Synonym of disenchanting

Alternative for disenchanting

disenchants, disenchanted, disenchanting

Antonym: enchant,


Present participle for to become, or cause to become, bitter or disenchanted
souring embittering disaffecting envenoming exasperating angering disgruntling disillusioning estranging poisoning alienating dissatisfying frustrating aliening making bitter making resentful turning off antagonizing antagonising dividing disuniting disquieting disunifying weaning empoisoning discomposing disturbing agitating repelling upsetting displeasing discontenting parting withdrawing separating withholding making hostile distancing losing driving apart sundering splitting severing leaving setting at odds divorcing isolating diverting making unfriendly driving away setting against turning away pushing away setting at variance making hostile to severing connections between keeping apart breaking up sowing dissension between putting on the outs driving a wedge between causing antagonism between putting at a distance turning your back on destroying the affections of setting at odds with setting in opposition setting as rivals turning against splitting up pitting against detaching coming between disengaging dispersing dissociating parting company setting apart cutting off sowing dissension making indifferent breaking off withdrawing the affections of meddling intervening interrupting interfering interposing pulling apart disjoining pitting against one another putting at odds causing disagreement between setting against one another quitting segregating disconnecting disjointing unyoking dismantling decoupling unlinking ramifying disrupting resolving dissevering disbanding uncoupling partitioning disassociating riving embroiling dissolving breaking undoing becoming estranged breaking away distancing oneself reaching a parting of the ways getting a divorce untiing the knot pulling out getting divorced going different ways stopping living together breaking it off going separate ways


Making despondent or depressive
dispiriting depressing disheartening demoralising demoralizing disappointing discouraging crushing daunting saddening cheerless dismal gloomy grim hopeless inauspicious off-putting pessimistic sickening unfavorable unfavourable black dejecting joyless melancholy morbid sad somber sombre upsetting distressing dismaying disillusioning heartbreaking bleak dissatisfying regrettable unfortunate frustrating disconcerting anticlimactic painful dreary heart-rending wretched harrowing unhappy pathetic drear doleful teary heartrending sorry mournful tearful grave funereal lachrymose distressful blue melancholic oppressive unpleasant desolate miserable comfortless depressive dark glum morose dire drab sullen solemn lugubrious forlorn disconsolate cold sepulchral depressed tenebrous lonely godforsaken plutonian gray saturnine chill grey dreich elegiac elegiacal Cimmerian tenebrific darkening sorrowful lonesome uninviting murky dolorous dull dim austere woeful dingy sunless cloudy unwelcoming dejected intimidating stark inhospitable despondent woebegone abject dour crestfallen tragic distressed piteous ominous agonizing rueful agonising bare unpromising uncomfortable pitiable clinical impersonal disturbing mourning traumatic institutional disagreeable frightening poignant horrid drearisome troublesome bitter horrible spiritless foreboding severe despairing dampening bland down pitiful draggy mopey wintery afflicted wintry jarring awful in the dumps macabre downbeat cast down unpropitious grievous down-and-out distasteful forbidding unsettling unnerving bad lamentable difficult formidable sorrowing unpalatable repellent dreadful alarming shocking moving ghastly earnest sedate dispirited discomposing terrible horrific humourless humorless stern worrying downcast sinister weighty tear-jerking troubled heart-wrenching appalling colorless sober unsmiling serious staid suspicious sourpuss hurting muted subdued stony-faced no-nonsense poker-faced down in the dumps down in the mouth lacklustre lackluster deep colourless boring monotonous shadowy lifeless unexciting blah uninteresting uninspiring humdrum disquieting spartan unappealing offensive disgusting broken-hearted grieving heartbroken grief-stricken skeptical gruesome afflictive anguished devastated inconsolable hurtful touching in the pits chap-fallen downhearted objectionable unappetizing unsavoury unattractive nasty sobering sceptical atrocious repressing inopportune disadvantageous dissuading hindering deterring obnoxious poor awesome low-spirited not encouraging not hopeful acherontic acheronian long-faced rebarbative excruciating mirthless dolesome troubling displeasing vexatious unlucky testing unwelcome parlous looking on the black side unsavory repulsive plangent horrifying derisible mortifying pensive frightful irritable bewildering irksome perturbing exacting challenging scary fearsome overwhelming mean-looking taxing fazing perplexing mephitical hellish unkind repellant loathsome vexing revulsive unamusing aggravating uncongenial irritating annoying unpleasing abhorrent galling repugnant cynical negative gloom-ridden fatalistic defeatist demoralized harsh distrustful doubting alarmist unenthusiastic chilly demoralised Eeyorish

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