Synonym of disquisitional


Of the nature of disquisition


Of or relating to a homily, or to homiletics
homiletic didactic moralistic moralising moralizing sententious preachy sermonic instructive instructional edifying doctrinal teaching sermonising sermonizing admonitory disciplinary expository preaching homiletical pedantic enlightening informative educational illuminating informational educative preceptive pedagogic improving heuristic propaedeutic priggish useful donnish informatory pompous sanctimonious scholastic pietistic self-righteous helpful pious pontifical unco guid sermonical pedantical lecturelike illuminative cultural didactical trite tutorial revealing telling canting explanatory judgmental preachifying ponderous judgemental Pecksniffian serious upright cautionary self-important pi high-minded strait-laced pointed holier-than-thou dogmatic Pharisaic Pharisaical academic tuitional schoolmasterly bookish formal erudite moral abstruse teacherly teacherish teachy exhortative schoolmasterist advisory hortative learned pedagogical elucidative literary schoolish doctrinaire inkhorn explicative explicatory descriptive explanative exegetic illustrative interpretive expositive interpretative exegetical stilted punctilious arid egotistic fussy formalistic hairsplitting overnice dry ostentatious particular nit-picking dull scholarly elucidatory revelatory explaining demonstrative graphic diagrammatic allegorical clarifying hermeneutical school profound professorial communicative intellectual newsy factual forthcoming cerebral egghead highbrow expositional exemplifying representative typical prefatory annotative expounding evaluative describing pictorial illustrational evincive delineative discursive guiding informing comparative illustratory pictoric symbolic specifying indicative hermeneutic declarative emblematic corroborative sample by way of explanation expressive analytical metaphoric imagistic iconographic figurative

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