Synonym of deprecatory

Alternative for deprecatory

'deprɪkətərɪ /-keɪtrɪ


tending to diminish or disparage


Disparaging, or tending, or intending to be, belittling
belittling disparaging derogatory slighting denigratory disdainful contemptuous decrying deflating degrading demeaning denigrative depreciative depreciatory derisory derogative detracting detractive diminishing discrediting negative pejorative scornful uncomplimentary unflattering derisive jibing mocking sneering snide denigrating deprecating deprecative disapproving insulting critical contumelious abusive defamatory offensive rude vituperative slanderous disrespectful libelous libellous hurtful scurrilous humiliating sarcastic scoffing jeering scathing spiteful damaging nasty opprobrious ridiculing dismissive debasing catty depreciating mortifying taunting malicious condescending insolent supercilious unfavourable mean vilifying calumniatory detractory fault-finding unfavorable undignified shameful unpleasant censorious personal minimizing caustic lowering judgmental minimising biting patronizing maligning cynical sarky disgraceful withering patronising impertinent shaming ignominious abject unworthy downgrading cheapening inglorious infra dig dishonourable menial contemptible arrogant cheeky abhorrent haughty dishonorable bringing shame snotty sardonic sniffy snooty full of contempt condemnatory uncharitable unsympathetic epithetical pillorying teasing lampooning satirical vulgar damning familiar intrusive snidey defiant affronting wounding blasphemous superior hypercritical overbearing egotistic uncivil discourteous repulsive despicable injurious dishonouring calumnious shrewish invective discreditable traducing mud-slinging unkind insinuating harsh irreverent dyslogistic disadvantageous sniping ill-natured snarky mordacious aspersing malevolent dishonoring reproachful despiteful cutting hateful cavalier unbecoming corrupting wretched vain imperious proud temperamental snippy snobbish uppity cool hard-nosed upstage bold cold-shoulder hard audacious high hat dog it on high horse on your high horse high and mighty cruel vicious barbed venomous acid poisonous hostile malignant vindictive bitter vitriolic acerbic unfriendly acidulous malign bad smart-alecky mordant sharp rancorous wicked pungent tart acerb corrosive satiric acrid acidic virulent scalding smart-aleck smart-mouthed malefic trenchant acrimonious disagreeable maleficent insensitive inconsiderate callous brutal savage heartless ornery dirty backbiting splenetic upsetting pointed evil-intentioned evil stinging baleful vengeful bilious unfeeling uncaring shabby severe vile obnoxious cantankerous captious inhuman ruthless mean-spirited horrid thoughtless hard-hearted carping squint-eyed beastly base low coldhearted inhumane sadistic cold-blooded barbarous ill-humored evil-minded execrable currish detestable abrasive not nice low-down bad-tempered ill-tempered low-minded ill-humoured prejudicial foul mischievous ill-disposed odious loathsome painful distressing angry spleenful waspish cussed unfair ironic ironical horrible brusque backhanded rotten filthy tactless inappropriate accidentally on purpose gross twitting saucy needling austere chaffing scorching deplorable scummy astringent searing salty weisenheiming pernicious lewd foul-mouthed churlish piercing surly annoying sordid paltry ignoble dirty-minded depraved gossip-mongering salacious pathetic silly ridiculous cockamamy absurd ludicrous laughable risible cockamamie comical farcical preposterous gally out-of-line flip cocky fresh smart sassy nervy crusty pitiless compassionless merciless cold-hearted for the birds unkindly inhospitable unamiable ungenerous petulant unchristian hardhearted snappy ill irritable nagging quarrelsome discontented scolding litigious grumbling peevish criticizing aggressive cattish criticising complaining vixenish cavilling caviling sharp-tongued crisp cold


Inclined to express negative or disapproving comments
disapproving censuring censorious condemnatory critical reproachful castigatory condemning damnatory damning denunciatory reproving scathing upbraiding admonishing knocking opprobrious reprobative reprobatory slating disparaging judgmental fault-finding criticizing hypercritical cavilling overcritical unfavourable captious unfavorable carping denouncing caviling pass-remarkable criticising quibbling negative niggling pedantic picky nitpicking griping derogatory complaining bellyaching nit-picking whingeing faultfinding rejective accusatory vituperative dissatisfied cavillous nit-picky stern full of reproof accusing withering proscriptive frowning discouraging grousing grouchy moaning grumbling pejorative boot-faced disapprobatory grouching whining nagging unforgiving severe bleating harsh hostile displeased culpatory reprehending contemptuous reproaching chiding severely critical slighting hair-splitting kvetching mithering hard to please chuntering difficult to please discontented impossible to please judgemental unsympathetic pettifogging pernickety calumniatory hairsplitting belittling cutting cynical ultra-critical finicky fussy demanding admonitory overnice over-rigorous over-strict over-censorious over-particular overscrupulous over-exacting recriminatory incriminatory nice scolding querulous punctilious nitpicky persnickety perfectionist exacting exceptive sarcastic overexacting judgy demeaning blameful disappointed fine abusive subtle overrefined pharisaic self-righteous overexact overprecise reprehensive comminatory berating accusative denunciative comminative fulminatory on someone's back overparticular meticulous fastidious imputative accusive humbling diagnostic discerning biting discriminating analytical lowering critic trenchant sharp penetrating particular choleric satirical deprecating irritable crabby trivial testy perverse thorny unfair contrary unjust touchy cantankerous peevish petty acrimonious petulant cross tricky very critical trying uncompromising importunate strict intractable clamorous tiresome tough obstinate rigorous dictatorial overbearing unaccommodating inflexible insistent unmanageable hard imperious troublesome stringent unbending exigent difficult unamenable fractious hardheaded firm sticklerish stiff obdurate needy possessive unsparing stubborn unflinching unreasonable hard-line serious hard to satisfy high-maintenance tyrannical

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