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Having a somber or dismal atmosphere or nature
bleak miserable dark dreary depressing desolate dull gloomy sombre cheerless comfortless funereal solemn somber forlorn unhappy woeful joyless morose dejected depressive doleful glum sorrowful sullen woebegone wretched abject cold depressed despondent dire disconsolate disheartening dispiriting dolorous drear godforsaken gray melancholy morbid mournful sad black chill crestfallen darkening grey lugubrious murky oppressive plutonian saturnine sepulchral tenebrific tenebrous blue cloudy dreich elegiac elegiacal lonely lonesome sunless chap-fallen Cimmerian dispirited downcast down in the dumps down in the mouth in the pits unwelcoming grim melancholic sorry down downhearted low bad heartbroken low-spirited inconsolable hopeless drab distressing heartsick cast down heartsore brokenhearted pessimistic hangdog dour grave pathetic heavyhearted heartbreaking despairing saddened droopy distressed heavy-hearted discouraging heartrending tearful lamentable disheartened uninviting grievous severe moody discouraged deplorable broken-hearted dreadful stark piteous forbidding harrowing anguished austere tragic grief-stricken rueful awful saddening fed up pitiful terrible unpleasant unfortunate dim dingy humourless in low spirits inhospitable horrible humorless afflicted pitiable unpromising unfavourable mirthless unfavorable appalling painful grieving poor upsetting heart-rending distressful teary foreboding sober serious hurting horrendous inauspicious bitter ominous harsh long-faced sour troubled uncomfortable oppressed plaintive disturbing shocking daunting bare in the doldrums in pain dragged unpropitious lousy defeatist disappointed atrocious vile ghastly desperate sulky in the dumps upset frightening mean surly stern devastated chapfallen mourning unsmiling spiritless sinister horrid regrettable demoralized frightful mopey brassed off horrifying rotten downbeat cheesed off lachrymose sedate disagreeable hard crushed sick as a parrot disappointing dejecting moving off-putting shadowy demoralised sorrowing ugly worrying troublesome regretful horrific suffering poignant macabre impersonal weighty clinical disquieting bummed out troubling grumpy direful agonizing cruel weary institutional hostile affecting gut-wrenching pained traumatic agonising threatening gruesome foul agonized impoverished choked negative execrable glowering calamitous tragical displeasing sickening brooding ruthful nasty weeping portentous intimidating crabbed loathsome monstrous agonised fearsome heavy terrifying moping unlucky staid destroyed nightmarish offensive in despair earnest disconcerting lamenting menacing galling touching shot down wintry base adverse dangerous Eeyorish singing the blues objectionable jarring down and out discomforting revolting worthless unfriendly doomy wintery distasteful unpalatable in a blue funk scurvy scowling abominable disastrous churlish grisly no-nonsense irksome dolent tough mopish tear-jerking alarming drearisome repulsive detestable difficult sunk in gloom unnerving stressful demoralizing repugnant boring lurid weighed down abhorrent scary excruciating waste bland unwelcome dirgelike overcast disadvantageous poker-faced hair-raising dirge-like draggy out of sorts contemptible paltry despicable baleful as sick as a parrot weepy subdued frowning shameful rough sordid undesirable catastrophic uncommunicative grouchy repellent crushing plangent clouded hideous Stygian fierce taciturn rugged perturbing demoralising stirring torturous dismayed ill-boding down-and-out broody colourless lowering shabby crummy scungy fearful barren afflictive dread unamusing tormenting tortured bodeful egregious cast-down afflicting dismaying irritable monotonous gross ill-humoured bad-tempered colorless pitiless bleeding redoubtable cut up ill-humored formidable terrific shady spine-chilling hurtful sunk spartan ill-tempered parlous chilling ill-fated perilous exigent cynical remorseful minatory stony exacting taxing solitary unproductive disenchanting pensive sterile infertile dry tormented ruined sourpuss muted worrisome