Synonym of disintegrated

Alternative for disintegrated

disintegrates, disintegrated, disintegrating

Synonym: break up, crumble, decay, decompose, rot, separate,


Past tense for to break up into small pieces as the result of impact
broke brake broken shattered fragmented fractured crumbled split busted splintered crumpled rived rove riven severed collapsed shivered ruptured separated dismembered divided exploded disrupted foundered subsided fell felled fallen failed dispersed disunited folded disbanded dismantled detached disconnected disimproved disorganized sank sunk sunken tainted turned broke up broken up gave way given way caved in came apart come apart fell to pieces fell apart fallen apart broke apart broken apart blew up blown up fell to bits fallen to bits flew apart flown apart blew apart blown apart went to pieces gone to pieces went belly-up gone belly-up went to rack and ruin gone to rack and ruin faded away took apart taken apart fell apart at the seams fallen apart at the seams turned to dust burst smashed cracked broke down demolished rent rended teared broken down brast smashed to smithereens crushed snapped buckled come apart at the seams crashed sundered destroyed imploded trashed burst apart annihilated totaled totalled split up pulled to pieces come unstuck cleaved slumped sagged tumbled parted damaged torn tore yielded toppled fragmentized pulverized given gave tumbled down succumbed dissolved busted up came apart at the seams pulverised cracked up made mincemeat of fell in fallen in fallen down fell down spalled come to pieces caved torpedoed eradicated blown out blew out split asunder popped blasted beat wrecked dissevered malfunctioned come unwrapped devastated scrunched crunched wasted wracked pranged lost it mangled finished off came unstuck made hash of cut freaked out crushed to smithereens lost control toppled over flipped out wracked up burst out come down slit burst into tears yolden yold torn apart tore apart broken into pieces broke into pieces staved stove pulled apart come to bits come unglued breached distorted uncoupled unlinked reduced decomposed cracked open cracked apart warped broken open broke open stove in staved in came to pieces dissociated decoupled disassociated detonated erupted punctured perforated flown into pieces flew into pieces cleared divorced unyoked disjoined rifted battered blew blown dashed pashed powdered crumped ribboned shred tattered shredded ripped gone went wigged out ramified resolved disjointed settled ruined razed extinguished vaporized decimated nuked desolated ravaged creamed wilted dropped ripped apart cried squashed squished disabled exhausted impaired vaporised pulled down smattered rubbed out came unwrapped become psychotic had breakdown come to grief lacerated broken to smithereens deranged went down pulled deteriorated gave out smashed up gone out disturbed dashed to pieces melted down become demented not succeeded sickened gone down went out come to dust smashed into smithereens came down fizzled out ripped to pieces crashed in had a breakdown gave in given out ripped asunder broke to smithereens dissolved into tears given in slashed ripped in two pierced come to nothing schizzed out declined wrested come apart at seams came to bits came unglued broken into broke into beaten torn down did in done in tore down physically broken physically broke wrote off written off broken to pieces broke to pieces gone off went off tore asunder tore in two torn asunder torn to pieces teared in two tore to pieces sank inwards sunk inwards broke into tiny pieces broken into tiny pieces gone bang went bang broke into fragments broken into fragments came to dust fallen through came to grief came to nothing fell through gone mad went mad gone nuts gone off rocker blown a fuse went off rocker went nuts became psychotic blew a fuse gone crazy gone out of mind went crazy went bonkers gone off deep end came apart at seams became demented went off deep end went out of mind gone bonkers


