Synonym of demolished

Alternative for demolished

demolishes, demolished, demolishing

Synonym: destroy, dismantle, shatter, wreck,


Under the influence of alcohol
bombed drunk inebriated tipsy wasted plastered drunken intoxicated hammered inebriate smashed blitzed sozzled blotto canned loaded sottish blasted stewed sloshed pickled soused ripped squiffy tight tiddly stoned tanked juiced squiffed stiff besotted wet fried slang crocked blind cockeyed lit impaired oiled gassed stinking boozy potted looped wrecked buzzed trashed pie-eyed lit up drunk as a skunk wiped out three sheets to the wind in one's cups half-seas over high under the influence in the bag zonked befuddled fuddled flying crapulous crapulent under the weather under the table three sheets in the wind woozy legless steaming merry bladdered paralytic totaled bevvied liquored up out of it rat-arsed Brahms and Liszt dead drunk tippling soaked bibulous boozed up mullered ratted lashed gin-soaked blind drunk trolleyed roaring drunk rolling drunk slaughtered worse for drink tanked up drunk as a lord worse for wear well oiled foxed sotted screwed strung out ebriate half cut well away reeling bashed cut groggy fou maudlin incapable feeling no pain toping tired and emotional half seas over monged wired guttered stinko flushed seeing double steamed monged out full cock-eyed shickered shot steamboats munted inked lekker pixilated two sheets to the wind ebrious ebriose having had a skinful laced muddled grogged up glazed off your face out to it having had one over the eight as full as a goog as tight as a tick sauced mashed lush sodden zonked-out hopped-up high as a kite kaylied langered spaced-out dronkverdriet broken boozed-up ossified spaced stukkend in tanked-up crock swacked zoned elephants blatted drugged sat babalas polluted tripping happy intemperate red-nosed gin-sodden well-oiled one over the eight burned-out drugged up in your cups stupefied Adrian Quist bacchic blown-up jacked faced irrigated unsteady beery dazed drinking gone schnockered slightly drunk under the influence of intoxicating liquor hard-drinking the worse for drink on drugs spaced out half in the bag dead to the world half-crocked out of one's head feeling good hooched up on a trip out of one's skull out of one's box ruined boozing blazed cooked obliterated snockered elevated mellow addled boozed unsober sloppy drunked up tied one on geeked out off one's head half-cut out of one's gourd off one's face baked doped delirious charged up turned on freaked out hallucinating hyped up euphoric out of one's mind off one's head on a high