squalid gruff arid bony boney dead desert unfertile hardscrabble intense unappealing shamefaced crepuscular beggarly stony-faced unsettling wild discontented disgruntled ill suspicious ruinous straight tedious wistful nauseating piqued threnodic agitating sheepish inferior enervated stinking cataclysmic mean-looking wailing aching deploring bewailing bemoaning funeral dolesome brutal flat compassionate arousing commiserative low in spirits bereft disgusting louring indigent huffy dusky peeved shattered hairy fraught troublous outrageous cross put out listless unspeakable caliginous gutted intolerable racked diabolical heinous uncomic outcast devastating crying darkened deathly distraught hellacious darkish down-hearted vexatious fateful unsociable nebulous daunted unlit unbearable godawful abysmal extreme sick bowed down mumpish pressing unresponsive adust strained leaden vicious crabby unilluminated all torn up in sorrow in mourning doomed ruthless merciless resigned mardy to be pitied disgraceful beastly obscured ripped annoying odious irritating full of sorrow acheronian spooky ferocious opaque pitchy stygian lightless rayless apocalyptic ill-omened unkind on a downer repellant down-in-the-mouth trying heart-breaking dusk poverty-stricken unpleasing uncongenial blue funk long-suffering vexing taken down serious-minded torn up in a bad mood in a funk sick at heart harmful uninspiring lackluster lifeless lacklustre heavy-going deep unexciting blah uninteresting pitch-black pitch-dark humdrum unlikely unencouraging unamused merciful uncaring maudlin deserted abandoned unimpassioned funebrial exequial deathlike full of despair formal grieved cheap inadequate insignificant nostalgic unmoved apathetic dirgeful dysphoric routine uniform threnodial hollow obscure unoptimistic uncultivated gaunt degrading lame broken angst-ridden overwhelmed lorn regimented without energy abashed sapped skeptical sable companionless beseeching imploring commiserable entreating supplicating savage phlegmatic defeated bereaved heavy with grief mortified overcome with sorrow given to looking on the black side dolorific bowed lowered torn-up discontent unsatisfied unconsolable gloom-ridden suicidal untoward depressant empty dimmed disillusioned taken aback deflated off sluggish repentant contrite dampening hateful helpless evil-looking sorry for oneself sceptical emo glaring bummed-out griefstricken damp traumatized overcome pining testing having blue devils having the blahs fatalistic bearish darksome apologetic penitent acherontic unearthly creepy sorry for yourself atrabilious dampened drooping dashed sagging feeble insufferable dreaded let-down not happy fatal bewildering frustrating have the blahs full of gloom looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny feeling down darkling traumatised frantic anxious let down in the toilet low-down looking on the black side uninhabited unfruitful unmitigable deadly eerie doom-laden life-threatening suggestive of evil nefarious iniquitous flagrant small derisible meagre meager mephitical perplexing aggravating hellish revulsive petrifying excessive inconvenient punk ghostly gory grotesque unforgiving soppy sentimental mawkish void unpopulated without hope up the creek flagitious self-reproachful compunctious conscience-stricken steely flinty ungentle critical crucial repressing hindering deterring dissuading inopportune hard-pressed doubtful treacherous injurious precarious jeopardous rocky very bad straitened discommodious full of hardship messy strabilious no-win ill-lit poorly lit badly lit alarmist distrustful doubting unappetizing unattractive untempting grewsome nightmare urgent chilly unenthusiastic fallow villainous trashy shoddy filthy disapproving unsympathetic premonitory weird spookish drastic derisory destitute lethal mortal can't win blubbering blubbery sobbing moist snivelling tear-filled wet bawling sniveling whimpering watery crippling irretrievable unhealthy not hopeful not encouraging at the end of your tether not a prayer at end of one's rope in the soup hard-faced stringent hapless destructive cantankerous sinistrous baneful augural malificent doomful