Synonym of despising

Alternative for despising

despises, despised, despising

Synonym: disdain, hate, loathe, scorn,

Antonym: admire, appreciate, esteem, respect, value,


Present participle for feel contempt or a deep repugnance for
loathing detesting abhorring abominating execrating hating disdaining scorning deriding spurning reviling slighting contemning deploring disliking feeling contempt for mocking shrinking from shunning undervaluing disrelishing finding intolerable regarding with contempt eschewing jeering at looking down on misprizing neglecting rejecting renouncing repudiating scoffing at sneering at snubbing heaping scorn on pouring scorn on feeling contempt putting down wiping out having a down on having no use for looking down nose at regarding with disgust recoiling from disfavoring shuddering at disapproving having it in for disfavouring having an aversion to misliking feeling aversion to resenting condemning deprecating reproving objecting to opposing not taking kindly to not appreciating disliking greatly feeling aversion towards feeling repugnance towards regarding with repugnance feeling disgust for feeling revulsion to feeling hostility to disesteeming discountenancing disapproving of minding antipathizing regretting taking exception to frowning upon frowning on having no liking for holding in disfavour regarding with distaste not enduring taking a dim view of losing interest in having no stomach for not caring for bearing malice toward having no taste for having hard feelings tutting about making faces at tutting over tut-tutting over tut-tutting about feeling hostile towards feeling revulsion towards feeling malice to bearing a grudge against feeling repelled by feeling hostile to refusing revolting declining finding disgusting denouncing not feeling like avoiding finding unacceptable vilifying feeling repugnance having a strong aversion to distasting having aversion to disliking intensely decrying excoriating anathematizing having a poor opinion of taking dim view of having a problem with slamming feeling distaste for vilipending imprecating cursing feeling animosity to feeling disgust towards downing on feeling hostility towards feeling hostility toward feeling repugnance toward feeling aversion toward accursing objurgating finding repellent disagreeing with finding distasteful having no taste fearing dreading having a horror of


Present participle for to ignore or disregard contemptuously
scorning flouting disregarding disdaining dissing sneering at deriding slighting spurning mocking disparaging disrespecting contemning pooh-poohing looking down on treating with contempt scoffing at snubbing ridiculing rejecting belittling sneering sniffing at jeering at showing contempt for looking down upon look down one's nose at taunting scouting regarding with contempt abhorring hating gibing reviling pouring scorn on laughing at scoffing holding in contempt putting down making fun of poking fun at undervaluing shunning holding in disdain insulting jeering misprizing dismissing affronting refusing defying heaping scorn on outraging ragging turning down treating contemptuously jibing at discounting making a fool of turning your nose up at taking the piss out of treating as inferior offending frowning on condemning walking over sneezing at wounding feeling contempt for lookng down at slapping thumbing one's nose at girding slurring pillorying quipping cutting down ragging on making jokes about turning one's nose up at gibing at thumbing nose at treating with disdain ignoring vilipending failing disobeying disesteeming knocking disfavoring disfavouring teasing twitting slagging off having no use for brushing off refusing to acknowledge having contempt for discrediting panning booing disbelieving rallying riding rebuffing poking mullock at fleering at scouting at making light of digging at showing contempt being above taking the mickey out of making sport of pissing on pissing over trashing confuting avoiding repudiating spitting on renouncing refuting blowing raspberries at laughing out of court considering beneath you running down curling your lip at turning back on giving the Bronx cheer to spitting in the face of considering beneath one spitting in the eye of turning up your nose at turning nose up at abominating chillin chilling looking down nose at looking down your nose at


Present participle for express disapproval of
deprecating deploring abhorring condemning criticising criticizing detesting execrating caning censuring denouncing disapproving of hammering knocking slamming bad-mouthing blasting finding unacceptable rubbishing slashing slating aspersing derogating frowning on inveighing against looking askance at railing against reprobating objecting to protesting against pulling apart slagging off vituperating against animadverting on hitting out at pulling to pieces taking a dim view of taking exception to excoriating decrying maligning attacking branding disparaging castigating abusing savaging slandering denigrating lambasting flaying smearing reproaching vilifying crucifying berating admonishing panning chiding stigmatizing traducing besmirching calumniating scolding libeling bashing reproving defaming roasting libelling skewering blaming vituperating lecturing scorning insulting reaming pummelling pummeling reprimanding casting a slur on bagging laying into tongue-lashing casting aspersions on giving a talking-to laying down the law taking apart raking over the coals taking to pieces reviling stigmatising running down dissing reprehending finding fault with having a go at pillorying flaming objurgating trashing chastising arraigning slurring picking holes in putting down pouring scorn on lacing to mauling carping at giving a bad press to rating nitpicking about cutting up cavilling at slagging rebuking tearing into throwing brickbats at scathing faulting giving some stick to giving flak to fulminating against sledging denunciating dispraising taking to task dressing down upbraiding jumping on finding fault picking to pieces ripping proscribing anathematizing disapproving judging skinning bagging on cutting down nit-picking coming down on giving someone a bad press assailing potshotting carpeting belaboring impugning blistering belabouring bawling out chewing out shooting down nagging at taking down hauling over the coals giving something a bad press picking at scoffing at tearing a strip off tearing off a strip tearing apart discountenancing belittling disesteeming discommending objecting disfavoring nitpicking depreciating carping bollocking fustigating haranguing rollicking lashing clobbering disfavouring zapping rapping slugging animadverting scorching remonstrating punishing cavilling caviling remonstrating with getting at throwing shade passing strictures upon sailing into reading the riot act reaming out ostracising ostracizing giving someone hell nitpicking over giving someone a rocket finding lacking giving someone a bollocking giving someone a roasting rapping over the knuckles tearing to shreds giving someone a rollicking doing down criticizing severely tearing to pieces getting angry with animadverting upon harshing discrediting passing judgment rejecting refuting abominating giving a rocket hitting fluffing trimming slogging declaiming prosecuting exprobating getting after incriminating contemning backbiting rebuffing picking apart reading out disciplining telling off looking askance indicting impeaching excommunicating comminating dooming sentencing assaulting verbally arguing with deriding complaining about swearing cursing running something down declaiming against charging with showing up disagreeing with adjudging framing pronouncing naming doing a number on skinning alive cutting to bits giving bad press piling in imprecating blaspheming starting on starting in darning banishing penalising banning expelling convicting dratting cussing confounding penalizing discouraging disliking taking on putting away calling down sending up thinking wrong not supporting blowing whistle on hanging something on pointing finger at pinning it on letting have it jumping down one's throat jumping on one's case biting someone's head off snapping someone's head off going for the jugular thundering against complaining of casting out crying down inveigling against laying at one's door sending up the river frowning zinging detracting opposing expostulating negating expressing a poor opinion of remonstrating against detracting from talking something down jeering at giving something a battering raising an not taking kindly to showing displeasure passing on scourging lashing into


