Synonym of demoralising

Alternative for demoralising


destructive of morale and self-reliance


corrupt morally or by intemperance or sensualitylower someone's spirits; make downhearted


Discouraging, inspiring fear
daunting discouraging frightening intimidating awesome disheartening unnerving disconcerting alarming dismaying dispiriting forbidding formidable off-putting ominous unsettling challenging exacting fazing fearsome mean-looking overwhelming scary taxing unpleasant disturbing disgusting disagreeable distasteful unpalatable depressing objectionable horrid distressing upsetting disquieting discomforting horrible unappealing offensive uninviting unappetizing unsavoury repellent unattractive nasty obnoxious rebarbative unsavory repulsive anxious hairy nerve-racking fraught restless nail-biting awkward embarrassing worrisome tense distressful nerve-wracking agitating nervous creepy uneasy barro distracting appalling dreadful troubling awful horrific horrifying foreboding harrowing horrendous irksome dire worrying grim terrible gruesome perturbing bothersome macabre ghastly frightful monstrous terrifying discommoding displeasing grotesque unsightly vile sickening abominable unspeakable troublesome grisly shocking atrocious foul startling direful ugly hideous loathsome vexing discomposing lurid nauseating onerous nauseous hateful gut-wrenching demoralising bad dismal nightmarish woeful severe grave miserable traumatic bitter difficult execrable sombre somber wretched gloomy painful bleak revolting galling harsh sad sober stressful solemn rotten torturous grievous poor agonizing hostile cruel excruciating doleful humourless humorless repugnant hellacious abhorrent sinister agonising cheerless unfortunate irritating annoying unhappy tragic regrettable scaring hard uncomfortable lousy brutal petrifying chilling odious troublous tormenting sedate tragical mean austere gross hurtful icky yucky pathetic beastly unfavorable unfavourable saddening heartbreaking dread redoubtable fearful lamentable bloodcurdling menacing heartrending dreary unwelcome inauspicious repellant parlous uncongenial unpleasing hopeless sullen morose dangerous disappointing spine-chilling hair-raising heart-rending heart-breaking causing fear perplexing frustrating serious critical grewsome terrific tough oppressed pitiless vicious impoverished stark merciless ruthless savage oppressive rough threatening rugged trying poverty-stricken eerie inhospitable sorry burdensome heavy spooky drab dark dour adverse disillusioning joyless drear baleful eldritch stiff perilous inhuman rueful funereal abject blood-curdling spine-tingling obscene weighty disenchanting forlorn comfortless injurious searing murderous morbid hardhanded backbreaking black emetic stomach-churning stomach-turning treacherous noxious dissatisfying hefty despicable contemptible reprehensible noisome rough going putrid vomitous sick-making heinous cringe-making gut-churning rancid fulsome scandalous God-awful evil bogging anticlimactic yucko disgustful loathly repelling melancholic unlucky testing glum mephitical hellish irritable unpropitious unkind melancholy bewildering depressive revulsive unamusing poignant aggravating distressed troubled vomit-inducing crummy detestable mortifying unbearable unsatisfactory stinking unendurable vexatious unacceptable deplorable abysmal undesirable diabolical uncool yukky grotty afflicting godawful grody afflictive affecting sour anguished sorrowful unlovely concerning extremely bad


