Synonym of disheartening

Alternative for disheartening

disheartens, disheartened, disheartening

Synonym: deject, depress, discourage, sadden,


Causing a person to lose heart
discouraging depressing dispiriting demoralising demoralizing daunting dismaying intimidating off-putting disappointing upsetting saddening distressing sad dismal gloomy dejecting unfavourable bleak melancholy unfavorable hopeless unpleasant sombre somber regrettable dreary unfortunate crushing distressful melancholic painful heartbreaking black disenchanting grim disconcerting inauspicious frightening cheerless depressive oppressive ominous poignant tragic heartrending unhappy doleful heart-rending funereal lachrymose mournful agonising dampening agonizing unsettling unnerving joyless unpropitious forbidding wretched sorrowful alarming formidable disturbing distasteful traumatic lamentable difficult morbid pathetic pitiable dreadful harrowing drear disagreeable glum bitter dire moving shocking sorry discomposing terrible horrific unpalatable repellent woeful morose lugubrious troublesome horrible frustrating tear-jerking heart-wrenching appalling piteous disillusioning teary tearful grave blue dissatisfying unpromising hurtful touching anticlimactic repressing inopportune disadvantageous dissuading hindering deterring sobering despairing unappealing offensive disgusting uninviting not encouraging not hopeful objectionable unappetizing unsavoury unattractive nasty obnoxious rebarbative horrid troubling displeasing awesome awful austere ghastly unlucky testing unwelcome parlous worrying unsavory repulsive bad irritable bewildering macabre foreboding irksome perturbing troubled sinister perplexing distressed sullen unkind mephitical hellish repellant loathsome vexing revulsive unamusing aggravating uncongenial irritating annoying unpleasing abhorrent galling repugnant exacting challenging scary fearsome overwhelming mean-looking taxing fazing sickening pessimistic poor miserable rueful disconsolate pitiful drab comfortless desolate dispirited excruciating mirthless dolorous dolesome vexatious uncomfortable cold depressed dingy plangent horrifying derisible mortifying pensive dark grievous frightful horrendous severe gruesome grisly atrocious nightmarish monstrous disquieting worrisome discomforting sober solemn rotten revolting torturous stressful execrable abominable agitating foul lousy harsh vile humourless humorless troublous fraught hairy tormenting lurid sedate tragical cruel hellacious mean hideous hostile serious critical grewsome terrific oppressed pitiless vicious impoverished stark hard brutal merciless ruthless poverty-stricken savage crummy odious detestable unbearable unsatisfactory icky stinking unendurable nauseating unacceptable deplorable abysmal gross undesirable diabolical uncool awkward yukky grotty yucky afflicting godawful grody ugly afflictive affecting sour nauseous anguished beastly unlovely concerning nerve-racking gut-wrenching nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking heart-breaking


