Synonym of down and out


(of a person) Without money, a job, or a place to live
destitute poverty-stricken impecunious impoverished indigent insolvent pauperized penniless ruined deprived disadvantaged hard-pressed hard up homeless in need in want needy badly off beggared beggarly distressed in reduced circumstances in straitened circumstances on the breadline vagrant between jobs idle jobless laid off living rough on the streets redundant sleeping rough unemployed workless broke flat broke of no fixed abode of no fixed address strapped without two farthings to rub together without two pennies to rub together boracic boracic lint out of a job resting signing on skint stone broke stony broke strapped for cash up against it without a bean without a sou on the dole penurious without a brass farthing on skid row without a red cent as poor as a church mouse down at heel on the wallaby track poor necessitous needful down-and-out threadbare dirt-poor famished moneyless bankrupt cleaned out underprivileged dirt poor out at elbows out of pocket down on one's luck in Queer Street unable to make ends meet in penury without two brass farthings to rub together bust without a penny unprosperous flat on your uppers short pinched reduced stony-broke truly needy bad off low-income short of money in debt dead broke in the red unlucky unfortunate suffering clean straitened wiped out vagabond fortuneless busted stony have-not on your beam-ends cashless unable to keep the wolf from the door itinerant behind eight ball in Chapter 11 without two pennies farthings to rub together on one's uppers houseless without a roof empty-handed low meager without a shot in one's locker unhoused meagre on the rocks tapped out unfavored unaffluent severe difficult down to last cent crippled broken struggling on one's beam ends poor as a church mouse scanty in distressed circumstances unprivileged indebted without money overdrawn lacking base empty hurting sterile in financial difficulties not having two pennies to rub together not having two farthings to rub together in a bad way financially distressed financially embarrassed without means of support short of cash in reduced vile over a barrel on last leg without a penny to your name without a dime in the gutter down to last penny stripped totaled divested deficient on one's beam-ends craptastic without a penny to one's name low-paid wretched despicable mean deprived of devoid of played out in need of squalid miserable shabby pathetic shoddy foul sordid pitiful unpleasant abject in distress ill-fated neglected depressed in dire straits handicapped hapless ill-starred contemptible extremely poor without a roof over one's head wanting unmoneyed impencunious stranded miserably poor very poor financially poor in dire circumstances in great need dossing derelict estranged friendless displaced forsaken deported adrift forlorn dispossessed exiled abandoned unwelcome disinherited wandering refugee outcast desolate uncared-for unsettled banished stone-broke bankrupted out of money seedy failed rundown lost gone under in administration in receivership gone bust in Carey Street on the bread line gone to the wall in the hands of the receivers economically deprived financially disadvantaged requiring help down-at-heel discriminated against beaten economically disadvantaged defeated finished spent smashed hindered impaired denuded bereft in arrears owing money belly up exhausted depleted on the skids out of funds in the poorhouse cleared out liquidated out of business slummy defaulting ghetto ghost shanty foreclosed collapsed undone run down skid row run-down unable to pay one's debts financially ruined belly-up in Chapter 13 taken to the cleaners


Feeling depressed or melancholy
heavy-hearted sad depressed miserable despondent discouraged dismal downcast gloomy lugubrious melancholic melancholy pensive blue downhearted glum morose mournful sorrowful wretched crushed forlorn funereal heartsick woeful crestfallen dejected desolate disconsolate disheartened dispirited doleful down joyless low low-spirited somber sombre unhappy wistful woebegone bad bleeding cast-down chap-fallen crummy destroyed dolorous dragged dull dysphoric heartsore sunk in gloom down in the dumps in low spirits in the doldrums bummed out down in the mouth sick as a parrot cast down sorry spiritless cheerless in the dumps grim heartbroken inconsolable saddened brokenhearted heavyhearted droopy hangdog tearful comfortless moody pessimistic fed up bleak in the pits dreary abject pathetic sullen distressed lonesome lonely rueful piteous elegiacal elegiac hurting dark in pain depressing solemn depressive drear gray morbid broken-hearted grey saturnine mourning heartrending heartbreaking