Synonym of detracting

Alternative for detracting

detracts, detracted, detracting

Synonym: take away,


Tending to derogate, or lessen in value of someone
derogatory disparaging belittling demeaning denigratory deprecatory slighting damaging depreciative depreciatory pejorative uncomplimentary offensive unflattering critical defamatory deflating diminishing dishonouring disrespectful injurious insulting unfavourable disapproving discrediting negative spiteful abusive calumnious hurtful mean nasty personal rude slanderous vilifying vituperative calumniatory contemptuous contumelious decrying degrading denigrative derisory derogative detractive discreditable disdainful libellous libelous mud-slinging scornful scurrilous traducing catty aspersing censorious deprecating despiteful dishonoring fault-finding humiliating malevolent malicious maligning minimising minimizing opprobrious reproachful sarcastic unfavorable derisive sneering denigrating detractory scandalous debasing unpleasant mocking jibing snide defaming invective deprecative scandalmongering vicious muckraking backbiting maledictory dyslogistic downgrading judgmental disadvantageous harsh irreverent sniping slurring maledictive envious green-eyed jealous resentful jaundiced covetous odious horrible repugnant hateful detestable invidious impossible abominable obnoxious tricky envying aspersive vitriolic malign malignant venomous bitter poisonous untrue insolent cruel vindictive rancorous virulent unkind wounding hostile false evil scathing bad malefic vulgar maleficent reviling vituperatory dirty baleful lying wicked misrepresentative ill-natured obloquious calumniating scurril truculent scurrile pernicious vengeful shrewish cussed ornery evil-intentioned foul unfounded aspersory libeling violent berating unmannerly unfriendly scolding uncivil discourteous affronting prejudicial castigating barbed cutting blasphemous dismissive upbraiding libelling acid impertinent harmful rough destructive horrid sharp-tongued detrimental noxious deleterious mischievous ill-disposed smearing snarky gossiping mortifying uncharitable withering depreciating sardonic unsympathetic supercilious acerbic epithetical familiar intrusive cheeky ranting denunciatory biting repulsive ridiculing unsubstantiated baseless unwarranted uncorroborated sharp impolite insupportable unsupported abrupt curt brusque gruff short surly blunt ungracious unjustifiable unjustified injuring excoriating despicable hurting offending abasing vile shaming reproaching disgracing damning splenetic insidious bad-mannered ill-mannered baneful nocuous adverse troublesome ill dangerous ill-founded artful perilous offhand bad-natured bilious hazardous bothersome angry squint-eyed spleenful waspish awful beastly low gross uncool petty evil-minded accidentally on purpose caustic menacing hate-filled acrimonious scathy lousy tough reproving castigatory


Expressing or characterized by derision
derisive jeering mocking ridiculing contemptuous jibing scoffing scornful taunting denigratory derisory dismissive disparaging pillorying slighting snide teasing absurd caustic cockamamie cockamamy comical disdainful farcical insulting lampooning laughable ludicrous pathetic preposterous ridiculous risible sarcastic satirical scathing silly sneering cheeky cocky contumelious crusty cynical flip fresh gally irreverent nervy out-of-line rude sardonic sarky sassy smart smart-alecky snidey for the birds decrying derogatory pejorative depreciative demeaning uncomplimentary derogative belittling depreciatory detractive degrading denigrative deprecatory foolish crazy stupid asinine nonsensical outrageous daft senseless idiotic zany inane bizarre hare-brained fatuous insane wacky irrational droll funny pointless unreasonable derisible imbecilic grotesque witless mad brainless fantastic comic hilarious unwise incredible illogical outlandish unbelievable shocking diverting unthinkable nutty monstrous crackpot cuckoo harebrained whacky astonishing loony looney featherheaded kooky kookie gelastic half-witted half-baked off the wall mean unkind foolhardy hurtful spiteful humorous contemptible odd mindless amusing strange incongruous scatterbrained moronic freaky entertaining simpleminded fantastical facetious fanciful barmy cockeyed lunatic daffy sappy dotty screwball