Synonym of diversified

Alternative for diversified

diversifies, diversified, diversifying

Synonym: branch out, broaden, radiate,


Modified by diversification
varied diverse assorted miscellaneous mixed different manifold sundry variegated many myriad divers several heterogeneous motley disparate multifarious various multitudinous eclectic numerous indiscriminate multiform legion differing varying distinct unlike variant patchwork ragtag omnifarious dissimilar distinctive kitchen-sink piebald raggle-taggle magpie promiscuous unalike separate all manner of multiple polymorphic contrasting mingled divergent many-sided multiplex discrete conglomerate multitudinal populous changeable jumbled polymorphous incongruous multifaceted unequal peculiar changing protean individual discrepant colorful varicolored colourful unrelated wide-ranging a variety of contrastive farraginous distinguishable loose multifold diversiform confused alternate unique unsimilar contrary disproportionate discriminable contrasted unconnected unassociated alternative kaleidoscopic polychromatic rainbow odd composite prismatic haphazard disordered mottled compound non-identical chromatic multicolored polychrome multihued colored multicolour multicoloured an assortment of a mixture of a range of a number of inconsistent dappled some versicolor multicolor coloured many and various not the same a mixed bag of contradictory opposite hybrid conflicting nonidentical random scrambled unmatched scattered muddled unsorted voluminous abundant copious like night and day broad varietal many and different of every description extensive comprehensive general streets apart multivarious complex multiplied omniform variform collected dissonant a mixed bag anthologized jarring morefold plural beaucoup collective catholic all-embracing quite a few liberal wide broad-ranging universal distinguishing irregular broad-based inclusive encyclopedic aberrant exotic interdisciplinary non-exclusive multidisciplinary cross-disciplinary selective dilettantish encyclopaedic streaked varicoloured many-coloured combined blended alloyed united fused cosmopolitan many-hued particoloured incorporated amalgamated rainbow-like jazzy marbled psychedelic harlequin multicultural assimilated hybridized multinational transfused multiracial hybridised joint brewed unsegregated heterogenous merged infused woven crossed embodied interdenominational interracial married international kneaded integrated tied flecked blotchy pied striated blotched splodgy splotchy speckled patchy marled parti-coloured poikilo- independent mongrel inharmonious mosaic discordant amalgamate unallied opposed patched striped checkered chequered parti-colored particolored countless innumerable numberless incalculable untold infinite unnumbered uncounted immeasurable limitless endless uncountable profuse innumerous teeming a few umpteen plentiful unnumberable abounding unlimited a thousand and one thick on the ground boundless prolific lank considerable very many great heaps mismatched not very many a small group of a handful of all kinds of distant other not similar offbeat weird antithetical antonymous mismated poles apart not alike far from far cry a couple of not capable of comparison like chalk and cheese march to a different drummer marked overflowing measureless superabundant vast well-provided plenteous large-scale inexhaustible rampant lavish rich replete bounteous rife unremitting incomputable bountiful prevalent well-supplied ample frequent generous unbounded certain upwards of thousand-and-one no end of


Including a wide variety of things
catholic general all-inclusive broad-minded comprehensive diverse eclectic ecumenical global liberal tolerant unbigoted universal unsectarian wide broad-based flexible indiscriminate undogmatic unlimited all-around all-embracing all-purpose all-round broad general-purpose multiculti open-minded unprejudiced unqualified unrestricted unspecialized varied widespread worldwide world-wide charitable cosmic cosmopolitan diffuse extensive generic inclusive indeterminate large-scale planetary receptive whole wide-ranging wide-reaching all-encompassing all-embracing assorted miscellaneous mixed heterogeneous composite variegated sweeping prevalent pervasive common ubiquitous rampant omnipresent total pandemic complete full exhaustive blanket rife thorough international epidemic pervading overall expansive permeating overarching extended deep inescapable multinational mundane regular worldly astronomical accepted rangy across-the-board far-flung wall-to-wall across the board all-over far-reaching collective compendious entire panoramic cyclopedic encyclopedic embracive omnibus encyclopaedic unanimous broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged all-in broad-brush in-depth one-size-fits-all empyrean undisputed customary celestial terrestrial all usual stellar far-going far-stretched without end widely distributed far-spread extreme wide-extending wide-stretching far-extending wholesale prevailing predominant boundless popular thoroughgoing absolute outspread preponderate overwhelming out-and-out on a large scale all-encompassing all over the place all-out


