Synonym of designer


A person who plans the look or workings of something prior to it being made, by preparing drawings or plans
deviser inventor originator creator producer architect planner artificer author fabricator contriver developer engineer fashioner formulator innovator introducer maker builder artist stylist graphic designer father founder initiator begetter mastermind prime mover framer instigator establisher founding father pioneer organizer generator mother institutor director manager inaugurator instituter sire arranger organiser discoverer schemer constructor parent composer neoteric agent cause proposer graphic artist facilitator town planner promoter coordinator urban planner city planner manufacturer writer draughtsman shaper experimenter draftsman controller mover executive administrator coiner brains doer boffin scientist brain motivator patriarch beginner benefactor forebearer forefather patron draftsperson draughtswoman draftswoman couturier surveyor sights techie manipulator technie content creator master builder building consultant labourer wright contractor mason construction worker erector industrialist craftsperson laborer artisan helper modernizer trailblazer groundbreaker reformer pathfinder spearhead reformist progressive creative musician progressivist transformer changer backer enabler supporter assistant trendsetter avant-garde changemaker forerunner front runner prequel vanguard leader avant-gardist entrepreneur catalyst torchbearer spur grandfather ancestor procreator lord guide scout pacemaker torch-bearer melodist explorer leading light initial force power source drive first mover first cause motive force primum mobile guiding light symphonist songwriter singer-songwriter songsmith tunesmith songster serialist


One concerned with fashion/fashion designer


Involving modern or contemporary methods or concepts
modern new current contemporary newfangled modernistic hot mod ultramodern up-to-date new-fashioned state-of-the-art present-day up-to-the-minute red-hot space-age new age latest fashionable advanced recent fresh trendy modish up to the minute avant-garde newest progressive in vogue stylish high-tech now voguish au courant trendsetting in fashion a la mode in leading-edge futuristic up to date popular topical innovative latter-day neoteric with it cutting-edge cutting edge hi-tech brand-new present extant chic revolutionary today novel radical all the rage cool contemporaneous faddish innovatory ultra-modern forward-looking happening leading edge updated just out modern-day nouvelle flash instant existent snazzy nifty immediate present-time twenty-first-century ongoing hip modernised modernized leading groundbreaking hot off press bang up to date newly discovered pioneering ground-breaking recently developed in-thing never-before-seen hippest in style surrealistic smart popularized popularised sexy automated gimmicky timely late culty high-style swinging with-it à la mode du jour complex sophisticated 21st-century forward future landmark breakthrough brand new ultra modern unique natty go-ahead kicking just released just issued kicky tony fly hot off the press spiffy sassy plugged-in stylin' quite recent trailblazing existing latter contempo mystic astrological occult balanced holistic planetary supernaturalist alternative spiritual avant forefront abreast up nowadays being crystal healing coeval started begun Age of Aquarius commenced already prompt nontraditional in duration going on at this moment for the time being in process under consideration just now ad hoc even now highly developed SOTA twenty-first century ahead of its time original inventive ingenious innovational unconventional unfamiliar unorthodox creative experimental unusual off-centre unprecedented disruptive developed imaginative left-field different ahead of the times evolved originative uncommon prevalent visionary improved elaborate offbeat singular hottest forward-thinking favorite untried strange faddy out-of-the-box unknown higher technologically advanced out of the ordinary favourite seminal refined concurrent way-out intricate coincident high-end highly-developed vanguard clever big far along well ahead far ahead well along pop crowd-pleasing large rare favored Promethean atypical untested surprising unaccustomed exotic breaking new ground vogue favoured inspired de nos jours science fiction unheard-of up-and-coming mould-breaking bleeding edge innovating spearheading high established perfected synchronous fundamental unhackneyed game-changing world-shattering drastic avant garde coexistent high-level the newest simultaneous coexisting unwonted coincidental mature prevailing concomitant coetaneous enlightened dynamic germinal strategic well-thought-out multifaceted formative well-designed involved well-planned well-built common knowledge in the news in the mainstream live alive on front burner burning coterminous inspiring distinctive artistic special funky peculiar far cry odd refreshing enterprising out of the common this season's new-fangled self-regulating robotic automatic artful coextensive last word twenty- first century artificially intelligent powerful synchronic transformational variational intelligent bohemian eccentric deviceful far-out liberal underground lead beat head capable of learning mistakenly trendy new wave the new rage computerized technological digital multimedia computerised foremost prime ahead supreme complicated pre-eminent excellent extreme precocious paramount exceptional principal most recent


Having an appearance of fashionable trendiness
fashionable stylish chic trendy exclusive upscale expensive upmarket voguish contemporary hip smart in vogue modish a la mode in cool fly happening au courant natty snazzy now trendsetting with it sharp all the rage swish kicky supercool modern latest snappy swank dashing tony spiffy fresh sassy chichi swell kicking up-to-date up to the minute hot on fleek up-to-the-minute groovy funky nifty mod classy schmick in fashion up to date popular dapper dressy current swanky in-thing new rakish elegant big swagger in style culty bang up to date all the go prevailing usual genteel styleworthy newfangled favored debonair fancy flash tasteful sophisticated with-it swinging in thing favoured ultra-modern du jour high-class showy latest thing sexy couturial smartest nice finest faddy newest formal Sunday youthful party young nicest flippant neat vogue last-word trim crisp spruce high-fashion understated attractive flattering good well groomed well dressed jaunty shiny smartly dressed well turned out high-toned glamorous the new customary massive de rigueur trig well-liked a go-go last word as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox fine flashy polished bling ritzy fancy-pants steezy beautiful slick urbane sleek modernistic dap jazzy ostentatious uptown pretentious dressed to the teeth well turned-out à la mode dressed to kill in the mainstream def hep downtown turned-on le dernier cri avant-garde suave well-groomed well-dressed refined charming courtly posh fashionably dressed dignified cultured cultivated lovely handsome graceful majestic stately plush dainty clean besuited presentable smooth discerning groomed distinguished luxurious opulent sumptuous exquisite ornate comely grand well-bred spiff prim select superior sporty faddish well-turned-out stunning well-presented clean-cut dressed to the nines poised appealing elaborate plushy with good taste dicty in good taste with style dress stylin' excellent distinctive first-class spivvy dandy spiffing spick and span well-tailored soigné spiffed-up dolled up gorgeous pop crowd-pleasing large popularized favorite red-hot tidy snug bandbox nobby doggy spry nimble brisk cutting-edge favourite popularised splashy pizazzy pizzazzy dressed up looking sharp class neat and tidy flamboyant gay bright loud colorful clever turned out ingenious crucial in high feather colourful dressed to nines foxy well put together spruced up courteous civil self-possessed confident gracious self-assured chivalrous gentlemanly gallant artistic well mannered well bred svelte classic gentle affable mannerly delicate cheerful happy casual nonchalant detached buoyant sprightly pleasant aesthetic choice noble decorous rare ornamented affected august recherche aristocratic esthetic overdone stylized well-designed

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