Synonym of desultory

Alternative for desultory



marked by lack of definite plan or regularity or purpose; jumping from one thing to another


Lacking a logical sequence, system or plan
random erratic haphazard aimless rambling inconsistent irregular unmethodical unsystematic chaotic disconnected fitful incidental loose sketchy arbitrary capricious catch-as-catch-can inconstant intermittent occasional offhand scattered slapdash spasmodic sporadic stray unthinking indiscriminate orderless unfocused unstable helter-skelter without purpose hit-or-miss off and on casual disorganized unsteady careless unpredictable uneven disorganised choppy discontinuous undirected episodic patchy episodical aperiodic spotty unsettled spastic catchy variable all over the place uncertain fluctuating changeable directionless infrequent chance thoughtless disorderly heedless odd purposeless confused isolated periodic scattershot blind designless muddled wayward volatile slipshod fragmentary shifting on and off wavering varying unreliable changing whimsical wandering unplanned messy illogical disordered unconsidered lost jumbled entropic ever-changing unorganized wanton uncoordinated fractal scrambled jerky non-linear unorganised on-again-off-again sloppy hit or miss perfunctory broken lackadaisical cursory remiss nonuniform flighty interrupted rare impulsive accidental disrupted unselective fluky eccentric unconnected disjointed unpremeditated wild unequal uncommon slap-happy unguided seldom fluid mutable protean periodical shaky scarce unfrequent few unexpected undependable mixed up changeful irresponsible all over the shop incalculable reckless inchoate labile higgledy-piggledy up and down flakey incohesive incoherent all over the map flaky without goal without direction blowing hot and cold disturbed systemless freak unsystematized lone single restless without a goal hit and miss indeterminate semioccasional goalless pointless vagrant drifting flickering uncritical undiscriminating recklessly carelessly hurry-scurry hastily uncontrolled frenzied promiscuous stochastic aleatory convulsive recurrent recurring herky-jerky bits and pieces fits and starts fickle hasty gaping alternate in bits and pieces spurtive twitching in fits and starts driftless objectless hit-and-miss hurried negligent chancy quicksilver untidy last-minute undiscerning undifferentiating in disorder vacillating unconcerned spontaneous sudden willy-nilly devil-may-care fluke unconscious clumsy irrepressible excitable mercurial unintelligible temperamental any which way any old way slovenly thrown-together lax kaleidoscopic flickery moody skittish turbulent slack neglectful shambolic giddy active movable elastic incomprehensible thrown together up in the air mobile up-and-down bipolar yo-yo inarticulate unclear garbled fluctuant sometime shoddy nonchalant improvident meandering mumbled muttered exclusive unusual especial special exceptional particular specific undisciplined dicey vagarious iffy dubious roving nomadic slurred stammering stuttering stuttered discursive stammered discretionary unreasonable not habitual full of ups and downs faltering hard to follow breathless discordant incongruous puzzling dumb maundering subjective trial and error few and far between optional personal irrational motiveless unmotivated unjustifiable unsupported groundless unjustified unreasoned fanciful wilful uninformed discretional approximate injudicious superficial unaccountable supercilious frivolous unscientific unpunctual on-and-off off-and-on non-periodic topsy-turvy in disarray out of order all over the lot unkempt cluttered in a mess dishevelled disheveled disarranged mixed-up unarranged in a muddle in a shambles anarchic at sixes and sevens fortuitous seasonal contingent freakish littered quirky mussed tumbled mussy tousled disarrayed messed alternating rumpled upside-down pell-mell crotchety hugger-mugger screwed up shuffled willful judgemental uncategorized indifferent judgmental unfastidious unwarranted baseless unfounded shot-in-the-dark unclassified hitty-missy sparse blanket indiscriminating ungovernable faddish spreading straggling haywire like a bomb's hit it messed up dynamic straying not frequent in a jumble top out of place snarled snafu moving oscillating deviating ill-thought-out part-time spread out bedraggled ratty sprawling swaying altering irresolute waffling developing growing always changing uncontinuous straggly unsure punctuated cyclic continual unforeseeable stop-go isochronal stop-and-go rhythmic cyclical rhythmical arrested iterant epochal iterative discontinuing isochronous checked metrical serial on again and off again now and then here and there every other by bits and pieces doubtful unknowable fantastic undivinable curious touchy peculiar queer mischievous playful quaint unsorted in the balance weird waggish droll touch and go tangled funny singular unconventional outlandish offbeat idiosyncratic bizarre dotty fantastical freaky chimerical out of joint amusing imaginative humorous quizzical off-the-wall kinky old-fashioned creative witty comical original