Deeply pessimistic
dark dismal pessimistic gloomy downbeat cynical bleak grim negative sombre despondent gloom-ridden depressing grave dreary hopeless morose cheerless fatalistic foreboding joyless defeatist drab melancholy glum lugubrious somber depressed despairing discouraging dejected demoralised demoralized desolate dispiriting funereal morbid troubled worrying dim harsh miserable mournful sullen bitter black doleful horrid oppressive alarmist austere distrustful doubting suspicious unfortunate unhappy chilly unenthusiastic Eeyorish cold comfortless depressive disconsolate drear dreich elegiac elegiacal godforsaken gray grey saturnine sepulchral solemn wretched dire forlorn murky tenebrous plutonian sad Cimmerian tenebrific chill sunless darkening uninviting lonesome unpromising lonely woeful cloudy abject unfavourable unfavorable unpropitious dull inauspicious sorry pathetic dingy sorrowful heartbreaking bad heartrending ominous unwelcoming distressing uncomfortable dolorous stark inhospitable rueful adverse piteous dreadful woebegone terrible bare awful crestfallen clinical impersonal blue melancholic saddening institutional dour disadvantageous ill-fated lamentable afflicted severe unpleasant drearisome harrowing ill-omened spiritless bland distressed portentous dejecting draggy mopey wintery mourning teary wintry jarring tearful tragic poor in the dumps upsetting cast down down-and-out disagreeable deplorable baleful grievous infelicitous forbidding direful ill-boding ill-starred serious dispirited squalid pitiable horrific appalling hard horrible sordid horrendous shameful pitiful sober execrable inferior lousy foul unlucky lurid indigent scungy impoverished displeasing detestable scurvy shocking rotten doomed gut-wrenching mirthless jinxed doubtful nightmarish untimely inopportune shadowy bodeful cursed destitute chilling threatening sinister sinistrous baneful ruinous God-awful dangerous desperate unlikely unencouraging spartan maudlin lamenting exequial funebrial dirge-like deathlike down in the dumps in the pits chap-fallen down in the mouth downcast dirgelike pained disappointing tragical distressful unoptimistic traumatic anguished stony painful disconcerting intolerable unnerving disquieting discomforting acherontic acheronian skeptical humourless humorless hostile sceptical regrettable looking on the black side tough heart-breaking calamitous luckless gruesome heart-rending disastrous forsaken awkward unprosperous hapless ghastly out of luck in a bad way injurious perilous hideous grisly despicable contemptible exacting unwelcome exigent difficult untoward frightening unearthly frightful disgraceful vile creepy trashy shoddy filthy horrifying straitened objectionable strained unfriendly treacherous hard-pressed disturbing parlous pressing discommodious precarious troublesome tortured harmful messy undesirable jeopardous apocalyptic rocky full of hardship very bad derisory low eerie grotesque ghostly terrifying gory dubious off-putting unhopeful monstrous fearsome revolting pitiless grewsome loathsome terrific repulsive repugnant nightmare weighty earnest deadly sobering fatal unamusing sedate urgent destructive ugly strenuous devastating poverty-stricken acute critical far-reaching spookish offensive weird scary shady macabre atrocious sickening spooky minatory doomy menacing ill sick unhealthy fateful unchancy impending evil death-obsessed down downhearted moody sulky low-spirited in low spirits unsmiling inconsolable heavy-hearted stern broken-hearted grief-stricken moping heartbroken hurting upset overcast grieving devastated surly lowering crabbed taciturn grumpy long-faced bad-tempered staid ill-tempered glowering sourpuss muted subdued hurt in a blue funk emotional