretend chimeric phantasmal phantom fantasied phantasmic legendary imaginal notional whimsical hypothetical dreamlike theoretical fabricated hallucinatory fancied imaginative unsubstantial assumed quixotic delusive mythological ethereal dreamy abstract suppositious shadowy fantasy nonexistent illusive concocted storybook supposititious apocryphal figmental supposed spectral virtual imagal apparitional made-up make-believe non-existent dreamed-up trumped up fool's paradise all in one's head figment of someone's imagination product of someone's imagination academic estimated all in the mind fairy-tale romantic fabled fictive folkloric insubstantial heroic utopian immaterial traditional proverbial impractical unworkable symbolic allegorical idealized unfeasible ivory-towered delusory impracticable made up idealised in the clouds symbolical improvised devised synthetic queer conceived thought up hyped up dreamt up false mock phantasmagoric intangible seeming artificial fake nebulous pretended unattainable ostensible impalpable sham insincere phoney unnatural weird faux misleading incredible reproduction reachy replica aerial phony imitation unbelievable unachievable Utopian poetic mercurial transcendental unearthly high-flown extravagant mental transcendent out of this world out-of-reach ivory-tower pie-in-the-sky famed parabolic famous storied wonderful outstanding remarkable epic enchanted magic important impressive extraordinary magical absent lacking missing wanting vague gossamery airy dead defunct flimsy baseless empty tenuous gone blank negative ungrounded departed groundless vaporous extinguished lost vacant imponderable perished void null inexistent extinct idealistic inventive creative unrealistic inspired starry-eyed prescient passed on passed away without foundation far-sighted perceptive discerning ingenious enterprising insightful innovative penetrating intuitive clever shrewd gifted wise resourceful sharp talented speculative dreaming quixotical starry idealist few and far between null and void head-in-the-clouds exalted otherworldly astral introspective out of touch with reality musing pretentious abstracted unworldly lofty with your head in the clouds grandiose daydreaming ambitious noble original radical prophetic

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