Synonym of discouraged

Alternative for discouraged

discourages, discouraged, discouraging

Synonym: daunt, deject, deter, disapprove, hinder, keep from, prevent,

Antonym: encourage,


Having lost confidence or hope
dejected depressed despondent sad downcast disconsolate disheartened gloomy dispirited down glum crestfallen blue melancholy low heartsick demoralised demoralized disappointed pessimistic heartsore hopeless crushed dismayed daunted downbeat cowed intimidated deflated deterred dashed unenthusiastic unconfident unenthused beat low-spirited cast down fed up down in the mouth chap-fallen down in the dumps in the dumps let down put off sick as a parrot beat-down caved-in come-apart down-in-mouth having lost heart lacking in confidence lacking in enthusiasm lost momentum with cold feet in a funk gone to pieces in blue funk downhearted forlorn miserable unhappy saddened sorrowful woebegone doleful inconsolable joyless mournful melancholic heartbroken wretched brokenhearted sorry heavyhearted desolate woeful hangdog droopy morose bad heavy-hearted dismal despairing distressed dolorous cheesed off upset cheerless in low spirits broken-hearted brassed off moody in the doldrums oppressed sullen grief-stricken choked chapfallen defeatist spiritless negative somber sombre lugubrious troubled subdued anguished tearful dragged grieving shaken in the pits sapped weighed down bummed out bleak weary resigned long-faced wistful hurt disillusioned in despair down-hearted desperate shot down in pain pensive down and out as sick as a parrot bereaved distraught grieved defeated aggrieved devastated emotional broken tristful destroyed unnerved saturnine morbid cast-down displeased all torn up disgruntled singing the blues sulky discontented perturbed thrown shattered abject rueful teary gutted funereal cynical weepy black flat out of sorts mirthless hurting crummy bummed-out cut up taken down in doldrums in tears in grief sick at heart listless undermined doubtful comfortless humbled beaten drained overcome pained bothered overwhelmed unhopeful vanquished worried devitalized disenchanted disturbed browbeaten annoyed miffed dull fatalistic suicidal bleeding mopey grumpy sepulchral teed off browned off with a long face ticked off peed off dour bearish enervated unsatisfied crabbed foreboding sunk surly mopish adust broody dysphoric sunk in gloom ripped grim Eeyorish damp unconsolable gloom-ridden in a blue funk low in spirits torn up down in dumps gray at the end of your tether languorous grey triste languid abashed sheepish tormented concerned empty taken aback frightened alarmed angry cross apathetic afflicted shook antsy discombobulated burned uptight bugged sore contused suffering weakened down-in-the-mouth brooding unoptimistic depressing depressive irritated unmanned shook up torn-up discontent sick without energy godforsaken lowered bowed lachrymose solemn sour sluggish off dreary grievous moping ugly churlish shot-down browned-off huffy ill-humoured sorrowing frantic anxious prostrate with grief weeping emo feel-bad sorry for yourself heavy ill-humored fraught crabby languished having blue devils bowed down bitter down in mouth having the blahs hapless regretful unable to be consoled unable to be comforted beside oneself with grief spineless overpowered crippled uncertain afraid nervous scared terrified apprehensive overawed unsettled blue funk looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny feeling down full of gloom mourning griefstricken no-win strabilious long-suffering elegiac agonized elegiacal agonised uneasy on a downer dissatisfied low-down looking on the dark side looking on the black side can't win in the soup not a prayer at end of one's rope disconcerted dark very sad in the toilet tamed frustrated discomfited at wits' end chagrined dishonoured ruined aghast irked worsted baulked objecting balked dishonored licked distrustful suspicious doubting mentally defeated without hope alarmist misanthropic given to looking on the black side shamefaced clouded dampened atrabilious drooping sagging drear dire pathetic cold heartrending heartbreaking lonely saddening tenebrous lonesome distressing plutonian tenebrific chill dreich Cimmerian darkening murky dispiriting pitiful lamentable grave sunless cloudy disheartening piteous tragic plaintive heart-rending oppressive pitiable painful drab unfortunate poignant discouraging harrowing humourless humorless moving upsetting lamenting deplorable sober nostalgic dreadful regrettable calamitous dejecting appalling distressful unfavourable unfavorable austere terrible tear-jerking serious disappointing plangent dolesome awful unwelcoming shocking dingy uncomfortable poor earnest touching dolent uninviting wailing aching bewailing bemoaning dim pining afflictive sobbing demoralizing daunting down-and-out unamused stony-faced dirge-like affecting dirgelike disastrous deploring funeral bereft gruesome crushing sedate demoralising drearisome horrid ruthful unpleasant ghastly frightful atrocious inhospitable stark bare troublesome horrifying inauspicious helpless horrific bland horrible sickening agonizing clinical unlucky impersonal draggy troubling agonising wintry wintery institutional jarring remorseful disenchanting threnodic rotten conscience-stricken tortured maudlin sneaking mean ashamed stern snivelling whimpering difficult wounded deathly sobersided dirty traumatized in sorrow in mourning vexatious severe weighty blubbering horrendous full of sorrow angst-ridden sniveling unsmiling staid sinister frightening worrying disagreeable acheronian off-putting intolerable ominous sourpuss muted heavy with grief overcome with sorrow gut-wrenching disturbing traumatised galling God-awful poker-faced no-nonsense loathsome repugnant po-faced macabre regretting heartsickening withdrawn glowering scowling Stygian hollow obscure dirgeful threnodial prostrated worthless funebrial exequial deathlike grouchy unpromising soppy sentimental mawkish depressant cranky bellyaching cantankerous beefing grousing mortified guilty cringing excruciating traumatic mopy at heart-sick lovesick dolorific guilty-looking furtive discomposing taciturn lorn afflicting repentant contrite lost embarrassed companionless heart-wrenching derisible mortifying apologetic penitent forsaken forgotten homeless abandoned forbidding bummed powerless downtrodden have the blahs luckless catastrophic fatal friendless uncared-for destitute cowering humiliated blubbery moist tear-filled wet bawling watery strained sob story deadly ruinous crying beseeching imploring commiserable entreating supplicating ailing racked let-down not happy acherontic dragging defenseless alone solitary defenceless fruitless cataclysmic doomed unmitigable up the creek self-reproachful compunctious devastating to be pitied stirring yearning hankering missing longing for home lethal adverse mortal close to tears harsh fateful destructive doomy larmoyant disconcerting chilly on the verge of tears shameful ill-fated ill-starred execrable abysmal lousy vexed agitated ruffled disquieted discomposed homesick unsatisfactory unacceptable diabolical easily moved harassed wrecked flustered discountenanced aflutter plagued egregious displeasing dismaying grisly hideous spooked harrowed haunted cheap scurvy nasty lame scabby paltry very bad substandard grubby scummy inadequate despicable contemptible inferior ratty cruddy tragical in floods of tears with tears in your eyes mephitical irritable unkind repellant repellent unnerving testing unwelcome perplexing distasteful aggravating unpleasing hellish unpropitious bewildering vexing annoying abhorrent perturbing unpalatable alarming revulsive frustrating unamusing uncongenial irritating parlous irksome ignominious lurid unearthly persecuted jumpy unglued chronic inexcusable eerie strung out meagre meager ghostly terrifying gory grotesque nightmarish blameworthy downer scandalous bummer faulty godawful dishonourable dishonorable stinking overwhelming unbearable opprobrious god-awful languishing longing monstrous fearsome revolting racked with suffering in a tizzy racked with pain in a stew shadowy terrific pitiless grewsome repulsive nightmare weird shady spooky chilling spookish scary offensive unhealthy death-obsessed


