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divides, divided, dividing

Synonym: partition, portion, separate, share, sort, split,

Antonym: unite,


Disconnected and not attached to anything
detached separate disconnected unattached separated isolated unconnected free discrete freestanding apart removed loose parted single disengaged disjoined alone unhitched uncoupled unfastened untied loosened unhooked loosed unbuttoned undone unzipped undivided emancipated unaccompanied not attached standing alone standing apart disjointed severed divorced sundered split distinct disassociated disunited divergent distant dissociated partitioned scattered distributed disembodied segregated abstracted independent different broken up unrelated disparate individual cut off unglued apportioned cut apart set apart put asunder discontinuous autonomous respective unique estranged distinctive unassociated adrift individualized no longer together living separately marked living apart split up solitary diverse dispersed individualised irrelevant asunder free-standing self-contained not related shut off by itself fenced off far between not together not joined in halves set asunder cut in two disrupted disbanded excluded discriminative restricted at loggerheads at odds kept apart divided along racial lines withdrawn lonely remote unsecured sequestered deserted inaccessible insulated secluded foreign alien insular outside companionless friendless forsaken lonesome unsociable introverted retired hermitic selfstanding all alone standalone by oneself released astray open unconsolidated unbound untethered unknotted incoherent closed not fixed abandoned desolate forlorn self-sufficient destitute quiet cloistered hidden covert secret sheltered extrinsic extraneous disjunct several various to one side specific non-continuous dissimilar precise particular retreated distinguishable faraway unalike unlike nonidentical sole contrasting unexplored exotic unaffiliated offbeat other uncommitted unallied sui generis nonnative unknown neutral non-aligned poles apart self-ruling non-partisan self-governing reclusive far-off far-removed antisocial immune uninvolved unassociated with independent of uncommited fancy-free footloose well away strange external at liberty on one's own off the hook


Divided or undecided, as in preference
torn split uncertain irresolute undecided unsure vacillating wavering dithering in a dilemma in a quandary of two minds unable to decide in two minds tentative ambivalent undetermined hesitant unresolved indecisive iffy shilly-shallying faltering doubtful teetering blowing hot and cold fluctuating unsettled sitting on the fence hesitating indefinite waffling uncommitted wishy-washy in doubt equivocating unconvinced fickle equivocal doubting hemming and hawing on the fence infirm suspicious weak distrustful sceptical halting unstable vacillant noncommittal hinky perplexed skeptical mistrustful dubious trustless unclear pussyfooting volatile changeable borderline leery weak-minded betwixt and between like doubting Thomas faithless on-the-fence weak-kneed running hot and cold hot-and-cold not sure without belief agnostic hot and cold confused vexed dilly-dallying shillyshallying inconstant uneventful astraddle neutral not definite impartial open up in the air debatable hedging your bets in the middle fluctuant humming and hawing touch and go unsteady nervous changing halfhearted shaky fearful wobbly full of doubt ambiguous vague questionable dubitable indeterminate problematic chancy oscillating disputable diffident dodgy arguable inconclusive in question suspect on the horns of a dilemma doubtable reluctant problematical unpredictable controversial moot slow open to question open to doubt floating timid clouded hazy pendulous puzzling shady fishy queer obscure enigmatic cryptic unconfirmed delaying backward shy half-hearted contentious unwilling afraid uneager dawdling averse lazy loath disinclined hanging back lacking confidence vacillatory conflicting wobbling muddled contradictory conflicted unknown inexplicit mixed marginal speculative unreliable pending inexact undefined flimsy in the balance disputed open to debate shilly-shally yet to be decided variable irresoluteoscillating unassertive worried anxious apprehensive concerned disquieted troubled insecure flickering shaking trembling quivering unconfident unclassifiable tricky independent unaffiliated unattached non-aligned non-partisan peripheral frontier bordering undeclared unascertained up for grabs challenging precarious cagey clashing warring opposing opposed enigmatical unintelligible muddy at issue clear as dishwater tenebrous opaque reticent indisposed unestablished unsolved unanswered unsupported unsound undependable open for discussion yet to be settled not yet settled up for discussion loth cagy untrustworthy tenuous unsavoury fly-by-night unsavory questioning unassured untrusty swithering indistinct unsubstantiated unsubstantial ungrounded nebulous imprecise unfinished pendent unforeseeable incalculable indistinguishable unfounded perplexing abstruse mysterious arcane confusing muffled not reliable not dependable dicey intangible indiscernible shadowy stalling unverified controvertible unprovable unproven elusive non-committal havering apocryphal negotiable in dispute issuable ill-defined spurious cunctatory having misgivings having qualms occult under advisement not obvious under examination hypothetical open to discussion contingent cautious mixed emotions mixed feelings stumbling stammering stuttering imperfect awkward laboured disjointed broken non-fluent bumbling inept unhandy claudicant lumbering ham-fisted labored gauche ham-handed wooden maladroit clumsy


