Synonym of distilled

Alternative for distilled

distils, distilled, distilling

Synonym: condense, distill, extract,


Past tense for to drip or dribble down vertically (in drops)
dripped trickled dribbled dropped leaked oozed run drizzled seeped trilled exuded weeped wept flowed ran splashed plopped percolated emanated issued filtered fell in drops fallen in drops sprinkled felled spilled streamed crawled creeped crept spilt precipitated snowed drained rained spouted squirted hailed run out fell fallen snown snew ran out poured discharged sweat welled bled leached spurted overflowed cascaded gushed escaped shed sweated emitted flooded strained transuded rolled coursed jetted filtrated spewed poured out surged rippled emerged welled forth brimmed exudated slid sputtered glided glid extravasated spread excreted emptied welled up swelled deluged teemed sluiced gurgled rushed regurgitated tumbled released spewn poured forth flowed out slopped burst sloshed permeated overbrimmed spattered disembogued swept sploshed slidden sprung overfilled overrun penetrated purled spilled over spilled out osmosed welled over perspired run over secreted swoll swollen let flow passed stemmed sent forth spread out oozed out seeped out gushed out soaked disgorged sprayed showered spritzed lixiviated inundated scattered extracted splattered babbled brimmed over moved abounded effused pullulated sprang gone went overran steamed proceeded separated lost ran over transpired swirled drifted slipped welled out tipping out risen rose whirled pervaded gave out given out slooshed run off left dry tapered off filtered off ejected gave off given off bubbled charged transfused saturated impregnated infected overflowed with drooled threw off thrown off emitted liquid expelled evacuated conveyed projected sent out washed away come out of filtered through resulted come out followed got into seeped into passed through upsprung derived from birthed eventuated flowed forth come forth leaked out gushed forth oozed forth vented appeared come originated seeped forth bursten brast extraught sprung up sprang up ran off gotten into came out of came out comen came came forth arose arisen upsprang


Collected or collected


Past tense for to process ethanol by distillation

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distilled Idiom, Proverb

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