Suffering from frustration or dissatisfaction
frustrated disappointed discontented exasperated agitated disheartened displeased flustered harried irate irked perturbed afflicted aggravated annoyed bothered distressed disturbed harassed infuriated irritated nettled peeved riled upset vexed angry disgruntled dissatisfied embittered furious incensed inflamed maddened piqued provoked tormented troubled worried crabbed cross defeated enraged fuming miffed narked resentful testy unfulfilled wrathful fretted huffy ungratified unsated unsatisfied fed up hung up ill-humored ill-humoured up the wall hot-tempered in a huff in a temper carrying a chip on your shoulder mad angered teed off sore cheesed off ticked off hot under the collar indignant galled browned off aggrieved livid foaming at the mouth steamed up worked up outraged bent out of shape choleric rankled ireful ticked apoplectic ballistic roiled rabid steaming put out in high dudgeon hacked off up in arms hopping mad fit to be tied ruffled ropeable seething scunnered shirty enflamed wroth in a frenzy in a lather beside oneself peed off wound up offended affronted antagonized aerated boiling soreheaded foaming steamed hot infuriate antagonised tooshie hopping riley crook on the warpath as cross as two sticks in a pet blue in the face in a fume going crook horn-mad surly miffy bitter hurt disgusted snuffy dirty unglued chafed filthy eggy very angry raving raging incandescent wrath frenzied gnashing one's teeth in a bad mood snaky brassed off ranting at daggers drawn not best pleased choked waxy off the air bad-tempered ill-tempered blown a gasket goaded cray-cray unhappy hateful insulted irascible irritable hacked wild rousted splenetic roused confused stroppy bugged heated grouchy ratty touchy sulky hassled dishonored slighted humiliated sour dogged antagonistic hostile uptight buffaloed scandalized perplexed prickly crabby grumpy impatient snappy snitty storming frantic spare scandalised dark passionate shocked vex unamused umbrageous dishonoured pushed too far seeing red in a rage in a paddy beside yourself at boiling point raging mad all steamed up overcome with anger rubbed the wrong way with all guns blazing burned up bummed out at end of one's rope boiling mad in a bate in a filthy temper beside yourself with rage hot and bothered hoha out of countenance short-tempered out of humour out of sorts quick-tempered