stony-faced languorous triste discouraged no-nonsense heavyhearted down in dumps broken heartsick disappointed aggrieved heartsore saddened tristful listless down-hearted languid poker-faced disheartened brokenhearted uncaring ruined abandoned deserted unimpassioned waste solitary unmoved sorrowing formal poignant plaintive deathly Stygian obscure hollow brooding nostalgic sunk in gloom uncommunicative routine colourless uniform threnodic threnodial phlegmatic unresponsive bereft moving touching regimented given to looking on the black side in the doldrums frowning crushed lorn sterile monotonous companionless clouded beclouded foggy dragged chapfallen oppressed weary mopish broody having the blahs having blue devils singing the blues colorless cut up darkened languished droopy out of sorts dysphoric bowed down in tears bereaved weepy down in mouth in grief regretful in doldrums crabby fed up sick at heart pensive wistful grieved blue funk clouded over fierce crummy destroyed cast-down down and out in pain bummed out agonised agonized uneasy ferocious flinty steely distant unapproachable formidable aloof strict sour churlish intimidating ungentle louring savage cross fell stiff gruff resolute scowling splenetic boot-faced vicious cantankerous crusty grouchy truculent mean-looking


Highly disturbing in nature
horrible disturbing appalling disconcerting disquieting distressing dreadful forbidding troubling upsetting awful daunting discouraging dismaying horrid horrific horrifying unnerving bothersome demoralising demoralizing depressing dire disagreeable discomforting foreboding frightening frightful ghastly grim gruesome harrowing horrendous irksome macabre perturbing terrible unpleasant unsettling worrying abominable alarming atrocious discommoding disgusting displeasing grisly grotesque monstrous shocking sickening terrifying troublesome unpalatable unsightly unspeakable vile direful discomposing distasteful foul hideous loathsome lurid nauseating objectionable startling ugly vexing nauseous onerous gut-wrenching hateful nightmarish scaring shameful intimidating abhorrent outrageous fearful odious astounding heinous repellent tremendous abject godawful nightmare revolting terrific unforgivable grewsome unpardonable petrifying repulsive egregious repugnant hellacious bad grody inexcusable formidable heavy mean from hell harsh severe rotten nasty grave bitter traumatic lousy annoying offensive worrisome unsavory icky unwelcome sober sombre solemn somber yukky yucky sour miserable woeful agonizing torturous stressful uncongenial unlovely unpleasing wicked gloomy poor execrable dismal uncomfortable doleful agitating difficult distressful humourless humorless troublous fraught hairy tormenting sedate concerning wretched painful tragical cruel crummy unbearable agonising excruciating hurtful galling hostile grievous deplorable irritating grotty lamentable unsavoury beastly serious critical sinister gory morbid unattractive dislikable oppressed pitiless vicious impoverished stark hard brutal merciless ruthless bleak savage poverty-stricken insufferable deathly extreme great God-awful very bad lewd calamitous wrong sick unwell ill poorly peaky queasy detestable mortifying rough off nauseated unsatisfactory stinking unendurable vexatious unacceptable abysmal obnoxious heartbreaking regrettable gross undesirable diabolical unfortunate pathetic unappealing repellant uncool awkward afflicting unhappy tragic saddening uninviting afflictive affecting sad washed out crook ropy wabbit peely-wally anguished sorrowful heartrending seedy queer off colour peaked peakish heart-rending green about the gills nerve-racking off-putting nail-biting nerve-wracking heart-breaking extremely bad under the weather


