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dissatisfies, dissatisfied, dissatisfying

Antonym: satisfy,


Present participle for to fail to fulfill the hopes or expectations of
disappointing disgruntling displeasing failing disaffecting discontenting cheating disquieting exasperating letting down failing to satisfy leaving dissatisfied giving cause for complaint annoying angering irritating irking vexing upsetting frustrating aggravating peeving bothering narking bugging offending dismaying perturbing discomposing outraging infuriating galling hacking off riling nettling maddening provoking piquing embittering disturbing miffing souring disgusting putting out chagrining winding up incensing envenoming antagonizing troubling needling hassling alienating enraging disillusioning affronting ruffling worrying appalling scandalizing fretting graveling gravelling grating chafing rankling embarrassing eating antagonising estranging inflaming making resentful making bitter ticking off trying turning off bumming out getting to mortifying giving someone the hump scandalising poisoning discouraging depressing getting empoisoning disenchanting disconcerting persecuting agitating distressing rasping discomfiting spiting roiling griping frosting itching riding harassing tormenting paining teasing nagging hacking you off burning up hounding putting your back up mithering biting rubbing up the wrong way getting on your nerves rankling with driving bananas driving up the wall making someone see red giving a hard time getting across shocking horrifying nauseating sickening breaking your word breaking one's word falling short of expectations aliening abashing disheartening dispiriting niggling discountenancing imposing upon confounding putting on the spot burning humiliating making someone's blood boil getting in someone's hair making someone's hackles rise trying someone's patience getting on someone's nerves getting on someone's wick getting someone's dander up getting someone's hackles up getting someone's back up ruffling someone's feathers getting up someone's nose getting under someone's skin shaming crushing unnerving chilling daunting chillin unmanning demoralizing confusing disgracing driving mad demoralising driving crazy making discontented jaundicing plaguing exacerbating worsening pestering afflicting bittering making rancorous acidulating venoming acerbating harrying flustering fussing molesting abrading getting your back up getting under one's skin giving a bad time giving someone grief grating on mixing up getting in one's hair insulting rattling disobliging perplexing repelling zinging capping revolting mispleasing hurting cooling winging curdling sounding teeing off getting at playing dirty cutting to the quick aggrieving wounding stinging humping dissing causing offense put somebody's nose out of joint slighting saddening goading eating at giving offence to hurting someone's feelings getting one's goat putting someone's nose out of joint agonizing fazing grieving ailing getting across someone jarring disrespecting agonising enflaming iring madding making unhappy getting your goat putting down wearing on steaming up getting under skin putting someone's back up rubbing the wrong way baiting cutting driving to distraction bumming steaming hacking motivating igniting quickening awaking absorbing grabbing attracting interesting pricking devastating working up egging on making waves wronging giving the business discommoding discombobulating repulsing dogging excruciating causing offense to making your blood boil boiling over making indignant firing up causing offence to whipping up trying one's patience getting a rise out of riling up getting under your skin trying your patience slapping rubbing one the wrong way rubbing you up the wrong way mourning causing suffering causing anguish bleeding causing sorrow lambasting nagging at putting abusing criticising slandering taunting confronting dispraising criticizing pushing the buttons of thumbing nose at hitting where one lives dumping on giving the cold shoulder giving a zinger snubbing injuring slurring casting down shattering the illusions of dampening the spirits of dashing the hopes of dashing hopes turning one off giving offence treading on someone's toes hurting somebody's feelings getting someone's goat bedeviling bedevilling gnawing tiffing huffing stewing petting getting on one's nerves sticking in one's craw setting one's teeth on edge