Causing erosion of moral fortitude or that eliminates hope or motivation
soul-destroying dreary dull mind-numbing monotonous tedious tiresome treadmill boring demoralising depressing disheartening humdrum unfulfilling unsatisfying unvarying wearisome uninteresting dry ho-hum unexciting uninspiring flat tiring arid routine lifeless repetitive drab colourless uneventful jejune unstimulating pedestrian stupid numbing leaden stale old monochromatic heavy slow ponderous wearying colorless weary stodgy dusty jading stuffy drudging tame as dry as dust repetitious mechanical sterile bland unvaried banal prosaic unrelieved vapid run-of-the-mill samey featureless monochrome insipid lacklustre lackluster dullsville deadly blah lacking variety dry as dust deadly dull soulless uninspired spiritless unimaginative uninterested unanimated tepid trying irksome frustrating desolate ornery dull as ditchwater bloodless quotidian unexceptional everyday commonplace unremarkable oppressive wintery raw wintry sorrowful dispiriting damp windy downcast lacking variation no great shakes nothing to write home about not up to much unchanging uniform plodding soporific without variety monotonic nothing all the same reiterated monotone recurrent samely banausic unchanged sing-song dull as dishwater flat as pancake puts one to sleep mundane characterless trite ordinary common tired workaday hackneyed vanilla bromidic usual wishy-washy unoriginal barren dead ho hum vacuous plain derivative dim hacky conventional prosy nondescript laborious torpid wooden fatiguing mediocre platitudinous lame weak predictable nowhere interminable repeated draggy lustreless plain vanilla limp matter-of-fact feeble turgid stiff normal common or garden stereotyped undistinguished zero weariful apathetic iterative pabulum dismal corny anaemic reiterative unmemorable enervating exhausting duplicative stock automatic laboured sluggish day-to-day passionless typical sombre middle-of-the-road regular long-winded big yawn anemic dreich garden-variety joyless somber mindless labored static listless inoffensive stilted zestless cold constant customary clichéd uncreative antiseptic recurring average verbose undiversified repeating well-worn unentertaining unenjoyable milk-and-water continual white-bread neutral dragging clockwork gloomy dingy cheerless inane gray grey habitual square grim miserable old hat run of the mill depressed toneless a dime a dozen pallid bleak threadbare familiar undistinctive non-stimulating formal hack muted flavourless unappealing expressionless serious overused overlong endless pedantic overworked safe ceaseless insistent moth-eaten quiet forced uninviting indifferent impersonal pointless plebeian hollow lusterless robotic empty unproductive mainstream off-putting heavy-going unadventurous derived second-rate uninventive nitty-gritty terrestrial so-so watery emotionless standard regimented flavorless prolix namby-pamby long-drawn-out yawnsome recapitulatory iterant lowly bog-standard OK truistic hoary clear sad yawn not fun garden variety cut-and-dry cut-and-dried standard-issue unnoteworthy unemotional simple timeworn innocuous frequent fuddy-duddy time-worn echoic cliché-ridden worn out institutional lacking excitement lacking interest played out trivial deep glum dark wonted daily forlorn shadowy tenebrous depressive macabre funereal lonely dolorous morbid usual thing long longwinded frequentative prosing menial unlively unpassioned indistinct bummer drag cloying drear bomb annoying irritating difficult boresome vexatious unmodulated undemonstrative clumsy unnatural awkward artificial stolid solemn unspirited over-serious unartistic wordy yawn producing similar workday deadening slack sleepy unimpassioned mortal poky snooze stagnant crude meagre simplistic meager worn-out unromantic inert unimpressed unmoved heavy-handed dowdy straightforward half-pie cardboard unprogressive inactive unfateful indecisive noneventful inconclusive staid one-horse modest brainless poor half-hearted inadequate stereotypical puerile not so hot dead-and-alive homespun unsentimental unvarnished unembellished unpoetic literal factual unadorned waterish nerdy wimpy sapless businesslike overdone weighty phoned in middling unpretentious soft mild drivelling nebbish driveling beige fatuous tenuous slight subdued deadpan heavy going unobjectionable shopworn cliche obligatory cornball musty hackney cobwebby harmless devoid of feeling devoid of emotion homely fair useless dime-store halfhearted diluted passable diddly practical actual practicable prose clean futile facile noplace dumb hokey cornfed tripe humble suburban out of date hard to digest undemanding forbidding outdated boiled down without punch old-fashioned run-of-the-mine medium tolerable run-of-mine second-class outmoded vain profitless archaic obsolete ubiquitous household dime-a-dozen not bad defunct extinct unwelcoming clinical antiquated unrewarding plastic inferior generic garden mean antediluvian superannuated matter-of- fact general passé fruitless worthless universal prevalent severe spartan austere stark passive lethargic unappetizing unpalatable inedible aimless valueless unprofitable purposeless antwacky out of the ark cut and dried prevailing persistent bare expected unsavoury tasteless distasteful uneatable savourless ineffectual otiose unavailing unsuccessful bootless inefficacious ineffective abortive slothful perpetual rife incessant profuse extensive rampant natural inexpressive unfruitful vacant unfilled unprolific lank spent unpleasant unattractive disagreeable lacking vitality two-dimensional instinctive involuntary governmental utilitarian corporate functional unsavory rudimentary ugly elementary unthinking unconscious machine-like unfeeling cursory perfunctory standard issue inattentive spontaneous casual mechanic inhuman instinctual careless knee-jerk negligent motorized powered useful standardized reflex programmed mechanistic systematic laborsaving standardised fixed motorised