Digressing from subject to subject
digressional digressionary digressive discursive excursive maundering meandering rambling wandering leaping diffuse circuitous roaming roundabout indirect episodic verbose roving circumlocutory devious errant convoluted diffusive anecdotal divergent drifting tortuous tangential anfractuous travelling circular traveling nomadic long-winded prolix lengthy periphrastic loose long wordy waffly ambagious logorrhoeic pleonastic musing broad erratic spreading deviating free conversational informal windy garrulous logorrheic tedious protracted long-drawn-out tautological circumlocutionary overlong palaverous redundant repetitious voluble loquacious chatty gabby bombastic prolonged oblique turgid interminable gassy wearisome boring tiresome evasive talkative flatulent inflated rhetorical drawn-out expansive ponderous repetitive talky sesquipedalian dragged out implied full of verbiage flowery ambiguous superfluous gossipy prosy vague circumlocutional circumlocuitous circumlocutious waffling iterative laborious unending verbal endless extended very long spun out profuse copious exuberant random lavish dull king-size elongate oversized elongated king-sized lengthened tangent orotund padded longish king size dragging prattling blathering jabbering babbling prating gushing mouthy loosely related yakking multiloquent big-mouthed gobby wittering multiloquous effusive magniloquent fustian grandiloquent tautologous pompous yacking repeating involved pretentious collateral non-linear obliquitous full of air with the gift of the gab having kissed the Blarney stone taking the long way winding deviant zigzag serpentine curving backhanded sidelong unforeseen eventual subsidiary duplicitous sinuous snaking complicated understood underhand sinister long way home inferred out-of-the-way unplanned twisting sneaky obscure sneaking crooked tacit vagrant hinted at


Lacking in enthusiasm
cursory casual perfunctory superficial token lukewarm passing vague half-hearted hasty hurried summary quick rapid brief slapdash fleeting sketchy careless offhand shallow incidental slight inattentive short rushed depthless surface-level uninterested unthinking flying mechanical glancing trite slipshod trifling precipitous rash uncritical fast speedy haphazard half-baked drive-by touch-and-go irresponsible unfussy purposeless lightning short-lived transient transitory hit-or-miss temporary momentary indifferent unconcerned whistle-stop lackadaisical pell-mell routine gadarene helter-skelter precipitate headlong automatic overhasty complacent insouciant nonchalant disinterested insensible apathetic negligent pococurante uncurious swift random sloppy double time incurious wooden slovenly dismissive heedless cool hit or miss unconsidered walking through it laid-back phoning it in inadequate nodding going through the motions imperfect light partial flash flimsy insincere inconsequential feigning paltry incautious reckless carefree uncaring lax unheeding improvident disregardful neglectful tardy lazy derelict blithe blasé slack remiss easy unmindful slap-happy devil-may-care free and easy detached dispassionate feckless imprudent thoughtless uncircumspect unobservant untrustworthy delinquent unaccountable unreliable undependable aloof blithely unconcerned good-for-nothing without care impetuous breezy unfeeling listless impassive easygoing unresponsive impulsive hectic spur-of-the-moment distant bored uninvolved withdrawn remote injudicious sudden abrupt cavalier unperturbed unenthusiastic unmoved clinical passive cold unimpressible unexcited disimpassioned negative unceremonious just watching the clock not giving a damn untidy unsystematic otiose loose unmeticulous shoddy unthorough faineant unthoughtful fainéant undiscerning couldn't-care-less indiscriminate take-it-or-leave-it temerarious premature undiscriminating unperceptive subitaneous precipitant rushing snatched uninquiring unselective mindless unreasoned unexacting objective uncommitted reserved impartial spacey impersonal unbiased unprejudiced spaced-out unpassioned stolid abstract removed poker-faced staid spontaneous uninformed imperceptive untroubled unworried unpremeditated indiscriminating airy out of it instinctive extemporaneous capricious impromptu snap unruffled happy-go-lucky involuntary whimsical unplanned intuitive uninhibited easily pleased equanimous equable calm serene gay easy-going composed sunny light-hearted relaxed emotional freakish adventurous daredevil unprompted unrepressed foolhardy lacking concern jaunty buoyant frivolous unserious daring unguarded unpredictable madcap abandoned unwary upbeat unmeditated ad-lib hot-headed jumping the gun ill-thought-out winging it ill-considered brash passionate unexpected wild laid back free from care free from worry weary apathetic towards offhand about uninvolved with unconcerned about bored stiff going through motions lukewarm about turned off detached from bored by nonchalant about unmoved by hard-hearted phlegmatic about unresponsive to aloof from could care less indifferent to uninvolved in unenthusiastic about incurious about distant from


