Synonym of discomposing

Alternative for discomposing

discomposes, discomposed, discomposing

Synonym: discomfit, disconcert, untune, upset,


Tending to discompose
distressing upsetting disquieting troublesome disturbing perturbing troubling unsettling discomforting worrisome nasty troublous nagging harassing trying worrying irksome unpleasant bothersome wearisome irritating annoying difficult vexing tiresome inconvenient burdensome aggravating provoking disconcerting agitating discommoding alarming vexatious dismaying disagreeable painful distressful discouraging frightening startling severe ominous foreboding gloomy onerous sinister depressing perplexing laborious hard harrowing niggling awkward agonizing toilsome agonising threatening consequential intrusive impeding disruptive creepy pessimistic tormenting exasperating maddening displeasing nerve-racking concerning plaguy pestiferous pesky infuriating unnerving pestilent pestilential harrying uncertain embarrassing prophetic taxing boring galling tedious teasing tricky unwelcome peeving bedevilling rebarbative plaguey infernal abrasive riling confounded unpleasing antagonizing chafing carking rankling pesty frustrating nettlesome antagonising cussed nettling unamusing problematic thorny hairy punchable uncongenial enraging grating jarring gnawing wearing bedeviling enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall confronting hurtful shocking disappointing daunting traumatic grave prickly sticky scary anxious-making fraught discomfiting devastating apprehensive demanding dreadful dire off-putting nail-biting nerve-wracking oppressive arduous gut-wrenching importunate tough heavy intractable repressive ungovernable uphill rowdy undisciplined murder ugly messy infestive rough dangerous damaging wicked mean disorderly harsh incommodious objectionable unsuitable offensive bitter distasteful unpalatable inappropriate unattractive bad irking obnoxious repugnant knotty discordant inopportune wretched inexpedient untimely unseasonable unlovely unfortunate yukky rotten unsavory icky yucky discommodious inharmonious cruel inconsiderate rude unfriendly hateful unkind unsavoury forbidding challenging puzzling festering antipathetic afflicting raucous shrill sharp sour unfavorable unfavourable cacophonous horrible unsatisfying impossible incommoding strident disadvantageous lamentable deplorable nauseating grotesque unaesthetic unhandy dissonant unmanageable unwieldy vicious malicious detrimental cumbersome afflictive spiteful tense uneasy stridulent undesirable insensitive poisonous gruff execrable ill-timed uncomfortable venomous vindictive detestable abusive malign churlish unbearable wounding out of place repellent lousy ill-humored mean-spirited ill-tempered ill-natured ill-humoured bad-tempered accursed dislikable humiliating provocative sickening acid plaguing remote prejudicial stupid restless nervous anxious idiotic stridulous ill suited dry harsh-sounding ticklish unpopular charged complicated sensitive delicate unlucky undesired incongruous clashing screeching piercing blaring intricate involved disobliging tickly flustering torturous regrettable rejected unwanted malevolent conflicting incompatible grinding contrasting malignant dodgy baffling dolorous bumpy blameworthy unacceptable reprehensible excluded uninvited noisy rasping jangling scraping squeaky uncharitable catty vile surly hostile despicable grievous itchy distressed scratchy unsought not wanted ill-advised too bad ill-favored ill-favoured exceptionable unwished for unwished-for inadmissible complex tricksy problematical touchy spiny catchy snide cantankerous ignominious sordid ignoble currish dirty despiteful dishonorable contemptible base virulent low paltry squawky boisterous fierce rabid rugged ferocious squawking causing discomfort ill-fitting convoluted uncharacteristic loud unharmonious ornery ruthless sarcastic dishonourable explosive forceful convulsive ear-piercing furious echinated briery stimulating pointed evil-minded low-minded low-down paroxysmal turbulent volcanic blustering unmelodious unmusical tumultuous forcible buffeting miserable cutting unlikable impolite repulsive biting unlovable appalling horrid caustic awful invidious terrible abominable odious revolting disgusting abhorrent gross ghastly frightful insufferable stern unloveable vitriolic grody gnarly cross unfeeling brusque brutal acerbic callous curt pitiless acerb unsympathetic comfortless aggressive spiky argumentative eye-watering rubbing the wrong way hard to take


Causing distress or emotional turmoil
