Synonym of dilatorily


Moving or proceeding at a notably slow speed
leisurely slowly comfortably easily laggardly lazily pokily slow sluggishly tardily unhurriedly indolently lingeringly calmly composedly deliberately gradually inactively langorously languidly lethargically listlessly torpidly at your leisure at your convenience with delay at one's convenience at one's leisure taking one's time without haste leisurelily laggingly slothfully lackadaisically idly inertly drowsily passively measuredly slackly apathetically heavily sleepily ploddingly leadenly phlegmatically ponderously supinely moderately stagnantly languorously dreamily laxly lately remissly casually tiredly somnolently lifelessly wearily unenergetically indifferently quiescently relaxedly gently sedately undemandingly steadily negligently neglectfully exhaustedly comatosely spiritlessly impassively lacklustrely lacklusterly slumberously lymphatically weakly shufflingly shamblingly writhingly restfully effortlessly subnormally densely imbecilely feeble-mindedly moronically stupidly unproductively sedentarily labouredly freely relaxingly patiently painstakingly laboredly imperceptibly shiftlessly unenthusiastically carelessly stretchily narcotically wimpily stolidly unmovingly inattentively inefficiently slipshodly incompetently disregardfully sloppily disorderlily disorganizedly delinquently flatly backwardly otiosely statically limply unpunctually disorganisedly permissively unprofessionally regardlessly depressedly quietly neurasthenically insensibly logily yawnily deadly unresponsively insensitively dozily


Adverb for meant to delay or put off

Antonym of dilatorily

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