Causing erosion of moral fortitude or that eliminates hope or motivation
soul-destroying dreary dull mind-numbing monotonous tedious tiresome treadmill boring demoralising demoralizing depressing humdrum unfulfilling unsatisfying unvarying wearisome uninteresting dry ho-hum unexciting uninspiring flat tiring arid routine lifeless repetitive drab colourless uneventful jejune unstimulating pedestrian stupid numbing leaden stale old monochromatic heavy slow ponderous wearying colorless weary stodgy dusty jading stuffy drudging tame as dry as dust repetitious mechanical sterile bland unvaried banal prosaic unrelieved vapid run-of-the-mill samey featureless monochrome insipid lacklustre lackluster dullsville deadly blah lacking variety dry as dust deadly dull soulless uninspired spiritless unimaginative uninterested unanimated tepid trying irksome frustrating desolate ornery dull as ditchwater bloodless quotidian unexceptional everyday commonplace unremarkable oppressive wintery raw wintry sorrowful dispiriting damp windy downcast lacking variation no great shakes nothing to write home about not up to much unchanging uniform plodding soporific without variety monotonic nothing all the same reiterated monotone recurrent samely banausic unchanged sing-song dull as dishwater flat as pancake puts one to sleep mundane trite characterless ordinary common tired workaday hackneyed vanilla bromidic usual wishy-washy dead unoriginal barren ho hum vacuous plain derivative dim hacky conventional nondescript laborious prosy interminable torpid fatiguing wooden mediocre platitudinous lame weak nowhere predictable repeated zero plain vanilla pabulum limp draggy matter-of-fact feeble turgid stiff normal common or garden stereotyped undistinguished weariful iterative dismal lustreless apathetic corny anaemic reiterative unmemorable enervating exhausting duplicative stock automatic laboured day-to-day passionless typical sluggish sombre middle-of-the-road regular long-winded big yawn anemic dreich garden-variety mindless somber labored static inoffensive stilted miserable zestless constant unadventurous cold customary clichéd uncreative antiseptic recurring listless average verbose pointless undiversified unentertaining unenjoyable repeating well-worn milk-and-water continual white-bread dragging neutral clockwork gloomy dingy cheerless inane gray grey habitual square joyless grim old hat run of the mill depressed toneless a dime a dozen pallid bleak threadbare familiar undistinctive non-stimulating formal hack muted overlong flavourless unappealing endless serious overused pedantic overworked ceaseless insistent moth-eaten quiet safe forced uninviting indifferent impersonal plebeian expressionless robotic empty unproductive mainstream hollow off-putting heavy-going derived second-rate uninventive nitty-gritty terrestrial so-so watery standard regimented flavorless prolix long-drawn-out namby-pamby yawnsome recapitulatory iterant lowly bog-standard OK truistic hoary clear sad yawn emotionless garden variety cut-and-dry cut-and-dried standard-issue unnoteworthy unemotional simple timeworn innocuous frequent fuddy-duddy lusterless time-worn echoic cliché-ridden worn out institutional lacking excitement lacking interest played out trivial deep glum dark wonted daily forlorn shadowy tenebrous depressive macabre funereal lonely dolorous morbid usual thing long longwinded frequentative prosing menial unlively unpassioned indistinct bummer drag cloying drear bomb annoying irritating difficult not fun boresome vexatious unmodulated undemonstrative clumsy unnatural awkward artificial unartistic stolid solemn over-serious unspirited wordy yawn producing similar workday lethargic mortal poky snooze slack sleepy unimpassioned deadening unromantic stagnant crude meagre simplistic meager cautious inert worn-out unimpressed unmoved heavy-handed dowdy straightforward half-pie cardboard unprogressive inactive circumspect unfateful indecisive noneventful inconclusive prudent staid one-horse modest brainless poor half-hearted inadequate chary stereotypical puerile not so hot dead-and-alive homespun unsentimental unvarnished unembellished unpoetic literal factual unadorned businesslike overdone attentive weighty waterish nerdy wimpy sapless phoned in middling unpretentious soft mild drivelling nebbish driveling beige fatuous tenuous slight subdued inexpressive lacking vitality passive deadpan timid heavy going unobjectionable shopworn cliche obligatory cornball musty hackney cobwebby harmless devoid of feeling devoid of emotion homely fair useless two-dimensional gingerly considerate careful heedful wary calculating dime-store halfhearted diluted passable diddly practical actual practicable prose clean futile facile noplace dumb hokey cornfed tripe humble suburban conservative out of date hard to digest undemanding slothful spent outdated boiled down without punch old-fashioned run-of-the-mine medium tolerable run-of-mine second-class outmoded vain profitless archaic unenterprising obsolete ubiquitous household dime-a-dozen not bad forbidding defunct extinct antiquated unrewarding plastic inferior generic garden mean antediluvian leery superannuated matter-of- fact general passé unwelcoming clinical fruitless worthless universal prevalent unappetizing unpalatable inedible aimless valueless unprofitable purposeless antwacky severe spartan austere stark out of the ark cut and dried prevailing persistent expected unsavoury tasteless distasteful uneatable savourless ineffectual otiose unavailing unsuccessful bootless inefficacious ineffective abortive bare perpetual rife incessant profuse extensive rampant natural unfruitful vacant unfilled unprolific unpleasant unattractive disagreeable instinctive involuntary governmental utilitarian corporate functional unsavory rudimentary ugly elementary unthinking unconscious machine-like unfeeling cursory perfunctory standard issue inattentive spontaneous casual mechanic inhuman instinctual careless knee-jerk negligent motorized powered useful standardized reflex programmed mechanistic systematic laborsaving standardised fixed motorised