painful distressing bad disconcerting horrendous horrible troublesome troubling unpleasant awful discomforting disquieting dreadful horrid horrific irksome objectionable terrible worrisome agonising agonizing appalling daunting distasteful forbidding grim horrifying loathsome miserable perturbing revolting rotten severe stressful torturous traumatic unpalatable unsettling woeful wretched abominable agitating annoying atrocious bitter crummy detestable difficult disagreeable dismal distressful disturbing doleful execrable foul frightful ghastly gruesome harrowing harsh humorless humourless irritating lousy mortifying nasty odious offensive poor repellent repugnant repulsive sober solemn somber sombre unbearable uncomfortable unnerving unsavory upsetting vile abysmal deplorable depressing diabolical dire disgusting displeasing fraught frightening gloomy grave grisly gross hairy heartbreaking hideous icky lurid macabre nauseating nightmarish obnoxious regrettable sedate sickening stinking tormenting troublous unacceptable undesirable unendurable unfortunate unsatisfactory unwelcome vexatious worrying abhorrent affecting afflicting afflictive awkward cruel godawful grody grotty hellacious lamentable mean monstrous nauseous pathetic repellant sad saddening shocking sour tragic tragical ugly unappealing uncool unhappy uninviting yucky yukky anguished beastly concerning excruciating galling grievous heartrending hostile hurtful sorrowful uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavoury gut-wrenching heart-rending heart-breaking nail-biting nerve-racking nerve-wracking off-putting extremely bad disheartening discouraging poignant demoralizing dispiriting pitiable melancholic moving dejecting demoralising disappointing funereal lugubrious lachrymose tear-jerking mournful heart-wrenching piteous dismaying foreboding bothersome depressive terrifying discommoding grotesque unsightly unspeakable alarming drab glum bleak comfortless melancholy rueful desolate disconsolate pitiful joyless hopeless cheerless startling direful vexing mirthless oppressive dreary crushing dolorous dispirited morose dolesome onerous depressed drear cold hateful derisible pensive dark dingy plangent sorry despairing touching insufferable intolerable contemptible reprehensible despicable God-awful loathly disgustful obscene exceptionable scandalous beyond the pale heinous rude noxious insupportable censurable very bad evil calamitous shameful outrageous egregious poisonous disastrous noisome inappropriate grewsome terrific nightmare iniquitous rancid fulsome base cruddy wicked sick-making dishonourable dishonorable out of line pestiferous invidious ornery pesky opprobrious unwanted out of order damnable inexcusable disgraceful unforgivable senseless inglorious preposterous dislikeable punishing ridiculous unpardonable unconscionable foolish sinful indefensible extreme great immoral discreditable ignominious ignoble disreputable accursed shuddersome resentful confounded blasted infamous cursed cussed scabrous brutal unjustifiable glaring putrid bogging yucko skanky dislikable hateable criminal beyond contempt off-color heel pill fearful lewd wrong racking Spartan nefarious unlucky flagrant rebarbative corpselike uncanny ghostly unnatural unearthly dim faint from hell anemic ghoulish mortuary sepulchral haggard wraithlike weak supernatural deathlike anaemic flagitious inadequate substandard dirty sneaking inferior ratty grubby scabby cheap scummy scurvy paltry lame weighty villainous harmful taxing chronic blameworthy downer overwhelming bummer faulty unfriendly unattractive vicious malicious inconsiderate unlikable venomous impolite vindictive unlovable spiteful churlish malign unkind unloveable bad-tempered mean-spirited ill-tempered ill-natured ill-humored cross ill-humoured


Present participle for to disturb or upset someone
disturbing worrying upsetting agitating flurrying unsettling annoying confusing embarrassing irritating provoking rattling bewildering fretting hassling perturbing ruffling ailing alarming alaruming bothering concerning derailing discomforting disconcerting dismaying displeasing disquieting distempering distracting distressing exercising frazzling fussing hagriding nettling perplexing undoing unhinging unnerving vexing discomfiting fazing flustering discombobulating freaking out harassing harrying irking pestering plaguing weirding out troubling confounding throwing nonplussing shaking bugging taking aback getting to afflicting shaking up throwing off balance abashing discountenancing tormenting startling surprising appalling flooring mortifying making uneasy exasperating aggravating chagrining frightening stunning