dippy lunkheaded bubbleheaded balmy weak-minded joshing camp campy unusual yelling raucous disrespectful ironical ironic quizzical vacuous puerile burlesque weird satiric surreal freakish peculiar queer curious foolheaded uncivil extreme impossible rum wacko excessive extravagant nasty inept jerky fool exorbitant tomfool feather-brained gay blithesome jocund merry mirthful sunny jolly jocular jocose gleeful jovial festive blithe futile thoughtless irresponsible rash imprudent inappropriate reckless unintelligent far-out thick useless vain ineffectual deprecating ignorant inadvisable too much out of the question taking the cake injudicious misguided dumb shrewish vituperative malicious disapproving provocative provoking embarrassing in vain incompetent obtuse biting insinuating to no avail naive dopey doltish snarky ill-natured mordacious for grins idiotical improvident unpleasant cutting hateful dim-witted ill-considered chucklesome inadequate scream har-har riot laughing eccentric rich jokey witty riotous uproarious hysterical insufficient minimal pitiful trifling tiny small cock-eyed killing slapstick negligible miserable nominal miserly token paltry comedic humoristic sidesplitting screaming antic side-splitting rib-tickling hysteric stingy lousy measly priceless ludicrous. laughable piddling mingy piffling poxy nickel-and-dime worthy of scorn cheery cheerful happy good-humoured good-humored hearty implausible meaningless goofy unreal wild screwy inconsistent batty


Involving or creating unfavourable circumstances that reduce the chances of success or effectiveness
disadvantageous adverse prejudicial damaging harmful deleterious detrimental hurtful unfavourable ill-timed inexpedient injurious inopportune inauspicious inconvenient unfortunate unpropitious bad counter destructive hostile inimical negative unfavorable unfriendly unlucky unsympathetic untoward contrary debit-side depreciative depreciatory derogatory disparaging downside dyslogistic objectionable pejorative slighting troublesome uncomplimentary unhelpful unprofitable untimely on the debit side dangerous ruinous calamitous pernicious baneful baleful ill disastrous noxious undesirable nocuous deadly ominous unsuitable unseasonable dire evil inappropriate infelicitous threatening maleficent unpromising nocent unhealthy fatal malefic prejudicious wicked lethal crippling malignant unwholesome cancerous improper cataclysmic catastrophic awkward devastating mischievous counterproductive menacing sinister ill-fated toxic gloomy poisonous discommodious malapropos regrettable unseemly corrupting wounding venomous opposed bothersome undermining bleak inapt unhappy ill-omened disturbing unfit difficult virulent pestiferous malign malicious distressing annihilative eradicative hazardous unsuited doomed foreboding ill-advised jinxed inadvisable perilous cursed environmentally unfriendly wrong wretched subversive corroding corrosive discouraging extirpative suicidal hard incendiary harsh black ill-starred inhospitable disheartening terrible antagonistic tough mistimed hopeless parlous critical cataclysmal disagreeable painful poor discommoding dreadful dicey incommodious direful damning fierce ill-chosen fateful ill-suited pestilential unsafe mortal noisome abusive unbecoming inconducive unconducive unwelcome portentous ill-judged lamentable unadvantageous forbidding annoying tiresome unpleasant grim premature deplorable unhandy problematic disruptive frightful miserable vexatious unmanageable unwieldy luckless risky early cumbersome very bad unwelcoming hapless malevolent violent unbefitting bodeful annihilatory ravaging devastative brutal savage badly timed lethiferous internecine wreckful wrackful slaughterous sinistrous afflicted ill-boding insidious ruining destroying death-dealing corruptive uncongenial alien remote embarrassing unkind minatory doomy unsatisfactory tardy late low unchancy impending pestilent inept hasty foul vile mortifying antipathetic bringing bad luck annihilating desolating challenging precocious undue unfitting misplaced incongruous ill-fitted misjudged intrusive miasmatic offensive miasmic nefarious spiteful iniquitous reprobate cantankerous precarious uninviting prohibitive imperilling imperiling afflictive nullifying invalidating annulling counteractive neutralizing