Past tense for to completely destroy or devastate
destroyed leveled levelled razed flattened totalled totaled annihilated bulldozed dismantled pulled down knocked down ruined obliterated pulverised pulverized tore down torn down creamed decimated desolated devastated disassembled extinguished nuked overthrew overthrown shattered smashed toppled trashed vaporised vaporized wasted wracked wrecked blew up blown up broke up broken up brought down unbuilt beat beaten broke brake broken cracked defeated dilapidated did in done in ravaged reduced to ruins rubbed out torpedoed trounced undermined undid undone waxed wolfed blew to bits blown to bits blew to pieces blown to pieces razed to the ground threw down thrown down gobbled up took apart taken apart took out taken out wiped off the map put in toilet tore to pieces torn to pieces wiped off map wiped off the face of the earth crushed wiped out put paid to spoiled spoilt damaged put an end to marred burst upset eradicated put the kibosh on impaired sabotaged removed laid waste blighted exterminated defaced blasted abolished disrupted desecrated scuppered gutted split despoiled dashed scotched extirpated quashed put a stop to put the lid on injured crashed hurt erased disfigured messed up wreaked havoc on effaced expunged disintegrated nixed vandalized liquidated overturned stamped out finished off eliminated fragmented killed mangled exploded dished pulled to pieces vandalised bombed canceled cancelled battered vitiated squashed blotted out harmed broke down busted queered banjaxed blew blown left in ruins separated dynamited snuffed out felled rooted out weakened loused up abated screwed up sacked destructed frustrated pillaged subverted fractured depredated burnt burned shivered devoured mutilated spoliated brought to naught consumed zapped put down crippled overwhelmed cruelled euchred laid waste to busted up swept away cleaned up blacked out fouled up made a mess of popped played havoc with brought to an end ended wiped from the face of the earth blemished terminated ravished excised wrought havoc on wrought havoc splintered sank sunken sunk quelled exhausted slaughtered undercut finished snapped flawed compromised rived stymied brast defiled endamaged crabbed let down scratched smashed up axed did away with done away with deleted detonated brought to ruin ruptured put out of commission put a damper on scourged overcome broken down pulled to bits thwarted taken down took down disestablished tarnished pranged plundered sullied blew a hole in blown a hole in reduced left desolate dissolved smirched tumbled tainted conquered maimed used up foiled botched fell invalidated severed nullified scarred bloodied pulled apart cleaned out made a hash of smashed to smithereens wracked up brought about the downfall of gotten rid of got rid of crossed up stripped down weeded out made mincemeat of crumped took to pieces taken to pieces took to bits taken to bits unsettled ousted destabilized dispatched deposed unseated supplanted dethroned lowered thrust incinerated capsized thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works of hampered obstructed suppressed prevented knocked to pieces depleted clobbered disorganized chastened fragmentized scrunched crunched rended rent scorched dismembered obscured cast down ruinated butchered purged sapped burst apart demeaned teared destabilised unmade riven rove offed scrubbed debased uprooted stained polished off disgraced divided corrupted overpowered put at risk cut struck out prejudiced corroded massacred negated abrogated annulled disfeatured parted reduced to rubble blotted crushed to smithereens cracked up put the skids under done for did for wrote off written off damaged beyond repair played merry hell with split up made hash of put out of action cut a swath through laid in ruins washed out wiped dashed to pieces cut down disposed of cut out offset mucked up shot down overcame blown away blew away torn apart tore apart blown sky-high blew sky-high spent ignited dusted kicked in cleared engulfed disturbed disarranged interfered with disordered ransacked bruised slowed delayed impeded retarded held up convulsed imploded enveloped drained absorbed expended absorpt avenged tormented struck mushroomed erupted deranged slowed down turned upside-down mauled depopulated raided marauded dismissed torched caused turmoil in caused confusion in thrusted propelled forced threatened mastered scattered spilled spilt smote smit smited smitten shipwrecked powdered stopped scuttled humbled abased cheapened discredited bankrupted fouled dishonored degraded cooled deformed humiliated shamed licked made desolate emptied suspended reversed rebelled depressed superseded inverted played out chastised mowed down displaced subdued routed raped smattered disbanded disabled discontinued banged tore up teared up besmirched nicked perforated punctured torn tore scalded combusted scratched out debilitated ripped down squished vanquished subjugated defenestrated upended squelched neutralized ceased adjourned exsected wrenched uglified shocked executed wound wounded mullered carbonized cremated carbonised blown out blew out covered poisoned bodged incapacitated afflicted decayed disappointed concluded repealed tipped brought low avoided nulled removed from power prorogued vacated rescinded voided disannulled removed from office overrun gone bang gone off went off went bang cancelled out canceled out hindered handled roughly stripped lacerated scathed dirtied abused dented lessened wronged maltreated discoloured gnawed minimized infected discolored diminished rotted knocked belittled rusted checked detracted minimised nipped in the bud broken into pieces broke into pieces tagged rendered ineffective bleached stabbed contaminated faded polluted disunited scrapped wound up blown apart blew apart benothinged murdered caused detriment to fell to pieces run onto the rocks glitched up laid low tampered with banged up caused injury dumped on outmanoeuvred dishonoured rifted rolled back reduced to nothing closed down committed genocide made waves distorted wound down outfoxed marked out scored out burnt to a crisp crazed worked against rendered void skinned discharged knocked out outsmarted embarrassed sundered rained on someone's parade blocked out offsetted struck down mortified resolved into KO'd spray painted knocked over abashed collapsed removed all traces of closed destroyed by fire wreaked havoc upon had burned to a crisp impoverished shot crossed out postponed piled up brought to nothing contorted loosed neutralised chipped away wiped off face of earth knocked off inked out cramped overreached deflated killed off sealed the doom of destroyed root and branch outmaneuvered rubbed off made useless ballsed up crimped reduced to ashes faded out misshaped blanked out ate up eaten up stricken driven drove threw into confusion threw into disarray threw into disorder thrown into confusion thrown into disarray thrown into disorder took taken burned away burnt away blew down blown down done one in did one in went boom gone boom drawn down drew down overran gnawn broken to pieces broke to pieces lay low fell to bits fallen to bits ran onto the rocks stricken down taken away took away did mischief to done mischief to blued pencil wore away worn away did damage to done damage to drove a nail into the coffin of driven a nail into the coffin of taken care of took care of broken to smithereens broke to smithereens been through gone through went through burned up burnt to the ground burnt up burned to the ground burned down burnt down gone off with a bang went off with a bang