In a state of panic
panicky frantic frenzied hysterical windy agitated antsy jittery afraid distressed fearful frightened nervous worked up worried abashed aghast alarmed anxious apprehensive aroused blanched cowardly cowed daunted disheartened dismayed disturbed edgy faint-hearted fearsome frozen funky horrified intimidated jumpy panic-stricken perplexed perturbed petrified rattled scared shocked spooked startled stunned suspicious terrified terror-stricken timid timorous trembling unnerved upset in a flap in a tizzy in awe run scared scared stiff have cold feet scared to death tense shaky uneasy nervy in a cold sweat restless uptight overwrought horror-struck on edge stressed twitchy lily-livered spineless terrorized terrorised affrighted fidgety terror-struck dithery wired tremulous horror-stricken strained hung up concerned queazy queasy unquiet skittish shrinking troubled weak-kneed scary in a state running scared frightened to death pusillanimous hesitant beside oneself chicken frit weak scared witless in a funk insecure yellow quaking toey in a blue funk disquieted overstrung strung out gutless spooky strung up aflutter feart stressy on tenterhooks spiritless mousy in a tizz wet in a sweat frightened out of your wits scared out of your wits fainthearted yellow-bellied soft afeared febrile hysteric sissy shy cowering highly strung bricking oneself adrenalized keyed up wrought up het up in a panic squirrelly hinky goosey atwitter ill at ease disquieting in a state of agitation in a state of nerves neurotic on pins and needles having kittens unsettling unnerving having cold feet hairy disturbing nerveless taut irresolute creepy worrisome distressful flustered bothered fraught stressful agitating mousey excitable distressing with your heart in your mouth shaking in one's shoes shaking like a leaf nail-biting unrelaxed unsettled craven recreant pigeon-hearted chicken-hearted browbeaten bullied excited rabbity appalled lacking courage wimpish unheroic wimpy fretful feeble pigeonhearted nerve-racking diffident numb chickenhearted poor-spirited shaking stupefied fevered in a fluster worried sick phobic discomposed dumbfounded dazed hyper numb with fear stressed out overanxious in a dither in a stew pushing the panic button in fear and trepidation like a cat on a hot tin roof all of a doodah in a twitter all of a lather all of a dither like a cat on hot bricks in a twit ascared panic-struck in a frenzy pathetic impotent squeamish overwhelmed overawed mouselike characterless demoralized in a flat spin butterflies shivery jellyfish demoralised quivery unmanly sheepish goose-bumpy solicitous easily frightened quivering annoyed boneless abject dastardly frazzled meek trepidatious foreboding mistrustful doubtful fixated obsessed irrational paranoid ruffled very scared uncertain stiff poltroon white-livered sookie cringey paralyzed speechless paralysed charged shaken sensitive sissified caitiff chicken-livered base candy-assed milk-livered exciting having butterflies in the stomach having a funny feeling having stage fright biting nails angst-ridden benumbed transfixed gentle submissive Milquetoast wavering capricious unassured tentative vacillating cowhearted retiring backward worthless irritable apprehensive about intimidated by immobilised immobilized alarmed at under pressure uncomfortable fussy trying frightening daunting worrying difficult paper tiger having the willies no guts under a strain rigid white-knuckled pressured wreck moving moved fluttery shot high-strung wound up choked clutched restive concerning a bundle of nerves nerve-wracking nervous wreck white knuckled under stress shot to pieces up the wall bundle of nerves harrowing alarming menacing exasperating gut-wrenching terrifying intimidating aggravating harassing irritating annoying irksome upsetting anxious-making maddening taxing disconcerted self-conscious distraught vexed flurried in suspense angsty embarrassed unrestful unsure discomfited shook up unconfident fazed discombobulated confused impatient awkward unglued tormented thrown irked like a fish out of water brittle out of place hot and bothered bashful flighty anguished discountenanced self-doubting waiting for the axe to fall muddled irritated waiting with bated breath inconvenienced careful distracted emotional fretting provoked inhibited hurt irascible unassertive in turmoil grieved angstful introverted unstable agog withdrawn bugged sad peevish unhappy saddened touchy harassed turbulent a wreck beset riled fractious tortured plagued hassled passive unsteady disappointed lacking confidence unpeaceful gutted not self-assured lacking self-confidence angry angered worried stiff not confident blue with one's stomach in knots put out broken up cut up disorientated hectic faltering unnatural gauche weak-willed desperate flushed intense blushing aquiver disoriented bewildered panicked half-hearted easily scared weakling unreluctant strange lost reserved frisky distrustful overactive hot under the collar hyped-up heated wrought-up overexcited afire atingle hyperexcited exercised fidgeting fitful disorderly overcome coy feeling anxious discomforted unbalanced palpitant wrung jerky zipped up hot juiced up galled chafed anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting self-effacing disillusioned deterred reluctant tetchy squirmy wiggly wriggly nerves on edge eagerly skittery all nerves unforthcoming afflicted asea spasmodic itchy offended fretted lacking in confidence lacking assurance approval-seeking tricky overemotional testy crotchety prickly all agog avid open-mouthed tied up in knots biting one's nails exacerbated puzzled displeased chagrined aggravated pained mortified pestered harried harrowed miffed low traumatized traumatised unruly short-tempered crabbed hot-tempered captious snappy temperamental chippy bad-tempered querulous quick-tempered lacking social skills tongue-tied ignoble milksoppish on the qui vive dispirited downcast recalcitrant ill-tempered verklempt come apart psyched out unzipped bummed out wounded at sixes and sevens in disorder all torn up amazed emotionally charged histrionic with bated breath restlessly moving oversensitive moody critical refractory vague Delphic questioning unpoised cringing dishonourable dishonorable watchful perverse ornery obstinate stubborn unyielding dreading easily agitated falling apart limp-wristed in a spin put off champing at the bit touch and go up in the air hanging by thread on thin ice a basket case sweating bullets strict conventional cautious old-fashioned on the defensive


