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lacking honor or integrity; deserving dishonornot adhering to ethical or moral principlesmorally unacceptable


Bringing shame or disgrace on someone or something
base shameful corrupt degrading disgraceful shameless shaming treacherous unscrupulous blameworthy contemptible debasing despicable disreputable ignominious reprehensible shabby shoddy sordid unprincipled untrustworthy discreditable ignoble improper infamous low scandalous sorry unseemly unworthy crooked dirty low-down perfidious rascally rotten shady traitorous villainous beastly blackguardly knavish scoundrelly scurvy not cricket dishonorable immoral vile dishonest wicked mean bad abject wretched degenerate inglorious opprobrious abominable detestable offensive nasty louche unethical notorious deplorable unrespectable odious humiliating unbecoming unsavoury disgusting undignified wrong dastardly unsavory cheap depraved loathsome sinful execrable unforgivable mortifying shy shocking deceitful vulgar foul heinous hateful outrageous appalling inexcusable reprobate sleazy unbefitting dodgy nefarious iniquitous indecent indecorous abhorrent snide objectionable questionable unsuitable underhand menial demeaning low-minded degraded unspeakable seedy inappropriate venal mercenary egregious indefensible fraudulent amoral criminal unacceptable belittling servile atrocious evil monstrous seamy underhanded unfitting roguish unprofessional lowering flagitious dissolute coarse lewd tawdry debased cheapening exceptionable paltry currish repugnant sly unpleasant unconscionable devious indelicate corrupted poor conscienceless pitiful ungentlemanly unfair suspicious suspect dubious bent deceptive petty slippery terrible shifty two-faced distasteful dreadful tricky unrefined unpardonable revolting obscene licentious double-dealing squalid embarrassing vicious debauched scummy beyond contempt untoward infra dig diabolical worthless unjustifiable regrettable graceless crass derogatory impure no-good cheating out of place disagreeable cutthroat Machiavellian arrant obnoxious thoughtless culpable unladylike corruptible unwholesome despisable wrongful selfish grafting gross bribable disrespectful wanton profligate unceremonious recreant fishy incongruous uncharitable remiss beyond the pale inelegant buyable avaricious intolerable filthy decadent ribald unclean beggarly unfortunate cruel lousy carnal lawless self-seeking sneaky unfit disparaging derogative depreciative contemptuous denigratory slighting detractive scornful decrying pejorative derisory uncomplimentary depreciatory deprecatory disdainful denigrative perverse immodest blamable miserable sleazoid slavish humble lamentable slimy cruddy trashy good-for-nothing no-account pitiable lowly insufferable amiss discrediting preposterous out of keeping bringing shame on the take lax unheroic unsuccessful tarnished unregenerate repellent repulsive rough failed fiendish indiscreet mischievous devilish negligent unkind mean-spirited purchasable dirty-dealing mercentary praetorian stop-at-nothing double-crossing two-timing abandoned tasteless humiliatory rapacious malevolent meanspirited lame malicious ungenerous pixieish tricksy impish scampish arch pixie lying leprechaunish waggish puckish pixy prankish elvish cowardly exploitative boorish uncouth rude churlish skanky discomfiting slipshod grubby ratty scabby disdainable malignant common plebeian ugly prostituted calculated covetous ill-famed frolicsome cunning furtive wrongdoing guileful noisome funny iffy in poor taste patronizing derisive depreciating condescending sneering stingy natty miserly inconsiderate caitiff unhealthy ill-reputed miscreant warped grasping sneaking ruthless unconscientious murky shonky patronising simoniac simoniacal padded beneath you lacking dignity in bad taste off-color tragic sad sketchy doubtful good-for-naught meritless no-count casuistic crafty sinister scheming illegal awful senseless grievous open to bribery of dubious character disorderly ridiculous foolish undesirable swindling felonious of bad reputation insupportable abysmal dire frightful disastrous horrifying errant potentially illegal profiteering malfeasant beneath your dignity unfaithful pathetic calamitous distressing grim extortionate suborned open faithless libidinous censurable erring crummy woeful unbearable heartbreaking mournful sickening lustful lascivious prurient God-awful very bad reproachable condemnable unchaste smutty no good in bad scungy delinquent raunchy salacious lecherous in low esteem in the doghouse gone to the dogs hollow-hearted fast and loose blameable reprovable intemperate flagrant drunken meek gloomy grovelling dejected outcast groveling horrible deferent dismal hangdog humiliated subservient self-effacing crude profane porny concupiscent bawdy pornographic unprintable demeritorious guilty unholy profaned blue desecrated stag gutter craven inconsistent incompatible corrupting downgrading not pure unchivalrous low-life undeserving beneath at fault ineligible X-rated peasant ordinary reproachful modest simple plain locker-room unfitting to valueless nothing improper to unmerited unsuitable for inappropriate to out of character unbecoming to not deserving not worth out of place with out of character with not fit incorrect irregular not good enough unwarranted inapposite infelicitous malapropos inapt inept illegitimate unhappy unapt inopportune inapplicable uncalled-for ill-timed unseasonable unsuited false inaccurate erroneous untimely out-of-place ill-advised inharmonious out-of-season ludicrous odd imprudent inexpedient discrepant undue inadequate abnormal awkward discordant off-base uncomely inadvisable inadmissible against the rules not suitable at odds bad form