afflicted in a blue funk teary down-and-out torn up drab drearisome uninviting austere unwelcoming despairing disheartening dour dim dingy bare dispiriting cold inhospitable stark dire godforsaken black chill murky tenebrific bland sepulchral darkening oppressive plutonian tenebrous long-faced lachrymose clinical dejecting draggy mopey dreich uncomfortable sunless impersonal cloudy weeping ripped wintery let down taken down Cimmerian institutional in the toilet tristful mirthless wintry saddening jarring on a downer low-down pitiful pitiable regretful helpless anguished oppressed upset tragic out of sorts weighed down downbeat troubled at sob story plaintive lamenting nostalgic defeatist grumpy let-down not happy enervated poor worthless sapped weary brassed off sorry for yourself cheesed off flat singing the blues sorrowing grieving devastated hopeless choked lost forsaken forgotten abandoned homeless gutted low in spirits daunted emo friendless destitute uncared-for heart-rending bereft powerless calamitous cut up bummed grief-stricken downtrodden sour hapless dragging cynical defenceless fruitless solitary defenseless alone disappointed down in dumps hurt broken emotional aggrieved languorous triste listless agonized down-hearted languid demoralized sulky agonised demoralised uneasy distressing lamentable dismayed painful bitter grievous harrowing weepy distraught chapfallen grieved upsetting wailing unpleasant unfortunate awful distressful humourless humorless tormented agonizing grave dreadful deplorable in tears bothered perturbed traumatic agonising plangent all torn up dolesome discouraging sober regrettable terrible horrible anxious harsh subdued shot down pining disturbing uptight bereaved crying severe aching bewailing bemoaning sobbing suffering antsy worried cruel horrific sick at heart displeasing shook up agitated appalling moping overcome unlucky sniveling pained shaken disquieting disagreeable tortured sedate disconcerted snivelling blubbering deploring funeral as sick as a parrot disturbed dolent wounded disappointing unsettled irked horrendous horrid shocking negative Eeyorish frightful vexatious distasteful unpalatable galling howling rotten foul unwelcome in a tizzy displeased unpleasing uncongenial concerned annoying disastrous catastrophic discombobulated disquieted bugged shook serious whimpering discomposed ruffled disillusioned heavy vexed unnerved discontented blubbing unconsolable flustered disconcerting nasty aflutter discountenanced ruthful traumatized troubling tear-jerking annoyed daunting jumpy unglued in grief in doldrums in despair angst-ridden poignant afflicting unsmiling ghastly difficult atrocious foreboding brooding bowed down gruesome larmoyant troublesome abominable offensive hard unnerving excruciating repellent crabbed bawling close to tears traumatised surly ruthless unfavorable unfavourable unsavory afflictive desperate vile mortifying broody mopish worrying repugnant yucky icky yukky abhorrent detestable unlovely unkind unsavoury ugly yearning on the verge of tears luckless gut-wrenching earnest stern ruinous lovesick cataclysmic harassed wrecked disgruntled dirge-like ill-fated defeated miffed harrowed jittery languishing spooked weighty with a long face devastating peed off ticked off teed off browned off shamefaced demoralizing abashed ill-starred confused overwhelmed loveless staid remorseful rattled disenchanted angry muddled shocked in sorrow in mourning irritated objectionable sheepish tense down-in-the-mouth shattered strung out sourpuss muted racked greeting full of sorrow overwrought thrown demoralising sore inconvenienced frightened alarmed tragical moving unsatisfied discomforting crushing sinister companionless rejected disgusting obnoxious apprehensive angered nervous atwitter repulsive adust hideous gloom-ridden affecting stony-faced poker-faced no-nonsense in a stew frustrated bummed-out discomposing mean forbidding fatalistic ominous horrifying torturous lorn odious revolting irksome grisly maudlin taciturn heavy with grief overcome with sorrow nightmarish execrable lousy perturbing crabby racked with suffering racked with pain tormenting monstrous wicked nauseating sickening hung up ill at ease adverse loathsome macabre hurtful broken up destructive irritating frightening suspicious inauspicious repellant alarmist distrustful doubting off-putting damp unpropitious blue funk given to looking on the black side heart-breaking apathetic misfortunate spartan sorry for oneself burned contused without energy undermined distracted choked up prostrated callous heartless insensitive unsympathetic dirgelike dirgeful shaky mortified drained churlish depressant cross bowed lowered overemotional excited