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a drug that reduces excitability and calms a person


A trying period or event
tribulation affliction trouble misfortune trial hardship misery adversity distress woe pain torment suffering difficulty burden tragedy blow problem setback mishap agony misadventure sorrow anguish torture ordeal grief worry reverse hassle wretchedness trauma heartache travail anxiety curse sadness unhappiness headache hurt issue bummer vexation straits albatross excruciation drag rack visitation travails oppression persecution crucible care wronging bad luck cross to bear ill fortune stroke of bad luck hard time rainy day double whammy hard knock disaster catastrophe calamity heartbreak vicissitude hard knocks disappointment debacle shock ill jam crunch injury rigor mischance failure knock rigour contretemps dire straits sad event tough luck hard times ill-fortune ill-luck ill luck can of worms cataclysm blight devastation apocalypse fiasco discouragement nuisance struggle unluckiness whammy pest wreck waterloo lot dolor doom humiliation comedown letdown annoyance drama grievous blow bad fortune serious accident down dud upset accident reversal crisis cross hell hardness asperity buffet bad experience danger stress dolour clutch poison nakba jinx hurting skids pain in the bum kiss of death harsh conditions pain in the backside tough situation hell on earth deep water pain in the rear evil eye bad break the worst reversal of fortune trials and tribulations pain in the neck stroke of ill luck poverty privation indigence destitution want difficulties need penury impoverishment deprivation pickle beggary austerity lack exigency pinch discomfort hazard throe scrape ruination grievance tough break unholy mess rotten luck hot water ticklish spot holy mess bane scourge bad news nightmare inconvenience bother disadvantage depression despair strain infelicity labour labor desolation plague loss angst harm upheaval unpleasantness ruin horror casualty car crash disquiet dole irritation drudgery emergency snag load dejection complication toil collapse reverse of fortune Gehenna hard luck evil grind despondency crash predicament plight melancholy strait dilemma millstone quandary gloom murder perplexity unluck purgatory meltdown pang blues test drawback bale exertion holocaust havoc hitch quagmire mess disbenefit malaise muddle dolefulness fire gauntlet rue hard work haplessness gantlet concern encumbrance desperation sweat drain unfortunateness calvary curtains untowardness lapse disturbance downfall mishanter extremity abyss weight uphill mourning bereavement impasse mire disorder conundrum turmoil stew bind ache bitter pill imbroglio mournfulness uphill battle entanglement martyrdom passion shambles gloominess embarrassment twinge infliction effort sticky situation big trouble tight spot sorry condition awkward situation problematic situation sad state tight corner critical situation spot of bother unfortunate situation no-win situation train wreck tricky situation tight situation difficult situation detriment disquietude cost slog disease endeavor defeat battle irritant jolt downside damage nemesis check agitation handicap mishappening destruction canker cancer blunder bad thing death penalty minus rout endeavour forlornness crux pestilence pangs crucifixion despondence frustration fatigue regret non-success menace evil fortune evil chance perturbation commotion uneasiness harassment killer beast disheartenment pressure lamentation cumber job squalor despond mischief mortification hopelessness sorriness bear dispiritedness chore punishment melancholia slip uphill struggle tough grind difficult task tall order tough assignment hole chaos disarray sorrowfulness severe test trying time disconsolateness doldrums worriment lamenting confusion fix undoing cheerlessness act of God bewailing bemoaning heartsickness imposition thorn in the flesh farce mopes cruelty dumps mental suffering undesirable consequence low spirits heavy blow double trouble hang-up no picnic worst-case scenario dashed hopes dreadful thing awful thing terrible thing bugbear throes convulsion dispossession terror challenge ills jar sordidness cause for concern hellhole remorse condition awkwardness unfortunate incident error failing malice unconsolability mischanter long haul flooding wrong broken-heartedness bleakness breakdown derangement outburst traumatization shame strife bête noire lament desperateness tumult botched situation bête noir conflict soreness despite disfavor faux pas mistake spectacle devastating blow pining heartbrokenness lack of comfort blue ruin baptism of fire contamination laceration cruciation impalement provocation nag nagging boo-boo offense prejudice offence ill-treatment disservice painful experience stroke moroseness lack of success repining deploring heaviness of heart dark night of the soul incident fuss pollution total pileup smashup aggravation flood fall unpleasant experience liability smash business circumstance occasion adventure row scene tension melodrama affair collision living hell resignation bath thrill fracas sensation excitement stitch disfavour third degree fatal attraction repulse corruption dismay neediness workout scutwork bore turnabout vanquishment conquering shit show fell stroke rough situation impecuniousness impecuniosity demoralization resignedness miserableness dreariness mildew contagion fungus stack-up crack-up fender-bender wrack-up unpleasant aspect anvil chorus trials to-do rear-ender joylessness glumness pessimism defeatism inclemency intolerance obduracy roughness infestation peril thorn in your side tear-jerker unease demoralisation downheartedness eyesore withering dump sight obstacle blue devils hurdle pitfall impediment difficult time slavery blot on the landscape hindrance thorn in one's side result toll sacrifice pass tinderbox urgency work obstruction barrier financial distress Herculean task consequence forfeit shipwreck messiness bust puzzle monstrosity situation bomb disorderliness hiccup trammel drudge tears moil donkeywork painfulness knot forfeiture responsibility industry striving vicious circle hot potato rabbit hole barricade deadlock phobia dread bogey nervousness fear nervosity anxiousness apprehension concernment agita apprehensiveness consequences facer prob graft pains hallucination burdens spanner in the works monkey wrench in the works point at issue fly in the ointment disputed point stumbling block fantasy vision phantasm dream illusion pet hate succubus fancy a stew a jam a scrape a spot a hole a fix dead end a pickle bitterness price bad dream night terror grieving heavy heart emotional suffering broken heart bad trot moodiness funk listlessness