Acting or done in a dishonest way
underhand dishonest unscrupulous crooked deceitful shady unprincipled duplicitous fraudulent treacherous devious tricky shifty guileful crafty deceptive cunning unethical immoral wily bent disreputable dubious artful dirty unfair nefarious scheming designing illegal dodgy criminal cheating calculating unlawful mean conniving sharp shonky snide rogue unsportsmanlike insidious low unsporting fast dishonorable fishy unjust snidey slim oblique double-dealing two-faced Janus-faced two-timing below the belt double-crossing dirty-dealing corrupt underhanded sneaky untrustworthy slippery questionable false sly amoral insincere unreliable foul low-down Machiavellian swindling traitorous undependable sneaking malfeasant furtive defrauding shrewd nasty illicit villainous fly-by-night not to be trusted slick knavish unfaithful surreptitious clandestine lying murky deceiving venal inequitable rotten untruthful subtle vile wrong hollow-hearted base untrue illegitimate irresponsible iffy not cricket wicked suspicious suspect corruptible against the rules buyable grafting not dependable not to be depended on fair-weather dark perfidious covert unwarranted secret secretive indirect irregular despicable mendacious contemptible evil cowardly beguiling iniquitous cute cagey foxy cagy rascally lawless evasive cloak-and-dagger abject deplorable under the table bootleg back-alley cutthroat disloyal depraved unconscionable sordid faithless improper unprofessional wretched shameful recreant scummy double-faced false-hearted wrongful cheap ignominious grubby under the counter out of order trustless fickle detestable scurvy execrable ignoble against the law currish scungy lousy lame ratty scabby under-the-table low-minded delusive bribable funny mysterious doubtful stinky mean-spirited indefensible suborned ruthless unjustifiable unsatisfactory uncalled for unacceptable unjustified unreasonable disgraceful callous roguish off unnecessary macabre queer slimy cowboy dicey degenerate meanspirited untrusty not trustworthy deviant dangerous truthless not on out of turn fink sham seedy sketchy hoodwinking bluffing sinister misleading backbiting unctuous elusive not to be relied upon unsafe spurious counterfeit scandalous degraded phoney inglorious a bit much pseudo bamboozling falsified fake forged mock imitation phony hard-hearted narrow-minded petty potentially illegal of dubious character hidden hugger-mugger veiled shrouded hole-and-corner over the fence a bit thick hypocritical bad backstairs conspiratorial sinful inconstant erring errant obliquitous gimmicky unsound black vicious unrighteous unsavory unseemly unworthy treasonable negligent adulterous unsanctioned felonious unauthorized playing politics put on playing games scam unsavoury flimflam scoundrelly forsworn falsehearted back-stabbing malicious mythomaniac malevolent apostate perjured renegade squalid beggarly ungentlemanly banned not straightforward faking one out forbidden lawbreaking unlicensed actionable prohibited proscribed contraband unofficial shabby unpleasant paltry worthless outlawed barred interdicted sleazy unsportsmanly sorry black-market verboten not permitted unconstitutional not allowed off-color ill-gotten unauthorised disingenuous astute dissembling contriving stealthy Punic canny manipulative knowing unloyal clever vulpine streetwise smooth treasonous backhanded subversive seditious pretended feigned artificial mealy double mealymouthed betraying phoney-baloney fibbing Pecksniffian lip plotting phony-baloney left-handed smart collusive intriguing deep fly pawky sharp-witted uncertain street smart street-smart carny unstable changeable dissimulating jive backstabbing snaky crazy like a fox prevaricating wormlike equivocating unpatriotic snake in the grass colluding fallacious unpredictable astucious tricksy keen intelligent adroit unhonest conspiring caballing fugitive skillful imaginative ingenious skilful inventive resourceful crazy like fox savvy fiendish cynical unsteady insecure hard to pin down mutable variable opportunist opportunistic undutiful expedient dissident arch backstabby rebellious unveracious ironic mutinous economical with the truth of bad faith paltering sly like a fox breakaway ambiguous equivocal paradoxical cryptic enigmatic sardonic heads-up sagacious greasy double-meaning double-edged double dealing misrepresenting misstating committing perjury delusory inventing falsifying doubting flighty unbelieving unconverted sceptical fluctuating skeptical wavering capricious changeful