galling puzzling shocking putting off making anxious dumbfounding flummoxing frustrating astonishing astounding needling baffling offending trying peeving angering putting out scaring amazing chafing besetting paining burning up piquing staggering putting someone off their stroke spooking stupefying riling giving a hard time dazing overwhelming stirring up oppressing catching off balance narking burdening knocking for six daunting graveling gravelling depressing hurting flabbergasting bowling over torturing psyching out exciting stressing disheartening demoralizing knocking sideways hacking off gnawing at addling agonizing miffing jolting persecuting discommoding stopping someone in their tracks straining demoralising deranging discouraging taking by surprise grieving agonising saddening sickening panicking knocking out outraging grating mystifying rocking aggrieving getting muddling dissatisfying setting someone back on their heels fuddling disgusting teasing pothering making uncomfortable bedevilling bedeviling niggling striking dumb nagging winding up weighing down ticking off dispiriting horrifying making waves bumming out beleaguering giving someone grief putting into a flap unbalancing intimidating throwing into a tizz racking making someone scratch their head disorienting rasping disrupting eating thunderstriking inflaming making nervous leaving aghast leaving open-mouthed throwing off blowing away working up putting out of countenance shaming humiliating lying heavy on getting across infuriating incensing putting someone off their stride mixing up maddening bustling driving up the wall causing someone to lose their composure knocking the stuffing out of causing to be at a stand putting on the spot crushing unmanning disordering enraging disgruntling dejecting cowing disappointing harrowing disarranging insulting surprizing revolting befuddling spiting inconveniencing griping dumfounding frosting chillin chilling turning itching riding bamboozling badgering disobliging incommoding terrifying buffaloing affecting wounding stumping jarring crazing repelling interfering hounding getting at antagonizing antagonising causing anxiety to boggling the mind turning off hacking you off giving a turn knocking for a loop hanging up throwing into a tizzy throwing a curve giving a bad time putting in a spot anguishing hurrying haunting deterring nauseating breaking scandalizing destabilizing bemusing rankling affronting tearing making fretful traumatizing awing aweing consternating terrorizing fearing tangling preoccupying stewing sweating despairing foxing paralysing devastating destabilising posing beating flipping rousing moving browbeating bullying grinding boggling terrorising jumbling mazing cursing fogging sapping arousing indisposing paralyzing disillusioning abrading muddying wildering befogging complicating traumatising hectoring letting down disaffecting tantalising tantalizing disenchanting making a scene electrifying scandalising making self-conscious fouling up mithering hurting somebody's feelings biting intruding screwing up meddling rattling one's cage roiling flipping out egging on picking on thwarting molesting rendering speechless balking jangling turning on knocking over baulking rubbing up the wrong way giving someone the hump making someone see red getting on your nerves blowing your mind rankling with putting the wind up getting your back up causing anguish to getting under your skin getting on your wick pulling the rug from under taking your breath away putting your back up weighing on making miserable making wretched driving bananas getting in your hair knocking over with feather making it tough taking the wind out of your sails giving trouble causing concern to putting to trouble cutting to the quick preying on your mind pushing buttons causing discomfort to interrupting pulling the rug out from under wringing frenzying heating overawing disgracing fluttering hustling unquieting quickening subduing inciting making restless stirring putting down putting on edge hindering occupying causing disquiet to disorientating dizzying stimulating causing anxiety being worsting tiring blinding eating away at taxing disarming furbelowing blustering wearing frilling unstringing upsetting the applecart suffering overpowering disorganizing disarraying dementing rummaging downing displacing fermenting overcoming sending into a spin catching unawares galvanizing imposing upon burning besieging demeaning numbing examining ventilating possessing occupying thoughts making sick rubbing the wrong way causing offense galvanising disadvantaging bringing down giving