Lacking full energy, effort, commitment, or resolve
half-hearted apathetic indifferent unenthusiastic cool lukewarm passive perfunctory uninterested lacklustre listless neutral spiritless cursory superficial dispassionate faint feeble tepid unconcerned weak impassive irresolute lackadaisical lackluster languid Laodicean reluctant tame unemotional unwilling offhand limp halfhearted uneager unenthused lifeless disinterested unlively passionless emotionless unresponsive unmoved lethargic phlegmatic laid-back lazy torpid unexcited indolent blasé sluggish casual cold bored paltry subdued unimpressed meagre uncaring unfeeling inert meager uninvolved idle flat bloodless abstracted dull insouciant pococurante moony shiftless languishing careless insensible wishy-washy easygoing inattentive slothful energyless nonchalant supine non-committal damp blah unconvincing weakly lame insipid unanimated vapid bland vague minimal slight insensitive slow anaesthetic unkind anesthetic coldhearted hesitant uncertain chilly uncommitted unresolved laodicean undecided indecisive nominal vigourless vacant unenergetic lymphatic stoic stoical token imperceptible not enthusiastic detached out of it leaden slack absent lacking energy heedless effete mopish dormant affectless undemonstrative stolid unambitious numb impassible cold-blooded unmotivated mild untouched draggy droopy dispirited wimpy callous what the hell could care less don't give a damn couldn't care less languorous enervated leisurely dreamy aimless slap-happy lax relaxed incurious sentimental daydreaming romantic faineant laissez-faire fainéant slapdash easy going laid back spring fever


Lacking in purpose or use
purposeless aimless needless unnecessary goalless meaningless pointless senseless trifling unreasonable useless vacuous designless empty frivolous futile illogical indiscriminate irrational mindless nonsensical otiose purportless thoughtless valueless vapid wanton witless brainless feckless inane insignificant inutile motiveless random unhelpful unprofitable worthless barren drifting floundering haphazard profitless ridiculous undirected unpurposed wanky uncalled-for good-for-nothing hit-or-miss uncalled for without rhyme or reason wishy-washy fruitless unproductive vain irrelevant hollow trivial unavailing inconsequential unimportant idle ineffective redundant directionless nugatory gratuitous to no purpose ineffectual superfluous wandering bootless objectless in vain casual of no use groundless stupid fatuous vacant insubstantial dispensable hopeless unwarranted inessential expendable nonessential unsuccessful abortive wasted unwanted unrequired unneeded adrift unessential non-essential paltry peripheral silly absurd flat puerile foolish unrewarding insipid footling undesired empty-headed excessive inefficacious flighty chaffy blind null incidental uncritical avoidable causeless careless extraneous junky no-good extrinsic impotent petty optional unmerited cosmetic not required not needed to no avail automatic oblivious objectiveless unprovoked unguided without direction nothing unasked insane negligible throwaway nongermane surplus too much supererogatory miserable thankless no use baseless de trop rudderless exorbitant superficial dull unsalable not pertinent rambling unfounded surplus to requirements additional boring to no effect unsatisfactory erratic shallow minor lightweight stale uninspiring niggling flippant of no avail lacking foundation without grounds not serious without foundation of no earthly use dry uninteresting unreal vagrant capricious lost heedless cheap banal tedious arid commonplace time-wasting without depth dead unsubstantial lacklustre dreary monotonous drab sterile unstimulating prosaic lifeless humdrum driftless unfruitful unprolific unfilled clear unmeaning unsound daft lackluster of no value idiotic unintelligent asinine imbecilic cretinous ludicrous risible moronic unsystematic unthinking confused undiscriminating goofy unselective unmethodical damfool dim divvy childish gormless infantile half-baked laughable dumb unconsidered crass immature harebrained dof weak innocuous glaikit sappy chaotic scattershot devoid of intelligence undiscerning undifferentiating arbitrary unplanned hit or miss higgledy-piggledy disposable fortuitous noncompulsory prodigal accidental undesirable chance no need beside the point