Past tense for to disprove or refute a statement, theory or belief
smashed destroyed ruined wrecked exploded overturned crushed discredited squelched blasted blew blown burst brast disproved disproven popped refuted shattered squashed overthrew overthrown undid undone blew up blown up proved wrong proven wrong blew sky-high blown sky-high did for done for put an end to gave the lie to given the lie to shot full of holes drove a coach and horses through driven a coach and horses through blew out of the water blown out of the water rebutted shot down confuted controverted negatived negated invalidated debunked belied put paid to contradicted confounded shot down in flames disconfirmed falsified denied set aside quashed exposed brought to naught devastated torpedoed nixed dashed banjaxed upset countered put the kibosh on wiped out gainsaid punctured challenged deflated silenced busted proven false proved false cut short made a nonsense of showed to be false shown to be false proved to be false knocked the bottom out of shut up cut down to size put down blighted scotched disabled blown sky high blew sky high impaired dished queered scuppered rattled wreaked havoc with spoilt spoiled overwhelmed repudiated annihilated brought to nought humbled discouraged blown a hole in blew a hole in disillusioned proved unsound flattened ridiculed nullified oppugned discarded pricked reduced eroded undermined reversed contravened impugned broke broken brake traversed weakened subverted defeated vanquished proved to be wrong proved impossible picked holes in shown to be wrong showed to be wrong poked full of holes shot holes in knocked props from under knocked bottom out of knocked bottom out poked holes in knocked props out called into question found unfounded gone against went against took wind out of sails taken down a peg took down a peg taken wind out of sails threw out thrown out tore down torn down opposed disputed disaffirmed disclaimed disavowed contested rejected disowned disallowed disagreed with questioned argued crossed debated queried disagreed dissented from objected to answered compromised declared untrue fought resisted combatted combated protested against rebuffed disbelieved brushed aside retracted conflicted with withsaid defied doubted confronted counteracted recanted disacknowledged addrest addressed spurned excluded argued with abjured contended impeached put up argument cast doubt on argued about called in question put under suspicion quibbled over had bone to pick took issue with taken issue with demurred against demurred about disapproved of flown in the face of flew in the face of dismissed foughten discussed counterclaimed run counter to retorted violated backpedalled backpedaled parried infringed responded discounted examined mooted breached backtalked denounced retaliated against defended against pleaded against altercated canvassed bandied restrained prevented tabooed revoked blocked begrudged forbid sacrificed curbed banned forswore forsworn bucked canceled cancelled dared differed deceived withstood naysaid deflected canvased wrangled disobeyed transgressed pettifogged defended oneself against renounced infracted offended fractured flouted traduced thwarted called on enjoined from not bought held back kept back called out eschewed canceled out said the opposite of cancelled out hindered contended over said no to turned thumbs down raised doubts about argued against refused reneged welshed pooh-poohed enquired stood up to refused to accept quibbled about showed up hammered away at agitated against picked a bone dissented against differed with overstepped interfered with disregarded transgressed against offended against encroached interfered trespassed intruded interposed took exception to taken exception to stood in the way disliked picked an argument with argued the pros and cons of thought wrong litigated investigated dropped out rallied against bandied words concerning not supported come to blows with declared to be untrue wondered about frowned at feuded with inquired weaseled out of frowned on fought against failed to observe battled interrogated rendered null and void tested wormed out of tackled accosted called in washed hands of remonstrated failed to comply with rebelled against weaselled out of faced down rivalled had a problem with rivaled had an argument about ran counter to took back taken back withspoke withspoken forbidden forbade forwent forgone showed in its true light shown in its true light taken on took on bursten threw down thrown down came to blows with given thumbs down to gave thumbs down to took a stand against taken a stand against went back on word given up gone back on word gave up spoke against shaken one's head shook one's head spoken against