Past tense for to worsen in quality or strength
deteriorated degenerated declined ebbed worsened regressed retrograded devolved sank sunk sunken slid collapsed retrogressed slipped slumped descended lapsed fell felled fallen backslid backslided backslidden went downhill gone downhill got worse gotten worse grew worse grown worse fell off fallen off decayed hit the skids rotted atrophied crumbled weakened failed faded withered degraded diminished waned broke down spoilt spoiled perished flagged wilted drooped languished depreciated went to pot gone to pot disimproved fallen apart fell apart went to the dogs gone to the dogs wasted away dwindled become dilapidated taken a turn for the worse took a turn for the worse sagged lagged emaciated gone to rack and ruin went to rack and ruin fell to pieces become worse lessened putrefied broken down gone from bad to worse went from bad to worse decomposed dropped debilitated went down the toilet gone down the tubes went down the tubes gone down the toilet corrupted wasted vitiated impaired died contracted nosedived decreased lowered hit rock bottom corroded became dilapidated went gone went bad gone bad became worse went to the pack gone to the pack stagnated sickened debased shrivelled shriveled dried dilapidated dissolved become debilitated run down broke up broken up wore away worn away receded shrunk pejorated run to seed gone to seed went to seed desiccated dried up fell into disrepair fallen into disrepair palled lost quality constricted folded deflated aged become limp blasted shriveled up blighted wizened reached depths slackened become marcescent faded away come apart at the seams gone to pieces went to pieces depraved become moribund had one foot in the grave depressed reduced become stale relapsed damaged returned died on vine made something worse reverted come apart at seams gone off went off fallen down fell down ran down shrank shrunken went to ruin gone to ruin became debilitated became limp gone backwards went backwards ran to seed came apart at seams grew weak grown weak became marcescent took a nosedive taken a nosedive became moribund became stale came apart at the seams went into decline gone into decline fallen apart at the seams fell apart at the seams retreated retroceded devalued adulterated skidded cheapened alloyed cut suffered a relapse had a relapse floundered perverted warped debauched demoralized demoralised went down gone down fallen back fell back contaminated moved backward caught something become ill subsided tainted polluted faltered tumbled drifted undermined injured marred defiled recidivated slipped back drifted back went back gone back lost it mouldered broke broken brake abased sullied fouled got ill again got worse again suffered become emaciated devaluated fallen away fell away subverted profaned demeaned poisoned soiled spiralled spiraled moved back lost ground rolled back turned the clock back turned back lost headway marked down become shrunken attenuated downgraded stained moldered turned dropped off bastardized cankered prostituted diluted slashed discounted become enfeebled withered away lowered in price appeared in a poor light bastardised softened abated lowered in value reduced in value reached a new low reduced in quality eroded devalorized gone pear-shaped went pear-shaped gone back to went back to became ill fell ill fallen ill sunk back sank back became emaciated became shrunken fell into decay fallen into decay threw back thrown back became enfeebled went down the tube gone down the tube wrote off wrote down written off written down fell steeply gone into a tailspin went into a tailspin fallen steeply


Past tense for to disappear
dissolved disappeared vanished faded dispersed evaporated dissipated crumbled dwindled evanesced perished decomposed ebbed subsided dematerialized died diffused disassembled fled flew flown melted molten melted away scattered sank sunk sunken waned wilted withered broke down broken down faded away fell away fallen away declined dilapidated dispelled fizzled out petered out unmade passed away ceased to exist broke into pieces broken into pieces came to an end come to an end wasted away spread deteriorated slumped collapsed tapered off cleared out tailed off atrophied let up melted into thin air dropped out of sight diminished decreased squandered quelled banished disbanded allayed checked shrunk lessened dimmed weakened abated failed flagged slackened felled contracted receded drooped attenuated run dry dropped wound down remitted tapered lowered palled moderated degenerated de-escalated eased relented relent become weak departed ratcheted down died out phased down drained away dropped off faded out gave in gave way given in given way went downhill gone downhill evanished slacked off died away eased off died down drawn to a close vanished from sight receded from view vanished off the face of the earth passed from sight ceased to be visible drew to a close driven away drove away shrank shrunken ran dry fell fallen grew faint fallen off fell off grown faint became weak given up gave up fell short gotten smaller got smaller fallen short molt cleared passed vanished into thin air vaporized parched concentrated vaporised desiccated dehumidified dehydrated ended languished ceased to be dried up shrivelled sagged decayed emaciated lagged shriveled volatilized exited left become invisible went gone etiolated deliquesced folded trailed hushed tired rarefied thinned quieted went away gone away become unimportant disappeared from sight passed off become less loud boiled away trailed off pooped out died on vine tuckered out fagged out worn off wore off withdrawn withdrew grew feeble grown feeble grew less grown dim grown less grew dim became invisible became unimportant became less loud went missing gone missing


