Synonym of distended

Alternative for distended

distends, distended, distending

Synonym: blow out, bulge, enlarge, expand, increase, magnify, stretch, swell, widen,


Having a surfeit of body fat
pot-bellied paunchy corpulent overweight beer-bellied bloated fat portly roly-poly rotund stout Falstaffian obese porky tubby plump gross large fleshy heavy solid chubby podgy beefy flabby thick meaty elephantine dumpy chunky blubbery buxom gargantuan broad full poddy fubsy pudgy wide lardy round replete morbidly obese substantial of ample proportions bulky pursy abdominous sonsy husky potbellied well upholstered huge jelly-belly plumpish hefty enormous well covered well padded heavyset bull sizable oversize ponderous thickset inflated bulbous whalelike blimp lard weighty burly porcine butterball bulging swollen bovine brawny broad in the beam lard-arsed ample big rounded zaftig corn-fed well rounded stocky fattish stubby squat stumpy massive sturdy cumbersome squatty adipose nuggety thick-bodied pyknic outsize hulking well-padded curvy well-upholstered short overstuffed overfed clinically obese overnourished overheavy cumbrous burdensome heavily built mesomorphic of ample build fatty considerable excessive squabby avoirdupois abundant upholstered full-figured well-built copious l gravid laden loaded awkward expectant enceinte built well-covered lead-footed dense cobby sturdily built very large matronly voluptous curved solidly built well fed plenitudinous sarcous bearish lumpish embonpoint lusty overblown short and fat well-fed filled colossal immense outsized homely on the plump side on the large great out of shape baby elephant unwieldy heavy-laden pleasingly plump bull-necked squab strapping full-fleshed clumsy having a bay window having a spare tire diminutive undersized dwarfish splay compact stodgy blocky heavy-knit cable-knit heavyweight


