Synonym of derivate


Something derived
outgrowth offshoot derivation derivative spin-off by-product branch development descendant adjunct product result offspring extension consequence ramification spinoff auxiliary appendage byproduct division sequel connection annexe annex wave subsidiary product end product outcome upshot complement supplement effect issue appurtenance sideshoot entailment backlash aftermath ripple after-effect repercussion concomitant corollary fallout heritage fall-out externality fruits side effect shock wave knock-on effect aftereffect backwash fruit resultant precipitate sequence end result fate conclusion follow-up implication blowback child creation output yield handiwork realization realisation reaction impact aftershock side reaction produce labor labour work affair ending formulation final result chain reaction ripple effect origination concoction invention incidental bonus extra follow-on culmination payoff pay-off event denouement secondary effect unexpected result matter of course future destiny destination end termination legacy lot dole doom due followup sidebar leftover aftertaste side issue carryover secondary response production eventuality reverberation residual trail sequela wake returns profit hangover artifact brand artefact gain crop amount fabrication commodity contrivance thing manufacture construction achievement finished product action feat conception brainchild fulfilment innovation triumph attainment accomplishment genesis act article success actualization aspiration doing deed handicraft design execution implementation application final product fulfillment dénouement afterglow afterclap echo

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