Lacking a coherent sequence or connection
disjointed disconnected unconnected incoherent disordered confused disunited discontinuous disorganised disorganized fitful fragmented muddled rambling spasmodic aimless fragmentary jumbled bitty choppy erratic garbled patchy scrappy separated directionless dislocated displaced loose mixed up piecemeal split wandering without unity cool disorderly far-out fuzzy inchoate incohesive irrational jerky jumpy out-of-it out-to-lunch spaced-out spacey unattached unorganised unorganized unintelligible untidy broken unclear unsystematic uneven illogical incomprehensible haphazard faltering chaotic messy cluttered inconsistent irregular inarticulate stammering stuttering incomplete sketchy mumbled scrambled muttered scattered topsy-turvy higgledy-piggledy all over the place uncoordinated shambolic unkempt anarchic indistinct out of order in disarray interrupted in a muddle intermittent in a mess stumbling disarranged spotty random imperfect maundering rumpled tangled upside-down slovenly halting poorly spoken hesitating mussy sloppy littered pell-mell hugger-mugger in disorder shuffled deficient partial meaningless mixed-up ill-thought-out hesitant sporadic incongruous muffled discombobulated occasional unsteady fractional wild aperiodic desultory spastic upset casual disheveled vague out of place catchy at sixes and sevens disarrayed mumbling blurred episodic orderless disrupted every which way mussed tumbled messed tousled dishevelled in confusion all over the shop screwed up all over the lot all over the map on and off in a shambles varying variable ununified diffuse nonsensical irrelevant distorted busted fractured smashed shattered uncontinuous indecipherable unfathomable periodic like a bomb's hit it mangled twisted corrupted misconstrued fragmental discrete tangly muddle-headed woolly weak half halfway intervallic monosyllabic clipped inconclusive part on again and off again in fits and starts muddleheaded out of kilter straggly out-of-place misplaced mussed up knotted tossed mute voiceless speechless in pieces tongue-tied wooly unarranged perfunctory messed up reticent awkward obscure unvocal inaudible clumsy partially gradual intermittently fitfully tumultuous inadequate slipshod superficial episodical awry askew in chaos upside down inside-out gaping alternate unpolished unfinished defective unhinged in a jumble cockeyed upended upturned luxated riotous downside-up overturned staccato by fits and starts by degrees stage by stage little by little step by step at intervals patchwork slurred stuttered discursive stammered thrown together breathless discordant puzzling dumb hard to follow stirred up ruffled haywire unmethodical snarled like a dog's breakfast like a dog's dinner faint murmured low senseless hazy crude rough inexplicit opaque ambiguous uncertain rudimentary muddy inane silly absurd vacuous unmeaning foolish indiscernible cryptic fatuous insufficient impenetrable ungraspable enigmatic inscrutable wanting indiscriminate illegible ridiculous idle lacking simple unskillful makeshift unexplicit equivocal unknowable Greek tenebrous incognizable fathomless systemless unsystematized basic short unregulated slapdash undeveloped undone abridged shortened bleary unstructured all Greek to me rough and ready half-pie unaccomplished restricted qualified unexecuted indefinite misty blurry nebulous ill-defined rude not total expurgated underdone unconsummated immature unwhole curtailed meager under construction not whole meagre not entire badly organized unfocused shadowy imprecise hit-or-miss undetermined gauzy dim murky muzzy pale undefined blear indistinguishable foggy inexact lacking definition out of focus unsure low resolution


Appearing in serialized or sequential installments, especially in literature


Past tense for to disagree on a given issue or concept

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