Past tense for to diminish the confidence or courage of
disheartened dispirited dismayed depressed daunted demoralised demoralized dejected distressed unnerved cowed crushed chilled alarmed abashed dashed unmanned troubled scared bothered frustrated afflicted vexed vext awed confused disappointed tried appalled overawed irked drooped prostrated repressed cast down made despondent weighed heavily on made downhearted psyched out beat down beaten down dampened the spirits of broke one's heart broken one's heart put a damper on caused to lose heart took the wind out of your sails taken the wind out of your sails upset saddened oppressed dampened weighed down burdened bummed out desolated enervated got down brought down subdued damped grieved knocked the stuffing out of aggrieved poured cold water on chagrined weakened sapped knocked sideways deterred knocked for six made gloomy made unhappy made sad bugged ailed perturbed humbled disturbed mortified shaken shook disconcerted put down hurt undermined cast a gloom upon devitalized disparaged put into a funk exasperated annoyed tormented abased embittered debilitated irritated deflated brought low got to harrowed thrown cold water on threw cold water on angered made someone fed up hung over brought tears to your eyes soured dashed hopes dampened spirits enfeebled disempowered humiliated made dejected disinclined given someone the blues gave someone the blues dissatisfied aggravated disillusioned clouded fazed shattered deadened squashed wearied flattened cast a shadow narked beat harassed reduced to tears haunted hacked off dulled chastened made desolate threw thrown made miserable pained cast a pall over turned off caused suffering to made blue dragged down let wind out of sails let down cast a gloom on cut down to size let down easy cut to the quick gotten to infuriated intimidated emasculated envenomed maddened castrated gelded gelt dispraised alienated antagonized poisoned petrified miffed made dispirited indisposed made crestfallen rattled lobotomized lowered overwhelmed subjugated stifled suppressed desiccated devastated disaffected made discontented dehydrated worried snarled crippled nonplussed jumbled disorganized disordered unglued unzipped embarrassed unsettled muddled disarranged discountenanced floored squelched smothered diminished wound up knocked the wind out of disenchanted made resentful empoisoned made bitter jaundiced drained lied harshed one's mellow sent up overpowered overcome extinguished quelled defeated curbed lied heavy on preyed on dragged darkened drug disobliged rankled exacerbated worsened run down prest downed pressed deplored tortured blanketed disgruntled damped down discomforted shamed concerned estranged destroyed acerbated belittled snubbed debunked quashed made rancorous acidulated venomed antagonised agonized agitated wound wounded kept under stamped out harshed someone's mellow dashed the hopes of pestered gnawed at discommoded stressed discomposed plagued riled made wretched punctured balloon caused anguish to strained knocked down broke someone's heart galled displeased broken someone's heart shattered the illusions of fretted racked agonised shot down broke broken brake drove crazy driven mad driven crazy drove mad overcame beaten blown out blew up blown up taken apart blew out took apart ran down thrown a pall over threw a pall over took steam out taken steam out dumped bore down on borne down on given someone the hump gave someone the hump stung took the heart out of taken the heart out of burnt up broke the heart of burned up broken the heart of bore down borne down taken down taken down a peg or two took down a peg or two took down put out provoked nettled peeved ruffled incensed piqued chafed needled grated hassled enraged ticked off persecuted put your back up got inflamed made someone see red rasped spited frosted gravelled graveled rubbed up the wrong way offended hacked you off teased harried griped itched got at beset got your goat made your blood boil got in your hair got across made somebody's hackles rise nagged outraged ate eaten roiled teed off got your dander up got on your wick gotten gat ruffled one's feathers upset the applecart put someone's nose out of joint beleaguered bedevilled badgered bedeviled got on your nerves gotten on your nerves gnawed disgusted got under your skin gotten under your skin gotten your back up got your back up driven up the wall drove up the wall tried your patience grope gripen gotten at gotten across dogged baffled flustered molested rid rode ridden perplexed made angry excruciated thwarted put off discomfited excited disquieted humped hounded fired up given someone grief gave someone grief made waves mithered bit distracted sent into a rage hit where one lives rubbed the wrong way tried the patience of rattled someone's cage gotten up someone's nose got up someone's nose put someone off their stroke put a strain on raised your hackles put someone off their stride put out of countenance rankled with gnawn gnew driven to distraction drove to distraction got your hackles up gotten on one's nerves got on one's nerves gotten your hackles up curst cursed given a hard time gave a hard time taxed goaded assailed blighted titillated enticed tested injured anguished besieged bewildered made cross incommoded roused affronted insulted nudged henpecked lured allured taunted fascinated tempted beguiled led on intrigued baited disoriented scandalized harmed unbalanced stretched exhausted straught discontented foiled charmed startled surprised flurried tired worked on egged on heated up cheesed off het up bummed unhinged crazed caught off balance flummoxed discombobulated confounded repelled winged capped zinged curdled sounded revolted cooled mispleased fussed inconvenienced asked for it hacked wigged puzzled hindered balked crabbed aliened tantalised begrudged flirted with grudged tantalized abraded driven round the bend drove round the bend bitten madded enflamed ired scandalised baulked got someone's wick wore out worn out worn on wore on worked up made severe demands on played dirty loused up stopped someone in their tracks made your mouth water steamed up caused to be at a stand driven bananas setted one's teeth on edge made somebody's blood boil possessed umbraged fouled up drove bananas grated on tired out martyred made livid hung up kept someone hanging on made demands on wrung kept hanging setted someone back on their heels mixed up made you see red sticked in one's craw made someone scratch their head crucified picked on driven nuts drove nuts undone undid took aback taken aback driven round the twist drove round the twist shook up shaken up thrown off balance threw off balance given someone the pip gave someone the pip worn wore gotten even got even wringed wrang got someone gotten someone taken by surprise took by surprise eaten at ate at drove you crazy driven you crazy drove you to distraction drove out of mind drove you off your head driven you round the twist driven you out of your mind drove you round the bend drove you round the twist driven you off your head driven you round the bend drove you out of your mind driven out of mind driven you to distraction gave a bad time given a bad time


