Synonym of decrying

Alternative for decrying

decries, decried, decrying

Synonym: condemn, excoriate, objurgate, reprobate,


Disparaging, or tending, or intending to be, belittling
disparaging slighting derogatory denigratory contemptuous disdainful scornful belittling deprecatory pejorative demeaning derisory uncomplimentary degrading depreciatory depreciative derogative denigrative detractive derisive sneering disapproving insulting deprecating contumelious critical snide negative abusive deprecative mocking scathing detracting defamatory discrediting unflattering slanderous libelous libellous opprobrious offensive condescending scoffing jeering debasing disrespectful supercilious humiliating dismissive sarcastic rude shameful jibing undignified ignominious mortifying shaming haughty disgraceful diminishing deflating patronizing depreciating patronising lowering arrogant damaging unfavourable unworthy dishonourable inglorious withering cheapening taunting snooty insolent abject scurrilous menial contemptible sniffy snotty dishonorable vituperative detractory infra dig bringing shame fault-finding unfavorable abhorrent sardonic maligning censorious catty downgrading denigrating minimizing judgmental judgemental full of contempt minimising malicious ridiculing uncharitable pillorying teasing unsympathetic lampooning caustic satirical epithetical unbecoming corrupting wretched defiant snidey sarky unpleasant superior hypercritical overbearing egotistic cynical despicable damning invective harsh irreverent dyslogistic disadvantageous sniping injurious dishonouring spiteful personal calumnious nasty hurtful vilifying mean calumniatory discreditable traducing mud-slinging snobbish imperious proud uppity cavalier aspersing malevolent dishonoring reproachful despiteful vain audacious cool snippy bold cheeky temperamental upstage hard high and mighty cold-shoulder on your high horse hard-nosed high hat dog it cavilling condemnatory carping caviling overcritical captious faultfinding reproving vulgar rejective vitriolic denunciatory castigatory condemning scandalous vituperatory quibbling censuring pass-remarkable criticizing cavillous hostile pedantic biting cutting niggling reviling scurrile scurril truculent severe scolding nitpicking nit-picking nagging criticising hairsplitting affronting discourteous foul uncivil wounding picky denouncing vicious pernickety unmannerly obloquious impertinent accusatory obnoxious sharp aspersive stern calumniating upbraiding hair-splitting unfriendly judgy full of reproof hard to please demanding bitter discouraging blasphemous complaining acerbic unkind pettifogging virulent muckraking griping reprobative violent berating bellyaching slurring venomous mordacious dissatisfied acrimonious defaming hateful whingeing castigating unsparing false misrepresentative antagonistic nit-picky coarse adverse reprobatory untrue impolite accusing low reproaching dirty pharisaic indecent outrageous offending perfectionist corrosive fussy malign self-righteous contrary finicky sharp-tongued exceptive exacting overscrupulous over-censorious over-particular troublesome over-exacting damnatory disappointed shrewish insinuating unforgiving admonitory familiar intrusive snarky ill-natured grousing moaning grouchy grumbling lying maledictory backbiting scandalmongering proscriptive culpatory reprehending chiding severely critical perfunctory smearing grouching whining ranting poisonous frowning maledictive bleating aspersory unenthusiastic dimissory boot-faced disapprobatory bad abrupt brusque surly blunt curt gruff short ungracious libeling excoriating libelling disgracing injuring hurting abasing vile malignant repulsive kvetching displeased slating knocking poor bad-mannered ill-mannered rough mithering chuntering lordly aloof offhand objectionable discontented difficult to please overparticular meticulous punctilious fastidious ridiculous absurd ludicrous cockamamie pathetic silly cockamamy laughable risible comical farcical preposterous hoity-toity annoying irritating unhelpful indifferent untoward impossible to please displeasing diagnostic discriminating analytical trenchant penetrating overnice humbling discerning critic particular choleric hifalutin prideful lofty highfalutin out-of-line flip cocky fresh crusty gally smart-alecky smart sassy nervy blistering undermining disobliging invalidating obstructive ribald infamous salacious scabrous groundless obscene gross uppish exasperating inimical rejecting contemning averse high-and-mighty despising antipathetic scouting repudiating toplofty raunchy vituperous smutty lewd filthy shameless fierce devastating savage brutal searing vexatious provocative impudent vexing provoking galling exceptionable embarrassing Rabelaisian