killing ill-disposed obstructive erosive cutthroat consumptive trying testing murderous inimicable inimic not conducive disaffected repugnant at odds oppugnant creepy doubtful fell blighted worrying nasty forsaken destitute unprosperous insalubrious harassing sinful troubled impeding hindering snakebitten misfortunate snakebit dubious off-putting unhopeful rough anti out of luck in a bad way horrible horrendous severe austere horrifying hard luck star-crossed neutralising dour dismal uncomfortable fearsome daunting ghastly intimidating rugged frightening stark terrifying disquieting jarring ferocious tragic grievous dark depressing unwise tragical woeful heartrending heartbreaking distressful injudicious imprudent awful catastrophal impolitic unadvisable hair-raising shattering incommoding indiscreet ill-considered vexing aggravating irritating silly incautious thoughtless irresponsible foolish undiplomatic wrong-headed impractical foolhardy misguided careless worrisome short-sighted tactless futile sad appalling pitiful upsetting harrowing pathetic mournful sorry shocking sorrowful disappointing pitiable lousy melancholy atrocious heart-rending shameful cheerless doleful saddening agonizing rotten agonising unacceptable desolate piteous bitter grave traumatic sombre somber execrable disgraceful intolerable joyless dispiriting poignant egregious gut-wrenching comfortless abysmal blameworthy reprehensible morose displeasing diabolical crushing horrific mean dreary crummy moving gruesome monstrous alarming forlorn abominable affecting abhorrent glum abject tear-jerking ignominious horrid inferior distasteful unpalatable plaintive too bad heinous unbearable desperate hideous depressive sickening godawful excruciating rueful irksome drear anguished melancholic disconsolate funereal solemn nightmarish galling unwanted cruel scandalous distressed dishonourable inadequate drab dishonorable dolorous scurvy opprobrious despondent paltry contemptible outrageous shoddy dismaying tormenting stressful disconcerting troubling detestable chronic dejected grisly oppressive afflicting unspeakable discomposing loathsome depressed lugubrious costly odious despairing sullen shabby unpopular heart-wrenching unnerving unpleasing repellent base obnoxious macabre touching undesired dirty lurid scary tearful substandard unappealing unwished-for cheap despicable cruddy inexcusable lame elegiac unsettling disreputable pessimistic stinking mediocre God-awful indefensible fearful unsought ignoble downbeat concerning unjustifiable dejecting unsavory icky disgusting godforsaken stirring rubbish revolting discreditable gross discomforting yukky sour yucky meagre ridiculous meager exceptionable unlovely perturbing blue cold lachrymose god-awful nerve-racking heart-breaking defeatist minacious torturous serious sucky exacting laughable derisible demoralized dread insufferable taxing unsavoury sepulchral frustrating exigent pressing punk morbid extreme worthless repellant ugly redoubtable messy gray grey tortured spine-chilling formidable beastly terrific demoralised suffering second-rate apocalyptic unenviable regretful a pity squalid sordid unsuccessful glaring abortive disillusioning loss-making crying crucial indigent scungy impoverished blighting earth-shattering urgent teary flagrant grieving cynical disenchanting drastic maddening sacrificial irritable bewildering agonized flagitious deathly irretrievable humourless humorless repulsive sober agitating racked agonised feeble withering beggarly ruthful unforgivable sorrowing incriminating infuriating exasperating weighty villainous nauseating sedate hairy troublous unendurable fraught dissatisfying gloom-ridden eerie senseless inglorious preposterous heavy oppressing scowling uncool grotty grody hellacious nauseous mephitical hellish perplexing revulsive unamusing fatalistic evil-looking spooky eldritch unpardonable unconscionable damnatory condemnatory pesky sobbing wistful nostalgic demoralizing demoralising compassionate commiserative arousing to be pitied small immoderate impoverishing extravagant depleting draining exhausting wasteful hateful absurd ludicrous derisory insupportable immoral minatorial anticlimactic infamous unworthy third-rate foolish-looking mirthless dispirited dolesome nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking