Synonym of died out


Past tense for to diminish to nothing
petered out diminished dwindled faded disappeared ebbed evaporated failed tapered off waned decreased died away faded away fizzled out melted away tailed off trailed away abated came to nothing come to nothing dissolved drained fell through fallen through gave out given out lessened palled rebated receded ran out run out stopped subsided trailed off went away gone away ran dry run dry came to a halt come to a halt came to an end come to an end let up declined died down moderated eased felled dropped off shrunk lowered relent relented remitted tapered de-escalated ratcheted down phased down weakened drained away slackened dropped fell fallen fell away fallen away reduced shrank shrunken vanished eased off contracted attenuated slumped withered ended plummeted plummetted sank sunken sunk ceased deteriorated died off terminated passed wound down closed wasted away flagged become smaller degenerated drooped decayed relaxed softened slackened off shrivelled shriveled eased up fell off fallen off grown less grew less dropped away finished alleviated plunged passed away died trailed slacked off become less dimmed wilted languished quietened evanesced melted collapsed mitigated calmed down depleted slowed dried up nosedived depreciated blurred grown smaller grew smaller halted expired downsized ceased to exist hit the floor quit quelled gone down went down became smaller dissipated settled down descended dispersed cooled off come to a stop concluded desisted crumbled wound up lapsed discontinued ceased to be elapsed downscaled run low evanished slowed down tempered faded out calmed gone downhill went downhill became less quietened down eroded fizzled dipped sagged lagged emaciated dematerialized miscarried lightened crashed retired molten flopped fled tumbled regressed gone went got less dived perished become weak bated closed out cut short shut down cut dulled become obsolete cooled it ran its course minified thinned got smaller gotten smaller wasted quitted folded hit the dirt dead-ended dented become weaker devaluated cleared departed disappeared from the face of the earth slacked cut back minimized retrograded levelled off decremented winked out settled knocked down become extinct quieted broke down determined left off subdued become lower toned down minimised came to a stop drawn to a close drew to a close grown faint grew faint broke off broken off fallen short fell short worn off took a nosedive taken a nosedive wore away grew dim ran low worn away grown dim wore off lulled retreated atrophied foundered narrowed shortened thinned out become unproductive stilled paused withdrawn withdrew disintegrated retroceded bombed completed come to a close come to a standstill vaporized condensed deflated elongated rescinded shaped disappeared slowly busted returned backed away pulled out flown flew wrapped up stopped dead finished off come to rest culminated slipped wrinkled slimmed relapsed ceased to yield come down dove succumbed wearied pined fainted guttered became weak tottered devalued skidded blew over lost blown over retrogressed moved away exited etiolated closed down reached a standstill packed it in dispelled ended up stopped in one's tracks soft-pedalled clipped impaired soft-pedaled cropped amputated abridged dragged backslid cheapened buckled cratered became obsolete mollified pared down moved back dilapidated deliquesced passed off flowed away vanished into thin air become shadowy come to a halt end rolled back grown feeble became lower hushed missed the mark made less worn down became weaker caved in decreased in value ended in defeat lost value narrowed down passed into oblivion folded up curtailed got lower declined in price numbed phased out died on vine extenuated unlaxed rarefied concentrated ended in disappointment turned down assuaged retrenched become indistinct retracted curbed abbreviated flowed back stood chilled out released restrained coasted backed off packed in come to a an end broke up become vague allayed broken up dampened slaked moved further off withered away become confused struck out mouldered tuckered out nose-dived ceased to be known cooled made faint held aborted left no trace backed moldered depressed decelerated went through the floor come to naught become less loud grew feeble tipped over telescoped parched bowed out relieved tired vaporised pooped out become blurred broken down disengaged checked became extinct slacked up gone through the floor misfired become unimportant fagged out modulated wore down lost edge thinned down made smaller shope grew grown grown sterile became unproductive grew barren grew sterile grown barren sunk into oblivion sank into oblivion came down came to a standstill came to a close fallen back fell back given way given in gave way gave in came to rest drew to a halt drawn to a halt gone dead went dead gone back went back took the bite out took the sting out taken the bite out taken the sting out fallen down fell down backslided backslidden sloped became unimportant became less loud got done gotten done came to naught went south gone south taken a header gone into a tailspin took a header went into a tailspin drawn away drew away drew back drawn back gone downwards went downwards gone awry went amiss gone amiss went awry became vague became blurred became indistinct became confused became shadowy came to a halt end came to a an end hit the skids worsened slid degraded rotted devolved cut down faltered got worse gotten worse shriveled up become worse went down the toilet gone down the toilet stagnated went to pot gone to pot went to the dogs gone to the dogs tailed away gone down the tubes went down the tubes debilitated wizened disimproved slashed fell to pieces lost ground reverted flatlined gone backwards went backwards spoiled spoilt became worse gone to rack and ruin went to rack and ruin vitiated debased diluted constricted aged fallen apart fell apart corroded tightened axed went to the pack gone to the pack cast down lost quality hit rock bottom moved backward modified grew worse grown worse went bad gone bad petered gone to pieces went to pieces demised croaked deceased parted trembled limped crippled impoverished blunted grown weaker grew weaker lost strength lost intensity ebbed away come to grief deadened limited sickened mummified ruined exterminated reversed abolished slanted down inclined downwards tilted downwards decomposed recidivated slipped back drifted back dried lost spirit palliated damped become emaciated muted muffled compressed scaled down lost courage weathered downturned cleared up scattered disassembled diffused compacted soothed cushioned drifted putrefied passed on stepped out kicked in become dilapidated kicked off run to seed checked out pejorated popped off conked out pegged out become debilitated ground to a halt squeezed turned the clock back turned back lost headway allied frosted infrigidated freshened desiccated dialed down alloyed suffered adulterated undermined injured marred unmade capsulized capsuled constringed lost its effectiveness lost its effect pared damaged couched brought down blasted become limp blighted scrimped went from bad to worse gone from bad to worse reached depths took the edge off taken the edge off lost it amortised marked down made cutbacks in trimmed trimmed back trimmed down downgraded dropped down run down died away or out appeared in a poor light ended gradually qualified taken a turn for the worse become stale made something worse become less intense stepped down become marcescent died away or down took a turn for the worse amortized come apart at the seams came to grief gave up given up became emaciated grown weak grew weak sunk back sank back became debilitated gone to seed went to seed became dilapidated ran to seed frozen froze became limp taken down took down gone out went out fell into disrepair fallen into disrepair broke broken brake thrown back threw back became less intense ran down broken into pieces broke into pieces took in taken in fallen apart at the seams fell apart at the seams went into decline gone into decline became stale became marcescent went down the tube gone down the tube came apart at the seams