To have made a quantity bigger
increased raised enlarged improved incremented boosted enhanced furthered expanded extended proliferated advanced amplified elevated heightened maximized optimized augmented developed enriched inflated progressed strengthened consolidated magnified multiplied compounded doubled escalated aggrandized ameliorated bettered broadened built grew lengthened lifted reinforced upped accelerated added to amassed beefed up built up bumped up cranked up deepened hiked up inflamed jacked up reenforced snowballed spread stepped up swelled tripled widened annexed blew up dilated fleshed out marked up mounted padded protracted pumped up ratcheted up redoubled sharpened shot up slapped on supersized supplemented tacked on upraised upscaled went up added drew out elongated followed up hyped made better made bigger made greater made larger maximised optimised parlayed prolonged pullulated pumped teemed thickened topped up waxed stretched straught swoll swollen ballooned puffed up bloated puffed out bulged filled out mushroomed spread out made longer blown up fattened filled developt tumefied let out increased in size pulled aerated grown burgeoned bourgeoned strained outstretched opened intumesced dragged out prolongated drawn out stretched out become wider spun out pulled out drawn drew intensified swelled up outspread lift continued puffed exaggerated aggravated bulked swarmed reached unfolded upsurged made wider proceeded become larger hiked pyramided become bigger filled with air strung out pulled out of shape run up filled up gotten bigger got bigger became wider run appreciated accumulated climbed stoked boomed gained swollen up risen rose slung soared exacerbated worsened accentuated unfurled tightened distorted tautened jacked collected opened up made worse become distended protuberated jumboized fanned become thicker unrolled billowed made thicker untwisted ran up bulged out reamed wrenched became larger flared out bulked up fanned the flames of bolstered opened wide made broader got wider become deeper grown larger rounded out made deeper fanned out become bloated rolled up grew larger become longer got larger amped up souped up uncoiled opened out rolled out became bigger jumped up sprawled become broader spun fattened up flattened roused splayed intensated unwound strung sweetened clumb clomb ran slang gone up became distended became bloated stuffed grown quickly grew quickly blew blown span became thicker became broader became deeper became longer grew bigger grown bigger blown out blew out rocketed upgraded mounted up accrued flourished spiralled spiraled surged skyrocketed thrived gathered prospered fortified worked up picked up put up cultivated bloomed exalted elaborated refined evolved increased rapidly become more numerous piled up stimulated matured made progress made headway thriven throve spiked embellished cumulated built on leaped up perfected uplifted promoted blossomed scaled up made strides sprouted propagated emphasized feed fed exploded flowed jumped grew rapidly grown rapidly flowered boosted up come on emphasised increased exponentially run riot fostered produced polished updated shaped up touched up brushed up smartened up fine-tuned whetted worked out moved forward awakened became more numerous forged ahead nourished concentrated nurtured acquired invigorated diversified stockpiled succeeded leaped leapt modernized transformed modernised revolutionized meliorated endowed stressed sprung up sprang up emerged ascended brightened buttressed sprung topped speeded up put on a spurt increased in scope pushed up burst made healthy jazzed up sped up put on put fuel on come along revolutionised envigorated got stronger set off come of age aroused toned up heated up burst forth increased dramatically ripened spread quickly turned up expounded detailed improved on arose arisen explicated fast-tracked smartened straightened out grew in grown in excited went through the roof raked together reequipped injected gone through the roof spurred on reequipt substantiated toughened up ran riot secured raked up came on dredged up fueled tended fuelled mustered overstated issued sustained bred braced supported backed up shored complemented ensued followed honed dramatized overplayed embroidered luxuriated vitalized moved pushed changed kept burning overestimated mended poked metastasized stirred rekindled toned helped amended favoured advantaged inspirited titivated favored aided surged up nutrified advertised underlined advertized revitalized altered metamorphosed developed rapidly benefited benefitted uprose uprisen overemphasized hyperbolized gained strength quickened adapted complicated headed transmogrified differentiated inclined sprang supplied subsidized confused confounded spurted aggregated manifolded expatiated vaulted towered escaladed diffused piggybacked came along become better stretched the truth broadened one's horizons trucked poured it on added insult to injury adapted yourself pushed on totted tagged on been successful practised practiced reflated got to poised added fuel to the flames darkened sent through the roof acquired more of something contributed to hopped up pushed ahead branched out pervaded started to be readied heaped on revitalised came of age welled increased suddenly ramped up pressed on increased in value nerved peaked encouraged the growth of made complex worked one's way surcharged spruced up scaled eked out stacked up increased in piled on pressed forward worked on rearmed extended one's operations fetched up lightened moved onward crammed subsidised increased in weight sent up dramatised pointed covered ground made a big thing out of rallied straightened up added on overemphasised deteriorated become greater made stronger turned over new leaf went through the ceiling nursed pushed forward detonated shot derived educed accented rounded off made intricate made richer conditioned got something into shape poured got better become large rained provided for developed quickly piled become more powerful marched on perked up stoked up rubbed salt in the wound gone through the ceiling were successful was successful made strong speeded made first rate prepared gave substance to goosed up polished up sped shored up stocked up moved on added value to made louder overrun gained ground bucked up enforced got on given a boost gave a boost shore added fuel to got higher gotten higher went up in price gone up in price overdone overdid driven drove added fuel became greater aped up added fuel to fire added fuel to the fire overran went from bad to worse gone from bad to worse given substance to got taller gotten taller gone went grown greater grew greater given strength to gave strength to grown stronger grew stronger done well did well rose in value risen in value grew full became large gotten to grown full brast gone off went off became more powerful moved ahead gone forward went forth gone forth went forward risen rapidly rose rapidly blown out of all proportion drove up blew up out of all proportion driven up blown up out of all proportion blew out of all proportion given a boost to did up gave a facelift to done up given a lift to drove forward driven forward gave a boost to given a facelift to gave a lift to gotten hold of got hold of grown up became better gotten better grew up gotten on took steps forward taken steps forward bore fruit gone great guns gotten on well got on well went great guns borne fruit disentangled padded out played out transitioned enlivened animated wrought worked panned out finished brought alive


Past tense for swell or protrude to an incongruous extent
bulged swelled swoll swollen bagged projected protruded ballooned bellied expanded jutted dilated stuck out beetled billowed bloated bunched enlarged inflated overhung poked pooched pouched pouted puffed up stood out started ballooned out ballooned up domed filled out intumesced puffed out swelled out swollen out tumefied bilged blobbed extruded jutted out protuberated sagged bugged out popped out projected outward bulged out extended obtruded popped poked out swelled up filled hung out spread extended beyond billowed out plumped fattened pointed loomed become larger welled up loomed out stuck up butted out pooched out pouched out come out blown up blew up swollen up mushroomed rose risen bellied out peeked grown grew hung over cantilevered fermented puffed bagged out thrusted out prolonged lapped over lengthened became larger impended engorged stuck sticked come through stretched out pushed out become bloated become swollen stuck out like a sore thumb rounded out become inflated become distended came out ridden over rode over grew larger grown larger came through blown out blew out became bloated became swollen became inflated became distended beetled over cast a shadow protended outthrusted showed pushed sticked out over extended over projected over protruded over jutted over emerged bulked rolled surged portended stood out over overtopped commanded endangered jutted out over elongated loomed over held out bulged over pitched bounced impended over bulged out over cantilevered out poked out over tost tossed showed up dangled over flapped over drooped over cantilevered out over rolled upward towered above shown risen up rose up went beyond gone beyond risen above swung over swang over rose above

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