Synonym of dejecting

Alternative for dejecting

dejects, dejected, dejecting

Antonym: encourage,


Present participle for make sad or dispirited
depressing discouraging burdening dampening dashing daunting disheartening dismaying dispiriting oppressing saddening demoralising demoralizing bumming out getting down weighing down casting down distressing afflicting troubling upsetting crushing bothering desolating grieving perturbing aggrieving vexing worrying making despondent ailing tormenting bringing down trying making sad making unhappy making gloomy putting a damper on beating down enervating shaking chagrining disturbing mortifying abasing harrowing bugging harassing abashing chilling chillin breaking one's heart devitalizing deadening damping shattering humbling making miserable unnerving fazing paining pressing cowing hurting wearying dampening spirits stressing debilitating dragging down making blue haunting deterring disparaging straining unmanning plaguing bringing one down irking frustrating dulling putting into a funk appalling reducing to tears turning one off weighing heavily on casting a gloom upon making desolate hanging over bringing tears to your eyes throwing cold water on making your heart bleed psyching out pouring cold water on giving someone the blues causing suffering to flooring dispraising desiccating gelding dehydrating petrifying castrating lobotomizing lying clouding discomforting lying heavy on preying on palling tiring downing deploring dashing the hopes of devastating casting a shadow sapping taking the heart out of besetting taxing deflating flattening casting a gloom on breaking subjugating lowering overwhelming subduing suppressing stifling squashing inconveniencing nagging incommoding bedeviling bedevilling intimidating diminishing squelching weakening smothering overcharging dumping shaming quelling overcoming extinguishing overpowering curbing defeating disappointing draining overawing damping down bearing down on sticking it to giving it to dishing it out dishing out causing trouble to getting someone down beating dragging darkening putting off making downhearted running down prostrating scaring repressing frightening awing alarming deprecating aweing drooping confusing weighing bullying casting a pall over knocking for six knocking the stuffing out of keeping under causing to lose heart making someone fed up knocking sideways harshing someone's mellow bearing down breaking someone's heart knocking the wind out of harshing one's mellow torturing concerning disconcerting wounding agonizing agitating stinging discommoding pestering gnawing at discomposing racking agonising burning up riling getting to exasperating fretting breaking the heart of irritating annoying causing anguish to making wretched galling narking cutting to the quick displeasing chastening hacking off disquieting harrying beleaguering unsettling flustering weighing on hassling rattling perplexing aggravating obsessing fussing making anxious niggling flurrying frazzling exercising distempering unhinging derailing hagriding causing anxiety to freaking out weirding out making uneasy giving a hard time anguishing taking over besieging pressing down on possessing discomfiting tearing hounding taking control of throwing distracting discombobulating nagging at despairing ruffling teasing needling alaruming pricking tantalising undoing tantalizing chafing persecuting spooking stirring up niggling at making uncomfortable causing concern to causing discomfort to eating at driving up the wall wringing recurring touching causing disquiet to provoking infesting nettling preoccupying maddening throwing off stewing fearing sweating moving festering coming back to puzzling gnawing wearing rankling grinding stabbing cutting miffing peeving discountenancing offending cursing staying with interrupting injuring angering confounding rankling with hacking you off giving a bad time giving someone grief flipping out making waves dogging pushing strapping indisposing martyring nit-picking preying on one's mind causing anxiety getting at picking on doing a number on throwing off balance ticking off arousing anxiety in pushing buttons making it tough for cutting up causing anguish causing someone distress causing pain badgering importuning testing hectoring goading dunning sweating out