dreaded dim suggestive of evil doomful dishonest perverse blackhearted lowering culpable vicious criminal unforgiving regretting petrifying excessive degrading shady shy unrespectable louche notorious humiliating implicating condemning hard-pressed shadowy chilling suspicious alarmist distrustful doubting unenthusiastic chilly dingy plangent pensive dreich Eeyorish saturnine elegiacal straitened full of hardship strained treacherous jeopardous rocky rejected remiss unprincipled grubby scummy sneaking ratty scabby implicatory strong accusatorial conclusive implicative dooming excluded uninvited useless junky rubbishy beyond contempt downhearted ill-favoured inadmissible trashy duff schlocky gimcrack unsound poxy cheesy common schlock dissatisfactory coarse trumpery woebegone helpless oppressed downer overwhelming bummer faulty sleazy pants cheapjack bum unwished for hurting upset pained bearish heartbroken disheartened downcast resigned weary brokenhearted impaired amiss defective incompetent not wanted lamenting unmitigable in pain in despair broken-hearted up the creek long-suffering grief-stricken without hope sunk inconsolable a load of pants low-grade haunting ill-favored nagging confronting cut-rate low-rent el cheapo bargain-basement


Arousing or meriting strong disgust, aversion, or displeasure
scandalous shocking disgraceful outrageous appalling monstrous atrocious dreadful obscene shameful offensive abhorrent disgusting foul wicked abominable criminal odious reprehensible sinful terrible awful deplorable despicable distasteful evil fulsome gross hideous horrendous horrible horrid horrifying inexcusable infamous iniquitous insupportable intolerable loathsome nasty nauseating nauseous noisome noxious obnoxious rancid repellant repellent repugnant repulsive revolting sickening ugly unseemly disreputable egregious frightful opprobrious unforgivable unpardonable unspeakable backbiting crying desperate detractive gossiping heinous ignominious immoral indecent maligning traducing untrue vilifying highly improper red hot vile contemptible detestable objectionable hateful dishonourable execrable unpleasant beastly rotten bad dishonorable ghastly disagreeable base God-awful yucky disgustful putrid villainous ignoble diabolical unsavoury discreditable shady loathly unsavory gruesome nefarious corrupt yucko stinking sick-making wretched off-putting vicious dirty improper flagitious lousy scurvy mean unprincipled bogging sordid unworthy unscrupulous unpalatable uninviting low-down sorry displeasing skanky inglorious icky unethical degrading grisly shoddy blameworthy exceptionable low dishonest wrong unacceptable notorious beyond the pale ungodly shabby abysmal degenerate unrespectable reprobate dastardly black crooked unholy horrific stomach-turning vomitous grotty stomach-churning dark louche indefensible fiendish humiliating malodorous fetid godawful shameless questionable pitiful depraved knavish vomit-inducing filthy insufferable vulgar dire barbarous unrighteous gut-churning festy cruel very bad foetid shy mephitic underhand hellish paltry unfair lamentable untrustworthy illegal undignified rebarbative devious dodgy poor snide unlawful underhanded unbecoming rank ruthless inhuman shaming unappetizing squalid scoundrelly unjustifiable sleazy debasing flagrant bent unreasonable grubby grody miserable fraudulent invidious distressing abject treacherous embarrassing macabre grievous hellacious woeful shifty undesirable slippery on the nose dislikeable pitiable unbearable savage rascally creepy indiscreet dissolute chronic smelly lawless cheap culpable deceitful unpleasing malfeasant cringe-making cruddy excessive indecorous sullied niffy scabby scummy olid stinky mortifying regrettable pathetic malevolent murderous crummy sly censurable amoral roguish barbaric upsetting sick diabolic unsuitable forbidding debased smutty felonious infernal unclean black-hearted accursed tricky perverted suspicious unfitting unwelcome foul-smelling evil-smelling dubious lame sneaking ratty pongy whiffy grimy funky unladylike ungentlemanly nightmarish miasmal grungy preposterous suspect harsh devilish not cricket unfortunate fishy brutish terrific grewsome lurid nightmare merciless satanic immodest demeaning indelicate sacrilegious furtive profane