despisement contempt contemptuousness despite despitefulness disdain misprision scorn derision scornfulness disrespect hatred hate abhorrence condescension loathing distaste contumely disgust sneering disparagement aversion disregard despisal ridicule mockery detestation disdainfulness scoffing sneer derisiveness slight sarcasm revulsion execration animosity repugnance lovelessness repulsion taunting teasing jeering sport dislike indifference arrogance hauteur superciliousness haughtiness snobbishness aloofness lordliness dismissiveness superbity pride antipathy insolence loftiness maliciousness malignancy spite malice spitefulness malignity meanness nastiness ill will bitterness rancor satire raillery irony mordancy rancour acrimony dig sharpness acerbity venom malevolence odium cynicism banter corrosiveness hostility causticity trenchancy comeback disapproval causticness abomination put down acidity acridity horror enmity lampooning antagonism animus jeer burlesque resentment jibing insult ragging mordacity gibe aspersion taunt objection joking mislike kidding frost rankling chaffing revenge joshing cut laughter criticism invective wisecrack censure obloquy denigration flouting anathema repellency repellence bother irritant grievance gripe trouble pain bugbear nuisance nasty look black beast bete noire no love lost repugnancy caricature badinage acridness jibe tartness ribbing asperity sneers virulence jab slam sardonicism acidness taunts cattiness bile kidology virulency wit chiacking deprecation razz goofing razzing opprobrium parting shot winding up taking the mickey vitriol fun pique malignance coldness grudge prejudice displeasure Bronx cheer disrelish ill feeling bad feeling spleen brutality forcefulness directness incisiveness outspokenness gibes pasquinade barb reproachfulness censoriousness affront slur insinuation facetiousness snobbery defiance stubbornness disesteem recalcitrance audacity indignity snigger snidery jeers insults vilification crack backhander slap pilgarlic brickbat dump cutting remark militancy disfavor ignominy alienation invidiousness envy pooh-poohing cruelty hurtfulness acrimoniousness viciousness hatefulness disfavour outrage shame bantering backhanded compliment hard feelings strong aversion intense dislike hiss boo opprobriousness catcall strong dislike extreme dislike abuse hoot skylarking clowning about antics jokes fooling around mischief clowning around acid shout wryness backhandedness sarkiness absurdity hissing snort bird heckling raspberry catcalling hectoring booing scoff shouting interruption barracking knocking frolic merriment jest mirth escapade jollification horseplay pleasantry mummery drollery tomfoolery trifling jesting nonsense jollity practical joke parody travesty chaff lampoon persiflage rib farce swipe mimicry roast jibes twitting rally needling foolery buffoonery leer put-on pulling someone's chain


Showing contempt or lack of respect
disdainful contemptuous proud scornful superior haughty arrogant derisive sneering aloof lordly supercilious condescending disparaging disrespectful hoity-toity slighting withering indifferent insolent mocking patronising patronizing snobbish abhorrent dismissive hifalutin highfalutin insulting jeering lofty prideful sniffy snotty contumelious full of contempt uppish antipathetic averse cavalier contemning cool egotistic high-and-mighty overbearing rejecting repudiating scouting snooty toplofty unsympathetic uppity high and mighty on your high horse looking down your nose at turning up your nose at imperious pompous stuck-up toffee-nosed pretentious overweening conceited presumptuous self-important high-handed huffish huffy bumptious toploftical presuming masterful high-hat peremptory chesty important stiff-necked assumptive self-assertive self-asserting snobby la-di-da egotistical above oneself cocky posh grandiose magisterial fancy-pants snubbing smug scathing perfunctory domineering bossy gracious on high horse vainglorious vain full of yourself puffed up stuffy stooping offhand la-dee-da complaisant standoffish ambitious immodest negative giddy dizzy silliness thoughtless flighty dictatorial commanding airy spurning narcissistic self-satisfied shunning unenthusiastic dimissory belittling denigrating casual curt swaggering tyrannical overconfident unconcerned insouciant uninterested refined despotic authoritarian autocratic wiseguy aristocratic rude uncivil discourteous unceremonious pushy honourable honorable abrupt brusque off glib terse cursory ungracious ostentatious affected take-it-or-leave-it offish pococurante inconsiderate careless snippy inflated boastful bragging poncey windy portentous boasting puffy swanky flaunting self-centred unaccepting la-de-da high-minded self-centered devastating humiliating mortifying blistering stinging biting blasting searing high blighting hurtful swollen-headed big-headed sarcastic crushing self-aggrandizing distant detached reserved full of oneself assuming

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