Synonym of dispossessed

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Synonym: homeless, roofless,


Subject to deprivation
deprived disadvantaged needy poor destitute depressed in need necessitous underprivileged bereft denuded in want lacking poverty-stricken distressed forlorn impoverished broke impecunious penurious rundown wanting badly off down at heel in reduced circumstances on the bread line unable to make ends meet unable to keep the wolf from the door indigent hard up on the breadline in straitened circumstances pauperized penniless beggared beggarly needful strapped skint insolvent flat broke stony broke stone broke strapped for cash down and out without two pennies to rub together as poor as a church mouse threadbare famished dirt-poor down-and-out without two farthings to rub together without a sou ruined boracic moneyless dirt poor boracic lint cleaned out without a bean low-income on skid row without two brass farthings to rub together bankrupt without a red cent hard-pressed homeless unprosperous up against it without a brass farthing flat on your uppers in Queer Street neglected bust in distress handicapped struggling on the rocks busted have-not short low-paid without a penny in penury dead broke stony wiped out out at elbows out of pocket down on one's luck without two pennies farthings to rub together economically deprived financially disadvantaged requiring help ill-fated hapless unfortunate unlucky ill-starred discriminated against down to last cent economically disadvantaged vagrant stripped divested deficient totaled pinched crippled broken impaired hindered workless unemployed laid off on the streets jobless living rough between jobs redundant sleeping rough idle in dire straits deprived of devoid of played out in distressed circumstances straitened of no fixed address of no fixed abode in need of inadequately serviced out of a job signing on resting reduced sterile in reduced empty hurting clean on the dole on one's beam ends poor as a church mouse underserviced on the wallaby track shabby derelict slummy seedy ghost shanty ghetto run down run-down skid row underserved fortuneless on one's beam-ends truly needy empty-handed in the red on your beam-ends behind eight ball in debt stony-broke short of money craptastic bad off without a penny to one's name on one's uppers stone-broke in Chapter 11 in a bad way tapped out bankrupted out of money low meager meagre suffering indebted failed cashless lost in the gutter gone under in administration in receivership gone bust in Carey Street gone to the wall without a shot in one's locker in the hands of the receivers unfavored unaffluent extremely poor base scanty severe difficult unmoneyed impencunious stranded vile unprivileged down-at-heel overdrawn over a barrel on last leg without a dime wretched despicable mean beaten vagabond defeated outcast finished miserably poor very poor financially poor spent down to last penny in dire circumstances in great need squalid miserable pathetic shoddy foul sordid smashed without a penny to your name in arrears owing money pitiful unpleasant abject belly up exhausted depleted on the skids out of funds in the poorhouse contemptible in financial difficulties not having two pennies to rub together not having two farthings to rub together financially distressed financially embarrassed without means of support short of cash without money cleared out liquidated out of business defaulting foreclosed collapsed undone unable to pay one's debts financially ruined belly-up in Chapter 13 taken to the cleaners