blasphemous extortionate seedy guileful untoward brutal unsatisfactory inadequate irreligious shonky fearful inferior beyond contempt unconscionable erring guilty currish sketchy perverse pits impure godless annoying spiteful wrongful perfidious bestial impossible miscreant wanton hurtful corrupted pants emetic sinister galling impious low-minded poisonous illicit dislikable illegitimate tasteless murky blackguardly tainted pestiferous damnable heartless warped cursed acrid polluted pernicious grim from hell two-faced smudged bedraggled befouled bemired dusty uncleanly draggled unlovely muddy stained mucky besmirched yukky blackened sour unsportsmanlike dingy bitter uncongenial begrimed soiled double-dealing poison bum off-color maleficent morally wrong exorbitant steep irregular blamable duplicitous sad reproachable exasperating impolite unbefitting hopeless risqué cheapening insulting hated terrifying abusive irritating unrefined disrespectful sneaky unceremonious irreverent lowering belittling scurrilous slimy pestilential useless faulty not on glaring duff poxy substandard venal unhealthy unwholesome inappropriate remiss morbid inelegant discourteous disastrous exploitative conscienceless debauched fallen errant too much over-the-top caitiff impertinent insolent petty catty harrowing alarming licentious uncivilised uncivilized coarse facinorous scabrous profligate overwhelming mercenary servile menial slighting heartbreaking harmful inhumane calamitous unconscientious reeking deleterious injurious faithless degraded malicious out of line out of order not the done thing a bit much at fault indictable mischievous sadistic brackish rubbish disparaging contemptuous unlikable unfaithful raunchy unsightly delinquent adverse baneful dangerous worthless pesky hairy hateable self-seeking scheming crafty biting cutting mournful peccable wayward ornery afflictive revulsive incorrigible yecchy a load of pants very unpleasant of dubious character potentially illegal shadowy inclement laughable grave traitorous unjust tarnished detested loathed unheroic unsuccessful secret mysterious gut-wrenching chargeable abominated despised execrated ill-famed cheating unwarrantable inexpiable aberrant ominous failed humiliatory sickly unhappy transgressing tawdry ill-reputed good-for-nothing unconventional indescribable terribly bad crass cunning wrongdoing ruffianly brute butcherly truculent rude discomfiting chunderous melancholy uncool uncharitable discouraging unearthly diseased deadly insalutary thievish beneath contempt naughty animal beast tremendous reviled cacodemonic unremittable humble slavish cowardly inequitable offending ropy third-rate doubtful disconcerting repelling tragic cutthroat Machiavellian suggestive out of bounds condemnable rocky woozy very disgusting serious senseless flavorless insipid opprobious painful flavourless yicky savorless flat peccant sucky tenth-rate dismal punk in bad taste pill heel trashy plebeian lowly common reeky godforsaken depressing gnarly bold forward ridiculous foolish selfish arrant casuistic recreant downer bummer dolorous reprovable blameable musty stenchy strong high fusty frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty defective confounded inconsistent hostile incompatible contradictory opposed pigpen ripe green-eyed envious jealous off-colour fresh cheeky brazen derogatory wounding averse antipathetic inimical antagonistic amiss demeritorious callous not up to snuff unfriendly against opposite alien extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different unfitted foreign provocative personal uncivil impudent vexing provoking affronting unmannerly dismaying over the fence unfeeling rancorous self-indulgent unkind vitiated libertine bloodthirsty wrathful demonic evil-minded cold-blooded decadent defiled despiteful vindictive pitiless hard-hearted mean-spirited scrofulous vengeful tyrannical scornful virulent inexorable disdainful out of keeping resentful jaundiced covetous surfeiting sleazeball squicky cloying scuzzy crude in opposition infra dig disquieting ribald intemperate lewd drunken carnal stupefying scary fearsome frightening not quite the thing disturbing heartstopping perturbing startling agitating staggering stunning astonishing bewildering unsettling intimidating amazing direful formidable