Synonym of dispersed

Alternative for dispersed

disperses, dispersed, dispersing

Synonym: distribute, scatter, spread,

Antonym: collect, withdraw,


Spanning a wide area


Having widely spaced intervals
sparse meagre scanty scarce scattered scant skimpy sporadic exiguous hand-to-mouth infrequent light limited meager paltry poor skimp slender slim spare sparing stingy thin bare inadequate occasional rare scrimpy scrubby slight thinly distributed uncommon few and far between at a premium in short supply hard to come by thin on the ground wispy insufficient thinning diffuse deficient small measly insubstantial negligible little short minimal restricted modest inconsiderable insignificant piddling nominal inappreciable tiny wanting trifling low lacking pathetic lean miserable miserly shy puny few tight minimum reduced derisory marginal not enough too little inconsequential pitiful trivial narrow weak mingy beggarly mean failing tenuous minute confined sketchy flimsy barren too few petty piffling infinitesimal diminished hard to find compact picayune cramped constricted incomplete subtle unproductive frugal imperceptible base incommodious strait too little too late nugatory scrimp depleted ordinary poky unfinished feeble fractional shabby incommensurate mere bereft subnormal finite piddly lowly too small middling circumscribed jammed like gold dust not to be had not to be had for love nor money unfrequent lamentable ungenerous diminutive bitty close minuscule unfruitful infertile dwindling uncomfortable destitute stunted unsubstantial stinted minor faint average crowded niggling worthless dry unsatisfactory token packed congested imperfect faulty defined definite determinate measured squeezed drained barely sufficient mediocre choked straggling shrunken pent little or no seldom hardly any semioccasional unusual seldom met with low in numbers seldom seen out of the ordinary incidental unsufficient lousy disappointing pitiable little bitty smallish fragmentary unimportant economical poxy humble basal on the small side laughable lame inferior unqualified parsimonious junk wedged missing cut shoddy truncated threatened shortened footling minus unfitted incapable unample defective incompetent devoid not much needed next to none next to no very small lesser pimping rudimentary patchy basic chicken contemptible jam-packed peanut less dinky not making it not hacking it coming up short run-down short of out of superficial short-handed low on short on bush-league set partial ineffectual substandard at a low level vague seldom found microscopic diddly widely spaced in the minority no-account overcrowded de minimis Mickey Mouse gentle scarcer than hen's teeth two-bit rinky-dink awkward overfull fair matchbox hemmed in two-by-four irregular moderate median medium unexceptional tolerable tucked up closed in jammed in acceptable passable satisfactory midsize midsized adequate confining intermediate middle incapacious compressed pinched tapered skinny tapering hairline bounded needlelike ultrathin fine unthinkable unlikely unimaginable unique singular subtile outstanding towering inconceivable strange remarkable preeminent unheard of attenuate exceptional attenuated isolated magnificent recherche standout rarefied unwonted extraordinary contracted near straitened narrowing fixed taper threadlike narrow-gauged paper-thin slim-jim