Morally depraved
evil wicked bad wrong wrongful immoral sinful ungodly unholy foul vile base ignoble corrupt iniquitous depraved degenerate villainous nefarious sinister vicious malicious malevolent demonic devilish diabolic diabolical fiendish dark black-hearted monstrous shocking despicable atrocious heinous odious contemptible horrible execrable low-down stinking dirty shady warped bent rotten unethical unlawful unrighteous unsavoury unsavory crooked dastardly reprobate black damnable hateful hellish infernal rancorous satanic spiteful wrathful egregious flagitious shadowy peccable morally wrong bad-hearted unprincipled dissolute unscrupulous dishonest criminal mean sordid perverted reprehensible disreputable dissipated dishonorable underhand shameful debauched abominable detestable barbarous lawless debased indecent impure unconscionable beastly outrageous murderous wanton illegal cruel amoral not cricket devious low malfeasant unfair scoundrelly infamous decadent profane sacrilegious blasphemous illicit obscene profligate disgusting felonious roguish rascally licentious scandalous maleficent rakish perverse abandoned degraded fallen nasty irreligious miscreant impious libertine godless unclean indictable illegitimate sullied loathsome treacherous wretched unwholesome unworthy loose lewd ignominious underhanded unjust shameless pernicious unvirtuous demoralized sick rakehell jackleg rakehelly vitiated discreditable demoralised unchaste blackguardly offensive abject inhuman culpable erring repugnant uncharitable lustful lamentable undesirable delinquent shabby tainted abhorrent deplorable lascivious lecherous injurious harmful disgraceful unpleasant lowlife scurvy fraudulent deceitful currish snide paltry improper dodgy heartless promiscuous inequitable low-minded low-life incorrigible objectionable corrupted retrograde vice-ridden retrogressive terrible profaned transgressing ruffianly desecrated prurient thievish sneaky peccant obnoxious knavish ribald coarse uncleanly cheap ugly unspeakable vulgar untrustworthy irreverent blameworthy lawbreaking guilty dangerous worthless notorious deleterious damaging baneful nocuous adverse hurtful noxious mischievous prejudicial baleful malignant unbecoming undignified wayward ill detrimental under-the-table condemnable cowardly risqué against the law caitiff inelegant menial servile appalling naughty censurable smutty blamable salacious unsportsmanlike hideous venal no good pervy degenerated libidinous perfidious mercenary scurrilous faithless brutal merciless ruthless unsporting bad news intemperate bribable off-color inhumane callous flatitious demeaned sinking failing unhealthy unfeeling shifty unkind brutish defiled forbidding slippery bestial bloodthirsty unconscientious sadistic sly scheming inexorable savage tyrannical two-faced beyond contempt against the rules below the belt pitiless self-indulgent exploitative hard-hearted crafty harsh questionable self-seeking vengeful vindictive conscienceless cold-blooded errant pornographic evil-minded cutthroat bawdy whorish Machiavellian squalid scornful disparaging despiteful mean-spirited scrofulous virulent contemptuous grisly gruesome disdainful saturnalian fast graceless X-rated of easy virtue


Suggestively offensive or ill-natured
ugly despicable horrible reprehensible nasty offensive foul vile abhorrent atrocious dreadful horrendous horrifying loathsome obscene repulsive scandalous rotten sickening evil wicked malevolent spiteful vicious odious noisome gross fulsome distasteful abominable obnoxious objectionable appalling horrid disagreeable unpleasant terrible slimy wretched bad low mean base shocking revolting disgusting disgraceful repellent vulgar nauseating perverted repugnant corrupt unsavoury sinful hateful contemptible depraved execrable off-putting dirty degenerate debased iniquitous sordid shameful monstrous deplorable shabby dark sorry heinous miserable dissolute humiliating reprobate diabolic yucky diabolical debauched low-down gut-churning hellish God-awful icky damnable degrading abject coarse devilish nefarious sick-making ignoble worthless fiendish sick lousy beastly currish immoral detestable unsavory black wrong vomitous ignominious scurvy dishonorable unethical noxious bogging unlawful low-minded snide paltry villainous unrighteous loathly impure flagitious egregious yucko disgustful awful abandoned degraded stinking filthy sleazy vomit-inducing hideous outrageous unspeakable ghastly infamous barbarous cruel savage barbaric accursed ungodly intolerable frightful godawful inhuman brutish horrific beyond the pale infernal nauseous ruthless black-hearted rancid bestial unreasonable repellant inexcusable flagrant unforgivable cacodemonic