Having suffered the death of a loved one


To have ceased to retain something
lost expended squandered wasted blew burned burnt depleted drained exhausted outlaid spent burned up consumed dispensed with dissipated laid out ran through shelled out splurged suffered the loss of used up went through burned through coughed up discharged frittered away stopped having threw away wasted away disinherited divested fiddled away lavished misspent sacrificed trifled away run through blown gone through been through burnt up lay out thrown away finished frittered emptied used misust misused sapped devoured spent like water absorbed absorpt sucked dry got through frivolled away gotten through played out bled milked finished up employed utilized impoverished spent recklessly spent money as if it were going out of style bled dry put out run out poured down the drain made poor use of utilised spent money as if there were no tomorrow passed devoted misemployed dried up drawn down drew down abused killed misapplied frivolled frivoled beguiled payed out paid out trifled spent unwisely put in swallowed up emptied out splashed out washed up spent money as if it grows on trees disbursed paid payed idled away threw around like confetti ate up thrown around like confetti wore out filled eaten up occupied forked out embezzled misappropriated dished out exploited strained ponied up anted up stumped up diddled away gambled away diminished scattered spent freely dried run down worn out put to wrong use sprung for put to use made use of spent money as if it were going out of fashion idled taken up cast away whiled away run up bankrupted played ducks and drakes with took up diverted ran out invested gobbled contributed threw down the drain thrown down the drain parted with guzzled perverted donated whiled went down the drain gone down the drain lazed given gave prostituted loitered spent foolishly fribbled away profaned distorted warped mishandled garbled wantoned misinterpreted allocated overspent shirked busted syphoned siphoned mismanaged defalcated doled out misrepresented dropped misconstrued voided tapped drawn attenuated slashed drew prodigalized had recourse to catheterized laid something out gone to waste ran up fiddled made bad use of dispersed freed from had no more pumped out kissed goodbye blew through ate poured something down the drain dug into footed the bill dispensed spent as if it were going out of style indulged oneself run dry spent as if it grows on trees lapsed petered out finished off ran down poured money down the drain filtered off chucked something down the drain took last of filled in dallied spent as if there were no tomorrow ebbed spent money as if it grew on trees went to waste used fraudulently blown through spent money like water fooled away taken last of eaten dispelled sprang for filled up threw thrown stole stolen ran dry gone went broke broken brake thrown money at threw money at availed oneself of threw money down the drain thrown money down the drain threw money around thrown money around ate through eaten through gotten rid of gotten last drop drew off drawn off got rid of got last drop dumped


Past tense for to deprive someone of the possession of land, especially by evicting them
dislodged ejected evicted expelled ousted banished exiled bounced cast out defenestrated drove out driven out outed turned out booted out chucked out heaved out kicked out threw out thrown out turfed out showed the door shown the door put out in the street threw someone out on their ear thrown someone out on their ear removed deported dismissed put out barred banned routed chased excluded relegated drummed out slanged rejected sacked sent packing run off expulsed expatriated debarred blackballed transported displaced ostracized outlawed separated cashiered discharged blacklisted slang uprooted extradited blacked thrusted out pushed out proscribed excommunicated flung out slung out ostracised sent away fired asked to leave suspended busted binned off evacuated ran off gave one the gate given one the gate given someone the big E driven away gotten rid of gave walking papers thrown out on ear shown you the door gave the elbow fordrove thrown out on your ear threw out on ear given someone the air got rid of gave the hook given the boot threw out on your ear gave the bum's rush gave someone the push fordriven given the hook gave the boot given the elbow given walking papers drove away showed you the door gave someone the air given someone the push gave someone the big E given the bum's rush forced out axed extruded let go booted gave someone their marching orders given someone their marching orders given someone the boot gave someone the boot rid discarded eliminated turfed chucked upset forced to leave sent off cut chased out tossed out shut out let out given the heave-ho gave the heave-ho gave the old heave-ho given the old heave-ho dethroned repatriated unseated toppled disbanded dispersed demoted supplanted overturned liberated demobilized bundled cleared dispatched tost unloosed eighty-sixed ditched bumped tossed irrupted demobilised disallowed expropriated emptied defrocked degraded unmade brought down deprived uncrowned downgraded unthroned kissed goodbye drove off squeezed out yeeted shipped out canned omitted subverted unhorsed impeached deposed removed from office unfrocked discrowned deleted stripped of rank disregarded slurred elided erased forgot dropped shown out showed out showed the door to shown the door to tossed out on ear run out of town handed someone his hat heave-hoed missed out casted off sloughed off sent home mustered out disposed of chased off pushed aside left off dispensed with locked out left out ridded overthrew overthrown broke broken brake dumped forgotten forgat given the sack to gave the sack to done without did without allowed to go gave someone the bullet threw overboard thrown overboard given someone the bullet threw out on the streets thrown out on the streets gave someone their cards did away with given the chop given someone their cards given someone their P45 gave the chop gave someone their P45 done away with froze out given heave-ho frozen out gave heave-ho gave something a miss taken out took out given something a miss showed the gate to shown the gate to ran out of town ridden out on rail rode out on rail


Past tense for to take property unlawfully from (a person or place) by force or threat of force

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