Forming or viewed as a unit apart or by itself
separate independent autonomous different disconnected isolated respective apart detached disparate distinct divorced discrete individual unique unrelated distinctive free unconnected disjointed divided individualised individualized diverse single solitary unlike unalike dissimilar unequal contrasting variant divergent distinguishable unattached nonidentical distant heterogeneous several differing contrary mixed motley sundry manifold diversified conflicting varied contradictory contrastive unassociated incompatible opposite other peculiar assorted miscellaneous omnifarious particular multifarious variegated inconsistent clashing mismatched discrepant various specific numerous many all manner of polymorphic many-sided changing multitudinal legion divers multitudinous populous changeable opposed poles apart freestanding at variance antithetical at odds dissociated incongruous contrasted multiform separated unsimilar express protean non-identical especial alternative incongruent varying polymorphous opposing discordant deviating dissonant discontinuous precise singular special disproportionate alternate incomparable antithetic disagreeing indiscriminate diverging incommensurate eclectic inconsonant not related disharmonious uncoordinated anomalous ill-matched in opposition like night and day unjoined disengaged removed severed cut off otherwise substantive irrelevant uneven unequivalent distinguished discriminable characteristic proper categorical nothing like like chalk and cheese not alike disjunct disjoined bipolar far cry personal own relevant corresponding idiosyncratic non-continuous uncoupled unlinked unallied piebald patchwork wide-ranging raggle-taggle haphazard ragtag kitchen-sink jumbled magpie promiscuous each appropriate one-to-one not the same sole distinguishing irreconcilable impertinent nongermane irrelative inappropriate polar conglomerate offbeat disunited diametric converse sui generis untypical unnatural off-key factious atypical irregular factional adverse obverse reverse antipodal antipodean diametrical cross not kin not kindred inimical competing hostile oppugnant inverse reversed counter paradoxical contrapositive violative flip-side streets apart diametrically opposed foreign out of keeping illogical unsuited disconsonant lopsided alien confused unsuitable absurd extraneous improper unbecoming inapt bizarre incoherent shifting unbalanced unpredictable distorted unavailing inapropos rambling unintelligible twisted fitful fantastic inharmonious myriad odd contradistinctive contradistinct differentiable inapplicable immaterial unmixable colorful multifaceted aberrant varicolored exotic colourful many and various altered ill-assorted as like as chalk and cheese another incommensurable unmistakable differential oppositional composite mongrel multiplex mosaic mingled amalgamate wrong asymmetric off-balance unjust misallied one-sided inequitable unreconcilable remote strange jarring out of place inept unapt untoward incorrect unfit indecorous infelicitous perverse malapropos inapposite graceless unhappy amiss unseemly irrelevant to incompatible to incongruent with unequal to incomparable to inconsistent with immaterial to unrelated to ironic not in harmony standing out a mile like a fish out of water sticking out a mile incongruitous antagonistic alien to hostile to incompatible with foreign to adverse to in conflict with opposed to unacceptable to contrary to antagonistic to conflicting with in conflict oppugnant to unusual for repugnant to inimical to at variance with not similar weird antonymous mismated far from not capable of comparison march to a different drummer


Past tense for to distribute or spread over a wide area
scattered spread strewed strewn diffused disseminated distributed broadcast broadcasted sowed sown besprinkled circulated bestrewed bestrewn peppered sprinkled dealt disbursed discharged divvied ejected interspersed partitioned propagated radiated routed scrambled shed sprayed threw about thrown about cast forth doled out measured out sent off took off in all directions taken off in all directions spread out promulgated put about published cast communicated transmitted publicized spread around tost tossed publicised split up littered flung promoted passed on separated dotted proclaimed dispelled allocated allotted made known dissipated spotted covered imparted sent out bruited abroad disjected regionalized broadened put in put on the air reorganized put on the airwaves expanded devolved proliferated preached propagandized praught put in the ground propagandised spread over dispensed apportioned threw thrown purveyed fanned out decentralized reorganised decentralised filled cluttered seeded drilled planted divided peddled studded punctuated advertized advertised heralded annunciated blazoned announced blazed declared trumpeted intermixed interlarded told lodged transferred interfused intersprinkled intermingled intersowed combined commingled disclosed infused staggered implanted inseminated dibbled bruited about pitched raised carried sent forth mixed together developt transfused spaced out developed made public beared blew away blown away grown grew broke up broken up bore borne gave given given out gave out spread about put out telecast issued aired released videocast showed posted televised relayed relaid printed reported screened telecasted streamed got about leaked out gotten out got out repeated rumoured bandied about presented beamed broke broken brake enunciated outed blared sounded flashed placarded rumored cabled bruited commercialized popularized gotten around got around got round simulcast come out spread the word shown discussed gotten about taught supported advocated championed commercialised made popular popularised explained divulged tossed about travelled traveled conducted conveyed revealed expounded moved bared exposed unveiled radioed sent spilt spilled bandied exchanged featured podcasted staged passed decreed notified made the rounds shared out displayed included leaked endorsed tooted pronounced called stated drummed passed around offered simulcasted rerun telegraphed telephoned radiographed moved around made official blazoned abroad surfaced came out noised abroad brought to public attention brought to public notice went the rounds gone the rounds become apparent brought out noised passed the word become known gossiped gossipped campaigned for become public become widely known came to light whispered come out in the open reran gone on the air gone on the airwaves went on the airwaves went on the air became public became apparent broke out became known broken out did the rounds became widely known came out in the open done the rounds