Inflicting harsh and authoritarian treatment
oppressive cruel harsh brutal severe tyrannical dictatorial repressive autocratic domineering heavy despotic draconian inhuman undemocratic unjust burdensome crushing overwhelming tyrannous authoritarian iron-fisted anti-democratic bitter coercive excruciating grievous grim hard hardhanded imperious inexorable merciless murderous onerous overbearing pitiless punitive relentless rough rugged ruthless searing stiff tough trying unfair high-handed overweening peremptory backbreaking bleak confining demanding depressing depressive discouraging dismal dispiriting distressing exacting exigent gloomy headache heavy-handed hefty ironhanded mean somber sombre stressful superincumbent taxing troublesome troubling weighty worrying rough going difficult rigorous arduous punishing gruelling strenuous challenging laborious grueling strict tiring exhausting wearisome uphill toilsome wearing back-breaking formidable testing bossy harrowing intolerable stringent arbitrary fatiguing absolute draining masterful tyrannic authoritative extreme austere serious sapping wearying rigid torturous forceful irksome autocratical intense excessive illiberal tedious tiresome overpowering fierce savage vexatious painful hellish stern herculean unbearable unrelenting arrogant autarchic killer unpleasant forbidding bothersome grinding effortful dominating totalitarian magisterial moiling dogmatic agonizing tortuous killing drastic crippling galling unyielding Herculean unsparing enervating haughty hellacious ponderous sweaty pushy agonising monocratic grave high and mighty unforgiving iron-handed inflexible officious tall persnickety hostile traumatic worrisome exorbitant disturbing swingeing immoderate ambitious daunting tricky lordly thorny debilitating tormenting intimidating doctrinaire disagreeable upsetting dire tsarist czarist strong imperative bad cocky one-party awful vexing inconvenient willful wilful sharp commanding bruising solemn unendurable insufferable flinty exasperating painstaking shattering intemperate awkward labored cumbersome inclement unmerciful uncomfortable wretched depleting unreasonable powerful compelling substantial nerve-racking distressful sticky laboured pompous Augean stifling suppressive pick-and-shovel summary bullying egotistic inconsiderate unfriendly steep imperial restrictive insensitive dominant vicious nasty mighty driving uncompromising pushful frustrating pressured unkind fraught unbending pressing colossal extravagant fascist enervative fascistic discomforting titanic toilful wicked operose absolutist spartan upstream vigorous remorseless ferocious hairy gargantuan hard-hearted radical energy-consuming weary pontifical stormy superior stark dystopian inhospitable uncontrollable desperate presumptuous profound supercilious comfortless proud potent Neronian abusive tense terrible violent embittering high-and-mighty uppity sniffy cavalier annoying barbarous sadistic dreadful regnant insolent uncontrolled irresistible anxious brutish subjugating controlling ramrod compulsive inordinate irrepressible unlimited besetting nagging undue Spartan bullish momentous far-reaching dour wild consuming impossible ungovernable callous aggravating disquieting assertive intractable unconscionable biting time-consuming towering hectic agitating baroque devilish implacable problematic unfeeling prohibitive overextravagant overmuch overdue insane plethoric offensive overmastering obsessive pestilent afflicting great racking heartless unsympathetic gross no-nonsense hard-nosed critical gruff downright immense unremitting staggering gigantic improper jarring knackering over the top thorough backbreaker really hard very hard anxiety-ridden inhibiting disciplinarian all-powerful straitened dark harmful whopping aggressive unaccountable unconstitutional single-party drudging responsible constraining prohibiting exploitive governing stretching pushing czarlike tactless mind-blowing persuasive dynamic tight very severe thoroughgoing complex complicated confused concentrated intensive abstruse te recondite knotty bare-bones barren desolate monolithic Stalinist dogmatical overtaxing plodding thoughtless unrestrained shocking acute no piece of cake huffish self-asserting high-hat pretentious hifalutin toploftical uppish assumptive huffy bumptious stiff-necked lofty self-assertive chesty important highfalutin toplofty presuming clamorous crack-the-whip firm dictative throwing one's weight about strong-willed major turbulent tempestuous a stinker of a tumultuous unavoidable inescapable inept undiplomatic bungling communist totalistic total sweeping careful hypercritical by the book precise nit-picking strained overstrict OTT piercing urgent penetrating compulsatory obligatory throwing one's weight around mandatory required compulsory dicey hazardous easier said than done high-impact slavish torturesome drudgy unnerving high-pressure tough going worksome scabrous uphill battle hard-won no picnic marathon difficile problem ominous not easy like getting blood out of a stone almighty throwing weight around maleficent wolfish truculent barbaric in driver's seat on your high horse crack the whip no ifs ands or buts no joke flat-out straight out heightened cold wrenching stinging burning caustic blistering cutting sure unpreventable inevitable certain a nuisance hardheaded headstrong humourless sedate humorless staid sober sobersided inhumane intolerant an imposition pounding poignant fated destined ineluctable carking heartbreaking robust zealous unmitigated unusual exaggerated outrageous exceptional consequential unsmiling obdurate uncomic astringent unpitying heart-rending uncharitable stony-hearted compassionless desensitized cold-blooded cold-hearted stonyhearted stoney hardhearted browbeating ironfisted affectless desensitised take-no-prisoners ironhearted enforceable narrow traditional customary conventional insistent binding limiting classical fanatical egregious yukky hurtful unwelcome unhappy sour miserable rotten distasteful unpalatable yucky heartrending chilling displeasing uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavory tragic sad unconventional flagrant overkill uncommon remarkable unseemly preposterous icky sore mortifying imprudent nonsensical fabulous lavish fancy irrational utter sheer very bad unsavoury provoking calamitous afflictive irritating hard-boiled po-faced out-and-out O.T.T. too much out of proportion legislating sanctioned didactic preceptive normative accepted prescribed devastating hard-shell gut-wrenching cocksure overproud pervasive unutterable marked overriding perturbing opinionated lording it prescriptive niggling maddening infuriating preponderant snotty ascendant prevalent stuffy disdainful telling suffocating irrefutable plaguy pestiferous concerning pestilential harassing unrefined unsettling pesky discomposing troublous rude coarse very strong uncouth importunate loutish uncultured crude undisciplined murder rowdy infestive dangerous alarming damaging ugly messy disorderly churlish ungracious brusque vulgar blunt curt impolite boorish uncivil crass discourteous ill-bred ribald foul indecent oafish lewd profane indecorous unpolished indelicate bluff obscene uncultivated ill-mannered unmannerly bearish dirty bawdy inelegant roughcast vulgarian filthy untutored louring bad-mannered steely tasteless foul-mouthed ungentle artless insensible unceremonious lowbrow common lowbred loud roughneck incult unladylike lowering ungentlemanly raffish