Past tense for to (attempt to) prevent something from happening
stopped prevented curbed restrained hindered obstructed impeded inhibited suppressed checked repressed controlled withheld withholden averted diverted indisposed opposed quieted shook shaken held back interfered with kept back fended off put off staved off stove off warded off held off put a stop to threw cold water on thrown cold water on turned off poured cold water on put a damper on deterred halted dissuaded arrested blocked put a brake on foiled thwarted baulked put an end to detached warded balked prohibited deflected put on brakes put an stop to protected against fought off kept at bay removed weaned hampered frustrated cramped constrained slowed fettered barred bridled shackled restricted retarded handcuffed clogged slowed down quashed short-circuited trammeled embarrassed stymied handicapped smothered stifled hog-tied hobbled trammelled manacled encumbered reined in forbid debarred bit reduced fazed tied up held up sandbagged enjoined stalled outlawed bitted tabooed interdicted repulsed forestalled resisted repelled hung up kept in held in held down forfended defended dodged fenced intercepted bulwarked guarded stemmed the flow of nipped in the bud evaded screened parried escaped ducked covered fended kept defended oneself against headed off safeguarded against stood up for shielded against skirted round kept off kept at arm's length guarded against kept from pre-empted defended against turned aside forbidden forbade thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works of precluded shut out obviated helped let ruled out avoided stayed damped counteracted holpen holp saved veered shunted turned from chilled scared turned disadvised looked away dampened cooled shoved aside talked out of letten leet acted like a wet blanket


