Synonym of delaying

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delays, delayed, delaying

Synonym: detain, hold up, postpone, put off,

Antonym: hasten, hurry,


Tentative, unsure, or slow in acting or speaking
hesitant uncertain doubtful reluctant unsure hesitating sceptical half-hearted undecided vacillating irresolute tentative wavering ambivalent dubious indecisive nervous dithering halting shy stalling diffident hanging back havering iffy in doubt oscillating shilly-shallying timid cunctatory dilly-dallying having misgivings having qualms afraid averse backward cautious dawdling doubting lacking confidence lazy skeptical slow uneager unpredictable unwilling humming and hawing in a dilemma in a quandary in two minds blowing hot and cold on the horns of a dilemma faltering loath disinclined pendulous vacillant shilly-shally vacillatory unsettled unresolved undetermined suspicious mistrustful distrustful uncommitted unconvinced waffling of two minds torn equivocating divided indefinite on the fence teetering fluctuating equivocal sitting on the fence questioning hinky trustless unclear unbelieving wishy-washy vague disbelieving broken noncommittal weak incredulous not sure cynical hemming and hawing shaky leery agnostic stumbling unconfident disjointed up in the air stammering wary split hazy chary confused ambiguous untrusting faithless quizzical indeterminate non-fluent weak-minded debatable imperfect unsteady incalculable betwixt and between running hot and cold suspecting negativistic show-me in the balance scoffing fickle wobbly perplexed floating mistrusting changeable fearful pussyfooting unstable apprehensive pending speculative weak-kneed open on-the-fence neutral hedging your bets in the middle unknown dicey like doubting Thomas without belief reticent rudimentary reserved deficient limited indisposed vexed shillyshallying unassertive insecure inconstant volatile uneventful astraddle unassured infirm non-believing unascertained contradictory inconclusive conflicting mixed distrusting hot and cold careful guarded unestablished unconfirmed nullifidian rationalist irreligious changing halfhearted impartial borderline not definite uneasy clashing warring opposing conflicted muddled opposed unsatisfied suspect lacking trust watchful worried anxious circumspect skittish wobbling yet to be decided hot-and-cold swithering uptight cagey jealous stuttering unfinished pendent unidentified unspecified unheard of abeyant unproven undiscovered unfamiliar full of doubt been hit before on guard awkward laboured unreliable defeatist pessimistic misbelieving conditional having reservations Pyrrhonist minimifidian obscure indistinct problematical chancy inexplicit imprecise bumbling inept unhandy claudicant lumbering ham-fisted labored gauche ham-handed wooden maladroit clumsy unforeseeable inexact indistinguishable touch and go in lap of gods erratic fishy capricious whimsical fluctuant in the lap of the gods problematic risky perplexing abstruse undefined mysterious cryptic puzzling arcane confusing muffled intangible indiscernible dodgy shadowy elusive open to question ill-defined taking something with a pinch of salt


Causing or tending to cause deliberate difficulties and delays
obstructive difficult contrary awkward disobliging unaccommodating uncooperative unhelpful blocking inhibiting restrictive stalling balky bloody-minded bolshie hindering perverse thrawn unconstructive contrarious disruptive froward frustrating making difficulties obstreperous filibustering delay obstructionist timewasting spoiling unreasonable stubborn cussed obstinate troublesome tiresome recalcitrant stroppy refractory pigheaded vexatious inflexible intractable obdurate wilful annoying truculent headstrong unyielding bull-headed cantankerous contumacious negative disobedient mulish unamenable hostile unbending antagonistic unfriendly adverse uncompromising renitent pervicacious irritable trying ill-natured wayward unsupportive capricious exasperating self-willed opinionated intransigent unsympathetic stiff-necked inimical immovable disagreeable argumentative quarrelsome crabby untoward cross-grained unpredictable prickly rude touchy critical chippy unmanageable ornery hard to handle irrational peevish morose biased illogical shrewish blinkered arbitrary prejudiced intolerant strong-willed determined grumpy ill-tempered sullen sulky not giving an inch confrontational not helpful belligerent self-centered bad-tempered narky ratty shirty choleric prejudicial vexing pesky scrappy unobliging unfavorable complex bulky incommodious cramped discommodious uncivil discourteous opposed unpleasant unfavourable unamiable uncongenial unwilling difficult to handle discouraging vicious disadvantageous inconsiderate unresponsive unadaptable impeding counter piggish self-centred rock-ribbed anti undermining invalidating sticky disparaging derogatory discrediting harsh corrosive offensive caustic abrasive destructive not cooperative willful ungovernable defiant unruly rebel recusant insubordinate incompliant rebellious restive grumbly hardheaded hypercritical overbearing importunate strong-minded pitiless strict picky single-minded dissatisfied querulous bearish set in one's ways boorish unrelenting rigid hard-line stiff finical huffy hard-nosed vexed testy invidious steadfast choosy fiendish delicate dogmatic oppressive captious snappy sensitive tough hard to please hard to satisfy temperamental irritating crotchety indomitable fussy unflinching overcritical uppity wrong-headed inexorable grim impolite uptight opinionative disputatious irascible feisty perfectionist particular resolute fastidious over-particular finicky dictatorial fractious disputative sour oafish pertinacious discontented ungracious demanding tyrannical contrariant nonconforming dissident discordant arsey nonconformist disagreeing paradoxical antipathetic converse wrongheaded dissentient pig-headed


The characteristic of being tentative
tentativeness wavering hesitancy indecision indecisiveness vacillation doubt faltering fluctuation equivocation pause irresolution oscillation delay dubiety irresoluteness scepticism skepticism dawdling indisposition misgiving mistrust procrastination qualm scruple demurral reluctance unwillingness stumbling fumbling stammering stuttering averseness timidity timidness shilly-shally to-and-fro hemming and hawing hesitation uncertainty dithering hesitance stalling shilly-shallying dilly-dallying second thoughts humming and hawing blowing hot and cold waiting unsureness doubtfulness temporizing temporization fence-sitting wabbling swithering havering wobbling hanging back cunctation incertitude temporising woolliness inconclusiveness vagueness indefiniteness unclearness indeterminacy pausing dubiousness nervousness reservation disinclination resistance demur lack of enthusiasm ambivalence teetering faint-heartedness shillyshallying changeableness weakness lack of resolution half-heartedness sitting on the fence confusion ambiguity diffidence apprehension inconstancy suspicion insecurity distrustfulness dubitation mistrustfulness distrust uneasiness lack of certainty questioning conjecture quandary disbelief cynicism reservations bewilderment incredulity misgivings limbo wariness queries questions misbelief unbelief unease chariness reserve perplexity umbrage fear lack of confidence lack of conviction ineffectuality infirmity caution swither unsteadiness feeble-mindedness disquietude qualification condition limitation tension proviso contradiction conflict anxiety muddle opposition dilemma clash haze iffiness haziness gingerliness incongruity equivocacy inconsistency apprehensiveness trepidation strain edginess suspense confusion dilemma wonder puzzle questionableness qualms misdoubt query difficulty inhibition leeriness suspicions disquiet faithlessness question mark lack of trust lack of faith


An action such as prolonged speaking which obstructs progress in a legislative assembly in a way that does not technically contravene the required procedures

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