To have made something into something else
changed altered modified adjusted amended edited molded redesigned revamped revised reworked rewrought adapted modulated refashioned tempered tweaked made over moderated morphed reconstructed redid regenerated remade remodeled remodelled remoulded renovated reorganized restyled retooled alternated fashioned freshened up improved moulded readjusted rearranged reconfigured rejigged remolded reorganised replaced reshaped revolutionised revolutionized tampered with translated warped affected commuted made innovations recast reconstituted refined rejiggered reordered reorientated reoriented tailored permuted turned around emendated made adjustments to made alterations to redressed rehashed remixed reshuffled became different redrafted reviewed reworded rewrote shuffled tampered tuned arranged made different ordered reconciled rectified regulated converted transformed developt developed reformed transmuted shifted transfigured evolved mutated metamorphosed varied upgraded transmogrified metamorphosized customized doctored recalibrated corrected become different customised redone progressed advanced overhauled renewed rebuilt diverged shaped transposed alchemized transubstantiated fixed updated fixt redeveloped differentiated switched turned refurbished denatured fixed up refitted stirred up rehabilitated transferred permutated moved turned over new leaf turned upside down dialed back reconditioned corrected mid-course cooked made changes to turned the tables shifted gears interchanged switched over changed completely turned the corner shope shapen rewritten sung different tune did up done up sang different tune emended rephrased repaired cut put rethought rescripted fit made swung set restructured set right fluctuated reversed debugged moved around remedied swapped reconsidered bettered substituted veered sorted out mended changed around polished righted rendered red-penciled red-pencilled fine-tuned squared put right applied appropriated downloaded retouched downlinked become reset exchanged touched up cleaned up attuned fitted traded ameliorated manipulated suited re-evaluated reassessed backtracked modernized displaced reappraised deviated conditioned qualified swang swungen prepared digressed rebranded swerved changed round reproduced vacillated juggled modernised flip-flopped scrubbed calibrated regrouped realigned enhanced budged made an alteration made an adjustment produced new version restored rescheduled redirected redeployed clarified harmonized redacted accommodated oscillated inverted backpedalled backpedaled redistributed deflected rejuvenated censored wheeled pivoted cured bent bended retracted styled reevaluated distorted governed redisposed passed whipped snapped snapt diverted dealt with yo-yoed reexamined sidetracked conformed sheered helped perfected acclimatized acclimated wavered swapped round becomed becomen became redrawn redrew swayed trimmed putten controlled recreated reclaimed harmonised resolved doubled back transitioned acclimatised shaped up changed your mind had second thoughts set aside blue-pencilled personalised set up put in other words tidied up set the record straight made to order reverted put in order cut to fit about-faced tightened changed direction changed one's tune put differently made improvements to changed one's mind custom-made put another way brought up to code straightened out ironed out blue-penciled lift personalized looked at in a different light had another think about shifted one's ground proofread set straight relocated shilly-shallied designed tailor-made thought over predisposed had an impact on impinged upon gone over went over influenced shook up shaken up undergone a sea change played around with juggled around jiggled around straightened mixed up underwent a sea change repositioned removed positioned reused returned to rationalized metastasized restated patterned metamorphized checked balanced formed grew grown borne upon born upon bore upon dislocated pulled bartered transplanted pushed condensed curved reiterated subedited discussed blent blended repeated planned drifted paraphrased averted reinforced rotated methodized reacclimated wound meandered treated contorted winded did again done again innovated toned rerouted zigzagged looped pitched overturned slipped assembled twisted revivified revitalized recanted concocted worked on managed handled interspersed said again merged bowdlerized stated differently expurgated transited spring-cleaned transmutated readdressed reconceived reanalyzed redefined reweighed revisited reexplored restituted resurrected meliorated abridged shortened deformed annotated enriched jiggered detoured weaved geared recalled trucked inflected altered dramatically generated disconfirmed remastered reenforced wrought worked made ready rehabbed channelled recapitulated aged matured ripened channeled approved departed snaked holp holpen made good reneged uplifted reassembled scanned acted in sequence played down added a rider to done over changed your tune assigned cleaned out taken a fresh look at elevated compared run over took another look at made specially excised passed around custom-built redecorated deleted returned inclined picked up paid dues analysed disguised lessened looked over made up expressed differently blew hot and cold hot roded plotted optimized sung a different song compiled bowdlerised made additions to flip-flopped on ate one's words rechannelled backed down backslid directed made a right massaged scrutinized cleaned up act worked in sequence eaten one's words turned aside sang a different song yo-yoed on cornered did an about-face started over did over revitalised checked over occurred in turn paid one's dues made up for deconflicted headed off composed attended to taken another look at manoeuvred changed the course of did a U-turn on yawed administered looked at again amplified done a U-turn on laundered took a fresh look at focused spliced blown hot and cold curbed made a left brushed up boned up raised followed followed in turn processed shaded done an about-face hung a left rechanneled seesawed re-formed switched round patched up made a clean sweep lowered scrutinised made conditional retraced restrained doctored up added reservations to made right discarded changed drastically backed off draughted said differently reported inversed analyzed reneged on whirled contrived remapped featured turned off had another look at made far-reaching changes in struck out started again lifted changed opinion effected chopped and changed boiled down turned one around caused revolution thought better of made another study of made better re-created prepared for publication changed gears on quadrated performed on butchered optimised underwent a change backed cleared up hemmed and hawed become clearly visible as did an about-turn rationalised maneuvered reduced autotuned recoiled hung a right fiddled with did a U-turn focussed filled in for relieved channelled away dovetailed done a U-turn finished published undergone a change moved between occurred in rotation done an about-turn done an about-turn on prescribed restarted unsaid followed one another decided against toned down changed gradually did an about-turn on made to measure cleared out backtracked on withcalled drafted gone went gone back to went back to woven wove withdrawn withdrew wrote over flown speck been through gone through written over went through flew speck got with it gotten with it re-presented taken care of acted on took care of seen to saw to broken with the past broke with the past broken with past broke with past drawn away drew away backslided took a bend taken a bend backslidden added to took turns taken turns became clearly visible as gone over again taken another look took another look ran over went over again acted with took back gone back on eaten your words taken back ate your words backed out of went back on taken it in turns came and went took it in turns acted reciprocally come and gone done from scratch done over again went back to the beginning gone up and down did over again went up and down rose and fell risen and fallen did from scratch gone back to the beginning done an aboutface did an aboutface broke broken brake


Past tense for to differ, especially based on a type or class

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