heart-sick sunk huffy ill-humoured off sluggish empty devitalized threnodic ill-humored peeved exercised wired torn-up discontent acheronian frowning glowering cranky bellyaching cantankerous beefing grousing guilty cowed cringing browbeaten hysterical irrational histrionic atrabilious clouded dampened drooping dashed sagging prostrate with grief dolorific suicidal down in mouth disenchanting taken aback deflated sick guilty-looking furtive hyper fidgety up the wall bundle of nerves basket case distrait dissatisfied strained griefstricken unable to be consoled unable to be comforted bad-tempered uncommunicative bearish have the blahs dismaying ailing longing heart-wrenching derisible ashamed intimidated embarrassed sneaking unresponsive phlegmatic ill-tempered hateful affected discomfited beside oneself with grief testing alarming parlous having blue devils having the blahs unhopeful chagrined yucko falling apart blubbery moist wet watery cowering humiliated conscience-stricken apologetic mawkish sensitive teary-eyed in a funk irritable bewildering frustrating aghast beaten chilly unenthusiastic languished in a state fatal bothersome dislikable pain drag paltry feeble hankering missing longing for home vanquished baulked worsted objecting balked with tears in one's eyes deadly mephitical perplexing aggravating hellish vexing revulsive unamusing worrisome squalid heinous in a bad way full of gloom feeling down looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny sordid despicable contemptible stressful unsettling disgraceful unpromising shameful agitating unbearable trashy shoddy inferior filthy direful afraid cataclysmal stirring scurvy impoverished derisory indigent scungy unsatisfactory abysmal hairy fraught gross stinking lurid unacceptable undesirable diabolical troublous unendurable plagued homesick lethal mortal grotty godawful grody unappealing uncool awkward hellacious nauseous easily moved haunted guilt-ridden poverty-stricken hostile concerning beastly deathly fateful in floods of tears with tears in your eyes nerve-racking nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking persecuted mooning spurned jilted slighted neglected unrequited frantic offended insecure nervy edgy dithery queasy queazy fretted unquiet hassled fierce savage verklempt unzipped hinky goosey isolated lovelorn crossed in love unrelenting burdensome tough chilling searing murderous trying onerous relentless stiff rough brutal hardhanded merciless inhuman rugged ferocious in disorder put out amazed great remorseless outcast psyched out come apart intemperate intense rigorous inclement provoking unrequited in love at sixes and sevens het up withdrawn estranged unloved hard-hearted unpopular unwanted all alone unsocial unbefriended uncherished with no one to turn to without companions by yourself without friends without a friend in the world feeling friendless


Weak or lacking in strength
enervated weakened weak debilitated feeble sapped enfeebled languid prostrate prostrated soft spent asthenic delicate down-and-out drained effete exhausted faint fatigued frail infirm low rundown slight softened tender tired undermined unsubstantial wasted wimpish wimpy limp unnerved devitalized incapacitated deteriorated done in paralysed paralyzed run-down rusty vitiated worn out gone to seed on the ropes out of condition out of gas out of shape washed out sickly decrepit ailing unwell ill shaky poorly indisposed doddering fragile in poor health sick spineless failing weakly weak-kneed tottering doddery unsound lame flagging powerless declining weary faded puny unhealthy depleted weakling crippled bedridden weedy sensitive dainty nerveless invertebrate anemic trembly unsteady faltering sapless pathetic strengthless meager meagre anaemic characterless wet tenuous laid low out of sorts wishy-washy limp-wristed namby-pamby milk-and-water hindered hampered encumbered drooping diminished light washed-out rendered feeble played out breakable lacklustre poor lackluster valetudinarian withered rickety ravaged atrophied deteriorating wilted haggard degenerative susceptible nesh slender stricken reduced dying sinking yielding dizzy easily damaged shattery wispy shatterable brittle fracturable thin spindly fishy bad lousy rotten without energy unstable sluggish down beat pooped languorous irresolute wobbly below par off-color run down worn-out low-energy burned out under the weather broken-down laid-up insecure wavering vacillating indecisive sick as a dog tuckered out out-of-action a wreck out of commission tired out halting flimsy sensile anile in declining health impotent helpless etiolated tottery shilpit trembling dopey gentle emasculated flat aged insufficient flabby woozy