impending precursive warning minacious presaging malign suggestive prophetic prescient malefic haunting chronic ashamed bored tired testy peevish God-awful death-obsessed resentful pouting petulant oppressing discomposing unsavory mortifying doom and gloom unsatisfactory icky unacceptable obnoxious unendurable annoyed snappish crotchety crusty fractious hurt ill-starred grotty grody yucky uncool yukky awkward nauseous unenticing waspish luckless vexed perverse chippy aloof angry pouty irked exasperated irritated in tears unsavoury unlovely concerning wounded degraded ailing withdrawn uncooperative obstinate sourpussed querulous stroppy out of humour fretful ornery sulking tyrannical jaded wearied narked dictatorial repressive nerve-racking nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking ignominious debased domineering autocratic sated surfeited hacked off dissatisfied satiated blasé hazy despotic unjust undemocratic inhuman draconian in a huff in a mood in the sulks in a strop having a fit of the sulks exposed windswept tyrannous burdensome overwhelming misty foggy humble servile ignoble unworthy slavish reprehensible menial authoritarian iron-fisted not best pleased sick and tired overbearing anti-democratic punitive searing murderous onerous unfair imperious coercive relentless stiff hardhanded inexorable nubilous unclear beclouded overclouded hazed dishonourable high-handed peremptory overweening up to here rainy subfusc ironhanded backbreaking heavy-handed confining headache rough going demanding hefty superincumbent grovelling dishonorable humiliated subservient meek groveling deferent self-effacing clouded over


Pitifully or disgracefully bad
awful bad terrible dreadful poor rotten dire abominable deplorable disgraceful horrendous inadequate inferior lamentable lousy mediocre pitiful unsatisfactory appalling bungling crummy diabolical duff inept pathetic shoddy atrocious bum chronic disappointing execrable hopeless horrible odious pants poxy punk ropy rubbish sad sorry sucky wretched abysmal derisory direful egregious frightful godawful disastrous miserable woeful second-rate third-rate a load of pants god-awful substandard rubbishy low-grade trashy deficient unacceptable cheap shabby dissatisfactory paltry useless suboptimal subpar junky grotty imperfect wanting below par below standard worthless contemptible lame disagreeable low-quality low-rent coarse bargain-basement defective crude under par abject common schlock schlocky two-bit pitiable faulty unsound sub-par insufficient below average laughable second-class flawed subnormal base dime-a-dozen average junk middling indifferent trumpery cheapjack ordinary very bad unexceptional dodgy pedestrian cut-rate tawdry God-awful tenth-rate leaving much to be desired not up to snuff not up to much sleazy repulsive lemon poorer downmarket tatty unpleasant nasty cheesy gimcrack low hack tinny el cheapo bush-league good-for-nothing déclassé the pits vile shameful shocking jerry-built crumby hideous ghastly pits meager meagre damnable wrong bush off wack beastly poor-quality low-end not much cop calamitous tacky offensive gross unspeakable weak incompetent lacking bodger less-than-stellar cruddy hellacious not up to scratch despicable revolting gruesome unsightly sordid grim feeble hateful objectionable mean unfortunate regrettable foul distressing yucky detestable repellent loathsome horrid reprehensible obnoxious piss-poor outrageous garbage stinking piddling obscene repugnant sour impaired tinhorn not up to standard weak sauce half-pie insufferable cheap and nasty no great shakes strictly for the birds from hunger of a sort piteous slovenly uncomfortable commonplace disgusting repellant end-of-the-pier ill desperate heinous poorly amiss careless inefficient reduced limited abhorrent icky grody noisome catastrophic cataclysmic naff second-best tricky beggarly insignificant rancid impotent little ineffectual not cutting it ropey low quality stupid for the birds unwelcome harmful no good excruciating measly cheapie insubstantial restricted inappreciable inconsiderable sparing ineffective second class sickening ridiculous rueful absurd