Present participle for to diminish the confidence or courage of
unnerving daunting discouraging demoralising demoralizing dismaying disconcerting disheartening dispiriting upsetting frightening shaking unmanning alarming flustering rattling confounding cowing perturbing agitating discomfiting discomposing distressing disturbing fazing throwing unsettling disarming disquieting intimidating jolting ruffling startling chilling chillin discombobulating frustrating panicking stunning stupefying taking aback unhinging bewildering buffaloing distracting enervating enfeebling flooring needling nonplussing riding sapping scaring spooking surprising uncalming undermining weakening worrying shaking up bowling over getting to putting into a flap setting back throwing into a tizz throwing off throwing off balance giving a turn psyching out putting someone off their stroke putting the wind up causing someone to lose their composure deterring abashing overwhelming consternating thwarting baffling putting off throwing cold water on pouring cold water on appalling terrifying terrorizing awing aweing terrorising browbeating horrifying shocking subduing affrighting alaruming bothering perplexing discomforting vexing mystifying petrifying bullying confusing frighting discountenancing troubling overawing embarrassing saddening disillusioning bulldozing scarifying repelling stiffing astounding chagrining disenchanting flummoxing disappointing striking terror into puzzling disgruntling scaring away depressing scaring to death dumbfounding scaring off curdling the blood making teeth chatter letting down chilling to the bone making blood run cold making nervous staring down putting off balance outstaring outfacing standing up to mortifying impressing pressuring pressurizing blinding someone with something taking someone's breath away annoying making anxious making uneasy throwing into panic pressurising destabilizing unbalancing muddling scaring stiff scaring witless irritating filling with fear freezing your blood scaring the bejesus out of getting the wind up throwing into a panic giving someone goose pimples destabilising blinding making one's flesh creep putting the fear of God into giving someone the heebie-jeebies scaring the pants off making your blood run cold giving one the creeps throwing into a fright chilling someone to the marrow scaring someone out of their wits making your hair stand on end throwing into a blue funk scaring the living daylights out of scaring someone half to death making someone jump out of their skin pulling the rug from under pulling the rug out from under making one's blood run cold scaring the daylights out of making one's hair stand on end concerning disobliging dashing casting down shattering the illusions of embittering dampening the spirits of bumming out dashing the hopes of dashing hopes distempering hagriding flurrying exercising undoing frazzling ailing paralysing derailing fussing pothering weirding out paralyzing freaking out snafuing knocking sideways filling with consternation knocking for six messing up screwing up lousing up fouling up mucking up giving someone a turn putting the wind up someone throwing into a tizzy