lacking dignity beneath you unnerving surprising redoubtable bribable violent hair-raising corruptible grafting swindling buyable immoderate unendurable sharp rogue deceptive spine-chilling profiteering unwarranted extravagant maddening OTT beneath one's dignity sky-high slanderous libellous envying calumnious libelous defamatory detractory O.T.T. suborned open too great disgracing debauching depraving contumelious extreme fast non-believing heathen pagan agnostic apostate non-theistic atheistic over the top high-priced on the take hollow-hearted fast and loose gone to the dogs disobedient hardened unhallowed doubting canting unsanctified hypocritical defiling pietistical desecrative contrary undutiful unregenerate unbelieving nullifidian unctuous recusant iconoclastic disbelieving desecrating sanctimonious overinflated excessively high abandoned damaging prejudicial nocuous baleful prohibiting unaffordable prohibitive limiting preventing expensive detrimental ill not religious bad news beyond your means financial means conditional out of the question unattractive unappealing grotesque fierce dread bloody severe daunting unutterable ferocious eerie blasted petrifying ill-favored ill-favoured rough unpretty unhandsome unbeautiful troublesome uncomely ghoulish rubbishy difficult prurient gloomy parlous cataclysmic catastrophic ruinous uncomfortable austere devastating malignant infuriating gory cussed unpropitious remorseless deuced threatening deformed misshapen tough unnatural shuddersome homely bloodcurdling disheartening weird dreaded reptilian hard disappointing dour unwanted destructive unlucky sanguine salacious inedible unfavourable unfavorable irksome huckery stark unrestrained inauspicious blue menacing rugged scaring bothersome fiery flaming blessed flipping traumatic blinking worrying bleeding effing ruddy plurry chuffing blooming heavy terrorizing unprepossessing astounding death-obsessed freaking darned cotton-picking doggoned durn doggone goddamned curst danged durned dang darn mediocre abnormal bally blimming spooky sanguinary feral trying terrorising inexpressible testing junky frustrating fugly intense stern dispiriting cataclysmal trumpery wild inconvenient fateful weak vexatious aggravating disadvantageous flinty acute gruff ungentle unsound bleak unchaste lascivious bawdy unpopular louring incompetent crazed mad scatological scatologic inadmissible foreboding loose lustful pornographic low-grade as ugly as sin agonizing inexpedient scungy raw porno barnyard unwished-for steely agonising distressful outcast venomous chilling X-rated precious eldritch uneatable malformed freakish piggish gluttonous swinish boorish ferine irrational demoniac Mephistophelian demoniacal untold piteous messy blood-curdling strange sublime distorted miscreated teratoid mutant shapeless not pleasant undescribable uncoveted hatable demoralizing blood-and-guts blood-and-thunder lou apocalyptic unbelievable inconceivable meager pressing critical crucial unimaginable bland spine-tingling frozen urgent ineffable pain drag unpleasant to breathe unfit to breathe drastic abhorred demonian demonical Luciferian mighty uncouth crippling irretrievable awful-looking frightful-looking stressful like death warmed up misproportioned freaky beyond words preternatural undefinable sensational frenetic maniacal possessed meagre unfit portentous bodeful exigent crashing oily ingratiating nagging ghostly faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural sepulchral funereal anaemic uncanny dim deathlike corpselike anemic warlike blood-stained maggot indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil graphic exaggerated fraught pressured demanding taxing ignorant demoralising oppressing scowling stifling toxic dratted melodramatic explicit disliked homicidal cut-throat indigestible foul-tasting uncultured unlettered unrelenting unenviable low quality gruelling arduous tiring dull lackluster lacklustre unshapely drab too horrible for words accurst fatal wolfish like the back end of a bus bellicose excruciating not much cop smarmy oleaginous eye-watering inhospitable troubling infected ailing unsought scorned shunned incommodious uninvited rejected dashed sensationalist overdramatized colourful sobering life-threatening precarious perilous ill-fated ill-starred