ludicrous tragic affecting off-color tough depressing hellish disgustful rebarbative loathly dilapidated scandalous negligible trifling nauseous foolish-looking silly accursed cringe-making dinky mingy piffling monstrous horrific confounded cursed under-strength dirty flimsy shlocky seedy ratty shlock grubby scabby scummy scurvy godforsaken cheap-jack unseemly run down impermissible exceptionable distasteful intolerable insupportable displeasing improper inadmissible unsuitable inappropriate undesirable amateurish unimpressive dubious unreasonable questionable condemnable scurrilous out cheapo irremediable indefensible stinky down at heel inacceptable unappealing uninviting reject won't do over the fence not up to par not on not quite the done thing poor quality half-baked second rate not cricket of poor quality beyond the pale of low quality out of order valueless craptacular unworthy damaged twopenny-halfpenny manky grievous drecky dud dishonourable dishonorable two a penny negligent nauseating evil fulsome noxious ugly meretricious broken unsatisfying trivial minimal heartbreaking kitsch scroungy downer bummer inexpert horrifying pinchbeck tattered Brummagem brassy unbearable mournful opprobrious run-down entry-level minor-league minor league grungy a dime a dozen bottom-rung rinky-dink dime-store small potatoes not satisfying wet throwaway dissatisfying petty twopenny brummagem unskilful wanky unhappy disturbing disconcerting disquieting thin inexcusable melancholy sneaking unforgivable meritless senseless inglorious preposterous not good enough leaving a lot to be desired unpardonable unconscionable foolish sinful without value iniquitous ignominious wicked ignoble immoral discreditable disreputable blameworthy overwhelming dolorous afflictive rough unjustifiable of no worth of little value of no value of little worth nickel-and-dime criminal beyond contempt blah from hell of little financial value diddly not good erroneous bad news fallacious not the best of no financial value raunchy unstylish tasteless styleless unfashionable ticky-tack inelegant dowdy ticky-tacky ten a penny unfit warped unsaleable unsellable scratched partial torn blemished inoperative cracked deformed unfinished patchy incomplete malfunctioning immature sketchy undeveloped inexact rudimentary vicious faultful sick injured bottom-of-barrel marred disfigured not functioning minus not working fallible bogus empty no-good low in quality abandoned barren in a state of disrepair few bugs


(especially of a place) Poor in quality and appearance
mean squalid shabby dilapidated sordid seedy slummy sleazy insalubrious poor sorry wretched dingy miserable mangy broken-down run down down at heel scruffy scuzzy crummy grungy bad ramshackle ratty mediocre scrubby tacky base bedraggled decrepit grotty lousy ordinary paltry rickety run-down shoddy substandard tattered tawdry threadbare unkempt untidy worn-out low-grade menial middling sad second-rate two-bit beat-up bombed-out dog-eared down-at-heel down-at-the-heels dumpy low-rent moth-eaten neglected rundown tatterdemalion tatty timeworn tumbledown shambly unmaintained seamy skanky shacky decaying crumbling unpleasant slumlike slum-like gone to rack and ruin uncared-for slovenly decayed sloppy nasty disheveled dishevelled dodgy unprepossessing grubby cheap dowdy low skeezy slimy disreputable scungy poverty-stricken smirched faded worn dishonest crooked limp tired low-class down and dirty unsavory unsavoury derelict ragged worse for wear falling to pieces gone to seed old depressed ruined worn out deteriorated deteriorating ruinous in disrepair battered slipshod in ruins frayed rumpty trashy untended gaudy crude common messy frowzy down-at-the-heel beat up in a bad way disintegrating inferior pitiful desolate rubbishy torn junky degenerated cheesy damaged holey impaired injured raggedy rotten schlocky in tatters well worn scraggy falling apart all the worse for wear the worse for wear frazzled weather-beaten badly dressed not up to snuff having seen better days tumble-down ill-maintained seen better days used-up on its last legs badly maintained overcrowded disordered underprivileged deprived