Inadequate, substandard or, not satisfactory
unsatisfactory deficient poor unacceptable inferior bad deplorable disagreeable disappointing displeasing inadequate insufficient lousy mediocre pathetic substandard unsuitable unworthy weak defective faulty imperfect lacking terrible bush crumby crummy dissatisfactory ill impermissible inadmissible inappropriate insufferable intolerable lame off paltry punk sad sour suboptimal subpar undesirable wack wanting wretched wrong amiss damaged disconcerting disquieting distressing disturbing junky regrettable rotten schlocky thin offensive no good not good enough not up to par below par bush-league not up to scratch not much cop no great shakes for the birds leaving a lot to be desired depressing dispiriting disheartening discouraging dismaying disillusioning saddening disenchanting upsetting unfortunate frustrating anticlimactic awful dreadful appalling atrocious shoddy abysmal lamentable second-rate rubbish dire duff execrable pitiful miserable useless rubbishy dismal low-grade pants frightful diabolical trashy cheap ropy poxy third-rate sorry hopeless a load of pants woeful worthless horrible low-quality shabby laughable not up to snuff low-rent grotty contemptible bum chronic bargain-basement disgraceful abominable unsound below standard schlock coarse nasty direful common objectionable flawed second-class crude two-bit God-awful cheapjack under par very bad cut-rate sub-par pitiable trumpery gimcrack egregious distasteful unpleasant sleazy below average junk cheesy shocking el cheapo horrendous meagre sucky odious pits middling meager obnoxious inept repugnant tenth-rate incompetent lemon subnormal tawdry dodgy repulsive abject leaving much to be desired poor-quality disastrous horrid low base average godawful dime-a-dozen exceptionable loathsome ordinary disgusting abhorrent tatty beastly cruddy amateurish foul unwelcome bodger feeble shameful indifferent not up to much poorer jerry-built unexceptional pedestrian vile repellent revolting out of order reprehensible detestable mean sickening hideous gross from hunger hack déclassé the pits good-for-nothing ghastly downmarket obscene nauseating grim unfit nauseous insubstantial hellacious less-than-stellar stinking tinny loathly unwanted disgustful tacky ineffectual beyond the pale despicable hateful insupportable repellant piddling impaired noxious unseemly calamitous incomplete unbearable scant limited damnable sketchy tinhorn piss-poor low-end second rate troublesome garbage icky careless half-pie cheap and nasty unpleasing grubby dirty grievous short restricted failing ineffective improper inexpert scandalous unreasonable noisome unimpressive ugly valueless unsatisfying unhappy minimal negligible rancid unqualified sick yucky censurable not acceptable scanty unspeakable inapt unpalatable rude not up to standard unsavoury uncool unfinished grody annoying unsavory off-putting strictly for the birds rebarbative poor quality unpopular negligent of a sort less than ideal bungling incorrect awry inefficient poorly evil fulsome harmful rough invalid trifling not okay unskilful incapable impotent little scummy scurvy ratty scabby sparse broken inconsiderable heartbreaking scarce out outrageous inapposite uncomfortable reduced horrifying astray unequal trivial gruesome twopenny-halfpenny catastrophic malapropos unbecoming excruciating too little fallible indecorous shy reject not on end-of-the-pier opprobrious irritating afflictive haywire found wanting skimpy insignificant cheapo measly weak sauce unappealing uninviting patchy dishonourable dishonorable exiguous unfitted not cricket derisory rudimentary rare infrequent downer bummer bereft not enough partial scurrilous indefensible stinky irremediable fallacious erroneous ill-favored not working tragic affecting injured marred out of line minus ill-favoured not quite the done thing in short supply minor-league minor league inexpedient of poor quality god-awful small potatoes not satisfying of low quality out of sorts off-colour crook off colour not ideal less than satisfactory less than optimal unideal slovenly wet throwaway puny commonplace desperate twopenny brummagem petty naff tinpot tricky sparing inappreciable ropey worse low quality stupid poopy unproficient wanky dislikable second-best dilapidated not cutting it cataclysmic melancholy sneaking hellish undistinguished uninspired invidious off-color cheapie second class a dime a dozen under-strength raunchy diddly blah bad news grungy not good not the best sick-making bogging poison underwhelming unstable sickly weakly powerless cheap-jack ridiculous absurd ludicrous foolish-looking silly rueful flimsy shlocky unsightly sordid godforsaken seedy shlock off-form from hell blameworthy overwhelming mournful dolorous finite confusing incommensurate dreaded disliked too much unfulfilling unattractive run down too few not oneself under the weather warped unsaleable unsellable slight bathetic uninteresting unwished-for a bit off a bit much a bit thick over the top unample drained too small dry devoid destitute scratched torn blemished inoperative cracked deformed dubious questionable not much chop unsought unlikable inconvenient shunned to be avoided outcast out of place bothersome detrimental loathed adverse incommodious disadvantageous unwished for scorned uninvited rejected ailing small askew problematic down at heel malfunctioning immature condemnable at a premium inacceptable undeveloped inexact tiny lean short of too little too late out of in a state of disrepair vicious faultful bottom-of-barrel dud disfigured not functioning few bugs falling short troubling in poor condition determinate basic circumscribed defined miserly definite measured OTT irrelevant horrific worrisome irksome discomforting not right severe unsettling forbidding agonizing traumatic stressful perturbing daunting torturous immaterial unallowable won't do over the fence half-baked humourless harrowing sombre unnerving humorless difficult discomposing distressful sober doleful bitter agitating mortifying harsh solemn somber out of commission needing scrappy not all it's cracked up to be set diminished gloomy lurid sedate hairy tormenting worrying grisly troublous unendurable frightening fraught vexatious macabre nightmarish grave monstrous tragical yukky cruel awkward afflicting unassembled undersupplied underprovided untoward prohibited precluded disallowed forbidden inapplicable hurtful galling hostile concerning agonising anguished sorrowful heartrending painful uncongenial unlovely outta gas third string second string second fiddle impertinent unadmittable not allowable not make it censored unadmissible excluded not cut out for barred ill-timed banned unsuited nerve-racking nail-biting heart-rending heart-breaking gut-wrenching extremely bad nerve-wracking mistaken false confused perverse adrift incongruous unapt infelicitous graceless inaccurate craptacular beside the point not appropriate not germane crooked unfair erring unlawful glitched up

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