Causing or resulting in a feeling of miserable dejection
depressing dismal heartbreaking black bleak distressing sad discouraging gloomy melancholy saddening daunting disheartening dispiriting somber sombre upsetting dreary painful demoralising demoralizing heart-rending hopeless disenchanting doleful drear grave harrowing heartrending mournful pathetic sorry tearful teary unfavorable unfavourable unhappy wretched blue distressful funereal lachrymose morbid disappointing melancholic oppressive unpleasant grim cheerless joyless depressive sorrowful miserable lugubrious desolate dark drab comfortless piteous woeful morose glum dire disconsolate dolorous rueful depressed cold dingy uncomfortable dull solemn forlorn drearisome uninviting austere dejected unwelcoming sullen woebegone spiritless dour gray dim abject bare godforsaken despondent inhospitable stark darkening plutonian distressed chill murky tenebrous saturnine tenebrific bland sepulchral crestfallen grey clinical lonely lonesome draggy elegiacal mopey dreich sunless elegiac impersonal cloudy off-putting wintery mourning afflicted wintry jarring Cimmerian institutional in the dumps cast down inauspicious down-and-out crushing tragic regrettable poignant traumatic lamentable pitiable unfortunate moving agonizing discomposing terrible agonising tear-jerking heart-wrenching sickening pessimistic unpropitious dampening touching hurtful unpromising despairing ominous repressing inopportune dismaying hindering deterring disadvantageous dissuading not encouraging not hopeful poor dreadful difficult bitter pitiful mirthless troublesome dispirited excruciating shocking dolesome vexatious derisible mortifying pensive plangent horrific grievous appalling frightful horrifying downcast down downhearted down in the dumps inconsolable low down in the mouth heartbroken low-spirited saddened heartsick heavyhearted bad brokenhearted heartsore broken-hearted troubled anguished droopy grief-stricken moody hangdog humourless heavy-hearted humorless grieving discouraged severe upset forbidding disheartened long-faced hurting disappointed demoralized foreboding demoralised deplorable in low spirits sulky sorrowing serious harsh sober stern awful fed up hurt devastated in pain chap-fallen dragged surly disagreeable sour bereaved suffering pained bummed out grumpy brooding unsmiling sedate cut up crushed downbeat stony-faced plaintive choked gutted mean moping aggrieved agonized oppressed chapfallen earnest in the pits agonised tormented gut-wrenching no-nonsense destroyed out of sorts staid worthless glowering horrid defeatist scurvy horrible negative grieved angry displeasing sobersided hostile regretful heavy frowning mopish emotional broken subdued tristful tortured spartan weepy calamitous disturbing down-hearted poker-faced shadowy in the doldrums lamenting dirgelike displeased crabby distraught macabre abandoned solitary in a blue funk down and out shot down unamused disgruntled hard cynical affecting scowling foul dirge-like perturbed bothered paltry colorless vile colourless discontented ghastly Eeyorish base rotten tragical bereft monotonous lousy destitute wistful repugnant sinister worrying weeping threatening broody unlucky frightening ruthful in grief in doldrums all torn up in tears po-faced deserted cheesed off weighed down listless adverse sterile deadpan undesirable stony despicable contemptible disillusioned gruesome repellent threnodic gloom-ridden cross squalid disconcerting concerned repulsive intense compassionate stirring arousing shabby beggarly commiserative fatalistic offensive sordid overwhelmed revolting disenchanted clouded horrendous weighty uptight discombobulated shameful disconcerted vexed objectionable distasteful unpalatable bugged shook unhumorous traumatized churlish grouchy helpless disturbed execrable inferior antsy atrocious unnerving taciturn bad-tempered angst-ridden impoverished detestable indigent scungy sourpuss muted lurid forsaken irked overcast suspicious crabbed weary ugly dismayed wounded hapless alarmist distrustful doubting shook up sick ill-tempered lackluster lacklustre deep heavy with grief mortified overcome with sorrow nightmarish traumatised menacing straight-faced afflictive acheronian daunted racked disgraceful dolent God-awful sunk in gloom loathsome down-in-the-mouth irritable sick at heart boring lifeless fiery unwelcome bleeding chilling blue funk strained down in dumps parlous brassed off intimidating crummy unfriendly with a long face uninspiring let down taken down given to looking on the black side bowed down cast-down languorous triste as sick as a parrot unexciting blah uninteresting languid singing the blues sick as a parrot on a downer humdrum uncaring unimpassioned unmoved desperate ruined merciful formal portentous waste worried maudlin nostalgic funebrial exequial deathlike threnodial routine uniform empty barren desolating cheap inadequate insignificant regimented discomforting disquieting remorseful deathly Stygian hollow obscure isolated intolerable lorn uncommunicative sorry for oneself burned sore contused companionless overcome pining uninhabitable suicidal unresponsive phlegmatic acherontic lame expressionless impassive afflicting annoyed gaunt dirgeful luckless depressant bearish in despair inimical shamefaced adust down in mouth uneasy sunk atrabilious dampened drooping dashed sagging remote derelict sequestered ailing have the blahs blank dissatisfied looking on the black side full of gloom looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny feeling down heart-breaking unhopeful small meagre to be pitied meager let-down not happy languished dysphoric contemplative in sorrow in mourning frustrated discomfited emo ripped disowned full of sorrow torn up low in spirits in the toilet low-down fierce steely chagrined miffed having blue devils having the blahs tough lost unappealing unappetizing unattractive untempting troubling grisly hideous forgotten homeless aghast unsatisfied beaten friendless uncared-for trashy shoddy filthy aggressive indignant temperamental cantankerous aggravated vanquished baulked worsted objecting balked testing alarming unearthly resolved ruminative resolute thoughtful reflective introspective composed derisory catastrophic cruel disastrous feeble injurious perilous enraged ferocious implacable unappeasable critical flinty cast-iron boot-faced ungentle disapproving furious dragging defenseless alone defenceless fruitless mephitical unkind repellant galling perplexing aggravating unpleasing hellish bewildering vexing annoying abhorrent perturbing revulsive frustrating unamusing uncongenial irritating irksome chilly unenthusiastic eerie exacting exigent nauseating ghostly terrifying gory grotesque ill-fated hard-pressed harmful doubtful treacherous pressing precarious jeopardous apocalyptic rocky very bad straitened discommodious dangerous full of hardship ill-omened direful ill-boding messy poverty-stricken monstrous fearsome quiet unplayful bookish deep in thought bound and determined bummed powerless downtrodden nasty unenticing disgusting terrific pitiless grewsome nightmare weird shady spooky spookish scary unhealthy anxious louring hazy leaden overclouded shaken agitated ruffled disquieted unnerved discomposed darkened death-obsessed harassed wrecked flustered discountenanced aflutter plagued huffy spooked harrowed haunted beclouded lowering misty dirty hazed foggy clouded over resentful pouting piqued petulant persecuted wailing aching jumpy bewailing bemoaning unglued promising rain nebulous put out ill-humoured fractious strung out not fair not clear peeved perverse chippy aloof mumpish pouty racked with suffering in a tizzy racked with pain in a stew withdrawn uncooperative obstinate sourpussed querulous stroppy mardy out of humour fretful ornery sulking unsociable gruff ill-humored in a bad mood in a huff in a funk in a mood in the sulks in a strop having a fit of the sulks

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