peaked shattered manky raggedy-ass warby droopy overgrown wilted drooping sickly wilting ailing sagging flagging out at elbows in shreds falling apart at the seams used in bad repair out of condition below par in bad condition under par tasteless vulgar uncared wrecked ungroomed used up destroyed crumbly unsound marred creaky kitsch showy garish creaking uncouth unkept dirty tangled shaky flash Brummagem loud raunchy unimproved beat scraggly uncombed tousled flashy naff cheapjack in a state of disrepair rent worthless fallen-in uncared for beaten up fallen in poorly maintained rinky-dink gimcrack outmoded ostentatious cheap and nasty out-of-date unbecoming in bad taste waxy unsuitable poky stodgy frumpy poor-quality third-rate garbagy sucky execrable cut-rate bum jerry-built tinny schlock cheapo coarse bargain-basement terrible trumpery patched split ripped dreadful cruddy rubbish cheap-jack ropy duff bodger disfigured bare meager ragtag cure pot meagre plastic el cheapo pretentious inglorious makeshift low-down in holes poorly made desultory unpressed contemptible unfinished worn to shreds shaggy in rags down at the heel shredded badly worn full of holes dime-a-dozen


Giving the impression of vast, dark depths
cavernous huge vast commodious deep immense spacious capacious extensive hollow roomy yawning airy gaping large sepulchral voluminous ample dark enormous high rambling unfathomable wide concave echoing expansive gloomy resonant reverberant sunken alveolate broad cavelike chambered chasmal deep-set socketed curved inward abysmal great infinite limitless boundless open immeasurable big endless bottomless wide open profound fathomless sizable generous agape open wide chasmic abyssal wide-open unplumbed palatial sizeable comfortable widespread extended uncrowded very deep fully open giant high-ceilinged full massive substantial buried subterranean colossal expanded measureless cavernlike illimitable impenetrable unsounded unfathomed horizonless indefinite unbounded unlimited immensurable incomprehensible inestimable plumbless extreme plummetless unending never-ending extending far down gigantic tremendous considerable grand monstrous whacking great husky super-duper walloping mastodonic thumping man-size whopping goodly Bunyanesque megalithic swelled king-size cosmic elephantine massy epic thundering whopping great pharaonic lofty full-size titanic thumping great fair-size mighty excessive bulky galactic humungous family-sized mega oversize good-size ponderous jumbo supersized hulking gargantuan prodigious extravagant cyclopean ginormous outsize good-sized staggering monster great big stupendous oversized king size grandiose family-size socking great inordinate exorbitant humongous astronomical towering a whale of a whacking brobdingnagian leviathan tall monumental biggish mondo gross whopper outsized hefty economy-size mammoth of considerable size mountainous Brobdingnagian king-sized bumper handsome super colossal almighty largish supersize astronomic life-size overgrown cosmical man-sized magnific cumbersome unwieldy fair-sized dirty great tidy comprehensive economy-sized


Arousing little or no interest
uninteresting boring monotonous tedious tiresome wearisome dreary dull humdrum pedestrian banal colourless drab insipid leaden ponderous prosaic slow soporific tired tiring trite unexciting uninspiring unvaried wearying bland characterless colorless flat heavy drudging fatiguing jading jejune lifeless monochromatic numbing old prosy stale stodgy stuffy arid bromidic common commonplace dry dusty hackneyed samey uneventful weary depressing nothing nowhere repetitious stupid tame unenjoyable unentertaining mind-numbing ho-hum as dry as dust ho hum big yawn mundane mindless lacklustre laborious monochrome unvarying lackluster vapid uninspired plodding overlong mechanical draggy routine prolix enervating weariful interminable pabulum dreich exhausting dragging poky snooze dullsville mortal endless run-of-the-mill lacking variety deadly dull dull as dishwater long-drawn-out unimaginative spiritless blah unremarkable ordinary sterile repetitive wishy-washy dead workaday vanilla everyday vacuous