shocking unacceptable crude reprehensible censurable stinging barbed ferocious scorching abrasive destructive for the birds detestable upsetting improper turning up your nose at looking down your nose at foul-mouthed irritable nitpicky testy perverse thorny unfair touchy cantankerous petty cross crabby trivial unjust peevish petulant tricky snarling coruscating acidic burning trying uncompromising very critical acid cruel sulphurous scalding sulfurous importunate strict intractable clamorous tiresome tough obstinate rigorous dictatorial inflexible overexacting unmanageable difficult unamenable unaccommodating querulous insistent stringent unbending exigent fractious extremely critical hardheaded obdurate needy possessive unreasonable firm sticklerish stiff stubborn unflinching serious tyrannical over-rigorous hard-line over-strict hard to satisfy high-maintenance ultra-critical


A long, angry or violent speech
tirade diatribe harangue philippic broadside polemic abuse attack brickbats criticism denunciation flak fulmination invective lecture railing rant reviling admonishment admonition rebuke reprimand reproof reproval upbraiding battering berating castigation censure condemnation denouncement jeremiad obloquy outburst stricture tongue-lashing verbal onslaught vilification vituperation anger blast dispute knocking malediction ranting revilement screed sermon slating stream of abuse brickbat bashing screen reproach exchange discourse insult protest objection complaint disparagement vitriol execration billingsgate scurrility arraignment excoriation vociferation reprobation discharge warning curse intimidation scolding telling-off dressing-down blame wigging contumely slander libel defamation insults talking-to speech lambasting remonstration rocket chiding declamation oration spiel address bad-mouthing talk homily disquisition verbal abuse earful chastisement denigration carpeting aspersions exhortation rollicking peroration roasting monologue recitation ticking off allocution scurrilousness calumny calumniation monolog pep talk opprobrium objurgation bollocking sideswipe verbal attack rhetoric remonstrance curses valedictory bombast derision predication rap over the knuckles pitch chewing out assault character assassination panning argument onslaught verbal chalk talk mud-slinging caning bawling-out slamming recrimination traducement debate rating offense disapproval insolence dissertation offence swearing expletives bad press oratory commentary eulogy salutatory keynote parlance ticking-off dressing down opus salutation panegyric derogation swear words slurs whaikorero stick stump appeal invocation prelection venom foul language telling off animadversion signifying slagging off lamentation moan lament keen groan slab passage reprehension controversy swipe plaint wail disputation row mouthful discipline soapbox proclamation harsh criticism slap on the wrists rap on the knuckles going-over heat discredit deliverance presentation odium disfavour soliloquy outpouring effusion preachment moralism preaching fault-finding obscenity deprecation slanderousness indecency rap counsel advice delivery disapprobation scorn disfavor contempt bad language philippics spouting hassle caution blowing-up serve scandal coarseness offensiveness accusation blasphemy sarcasm counterblast epithet slandering backbiting malice evil-speaking abusiveness infamousness grossness spitefulness spite fulminations reading out stump speech cursing rubbishing cattiness slap on the wrist slights talking to mauling savaging bluster indignities jibes rebukes fanfaronade slanging disrespect rudeness verbals quinine knifing hosing raving histrionics fustian rage yelling rhapsody persecution a slanging match kicking around trash talk pushing around name-calling put-downs malevolence slagging jibe confrontation pugnacity defilement indignity combativeness parley paper disagreement belligerence slur impugnment verbal assault


Present participle for to publicly denounce
condemning denouncing censuring criticising criticizing blaming disparaging derogating discrediting blasting deprecating running down attacking belittling denigrating rapping abusing depreciating dissing execrating flaming lambasting pillorying vilifying aspersing deploring detracting knocking railing against reviling slamming anathematizing bad-mouthing carping at cavilling at diminishing discounting dismissing excoriating fulminating against inveighing against minimising minimizing putting down reprehending reprobating slating traducing trashing trash-talking vilipending animadverting disapproving of calumniating casting aspersions on complaining defaming devaluing disgracing downgrading hitting kissing off lowering maligning panning playing down railing