The act of making timid or fearful or of deterring by threats
intimidation bullying alarming browbeating coercion menacing scaring terrifying terrorization arm-twisting domineering pressure pressuring pressurising pressurizing subduing unnerving cowing daunting frightening harassment harrying hounding menaces oppression persecution plaguing pressurisation pressurization terrorising terrorizing threatening tormenting tyrannization bulldozing demoralising extortion fear railroading steamrollering threats scare tactics strong-arm tactics force duress constraint compulsion threat enforcement menace influence demand violence obligation persuasion warning commination insistence restraint strong-arm tactic exaction force majeure ominousness ill-omen blackmail fulmination ultimatum pestering nagging goading provocation entreaty badgering fearmongering thunder foul play requirement scare tactic intimidating remark pains conscription ambush terrorism reign of terror power sway imprisonment strong arm threatening remark intimidatory remark hardship captivity confinement incarceration maltreatment victimisation mistreatment victimization discipline detention bondage control strong-arming urgency engrossment prepossession craving monkey hang-up driving exigency preoccupation duty have on the brain tiger by the tail strong arm tactics spur impulsion necessity goad spring impelling motive conscience shakedown extraction rapacity squeezing entrapment squeeze demanding money with menaces administration imposition application prosecution implementation execution fulfilment administering discharge carrying out effectuation pursuance reinforcement enforcing putting into practice prescription compulsory law whip necessitation lash martial law fulfilling fulfillment


Present participle for to diminish the confidence or courage of
disheartening discouraging daunting dispiriting unnerving shaking dejecting depressing undermining unmanning dismaying weakening sapping crushing enfeebling chilling chillin cowing devitalizing disconcerting enervating frustrating rattling subduing throwing casting down disempowering abashing crippling damping dampening debilitating deflating disarranging discountenancing disordering disorganizing disparaging disturbing embarrassing jumbling muddling nonplussing snarling ungluing unglueing unsettling unzipping upsetting bringing low knocking sideways blowing out blowing up getting to knocking for six sending up taking apart psyching out taking steam out knocking the stuffing out of perturbing fazing agitating distressing intimidating deterring flustering worrying discomposing confounding discomfiting disquieting putting off alarming startling panicking ruffling discombobulating mortifying taking aback unhinging shocking throwing off balance appalling discomforting putting someone off their stroke scaring frightening spooking chagrining confusing shaking up perplexing devastating flurrying stunning shattering scaring off terrifying demotivating terrorizing bewildering affrighting baffling petrifying surprising distracting troubling horrifying bothering frighting putting into a flap alaruming throwing cold water on throwing into a tizz awing aweing putting the wind up browbeating causing someone to lose their composure bulldozing scarifying repelling stiffing astounding pouring cold water on terrorising scaring to death curdling the blood making one's hair stand on end striking terror into scaring away chilling to the bone setting someone back on their heels making one's blood run cold making teeth chatter putting someone off their stride emasculating dispraising traumatizing overwhelming consternating discommoding exasperating traumatising thwarting afflicting aggravating dissuading stirring up working up putting out making uncomfortable disorientating making uneasy throwing into panic scaring stiff scaring witless vexing worsting annoying irking filling with fear freezing your blood scaring the bejesus out of making self-conscious taking the wind out of your sails making one's flesh creep scaring someone out of their wits getting the wind up putting the fear of God into making someone jump out of their skin giving someone the heebie-jeebies scaring the pants off throwing into a panic throwing into a blue funk giving someone goose pimples giving one the creeps throwing into a fright chilling to the marrow scaring the living daylights out of scaring someone half to death disorienting flattening undoing unbalancing squashing hurting flummoxing catching off balance balking bugging graveling hindering gravelling puzzling dumping shaming baulking taking by surprise making someone scratch their head upsetting the applecart stopping someone in their tracks causing to be at a stand putting out of countenance fouling up disarming jolting stupefying needling flooring uncalming buffaloing riding bowling over throwing off setting back scaring the daylights out of giving a turn