facinorous criminal wanton desperate uncivilised uncivilized grody hated brutal detested excessive execrated loathed despised immoderate merciless abominated extreme nightmarish grisly gruesome amoral unfair extravagant preposterous insupportable exorbitant unpardonable disreputable steep unwarranted grewsome lurid macabre terrific nightmare satanic opprobrious OTT crying beneath contempt unholy hairy cursed over the top demonic grave unearthly demoniac Mephistophelian demoniacal abhorred maggot hateable revulsive abysmal grim chronic raunchy unseemly aberrant ominous morbid malignant untrue gossiping backbiting detracting maligning indecent vilifying traducing detractive demonical demonian Luciferian highly improper red hot crazed frenetic mad maniacal possessed unhallowed violent pitiful unbearable inordinate pitiable unendurable insufferable cheap unprincipled unworthy exasperating impossible distressing maddening discreditable unscrupulous hellacious O.T.T. extortionate undue pathetic sneaking ratty cruddy grubby scabby scummy sad lame depraving debasing debauching contumelious notorious scurrilous too great shaming disgracing very bad no-good below contempt scungy caitiff dirty rotten low-life beyond contempt overdue insane overweening stiff plethoric towering needless baroque lavish fancy overextravagant overmuch unmerciful unnecessary disproportionate uncalled for unthinkable too much ridiculous inconceivable unjust unacceptable over-the-top illogical unconscionable irrational sneaky conscienceless knavish murderous harrowing inhumane brute truculent sadistic heartless butcherly grievous fearful


Cowardly or weak in character
unmanly craven cowardly spineless fearful soft timid feeble timorous weak wimpish yellow apprehensive fainthearted gutless ignoble milksoppish pusillanimous wimpy afraid cringing dishonorable chicken-hearted lily-livered limp-wristed weak-kneed chicken scared chicken-livered hesitant spiritless frightened chickenhearted recreant faint-hearted cowering unheroic dastardly milk-livered weakling diffident nervous boneless jittery nervy irresolute jumpy weak-willed sissy spooked yellow-bellied candy-assed poor-spirited nerveless pigeonhearted base effete frail characterless weakened invertebrate poltroon submissive pathetic sissified vacillating squeamish forceless pithless quaking daunted trembling wishy-washy namby-pamby milk-and-water without a will of your own afraid of one's shadow pigeon-hearted easily frightened feart half-hearted easily scared wet retiring tentative coy shy funky alarmed tense anxious panicky terrified uneasy petrified shrinking worried intimidated disquieted wired affrighted horrified aghast horror-struck terrorized scary hysteric hysterical shocked afeared frit scared stiff rabbity worried sick phobic quivery in a blue funk running scared have cold feet scared to death sheepish in a funk aflutter shaky goose-bumpy terrorised disturbed in a dither perturbed agitated discomposed solicitous ineffectual wussy enervated ineffective impotent indecisive weedy meek languid tremulous unassertive insipid debilitated infirm abject drippy vapid inept impressionable mousy enfeebled tame lacking courage mousey slight wavering silly cowed wasted foolish sapped unsubstantial delicate low faint asthenic tender easily led softened prostrate inadequate prostrated white-livered down-and-out unnerved daft useless caitiff persuasible persuadable compliant weak-minded fallible passive colourless jejune limp skittish nerdy listless powerless feeble-minded dismayed dull colorless having cold feet inefficient incompetent reluctant innocuous soppy mean-spirited disorganized wasteful insufficient fearsome niddering coward poltroonish insignificant lame epicene simpering swishy snowflake deceitful offensive treacherous sneaking unprincipled unethical tricky fickle doubtful cringey sookie afraid of one's own shadow faltering dithering gentle browbeaten Milquetoast capricious bullied unassured disorganised flabby biddable bland vulnerable errant defenceless susceptible malleable undetermined indeterminate cowhearted backward worthless startled corruptible supine hemming and hawing waffling yielding unreliable unsure undependable imperfect erring flawed resistless paper tiger no guts without guts changeable flavourless mediocre watered-down sapless flavorless having the willies easily tempted defenseless exhausted drained spent decrepit worn out vitiated washed-out declining played out lacklustre unenthusiastic droopy apathetic lifeless melancholic melancholy passionless dispirited torpid unmoved lackadaisical bloodless despondent languorous depressed mopy desiccated dejected flat unimpassioned wooden languishing dry uninspired anaemic uninspiring unconcerned draggy slothful broken boring blue down lackluster disconsolate dopey subdued inanimate downhearted indifferent sad blah downcast anemic down in the dumps flat tire cast down down in the mouth lacking in vitality

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