Past tense for to diminish the confidence or courage of
unnerved daunted demoralised demoralized dismayed disconcerted disheartened dispirited upset frightened shook shaken unmanned alarmed flustered rattled confounded cowed dejected perturbed agitated discomfited discomposed distressed disturbed fazed threw thrown unsettled disarmed disquieted intimidated jolted ruffled startled chilled discombobulated frustrated panicked stunned stupefied took aback taken aback unhinged bewildered buffaloed distracted enervated enfeebled floored needled nonplussed rode rid ridden sapped scared spooked surprised uncalmed undermined weakened worried shook up shaken up bowled over got to gotten to put into a flap set back threw into a tizz thrown into a tizz threw off thrown off threw off balance thrown off balance gave a turn given a turn psyched out put someone off their stroke put the wind up caused someone to lose their composure put off appalled deterred terrified terrorized abashed terrorised bothered awed horrified browbeat shocked affrighted troubled alarumed vexed vext discountenanced perplexed discomforted puzzled mystified concerned petrified bullied confused subdued frazzled frighted browbeaten overwhelmed overawed chagrined embarrassed let down bulldozed scarified repelled astounded stiffed psyched flummoxed baffled scared away scared to death dumbfounded scared off put the fear of God into made teeth chatter chilled to the bone made one's blood run cold made one's hair stand on end saddened disappointed dashed exercised fussed distempered disillusioned hagrid ailed flurried derailed paralysed disenchanted disgruntled pothered made anxious made uneasy mortified scared witless scared stiff impressed weirded out freaked out paralyzed depressed destabilized unbalanced scared the bejesus out of consternated filled with fear knocked sideways got the wind up thwarted struck terror into stricken terror into blinded someone with something loused up messed up screwed up filled with consternation knocked for six fouled up mucked up blinded destabilised made one's flesh creep chilled to the marrow scared the pants off curdled the blood curdles the blood annoyed scared someone out of their wits scared someone half to death scared the living daylights out of scared the daylights out of muddled made someone jump out of their skin irritated pulled the rug out from under demotivated dissuaded poured cold water on pulled the rug from under undone hagridden undid hagrode snafued thrown into panic threw into panic frozen your blood froze your blood took your breath away taken your breath away gave someone goose pimples threw into a panic given someone goose pimples thrown into a panic threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy thrown into a fright threw into a fright given one the creeps gave someone the heebie-jeebies gave one the creeps given someone the heebie-jeebies thrown into a blue funk threw into a blue funk thrown cold water on threw cold water on palled tired