Present participle for to decrease the value, character, or quality of
bastardising bastardizing corrupting debasing debauching depraving perverting vitiating warping abasing cankering cheapening degrading demeaning deteriorating lessening poisoning profaning prostituting subverting bestializing brutalising brutalizing lowering defiling polluting contaminating tainting fouling sullying devaluing animalizing spoiling dehumanizing staining dishonouring dishonoring ruining abusing disgracing shaming damaging making degenerate leading astray smirching dehumanising taking down casting down violating embittering desecrating humiliating adulterating harming undermining discrediting soiling chastening marring disparaging belittling tarnishing seducing blemishing humbling infecting distorting misusing betraying reducing injuring blighting befouling blackening depreciating weakening mortifying desensitizing diluting sinking bemeaning scorning panning detracting decrying derogating diminishing impairing dragging down desensitising alloying lowering the status of putting down cutting down to size confounding twisting luring bending skewing demoting darkening touching besmirching rotting downgrading depressing mongrelizing misemploying denigrating misapplying inflicting consuming rusting blotting smearing wasting colouring dirtying crawling squandering biasing biassing reducing in value reducing in quality worsening sacrificing selling hardening prejudicing subjugating envenoming corroding selling out turning jaundicing bringing down souring bringing low toughening coloring soring ulcering scourging going bad going to hell living in the gutter contemning insulting despising condescending wasting away inuring case-hardening deigning bad-mouthing infesting littering toxifying knocking down dissing making filthy making callous coarsening making unfeeling crippling debilitating devaluating darning vicing voodooing flaming tarring mocking despoiling swearing trashing blaspheming hoodooing cussing reviling cursing treating with disrespect reducing the status of dragging through the mud talking dirty committing sin committing sacrilege putting double whammy on doing wrong destroying slamming bringing shame to cutting down shooting down running down tearing down taking down a peg demoralising embarrassing abashing crushing deflating subduing squashing breaking pulling down taking down a peg or two stooping thinning lacing cutting descending hurting extending watering down defacing disfiguring discomfiting chagrining owning mixing doctoring snubbing sophisticating spiking making a fool of causing to lose face making impure attenuating settling someone's hash commingling blending shaving making someone eat crow putting someone in their place amalgamating planting dissolving infiltrating mingling making someone eat humble pie intermixing cooking denaturing irrigating putting to shame transfusing doctoring up falsifying demolishing loading succumbing cowing influencing taking apart letting down curbing taming taking to pieces taking to bits softening restraining flattening disciplining lowering oneself debasing oneself lowering yourself demeaning oneself debasing yourself overcoming squelching silencing upsetting putting away cutting to the quick making one feel small striking dumb forcing to eat humble pie bringing down a peg popping one's balloon fixing someone's wagon putting one away making eat dirt checking repressing afflicting ravaging deforming putting in one's place blunting hindering decreasing compromising enervating enfeebling quashing threatening crabbing impeding disabling endamaging flawing bloodying ripping discountenancing blistering withering queering unfitting tweaking totalling invalidating totaling disqualifying dinging vanquishing downplaying confusing crossing up causing to feel small taking the wind out of your sails playing down showing up putting out of countenance making ashamed roughing up messing up making useless putting the kibosh on losing strength fouling up doping tampering with thinning out mixing with


Present participle for to diminish the confidence or courage of
discouraging disheartening dispiriting dismaying depressing daunting dejecting distressing unnerving cowing crushing chilling chillin alarming abashing dashing unmanning troubling scaring bothering frustrating afflicting vexing awing aweing confusing disappointing trying appalling overawing irking drooping prostrating repressing casting down making despondent weighing heavily on making downhearted psyching out beating down dampening the spirits of breaking one's heart putting a damper on causing to lose heart taking the wind out of your sails saddening dampening upsetting shaking desolating oppressing weighing down sapping subduing giving someone the blues bugging ailing burdening enervating getting down deterring knocking sideways bumming out knocking for six making unhappy knocking the stuffing out of aggrieving undermining damping weakening perturbing abasing bringing down throwing cold water on pouring cold water on making sad making someone fed up making gloomy throwing disinclining making dejected humbling disturbing fazing overwhelming humiliating suppressing wearying grieving defeating debilitating overcoming overpowering breaking reducing to tears harrowing haunting dulling extinguishing bringing tears to your eyes causing suffering to hanging over breaking someone's heart dashing hopes clouding bringing low knocking the wind out of harshing one's mellow casting a shadow making dispirited making crestfallen disparaging indisposing putting down annoying infuriating angering exasperating stifling subjugating lowering throwing a pall over diminishing smothering squelching devitalizing irritating maddening aggravating souring dissatisfying embittering quelling deadening curbing chagrining miffing damping down bearing down on narking driving crazy getting to making discontented driving mad hacking off casting a pall over winding up destroying ruining giving someone the hump busting degrading vanquishing demoting quashing smashing enfeebling crippling impairing disrating incapacitating downgrading reducing taming impoverishing bringing to ruin bringing someone to their knees routing causing instability draining mortifying tormenting darkening beating dragging running down casting a gloom upon turning off making desolate keeping under harshing someone's mellow bearing down dampening spirits

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