offence to getting your hackles up getting your dander up making your blood boil ruffling one's feathers trying your patience getting up someone's nose making somebody's hackles rise throwing into tizzy undermining enervating weakening enfeebling uncalming pouring cold water on throwing cold water on weighing heavily on destroying disengaging detaching disconnecting uncoupling separating unhitching unfastening discrediting dishonouring testing importuning injuring discontenting stinging dashing thickening involving throwing into confusion niggling at nagging at feeling unwell feeling pain discording disharmonizing disaccording casting down dampening spirits breaking one's heart making awkward making ashamed owning showing up getting on one's nerves goading dunning knocking props out dogging pushing strapping desolating martyring pricking nit-picking bugging up making flip getting in the way hitting like ton of bricks raising someone's eyebrows completely surprising grossing out shaking out of your complacency entangling encumbering dragging down making blue putting a damper on putting into a funk breaking the heart of imposing on capping curdling zinging mispleasing cooling winging sounding dishonoring setting back throwing into uproar throwing into disorder causing suffering to springing on chastening carping snarling up muddying the waters mixing you up mucking raveling ravelling stumbling rousting affrighting hitting a sour note caviling cavilling giving someone bother discommodating causing someone difficulty making someone go out of his way incapacitating cramping debilitating doing a number on arousing anxiety in eating at making it tough for cutting up teeing off snafuing putting to some trouble firing up throwing a curveball springing something on putting one away quibbling sweating out nitpicking driving insane mistreating obtruding encroaching accosting baiting heckling breaking in pursuing setting someone's teeth on edge keying up laying up getting someone flapping catching one short playing dirty fidgetting fidgeting rocking the boat sending over the edge making a monkey of putting in a hole lousing up filling with consternation messing up mucking up souring alienating aliening estranging taking pains labouring over getting worked up getting in a stew making a big thing of making a big thing out of making a mountain out of a molehill making a meal of making a thing of setting someone thinking obfuscating disunifying disuniting weaning dividing grating on petrifying dampening scaring to death frighting scarifying damping striking terror into scaring the bejesus out of getting down scaring stiff humbling putting the fear of God into scaring the living daylights out of bulldozing scaring witless benumbing filling with fear beating down making despondent devitalizing throwing into a panic scaring the pants off giving someone the blues making sad scaring someone out of their wits throwing into a blue funk making one's hair stand on end making downhearted abasing making someone's hair stand on end disparaging bringing low lowering giving someone goose pimples making unhappy making one's blood run cold making gloomy frightening the life out of deadening making dejected disinclining disempowering stiffing shattering wearying dragooning tyrannizing embittering impressing scaring away dulling bludgeoning scaring off curdling the blood deflating giving someone the heebie-jeebies dissing making teeth chatter dampening the spirits of making someone fed up strong-arming dazzling snubbing chilling to the bone frightening to death mau-mauing tyrannising making jump making one's flesh creep giving one the creeps reducing to tears making someone jump out of their skin dashing hopes scaring silly making someone shake in their shoes sending into a cold sweat scaring the life out of scaring the hell out of frightening the living daylights out of frightening someone out of their wits belittling casting a gloom upon bringing tears to your eyes filling with terror frightening out of your wits emasculating underwhelming clouding desiccating dehydrating castrating lobotomizing gelding distressing greatly casting a shadow subjugating suppressing stifling transfixing deploring pressing diminishing squelching smothering slighting making crestfallen making dispirited blinding someone with something freezing throwing into panic threatening menacing driving crazy making discontented driving mad immobilizing paralysing with fear extinguishing curbing defeating quelling messing with one's head freezing your blood causing wonder striking with awe dashing the hopes of blurring casting a