Present participle for to discourage someone by removing their enthusiasm or courage
discouraging daunting dismaying dispiriting crushing depressing deterring dejecting casting down dashing demoralising demoralizing sapping throwing desolating unmanning unnerving chilling chillin cowing disappointing enervating frustrating saddening shaking subduing undermining weakening damping dampening disinclining disparaging humbling humiliating indisposing making crestfallen making dejected making dispirited making downhearted weighing down bringing down getting down knocking sideways putting down weighing heavily on giving someone the blues knocking for six making someone fed up putting a damper on throwing cold water on knocking the stuffing out of pouring cold water on throwing a pall over distressing upsetting disconcerting appalling perturbing alarming troubling oppressing bothering vexing disturbing scaring worrying fazing intimidating frightening afflicting rattling agitating bumming out burdening ailing disquieting unsettling getting to psyching out grieving discomposing aggrieving irking bugging abashing making despondent shocking putting off unhinging making sad startling horrifying panicking terrifying chagrining discomfiting awing aweing flustering petrifying spooking ruffling shaking up making gloomy making unhappy astounding confounding trying mortifying terrorizing tormenting affrighting annoying exasperating concerning harrowing irritating alaruming beating down paining discomforting terrorising disempowering flooring enfeebling taking aback nonplussing debilitating deflating abasing distracting aggravating bringing low disgusting outraging throwing off balance tiring sickening browbeating embarrassing narking wearying bewildering bulldozing harassing fussing flurrying distempering hagriding frazzling derailing breaking one's heart perplexing repelling badgering pestering galling provoking putting the wind up weirding out freaking out hanging over dampening spirits taking the wind out of your sails dashing hopes scaring off bringing tears to your eyes making one's hair stand on end overwhelming demotivating shattering discombobulating devitalizing jolting consternating disillusioning confusing embittering discountenancing surprising squashing disenchanting scandalizing flattening overawing making miserable disgruntling hurting needling putting into a flap dulling putting someone off their stroke torturing throwing into a tizz haunting frighting chastening hacking off exercising undoing making discontented reducing to tears dampening the spirits of amazing scandalising agonizing causing someone to lose their composure giving a turn throwing off riling making desolate nauseating letting down puzzling fretting plaguing dragging down making blue agonising scarifying stiffing casting a gloom upon burning up putting into a funk chafing turning off causing suffering to scaring to death curdling the blood chilling to the bone making teeth chatter making uneasy striking terror into scaring away making one's blood run cold breaking someone's heart dissuading emasculating clouding thwarting baffling casting a shadow insulting dispraising palling downing deploring pressing lying exciting breaking subjugating lowering suppressing stifling lying heavy on preying on devastating diminishing squelching smothering despairing knocking for a loop grossing out infuriating angering casting a gloom on dazing deranging causing disquiet to overcoming extinguishing curbing defeating quelling deadening overpowering interfering complicating arousing intruding stirring up getting in the way piquing rousing besetting bedevilling beleaguering bedeviling persecuting nagging making anxious paralysing taking the heart out of disobliging maddening throwing into panic damping down bearing down on pothering bullying scaring witless scaring stiff souring dissatisfying knocking the wind out of mystifying dumbfounding flummoxing paralyzing snafuing filling with fear freezing your blood scaring the bejesus out of harshing one's mellow peeving goading hectoring shaming dumping miffing casting a pall over draining making one's flesh creep scaring someone out of their wits getting the wind up putting the fear of God into making someone jump out of their skin throwing into a panic giving one the creeps scaring the living daylights out of giving someone the heebie-jeebies scaring the pants off throwing into a blue funk giving someone goose pimples throwing into a fright chilling to the marrow scaring someone half to death scaring the daylights out of blackjacking nettling incommoding boring wounding dragooning screwing up lousing up filling with consternation messing up fouling up mucking up dashing the hopes of stinging dragging darkening beating disorganizing jumbling muddling snarling crippling unglueing unzipping disarranging ungluing disordering bullyragging grating on trying the patience of getting on your nerves becoming bored getting at grating at having had enough eating at losing patience gnawing at discommoding stressing revolting running down shattering the illusions of driving crazy driving mad racking straining breaking the heart of causing anguish to making wretched bogarting railroading prostrating repressing drooping snubbing debunking belittling destroying quashing