sniping at talking down tearing into underestimating underrating undervaluing coming down on crying down holding forth against pulling to pieces tearing to shreds dumping on marking down taking away doing a hatchet job on taking swipe at throwing stones at doing a number on slurring rubbishing slagging off slandering deriding smearing libeling libelling speaking ill of dragging through the mud insulting vituperating besmirching slighting having a go at roasting scorning dishonouring blackening stigmatizing dishonoring reproaching pulling apart degrading stigmatising ripping ridiculing sullying giving a bad name scandalizing tarnishing hitting out at scoffing at dispraising scandalising pouring scorn on pooh-poohing assailing injuring blotting bashing slinging mud at detracting from debasing bringing into disrepute shaming berating impugning blistering smirching dragging through the mire defiling misprizing damaging castigating mocking tainting hammering giving a black eye sneering at staining trivializing reproving tearing down soiling laying into taking to pieces scorching flinging mud at besmearing spoiling casting a slur on muckraking reducing spotting contemning deflating disdaining speaking evil of blotching trivialising breathing on bringing discredit to making light of befouling throwing mud at spreading scandal about running smear campaign ripping up and down holding cheap finding fault with minifying rebuking marginalizing disrespecting upbraiding reflecting badly on cursing cutting down to size marginalising arraigning bringing shame upon bringing shame on objurgating despising speaking badly of blackening the name of tarring and feathering treating lightly denunciating doing down disapproving demeaning proscribing cheapening picking holes in laughing at taking down skewering reprimanding pummelling pummeling bagging faulting chastising jumping on slashing slagging taunting backbiting undermining sneering throwing brickbats at embarrassing spreading lies about lessening sullying the reputation of declaiming selling short savaging humiliating inveighing objecting to offending jeering scoffing skinning taking to task gibing twitting girding objecting belying affronting giving something a bad press poisoning taking exception to dressing down taking down a peg lampooning looking down on finding fault kicking up a stink about abominating raging detesting blackening the reputation of abhorring conducting a smear campaign against thundering misrepresenting rejecting downplaying devaluating disesteeming discountenancing caning blaspheming fulminating imprecating scolding cussing discommending expostulating mauling speaking out punishing laughing frowning on rating scathing prejudicing protesting against blemishing chiding making a stand appalling zinging perverting calling down looking askance at giving someone a bad press thinking little of nagging burlesquing travestying leering satirizing swiping caricaturing fleering cracking dumping rallying flouting grinning jesting remonstrating opposing telling lies about sniggering lacing to ripping up skinning alive laughing off putting away running a smear campaign against blackening the character of slinging mud blackguarding satirising animadverting on mouthing off about taking a swipe at expressing disapproval of frowning upon cutting to the quick going on about swearing at giving some stick to cutting down making a fuss about look down one's nose at picking at holding up to ridicule sneezing at sniffing at ranking out kicking up a fuss about vituperating against turning up one's nose quipping at giving Bronx cheer holding in contempt gossiping about spurning humbling poormouthing clamoring against mistreating demonizing voodooing jinxing digging excommunicating comminating badmouthing crushing frowning making little of questioning compromising demonising snubbing commenting negatively mortifying making fun of mistrusting repudiating ruining ragging on putting hooks in belaboring potshotting lying about villainizing tearing to pieces not going for talking trash dooming sentencing giving comeuppance knocking off high horse condescending taking a dig at loathing dragging someone's name through the mud dragging through mud taking dim view of weakening swearing putting a whammy on oppressing persecuting decreasing deigning hating casting slur on putting zingers on writing down finding unacceptable taking a dim view of jiving bringing down knocking off slanging miscalling belabouring riding hosing withdrawing framing naming adjudging judging pronouncing darning banishing convicting dratting penalising banning expelling confounding penalizing curling your lip at gibing at saying contemptuously making cutting remarks about turning your nose up