ravaging low-life below contempt no-good dirty rotten insensitive bloody-minded sanguineous murdering melancholic kitschy pulp aggressive furious grueling pathological stormy blamed inconsiderate not pretty to be avoided out of place for the birds strictly for the birds unwished for untamed annihilatory damning devastative unwelcoming negative jarring mephitical irritable sombre dreary poignant perplexing depressive somber cheerless sullen morose troubled glum unamusing distressed unruly fell slaughterous moody irascible brooding unusual twisted thoughtless abortive rabid unmerciful shock-horror tacky vivid juicy rainy blustery wet impetuous raging delirious convulsive unbreathable hapless doomed luckless ill-boding yellow full-frontal cheesy dissatisfactory schlocky gimcrack schlock raving uncontrollable enraged incessive undomesticated disfigured uncaring coldhearted unsympathetic a stinker of a a bummer of a frantic infuriated rapacious tigerish biffo animalistic angry primitive aggers plain-featured cheapjack plain-looking purple racy salty deep striking colorful distinct garish ill-natured not nice plain malign impaired grovelling humiliated subservient meek dejected groveling deferent hangdog self-effacing cut-rate low-rent second-rate bargain-basement el cheapo sorrowful desolate bad-looking doleful short on looks hard-favoured hard-featured forlorn more than one can afford


Doubtful as to whether something will happen or whether it is worthwhile
cynical pessimistic sceptical distrustful scoffing unbelieving sardonic disbelieving doubtful suspicious disillusioned doubting incredulous ironic misanthropic mocking negative sneering contemptuous disenchanted hard hard-bitten hardened jaundiced sarcastic scornful world-weary black bleak derisive hard-boiled misanthropical mistrustful mordacious disparaging nonbelieving scathing skeptical wry dubious unconvinced questioning uncertain unsure leery wary quizzical cautious suspecting undecided trustless unsettled chary cagey apprehensive negativistic hinky uneasy hesitant show-me fearful jealous lacking trust careful uptight having reservations been hit before faithless non-believing circumspect guarded iffy hesitating lacking confidence distrusting nervous lacking faith agnostic wondering untrusting freethinking aporetic not born yesterday in doubt rationalist irreligious nullifidian insecure ambivalent anxious possessive solicitous unimpressed unpersuaded unmoved mistrusting not believing dissenting have misgivings have reservations suspect unsatisfied watchful on the fence without faith without belief defeatist misbelieving Pyrrhonist minimifidian unfriendly antisocial unsociable unenlightened taking something with a pinch of salt malevolent unneighbourly uncongenial reclusive inhumane inhospitable reserved selfish hating grouchy solitary egotistical disdainful egoistic narrow-minded standoffish eremitic wavering tentative irresolute vacillating unresolved indecisive in a dilemma in two minds dithering indefinite shilly-shallying of two minds blowing hot and cold faltering undetermined equivocal waffling in a quandary on the horns of a dilemma heedful shy reluctant loath uncommitted teetering fluctuating divided disinclined torn vague shaky perplexed unclear unassured hazy equivocating split ambiguous oscillating noncommittal diffident on guard betwixt and between like doubting Thomas hemming and hawing sitting on the fence running hot and cold not sure worried skittish vexed confused wobbling floating pussyfooting nihilistic revolutionary anarchic destructive rebellious existentialist radical swithering wishy-washy unfinished pendent reticent indisposed unconfirmed hedging your bets in the middle prying inquisitive enquiring searching inquisitorial interrogative curious inquiring nosy probing loth cagy unsavoury fly-by-night unsavory chancy untrusty touch and go having misgivings having qualms halting passive-aggressive unconfident mindful gingerly conservative afraid considerate alert averse frugal scrupulous safe mean parsimonious stingy prudent thrifty restrained canny inhibited miserly constrained economical calculating discreet particular fastidious sparing


Present participle for to divert one's mind or attention (to something else)

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