Past tense for to become weaker or of poorer quality
failed dwindled disappeared faded waned decreased diminished lessened degenerated depleted deteriorated fell felled fallen subsided vanished drained languished lowered dimmed dissipated withered attenuated declined abated decayed plummeted plummetted sank sunk sunken guttered receded dissolved dropped reduced weakened died away went down gone down died out went downhill gone downhill gave out given out wound down became less become less grew less grown less became weak become weak petered out fizzled out went away gone away faded away grew dim grown dim died down tailed off drained away wore off worn off dropped off wasted away fell away fallen away ebbed cleared melted away evaporated thinned ended flagged wilted evanesced drooped perished shrivelled sagged emaciated dematerialized melted lagged shriveled fled etiolated evanished tapered deliquesced folded moderated trailed hushed tired rarefied quieted become unimportant slacked off passed off become less loud pooped out tuckered out fagged out faded out vanished into thin air trailed off died on vine scattered withdrawn withdrew cleared up ceased become less dense become less in number become less numerous dispelled cleared out went molt molten gone flown flew grew faint grew feeble grown feeble grown faint became unimportant became less loud became less numerous became less in number became less dense let up eased shrunk relented relent remitted tapered off de-escalated slackened palled ratcheted down phased down eased off contracted slumped shrank shrunken alleviated plunged relaxed slowed dropped away nosedived come to an end collapsed depreciated descended tempered mitigated softened desisted slipped quelled subdued crashed quietened got less slackened off eased up terminated cut become smaller settled down closed hit the floor slacked cut back cooled off got lower minified become lower blurred fell off fallen off grown smaller grew smaller came to an end atrophied disintegrated crumbled depressed downgraded dipped lulled lightened calmed devaluated devalued eroded allayed relieved assuaged quietened down mollified tumbled dived downscaled downsized gotten smaller got smaller stilled retrogressed died off dampened slaked come down come to a stop got quieter chilled out slowed down marked down soft-pedalled amputated coasted rolled back cooled it became smaller became lower stopped clipt become weaker abridged cooled clipped got softer become softer impaired decelerated calmed down soft-pedaled dulled extenuated unlaxed become quieter cropped halted slacked up levelled off retrenched toned down abbreviated made smaller gave way given way gave in given in fell short fallen short drawn to a close drew to a close came down became weaker went through the floor gone through the floor took the bite out took the sting out taken the bite out taken the sting out came to a stop fallen down fell down wrote down became softer written down became quieter dove gone downwards nose-dived took a nosedive taken a nosedive went downwards


Past tense for to scatter or sprinkle, typically over a wide area
sprayed sprinkled scattered strewed strewn spattered showered splashed bestrewed bestrewn peppered sowed sown dotted spotted drizzled drenched diffused covered besprinkled spritzed smeared dusted misted applied douched atomized spewed spewn threw around thrown around spread in droplets sent out broadcast wet bespattered splattered speckled soiled daubed dirtied specked dashed marked mottled plashed flecked swashed blotched stained slopped sloshed splodged slabbered splotched bedabbled broadcasted discharged spluttered dribbled spangled smudged emitted sputtered wetted doused stippled freckled spread soaked dappled marbled shot moistened drowned sopped besmirched squirted plunged washed bathed sullied dabbled studded lapped bedaubed smirched sploshed streaked wet down bespeckled powdered got wet shotten dabbed befouled begrimed besmeared splatted trickled slapped anointed coated paddled soused dampened interspersed bestudded saturated maculated immersed overspread pimpled soddened waterlogged flooded bedraggled watered steeped inundated spread over set cast shed hosed down put on muddied gurgled rippled dipped smacked tarnished tainted scarred carpeted sifted bubbled plopped laved blotted expelled rubbed slathered garnished lipped ejected smothered wallowed waded guggled flung hosed rained finished topped layered plastered threw thrown disseminated guddled trailed overlayed wiped larded greased variegated slicked overlaid tarred distributed sodden irrigated spurted pocked tost tossed mizzled patched ducked beslobbered deluged submerged beslubbered damped dowsed littered spitted popped spat dunked fertigated expended scrambled poured coughed up imbued snuffed sluiced rubbed on drooled watered down threw out thrown out plunged into water baptised baptized creamed overlay got water on gotten water on threw liquid thrown liquid thrown about threw about taken off in all directions took off in all directions


Past tense for disperse or radiate from a central point to cover a wide area

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