Past tense for to overwhelmingly defeat (a player or team)
hammered routed annihilated crushed drubbed massacred overwhelmed clobbered defeated destroyed pasted pounded pulverised pulverized stuffed thrashed whipped beat hollow beaten hollow crucified defeated utterly flattened leveled levelled licked murdered razed slaughtered tanked unbuilt creamed owned own shellacked skunked gave someone a drubbing given someone a drubbing pulled down tore down torn down blew out blown out gave someone a pasting given someone a pasting ran rings around run rings around turned inside out won a resounding victory over ran rings round run rings round took to the cleaners taken to the cleaners made mincemeat of wiped the floor with beat trounced subdued marmalized conquered bested overcome vanquished worsted overpowered put down triumphed over quashed brought someone to their knees quelled beaten walked all over subjugated put an end to mastered trimmed overcame walloped wallopped prevailed over won against whomped surmounted wiped out killed stopped dispatched upended overmatched slammed put a stop to trashed caned got put away suppressed put the kibosh on squashed repressed shut down smothered walked over blew out of the water blown out of the water totalled totaled trampled buried extinguished upset curbed smoked finished whupped got the better of gotten the better of whopped whapped snowed under dusted tromped bombed skinned waxed pommeled pommelled ended overthrown overthrew stifled squelched quenched abolished terminated extirpated frustrated thwarted cracked down on flogged swamped overrun zapped overbore overborne undone undid lambasted reduced humbled outhit bulldozed smashed floored nipped in the bud pummelled worked over checked gave someone a hiding given someone a hiding knocked out gotten took taken put paid to pipped at the post put in their place busted surpassed outstripped gotten around got around done down did down outclassed torpedoed overturned spanked won over gained a victory over bashed subverted outmaneuvered outmanoeuvred outplayed dropped struck decked tanned chastened blown away blew away edged out KO'd beat up steamrollered scotched eliminated weeded out silenced dominated topped eradicated subjected pacified outdone outdid subordinated hid excelled whacked steamrolled belted overran ruined whitewashed bludgeoned thumped threshed battered mauled downed won slayed edged gotten rid of got rid of buffeted leathered buffetted hurdled outflanked outrun decimated outjumped obliterated butchered shipwrecked ambushed entrapped stamped out wasted rolled over compressed pummeled whaled rolled slogged basted outwitted blasted snuffed out curried plowed under shut out put to flight punished chastised cut to pieces nosed out put to rout checkmated slapped down clamped down on ran roughshod over mowed down won a victory over finished off bore down borne down wiped off map rolled back brought to ruin put the lid on pwned roughed up messed up pwnd picked apart put in the shade bunged up stricken thrown threw given a drubbing to gave a drubbing to beaten up given a hiding gave a hiding controlled bettered lathered larruped larrupped hidden settled tamed queered sank sunken sunk outsmarted humiliated slew slain outran triumphed mullered did done foiled knocked off got the upper hand gotten the upper hand drove off scrunched squished cracked down beat back devastated weathered survived defeated someone heavily run circles around circumvented fixed one's wagon cooked one's goose mopped up cleaned up on wiped off the mat overmastered confounded discomfited outlived shocked oppressed rendered stunned prevailed taken it all took it all turned something inside out beat down took to cleaners taken to cleaners gained ascendancy over got the upper hand over ground down gained the advantage over outfought made a fool of come out on top brought to their knees drove over brought to knees knocked the stuffing out of succeeded over rendered incapable rendered powerless trampled underfoot sat on knocked socks off gained the upper hand over knocked over got one up on come out on top of rose above risen above disposed of driven over rendered helpless taken a stick to unseated shot down took a stick to broke broken brake overrode overridden ran circles around beaten back taken apart took apart thrown back in confusion threw back in confusion blown out of water blew out of water came out on top came out on top of did in done in taken care of taken down took care of took down beaten down defeated heavily outshone outshined outperformed overshadowed staggered exceeded immobilized immobilised eclipsed capped gained mastery over trampled over trumped shut off transcended overtopped improved on outmatched outgunned towered over outdistanced put to shame knocked spots off beat the pants off hegemonized varnished stretched overawed dumbfounded toppled defeated easily razed to the ground gained control over bowled over outranked laid one out rendered speechless astonished demoralised demoralized turned over capsized improved upon knocked for six hosed outrivaled outrivalled overtaken overtook overpassed passed outpaced went one better than gone one better than shot ahead shot ahead of shamed eaten alive ate alive took out taken out shaken off shook off did better than done better than beaten the pants off