Past tense for keep at bay
fended off averted avoided deflected deterred fought off held off kept away rebuffed rebutted rejected repelled repulsed resisted spurned warded off kept at bay beat off beaten off drove back driven back held at bay kept at a distance kept at arm's length kept off parried rebuked refused snubbed staved off stove off turned aside cut put off cut dead put down put in one's place declined slighted repudiated ignored dismissed turned down disdained cold-shouldered checked denied chided snouted stiff-armed brushed off told someone where to get off reproved sent away knocked back neglected disregarded told off crossed disallowed opposed passed up lashed out at chid not heared of froze out given someone the brush-off given someone the go-by frozen out gave the brush given the cold shoulder gave someone the go-by given the brush gave someone the brush-off gave the cold shoulder shunned scorned ostracized ostracised treated with contempt sent to Coventry stiffed held back put to flight brushed aside scouted scoffed at sneered at obstructed sniffed at misprized turned away pooh-poohed looked past turned back looked down on steered clear of sent packing turned back on excluded negated derided blocked belittled fought mocked countered discounted played down ridiculed contemned jilted waved aside dissed prevented high-hatted foiled beat forced back defied delayed evaded cooled set aside made light of frustrated beat back treated disrespectfully thrusted back held in contempt put the chill on not given time of day filibustered put aside stalled put up a fight against turned your back on looked down upon set back shrugged off turned your nose up at looked straight through cast aside put out of your mind sneezed at given the bum's rush stonewalled gave the bum's rush combatted combated humiliated insulted said no attacked tackled foughten affronted wiped undermined made little of relucted stopped battled oppugned othered eluded forestalled bypassed anticipated fenced precluded shirked not included disparaged despised coldshouldered humbled shamed mortified intercepted disrespected poured scorn on flouted snooted scolded slurred burred ducked scratched offended chilled boycotted upstaged iced censured swanked confronted expressed contempt drove away driven away contended with contravened matched met bilked ditched defeated jeered at laughed at heaped scorn on beaten back iced out refuted pissed on sneered taunted spitted on renounced scoffed gibed hated reviled trashed confuted abhorred pissed over fought back stood up to disowned traversed dueled disputed duelled stood off kicked looked coldly upon stayed clear of laughed out of court taken no notice of acted cool took no notice of heave-hoed nixed drove off had no part in stood aloof from turned away from stayed shy of run down considered beneath you held up to scorn saw off seen off shielded yourself from made unwelcome gave the cold shoulder to turned up one's nose looked through shied away from spitted in the face of had nothing to do with not touched knocked down fought shy of curled your lip at made fun of shied from defended against blinked at stood up against pretended not to see given the cold shoulder to spitted in the eye of refused admittance to palmed off left alone forced away recoiled from turned deaf ear to kept one's distance from kept clear of poured cold water on chased away forced off had no part of considered beneath one kept away from balked at slam-dunked swank was above were above been above beaten given a pain gave a pain overthrew overthrown gave the brushoff given the brushoff blown raspberries at blew raspberries at gave someone a slap in the face given someone a slap in the face threw back thrown cold water on thrown back threw cold water on ran down gave cold shoulder to given cold shoulder to taken on took on given the Bronx cheer to gave the Bronx cheer to shown contempt for showed contempt for given the runaround gave the runaround showed disrespect for showed disrespect shown disrespect shown disrespect for flown in the face of flew in the face of gave a wide berth given a wide berth shaken off shrank from given a wide berth to shook off gave a wide berth to shrunk from

Antonym of discouraged

discouraged Idiom, Proverb

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