at jeering at treating with contempt demoralizing demoralising shocking disgusting outraging expressing strong disapproval of thinking wrong not supporting fustigating lashing crucifying carping horrifying sending up blowing off cussing out calling names shouting at casting out thundering against complaining of inveigling against sledging clobbering blowing whistle on hanging something on pointing finger at letting someone have it pinning it on soft-pedalling soft-pedaling knocking down casting down slogging fluffing zapping trimming slugging laying at one's door sending up the river brushing aside glossing over discoursing orating haranguing perorating negating expressing a poor opinion of disfavouring disfavoring remonstrating against giving the business giving flak to throwing shade nitpicking about cutting to bits passing strictures upon giving a bad press to picking to pieces complaining about bagging on giving bad press nagging at nit-picking cutting up cutting rate taking away from revolting nauseating repelling sickening plastering strumpeting subtracting from ranting displeasing vociferating protesting strongly raising an prosecuting protesting indicting ostracising ostracizing impeaching causing a few raised eyebrows amongst causing raised eyebrows raising eyebrows amongst blackballing dismaying giving offence to fuming passing on mouthing off expostulating about making a protest ranting about storming criticizing unfairly accursing giving black eye blustering spouting huffing raving declaiming against blackening someone's name understating squashing regarding with disgust feeling disgust for feeling revulsion to feeling aversion to squelching charging with showing up intimidating taking a stand menacing snickering smiling animadverting upon vociferating about challenging ranting and raving shooting down arguing against opposing strongly shooting full of holes dissenting excepting bickering recriminating resisting taking issue arguing complaining vociferously about raining objecting strongly to fighting taking issue with expressing disagreement with speaking out against griping lodging a protest against sounding off kicking combatting squabbling taking exception taking a stand against combating withstanding raising objections to disputing demurring curling one's lip flaying abasing fouling chastening sinking dirtying taking apart bawling out smudging chewing out admonishing carpeting polluting contaminating tearing a strip off corrupting lecturing muddying marring griming begriming tongue-lashing branding hurting discoloring tarring discolouring marking wounding daubing reaming out sailing into hauling over the coals reading the riot act giving a rocket debauching tearing off a strip bringing low finding lacking nitpicking over criticizing severely accusing demoting tearing apart slapping bollocking reaming rollicking disregarding nitpicking abashing ragging remonstrating with prostituting caviling cavilling bemeaning distaining bemiring gauming miring mucking owning giving a talking-to getting at putting in a bad light giving someone hell going for the jugular telling off rapping over the knuckles giving someone a bollocking giving someone a roasting giving someone a rollicking breaking writing false reports about spreading tales about raking over the coals marking wrong laying down the law dragging name through mud adulterating making impure making unclean making someone eat crow taking down a peg or two causing to lose face speaking of with disfavour getting angry with having a pop at gossipping backstabbing lying spiting gossiping heaping subordinating destroying harshing scoring basting keelhauling jawing refuting stooping attainting desecrating annoying ranting at showing someone up descending sniping provoking betraying passing judgment aggravating assaulting verbally arguing with losing face lowering in rank giving a tongue-lashing railing at dragging down upsetting disagreeing with darkening bloodying giving a bad name to putting someone in their place lowering in status miffing selling out bedaubing piling in beating down spattering exprobating incriminating picking apart disciplining looking askance getting after rebuffing reading out exposing to ridicule starting on starting in pushing capping insinuating chopping holding up to shame relegating taking on harming teasing misrespecting misbidding giving something a battering jumping on one's case snapping someone's head off biting someone's head off disobliging irritating maltreating ill-treating declassing jumping down one's throat exposing depressing hitting where one lives accusing falsely casting aspersion cheating ill-using anointing subduing chaffing depraving cankering vitiating deteriorating bastardizing