Synonym of digressionary


Serving as a digression
digressive rambling discursive wandering digressional meandering excursive maundering desultory leaping diffuse circuitous roaming roundabout indirect episodic verbose roving divergent circumlocutory tangential convoluted tortuous anfractuous devious errant travelling circular traveling nomadic diffusive tangent anecdotal drifting loosely related long-winded prolix lengthy periphrastic loose long wordy waffly ambagious logorrhoeic pleonastic musing broad erratic spreading deviating free conversational informal windy garrulous logorrheic tedious protracted long-drawn-out tautological circumlocutionary overlong redundant palaverous repetitious loquacious voluble gabby bombastic chatty prolonged oblique turgid interminable gassy talkative wearisome boring tiresome evasive flatulent inflated rhetorical talky repetitive expansive drawn-out ponderous sesquipedalian dragged out flowery implied full of verbiage ambiguous superfluous vague gossipy prosy circumlocutional circumlocuitous circumlocutious waffling iterative laborious unending verbal endless extended very long spun out profuse copious exuberant random lavish dull king-size elongate oversized elongated king-sized lengthened padded longish king size dragging collateral non-linear obliquitous taking the long way winding deviant zigzag serpentine curving backhanded sidelong unforeseen eventual subsidiary duplicitous sinuous snaking complicated understood underhand sinister long way home inferred out-of-the-way unplanned twisting sneaky obscure sneaking crooked tacit vagrant hinted at mouthy effusive gushing multiloquent babbling multiloquous blathering prattling jabbering yakking wittering prating gobby yacking involved orotund pompous magniloquent fustian grandiloquent tautologous repeating pretentious big-mouthed with the gift of the gab full of air having kissed the Blarney stone

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