weak feeble unoriginal unstimulating plain anaemic derivative barren turgid bloodless dry as dust limp anemic deadly platitudinous soul-destroying nondescript usual quotidian zero wooden hacky lame torpid mediocre banausic dim conventional laboured labored inane unchanging featureless zestless stiff pallid unanimated watery milk-and-water innocuous lustreless predictable inoffensive pointless stock stereotyped unexceptional apathetic soulless irksome clichéd sluggish antiseptic vacant long-winded treadmill dull as ditchwater neutral well-worn corny plain vanilla heavy-going common or garden toneless static matter-of-fact stilted day-to-day uniform unmemorable nothing to write home about empty normal unrelieved quiet overused monotone passionless expressionless middle-of-the-road threadbare hack tasteless listless muted overworked ornery namby-pamby moth-eaten flavourless lusterless lacking variation uncreative flavorless difficult drivelling driveling serious no great shakes truistic gray grey not up to much timeworn cliché-ridden undistinguished square worn out old hat played out pedantic run of the mill non-stimulating customary trying typical regular sleepy familiar unproductive droning unobjectionable forced undistinctive average hollow plebeian safe white-bread desolate garden-variety unadventurous yawnsome sapless stagnant downcast unpalatable heavy going lowly fuddy-duddy trivial one-horse hoary so-so lacking excitement lacking interest ineffective unromantic stereotypical shopworn cliche obligatory musty hackney cobwebby time-worn worn-out dead-and-alive a dime a dozen flat tire miserable long usual thing prosing menial slow-moving slow but sure steady longwinded annoying irritating bummer drag cloying drear bomb clumsy unnatural awkward artificial stolid solemn boresome vexatious unspirited disheartening unsatisfying demoralizing unfulfilling unlively unpassioned indistinct nitty-gritty terrestrial wordy not fun uninterested tepid lethargic deadening formal puerile frustrating drawling crude meagre simplistic meager staid unexceptionable workday slack verbose cardboard depressed unmodulated undemonstrative bleak dowdy inert over-serious raw dispiriting wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy weighty unartistic uninventive unfeeling mat unexpressive matte unexcited dulled backward least Milquetoast unfateful indecisive noneventful unnoteworthy inconclusive sombre somber half-pie bog-standard OK straightforward poor half-hearted inadequate cautious down-to-earth factual unprogressive inactive uninflected automatic garden variety cold backwoods comatose demoralising derived circumspect unseasoned whitebread blind without variety unimpassioned harmless soft mild nebbish beige fatuous tenuous slight subdued mainstream inexpressive emotionless lacking vitality passive prudent reiterated samely monotonic all the same recurrent sing-song unchanged anodyne halfhearted diluted not so hot hard to digest robotic brainless waterish nerdy wimpy unappealing cut-and-dry standard businesslike cut-and-dried standard-issue chary cliché useless two-dimensional behind the times overdone boiled down without punch attentive literal-minded no-nonsense lead balloon futile bathetic set imitative incomprehensible inarticulate incoherent flat as pancake slothful spent timid cornball puts one to sleep vain profitless out of date diddly practical actual practicable simple prose yawn clean formulaic passable low-grade outdated gingerly considerate careful heedful wary calculating dime-store level-headed unsentimental hard-headed old-fashioned dense unreadable outmoded archaic unrewarding facile noplace dumb hokey cornfed tripe obsolete conservative defunct undemanding extinct antiquated devoid of feeling devoid of emotion antediluvian fruitless worthless badly written superannuated unenterprising passé matter-of- fact aimless valueless unprofitable purposeless leery antwacky out of the ark cut and dried ineffectual otiose unavailing unsuccessful bootless inefficacious abortive literal unfruitful unfilled unprolific clear hicksville deadsville dragsville

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