warping profaning subverting reverting bumping setting back discomfiting jibing at tormenting jibing scouting crawling reducing to the ranks busting kicking downstairs causing offence to growling riling ignoring chagrining louting ribbing razzing quizzing kidding bantering jollying disrating lowering the status of subjugating bastardising treating disrespectfully cutting dead underrepresenting underpricing hurting somebody's feelings quashing poking fun at heaping scorn on wronging trespassing aggrieving stepping on one's toes withering showing in a bad light bringing into disfavour vanquishing confusing clouding making sport of flouting at poking mullock at offending against doing wrong to doing injury to doing an injustice to doing a disservice to giving someone a dressing-down lighting to underselling disowning discarding disclaiming taking the piss out of tying into yelling at beating up on ripping into imposing upon sinning against barking at causing to feel small taking the wind out of your sails making someone eat humble pie taking the mickey making ashamed settling someone's hash putting to shame putting out of countenance making a fool of brushing off taking advantage of doing the dirty on telling someone to get lost scourging casting aside giving the cold shoulder to sweeping aside cold-shouldering giving someone the brush-off lashing into


Present participle for to complain, speak or write about with great hostility
inveighing complaining condemning declaiming disparaging objecting protesting remonstrating admonishing castigating criticising criticizing denouncing fussing griping grizzling grouching grumbling impugning lambasting lashing moaning railing ranting reviling upbraiding vituperating whining whingeing beefing bellyaching berating blasting bleating carping caterwauling censuring crabbing crying fulminating grousing growling grumping keening nagging recriminating repining reproaching roasting scolding screaming trashing vilifying wailing abusing blaming croaking denigrating hollering kvetching maundering murmuring muttering raging scorching squawking squealing storming whimpering yammering yawping bawling expostulating kicking yapping yauping yelping yowling grouching about laying into laying out ripping into sounding off tongue-lashing cracking down on going after having at kicking up a fuss letting someone have it sounding off about working over beefing about bellyaching about inveighing against jumping down one's throat kicking up a fuss about kicking up a stink about taking exception running down complaining vehemently about quibbling nitpicking niggling caviling cavilling knocking chuntering splitting hairs mithering creating hypercriticizing nit-picking finding fault with finding fault picking on pecking objurgating bothering panning picking holes going on picking at pettifogging niggling about quibbling about kvetching about picking holes in groaning lamenting bemoaning grieving bewailing deploring making a fuss sniveling snivelling chirping nattering cribbing kicking up a stink objecting to screeching howling speaking out against mourning plaining over opposing twining carrying on railing at squalling sobbing whispering greeting yelling ululating shrieking puling arguing equivocating raising objections expressing disapproval mumbling charging dissenting taking a stand making a stand demurring wittering chopping logic complaining about putting up a fight putting the boot in lodging a complaint making a complaint taking apart taking exception to going on about raising Cain gurning flyspecking sighing pleading blowing off steam wauling weeping sulking blubbering roaring sorrowing excepting anathematizing execrating cursing raising a ruckus crying the blues kicking up a storm crying out miaowing sorrowing for sorrowing about sighing over grieving over rumbling bickering quarrelling quarreling fretting contravening indicting defying accusing laying differing deprecating disagreeing ascribing imputing gainsaying disapproving refuting attacking gabbling sputtering muddling swallowing slurring snarling droning burbling rubbishing slandering sniping maligning making screeching badmouthing querying disagreeing with protesting against fulminating against looking askance making a fuss about faulting prevaricating picking cutting up bad-mouthing slagging off pulling to pieces speaking ill of talking under your breath cavilling at carping about moaning and groaning casting aspersions on doing a hatchet job on subtilizing picking nits mincing matters raising trivial objections raising trivial objections to beating about the bush sharping a distinction arguing over nothing making a fine distinction refining a distinction

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