Past tense for be extinguished by an air current


Caused to disappear
disappeared extinct gone missing vanished wiped out defunct dead departed nonextant done expired bygone bypast destroyed exterminated lost snuffed out extinguished abolished void deceased done for vanquished superseded faded perished ruined obliterated effaced wrecked annihilated eradicated extirpated demolished lapsed frittered finished crushed devastated inactive obsolete passé quenched doused out terminated dead and gone outmoded late asleep no longer known nonexistent passed on lifeless exanimate inexistent no longer extant no longer existing cold archaic unknown fallen ended antiquated ancient dated out-of-date past outdated old-fashioned out of date antique olden superannuated outworn fossilized forgotten old fossilised prehistoric obsolescent demoded medieval mediaeval kaput old hat unfashionable disused of yore old-time discontinued antediluvian prehistorical neolithic behind the times oldfangled moth-eaten invalid mossy of old démodé Stone Age former out of the ark anachronistic Noachian moribund rusty kaputt musty primitive elapsed old-hat moldy stale over mouldy no more discarded had it completed gone by foregone old-fangled worn-out out of fashion no longer in use has-been out of style dinosaur vintage unhip unstylish out-of-style not with it dead and buried concluded over and done with out of commission previous run out earlier one-time aged corny odd smashed abandoned long-ago belated totaled long-gone erstwhile fallen into disuse vieux jeu fusty deprecated timeworn fossil square old-school of olden days out of it neglected rococo dowdy not modern not current grown old disapproved of the old school unusable very old redundant past it at an end olde worlde past its sell-by date horse and buggy out of business down the drain irrelevant no longer current no longer topical yesterday tired null and void spent hackneyed exhausted decayed subverted collapsed ravaged desolated crashed done to death accomplished unrenewed past its prime demised bent out of use ago old-world having seen better days historical breathless low frumpish quaint frumpy old fashioned venerable conservative old-fogeyish passed voided unremembered unrecalled ex- backward-looking crusted feudal bankrupt retrograde horse-and-buggy creaky clunky retro old-timey rinky-dink inanimate primeval primal inoperative over and done square-toed left removed primordial dateless early immemorial run atavistic way back way back when latter-day lost and gone lost in time consigned to oblivion earliest relic antwacky primaeval unused non-functioning passe of long ago past one's sell-by date ancient history dissolved dissipated dried up burned up moved on unemployed stagnant closed in the past torn down a thing of the past not functioning no longer in existence geriatric broken out-of-fashion obscure dusty doomed sunk cooked toast floored sometime quondam forepassed on the skids out of circulation burned out belly-up washed up down and out down the tubes in flames down for the count all washed up past recall in oblivion sunk in oblivion down memory lane water over the dam water under the bridge

Antonym of died out

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