Organically decayed or broken down
decomposed rotten putrid decayed spoilt spoiled foetid fetid putrefied corrupted addled bad perished mouldy moldy rancid rank off rotting decomposing decaying stinking putrescent smelly tainted mouldering foul stale sour moldering noisome rotted festy festering noxious corrupt wormy worm-eaten reeking maggoty flyblown malodorous whiffy musty mildewy mephitic contaminated olid moldered carious mouldered putrefacient turned strong gangrenous fusty putrefying polluted offensive nasty disgusting pungent reeky wasted stenchful nauseating stenchy funky foul-smelling strong-smelling ruined high nidorous putrefactive poisonous infected gross overripe dirty filthy disintegrating unfit for human consumption stinky spoiling acrid pongy vile evil-smelling inedible repulsive revolting corroded unsound injured damaged harmed marred carrion crumbling withered riddled mildewed smutty blighted unwholesome gone bad mucid neglected disused wasting away odoriferous skunky harsh acid acidic bitter odiferous stagnant niffy miasmal miasmic frowzy pestilential frowsy frowsty niffing icky curdled soured lousy gamy humming infested ripe graveolent degenerated yecchy disagreeable impure grody fermented dank unfresh stinking to high heaven ill-smelling putrified diseased defiled corroding caried dirtied pustular purulent faecal sullied beastly unpleasant smelling fecal loathsome unclean feculent soiled bad-smelling toxic unhealthy insalubrious unhealthful deleterious unhygienic old septic virulent venomous insanitary sickly adulterated unsanitary sprouting fungal growing injurious unnutritious airless stuffy stained fouled harmful unsalutary destructive lethal dangerous pernicious adulterate alloyed shabby dingy seedy imperfect blemished impaired poisoned tarnished damp unventilated hard dry squalid polluting unsafe nocuous contaminating hardened scungy scummy germy degraded besmirched unsavoury odorous unsavory nauseous debased vitiated despoiled perverted poison toxicant dried out unfiltered past its best disease-ridden past its sell-by date unnourishing innutritious detrimental germ-ridden junk damaging ruinous malign baleful objectionable distasteful baneful inimical malignant pathological evil morbid


No longer alive or in existence
gone dead deceased departed defunct fallen late expired extinct lifeless lost asleep demised killed lamented murdered perished slain slaughtered breathless cold low nonextant exanimate retired passed away passed on with God at peace no more turned to dust dead as a doornail six feet under as dead as a doornail under the sod pushing up daisies having breathed one's last vanished bygone done bypast inanimate died out wiped out disappeared nonexistent finished extinguished missing passé done for invalid lapsed destroyed exterminated terminated inert quenched insensate abolished void superseded vanquished stiff snuffed out no longer extant out cold irrelevant concluded dated faded casualty bitten the dust insentient buried ruined not breathing former bought the farm in the grave laid to rest effaced eradicated obliterated wrecked annihilated extirpated demolished at rest kicked the bucket bit the dust gave up the ghost spiritless unanimated dear departed much lamented no longer living late lamented outdated out-of-date redundant kaput devastated frittered crushed unconscious had it bereft of life checked out resting in peace comatose over insensible down the drain out of commission quelled unmoving motionless desert faint waste unresponsive brute limp quashed stifled in a faint not living out for the count smothered suppressed dead to the world inactive obsolete doused out archaic unknown ended outmoded inexistent ancient history no longer existing a thing of the past dead and gone no longer known no longer with us dead as a dodo stone-dead still wasted cadaverous down mortified erased offed silent reposing liquidated not existing out of one's misery gone to meet maker cut off gone to reward pushing up the daisies inorganic mineral non-organic soulless quiescent abiotic listless nonvegetable vacant impassive azoic without life lethargic apathetic nonanimal not alive inoperative idle nonliving dull

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