Worn, torn, or ragged, as if into rags
ragged tattered frayed torn shabby threadbare rent scruffy tatty worn seedy worn-out faded moth-eaten neglected poor holey in tatters patched raggedy ripped rundown split dilapidated ragtag ratty tatterdemalion unkempt decrepit in holes old scraggy battered contemptible crude dingy frazzled mean shaggy shoddy shredded tacky unfinished unpressed untidy well worn worn out worn to shreds worse for wear down at heel falling to pieces badly dressed badly worn in rags poorly made full of holes having seen better days the worse for wear down at the heel tumbledown grungy mangy scrubby dumpy bedraggled miserable run-down timeworn beat-up sleazy down-at-heel down-at-the-heels bombed-out dog-eared disheveled dishevelled squalid grotty grubby gone to seed sorry deteriorated run down broken-down scuzzy in shreds decayed messy rough sloppy ruined frowzy filthy raggedy-ass warby ramshackle rickety ungroomed used decaying damaged yucky dirty falling apart at the seams uncombed beat up slovenly crumbling in ribbons destroyed tired broken impaired daggy deteriorating well-worn pitiful desolate slipshod dowdy rugged degenerated wretched tousled out at elbows slatternly tangled ruffled matted poorly dressed inappropriately dressed hackneyed stale trite slobbish passé time-worn ancient overused slobby ruinous old-fashioned outworn clapped out disfigured bare meager sloven frowsy crummy lined meagre out of date in disrepair overworked poverty-stricken blowsy blowzy falling apart ill-clad down-at-the-heel on its last legs windblown unneat torn to pieces all the worse for wear mussed up decrepit. in ruins unravelled unravelling injured used-up poorly maintained broken down falling down unraveling worn through distressed unraveled trashy worn thin well-thumbed well-read yellowed scraggly straggly mussy derelict in bits cut lacerated slit mussed snarled tumbled outmoded busted dinged totaled wizened in pieces cast-off raunchy schlumpy rumpled wild démodé severed cracked separated worn down untended draggletailed hand-me-down peaked shattered passe sere etiolated useless shot depleted effete messed up draggle-tailed dishabille unpolished ill-groomed banal worn-down wrung out pegged out in bad repair weather-beaten out of condition in a bad way below par tumble-down in bad condition seen better days badly maintained uncared-for under par badly groomed scroungy hackney shopworn cliche obligatory hack cobwebby cliché-ridden stereotyped aged stock musty commonplace dated coarse vulgar wrenched burst gashed fractured ruptured mangled sliced slashed cleaved snapped weathered disreputable wrinkled clichéd hoary cure pot unoriginal corny antiquated cut open hairy old hat hirsute unshorn woolly bushy long-haired fleecy wooly furry thick cottony silky furred shock-headed uncut brushy fuzzy bristly crinose hispid sordid slummy insalubrious shacky skanky scungy seamy base shambly unmaintained cheap paltry unpleasant dismal gone to rack and ruin tawdry dodgy second-rate low depressed nasty slimy gaudy rumpty common mediocre lousy down and dirty low-grade low-rent in ruins mucky unprepossessing gungy inferior manky disintegrating skeezy rubbishy junky low-class cruddy slumlike limp bad cheesy rotten substandard shaky two-bit schlocky slum-like not up to snuff overcrowded beaten-up underprivileged deprived scabby disordered rank indigent impoverished sick sticky gunky withering smirched dishonest crooked unsavoury unsavory tottering uncared wrecked crumbly unsound marred tasteless droopy overgrown wilted drooping sickly wilting ailing sagging flagging kitsch showy garish unimproved beat worthless ordinary middling menial sad fallen-in ill-maintained uncared for beaten up fallen in rinky-dink flash Brummagem loud used up garbagy sucky flashy naff dreadful cheapjack grimy soiled ostentatious out-of-date unbecoming waxy unsuitable poky stodgy frumpy gimcrack poor-quality third-rate dime-a-dozen unwashed cheap and nasty execrable cut-rate bum jerry-built tinny schlock cheapo bargain-basement terrible trumpery muddy rubbish cheap-jack ropy duff bodger stained in bad taste dusty plastic el cheapo pretentious inglorious makeshift low-down befouled smutty spotted smeared sooty besmirched unsanitary begrimed besmeared unhygienic smudged icky black draggled blackened foul sullied insanitary bogging bemired unclean uncleanly festy feculent impure


Regularly moving or wandering from place to place
roving ambulant ambulatory errant fugitive galavanting gallivanting itinerant nomad nomadic perambulatory peregrine peripatetic ranging roaming vagabond vagrant wandering wayfaring arrant digressive discursive drifting meandering migratory mobile moving rambling rootless travelling traveling moving around on the move migrant unsettled transient floating migrating gypsy touring homeless journeying shifting displaced footloose restless perambulant seasonal voyaging itinerate jet-setting on the wing on the go of no fixed abode walking globetrotting erratic immigrant of no fixed address trekking driving prodigal strolling flying Romany destitute devious maundering fly-by-night down and out traversing digressionary digressional leaping temporary changing tramp casual migratorial immigrating migrative emigrating impermanent kinetic advancing motile deviating verbose excursive progressing migrational transmigratory passing over passing through in motion locomotive pastoral vagarious hiking ambling cruising commuting riding tzigane didicoi idle shiftless rangy rubbernecking globe-trotting gadabout expatriate Gypsy on tour excursioning constantly traveling afoot active sweeping spanning extensive widespread covering translocating relocating unstationary on foot disenfranchised freewheeling jaunting winding bustling riding the rails landloping planetary straying without family ties having itchy feet without a settled home movable refugee straggling sauntering mendicant wayward stray aimless down-and-out episodic diffusive indirect going unfixed running fancy-free diffuse roundabout prolix long-winded circuitous lengthy periphrastic long wordy circumlocutory loose pleonastic waffly ambagious logorrhoeic broad spreading free musing conversational informal

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