throwing into a tizzy taking apart blowing up sending up blowing out disarming tyrannizing cutting to the quick displeasing winding up bludgeoning taking steam out stunning stupefying keeping under shooting down letting wind out of sails knocking down cutting down to size puncturing balloon taking down a peg or two letting down easy taking down harshing someone's mellow bearing down uncalming buffaloing riding offending causing to lose heart giving someone the hump tyrannising strong-arming distressing greatly turning on the heat pushing around leaning on picking on mau-mauing bowling over setting back softening melting touching arousing sympathy arousing pity tugging at the heart tugging at your heartstrings astonishing hassling staggering flabbergasting affronting graveling gravelling working up jarring benumbing ticking off blowing away stopping someone in their tracks making someone scratch their head setting someone back on their heels unbalancing bemusing disorienting putting out fuddling addling moving harrying making someone's hair stand on end traumatizing befuddling rocking catching off balance antagonizing dumfounding leaving aghast leaving open-mouthed balking taking by surprise antagonising thunderstriking traumatising making waves striking dumb electrifying numbing giving a hard time hurting somebody's feelings frightening the life out of giving offence to throwing a curve causing to be at a stand bustling baulking destabilizing turning cursing stumping impressing befogging destabilising disgracing crazing zinging affecting getting injuring making fretful tantalising tantalizing dissing egging on making a scene mixing up turning on dazzling knocking out frightening to death giving someone grief making jump putting out of countenance causing anxiety to taking your breath away scaring silly making someone shake in their shoes sending into a cold sweat scaring the life out of scaring the hell out of frightening the living daylights out of frightening someone out of their wits pushing buttons putting your back up pulling the rug from under filling with terror blowing your mind putting someone off their stride frightening out of your wits pulling the rug out from under underwhelming making uncomfortable desiccating dehydrating castrating lobotomizing gelding inciting inflaming blinding preoccupying hurrying frenzying being fluttering transfixing hustling tangling stimulating occupying quickening taxing unquieting hindering suffering unstringing slighting blinding someone with something freezing besieging making restless fermenting boggling threatening menacing disarraying dementing rummaging disrupting displacing teasing causing anxiety immobilizing hitting like ton of bricks raising someone's eyebrows completely surprising shaking out of your complacency paralysing with fear examining ventilating messing with one's head testing importuning rendering speechless causing wonder springing something on striking with awe blurring dizzying upsetting the applecart surprizing occupying thoughts preying on your mind putting chill on immobilising feeling unwell feeling pain disengaging detaching disconnecting uncoupling separating unhitching unfastening tearing dunning disrespecting spiting striking fear into scaring the pants off of knocking props out throwing into confusion bugging up making flip victimizing striking incensing dumping on deeply upsetting inflicting trauma doing in slurring anguishing hounding coercing throwing into uproar throwing into disorder hitting like a ton of bricks sweating out inconveniencing dogging pushing strapping martyring pricking nit-picking making it hot for someone putting the frighteners on striking terror in victimising making things hot for someone inspiring panic in driving insane making afraid making nervous making fearful giving someone a fright rubbing up the wrong way rankling with giving offence putting someone's nose out of joint causing offense treading on someone's toes getting your goat sending over the edge carping caviling cavilling niggling fearing cutting up incapacitating flipping cramping stewing sweating disaffecting discontenting quibbling boggling someone's mind putting one away nitpicking flipping out firing up weighing on arousing anxiety in doing a number on making it tough for flapping fidgetting fidgeting enraging capping curdling roiling mispleasing cooling winging sounding keying up laying up getting across getting someone posing foxing rocking the boat mazing teeing off taking pains bamboozling muddying fogging wildering setting someone thinking labouring over obfuscating getting worked up getting in a stew playing dirty making a big thing of making a big thing out of getting on your wick making a mountain out of a molehill making a meal of making a thing of boggling the mind hacking you off calumniating smearing libeling causing a few raised eyebrows amongst slandering denigrating bad-mouthing backbiting defaming libelling causing raised eyebrows raising eyebrows amongst reviling maligning blackguarding vilifying traducing dishonoring lampooning belying deprecating dishonouring detracting blackballing aspersing decrying condemning


Present participle for despair

Antonym of disheartening

disheartening Idiom, Proverb

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