gloom on putting chill on immobilising snarling crippling unglueing unzipping ungluing getting the wind up disrespecting striking fear into scaring the pants off of shattering the illusions of damping down bearing down on throwing into a fright chilling to the marrow victimizing striking touching dumping on deeply upsetting inflicting trauma doing in slurring taking apart blowing up sending up blowing out scaring someone half to death knocking the wind out of coercing draining throwing a pall over hitting like a ton of bricks harshing one's mellow casting a pall over blackjacking taking steam out making it hot for someone putting the frighteners on striking terror in victimising making things hot for someone inspiring panic in dragging darkening making afraid making fearful giving someone a fright giving offence putting someone's nose out of joint treading on someone's toes getting your goat bullyragging running down bogarting squashing railroading boggling someone's mind harshing someone's mellow hanging over making desolate bearing down breaking someone's heart keeping under flattening prostrating repressing drooping scaring the daylights out of debunking quashing leaning on causing to lose heart pushing around shooting down letting wind out of sails knocking down cutting down to size puncturing balloon taking down a peg or two letting down easy taking down turning on the heat calumniating smearing libeling causing a few raised eyebrows amongst slandering denigrating bad-mouthing backbiting defaming libelling causing raised eyebrows raising eyebrows amongst reviling maligning blackguarding vilifying traducing lampooning belying deprecating detracting blackballing aspersing decrying condemning


Present participle for to cause disarray or disorganization in the order of
disordering disorganizing confusing disarranging disturbing jumbling upsetting disrupting muddling disarraying shuffling dislocating mussing deranging scrambling rumpling disheveling dishevelling disjointing tousling hashing tumbling mixing up messing up unsettling ruffling throwing into disorder cluttering making a mess of making untidy rummaging confounding scattering mussing up mixing spoiling tangling throwing into confusion throwing into disarray jumbling up messing agitating turning upside-down perturbing fouling up displacing convulsing complicating riffling changing entangling snarling getting into a tangle rattling making a shambles of throwing derailing shaking misplacing intermixing dispersing rearranging interfering shifting unbalancing embroiling discreating muddying discombobulating mucking breaking up tossing turning topsy-turvy botching bungling getting out of order snarling up bringing into disorder interfering with ravelling raveling reordering psyching out putting out of place muddling up mucking up putting out of order lousing up changing the order breaking the deck destabilizing recombining randomizing distempering mistaking making disorderly bothering crumpling wrinkling randomising overturning destroying rifling strewing bringing into disarray making hay of wrecking discommoding making a mess throwing into a state of disorganization destabilising gumming up meddling distorting tampering replacing misarranging knocking off balance throwing into chaos putting in disarray reorganizing muffing fouling fumbling snafuing blundering mislaying littering demobilizing disbanding turning reversing slopping tilting subverting sloshing mingling turning upside down demobilising stirring up throwing off turning inside-out breaking down transposing reorganising shifting about perplexing stopping bollixing causing confusion in causing turmoil in playing havoc with intruding on cutting short screwing up muddying the waters rattling one's cage upsetting the applecart throwing a spanner in the works of throwing a monkey wrench in the works of ruining turning something topsy-turvy throwing out retarding hampering slowing obstructing impeding holding up delaying slowing down blighting quelling marring frustrating undoing dashing quashing crushing hashing up demolishing shattering scotching sabotaging devastating losing queering scuppering stymieing nixing banjaxing doing in putting paid to cruelling euchring making a hash of dishing missing putting the lid on putting the kibosh on blowing a hole in forgetting dropping misfiling placing wrongly losing track of putting in wrong place putting in the wrong place leaving behind forgetting where one has put something forgetting whereabouts of removing placing unwisely forgetting the whereabouts of

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