Past tense for to defeat or consume utterly (as a theory, belief or opponent)
consumed devoured ate eaten gobbled guzzled bolted noshed scoffed ate up eaten up finished off polished off scarfed shifted sank sunk sunken wolfed down gulped down ingurgitated inhaled packed away put away scoffed down shoveled down snarfed got outside of scarfed down scarfed up pigged oneself on pigged out on snarfed down snarfed up wolfed gulped crammed swallowed gorged gormandized tucked into slopped gobbled up ravened glutted downed ingested gorged oneself on murdered gorged on crammed down gobbled down stuffed munched finished disposed of tucked away hoovered bolted down chomped ate greedily eaten greedily eaten hungrily ate hungrily made short work of feasted on pigged out crammed in fed on chowed down chewed champed swallowed hurriedly got stuck into gourmandized gluttonized dispatched Hoovered packed knocked back sloshed englutted necked swilled put down tucked in snacked on made a pig of oneself taken took partook of partaken of finished up chewn guzzled down gorged oneself drunk drank pigged oneself devoured greedily horked gorged oneself with congested jaded fed jammed feed cloyed binged supped bit ruminated masticated had digested engorged sucked up delighted in blimped out lapped absorbed absorpt attacked killed quaffed feasted upon manducated eaten like a horse gourmandized on imbibed cleaned out fed one's face ate like a horse stuffed your face lapped up pecked at stuffed one's face porked out on washed up tossed down dug in swallowed whole crammed oneself with grazed on eaten quickly eaten heartily ate heartily ate quickly overeaten overate bitten ate voraciously eaten voraciously drunk in drank in drank up drunk up took in taken in overindulged satiated filled sated surfeited feasted put dined choked banqueted banquetted swigged regaled belted sipped partaken partook snacked hoist wined and dined tossed off saturated flooded clogged overfilled overloaded inundated indulged pigged disposed dropped chugalugged fared victualed deluged oversupplied refreshed loaded up on stuffed oneself scarfed out porked out dived in junketted junketed supersaturated choked down swamped grazed loaded hogged overfed overwhelmed crammed full overstocked palled burdened shovelled it in shoveled it in nibbled indulged in hoisted filled to excess eaten to excess ate to excess slurped chugged dined on stuffed yourself consumed food tost made a pig of oneself on pounded down fared sumptuously had a meal belted down mowed down devoured food overindulged in mealed on binged on raised a few slugged down tossed putten fore faren eaten your fill ate sumptuously eaten sumptuously ate your fill eaten to your heart's content ate to your heart's content taken nourishment took nourishment drank milk drunk milk partook of food partaken of food

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