half-hearted unenthusiastic ineffective inadequate listless lackadaisical old vulnerable senile small indifferent ineffectual uninterested apathetic passive tepid spiritless unconvincing forceless subdued unwilling long in the tooth elderly paltry tame mild insubstantial shrill scrawny high past it perfunctory high-pitched passionless lifeless unexcited lukewarm invalid cool vague reedy defenseless minimal dim reluctant debile ancient senescent superficial blasé inert defenceless unable unfit useless impuissant impassive hamstrung incapable handcuffed hog-tied dull disabled muted crumbly moderate inept gutless pale remote distant friable wan frangible high and dry hazy easily broken toothless disorganized boneless wasteful crook wussy meek unpowerful neutral senior timorous airy dotard nominal disorganised timid desultory cursory emotionless superannuated lacking feeling dispassionate unconcerned subtle unimpressed unresponsive imperceptible token flawed deficient diffuse Laodicean unemotional dimmed diffused unmoved untrained mellow fine shaded tinted low-key faint-hearted glimmering in second childhood in your dotage glowing in bad shape shimmering imperfect unsatisfactory substandard subject tied dependent incompetent lily-livered injured over the hill no spring chicken disenfranchised unarmed splintery smashable destroyable destructible eggshell dud unproductive infecund supine blank disfranchised chicken without power resistless wimp tinny squeaky blurred hurt bated lambent wounded not able in poor condition bland sore stiff bruised paper tiger with no say gloomy unlikely handicapped maimed cracked lethargic wearied worn battered deformed damaged over a barrel improbable tiny languishing knackered game dead aweary bushed done dubious slim doubtful negligible poorly lit badly lit wiped out loggy burned-out jaded logy beaten bleary burnt-out all in tapped out precarious physically challenged minuscule exiguous outside perilous nebulous risky suspect unreliable rocky dicey sketchy uncertain dodgy iffy wanting defeated unsuccessful unprosperous easily threatened easily destroyed far-fetched unthriving unavailing not well


A person without money, a job, or a place to live
bankrupt indigent pauper poor person beggar derelict drifter homeless person insolvent mendicant tramp vagabond vagrant bagman hobo job-seeker knockabout overlander rolling stone unemployed person bag lady bindlestiff bird of passage bum derro dosser have-not outie streety sundowner whaler destitute homeless knight of the road needy person of no fixed abode poor unemployed person of no fixed address down-and-out swagman wanderer street person itinerant traveller outcast beachcomber dependent bummer swaggie traveler floater bindle stiff scrounger sponger cadger transient supplicant pariah panhandler crusty moocher guttersnipe nomad freeloader wayfarer rover gypsy migrant beggarwoman beggarman lazarus mooch schnorrer suppliant almsperson clochard quandong poverty-stricken person in the gutter stiff good for nothing down-and-outer alms person ward of state roamer rambler stroller gadabout loafer monk maunderer hitchhiker ne'er do well parasite explorer leech pilgrim sponge black sheep bindle gutterpup bloodsucker wino taker bag person displaced person shopping-bag lady shopping-bag person almsman almswoman hanger-on free rider pikey good-for-nothing slacker no-goodnik wastrel no-good ne'er-do-well do-nothing no-account starveling bludger skidrow bum stumblebum renegade castaway grifter dawdler rustler supplicator deadbeat borrower asker street dweller palliard spanger Romany refugee waif hiker tzigane Bedouin globetrotter tinker DP outlaw exile stray Bohemian fugitive walker Rom journeyer leper voyager didicoi reject untouchable adventurer globe-trotter undesirable ranger backpacker castoff offscouring expatriate outsider deportee rascal New Ager evacuee New Age traveller persona non grata recluse lone wanderer tussocker fence bindle punk trekker unperson peddler barnstormer footslogger excursionist solivagant landloper perambulator ambler saunterer tramper maverick Romani Roma Romanichal zigeuner Sinti tripper meanderer straggler gad gallivanter chal travelling people travelling folk social outcast traveling worker New Age traveler Zingaro zingana gitana gitano chai Zigeuner Gypsy gyppo sharper bohemian zingara zingaro gippy urchin mudlark orphan gamin tatterdemalion runaway scarecrow gamine escapee foundling wretch child escaper deserter runagate ragamuffin reprobate Ishmael absconder asylum seeker street urchin hermit walkout hunted person lamster truant emigre fly-by-night bolter dodger criminal abscotchalater

Antonym of down and out

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