Something unavoidable and unpleasant


Something that causes irritation or frustration
frustration aggravation irritant annoyance bother exasperation irk nuisance bugbear headache inconvenience peeve pest vexation botheration drag hassle rub ruffle thorn aggro bummer fizzle bitter pill hair shirt old one-two trial pain irritation trouble problem pain in the neck pain in the rear pain in the bum pain in the backside difficulty worry bore grief bane fair cow nudnik nark distress gall source of irritation plague skelf bind source of annoyance pet peeve thorn in the flesh tribulation blister menace tease nyaff hang-up strain grievance worriment upset burden pill provocation rigmarole palaver bane of one's life aversion nudnick teaser gadfly annoyer persecutor dislike snag gnawer uphill hate fuss pesterer nag infuriation pip stress creep nudge besetment hindrance irksomeness concern affliction pet hate source of vexation thorn in one's side pinprick objection complaint misfortune torment quibble issue nightmare gripe goad dread unhappiness struggle quagmire dilemma predicament anathema discomfort teasing source of aggravation schmo pet aversion chip on your shoulder cause of distress burr under someone's saddle burr in someone's saddle sore point infliction trials and tribulations louse offense offence drip obstacle frump botherment bum insect terror pester ghost disruption embarrassment poor excuse inopportuneness bete noire bête noire source of disruption uphill battle cross to bear unwieldiness harassment agitation disadvantage scourge curse disturbance blight cumbersomeness drawback downside unpleasantness blighter tormentor unhandiness cuss badgerer awkwardness problems uneasiness troublesomeness untimeliness disquiet unfitness anxiety unease crashing bore unsuitableness tiresomeness bothersomeness stew nuisance value evil misery cancer thorn in your side woe suffering canker pestilence corruption disease calamity torture ordeal hardship nemesis rot disappointment letdown sickness ruin visitation disaster poison adversity troublemaker downfall source of difficulty discouragement undoing comedown sorrow travail bad experience bug rodent displeasure bringdown source of trouble chagrin care cross pain in the behind mischief-maker lesion wound aggravator cause for concern cause of annoyance waterloo pressure punishment penalty test handful molestation perplexity job flurry bellyache bad news persecution snooze yawn tall order hard work snoozer anguish hurt excruciation rack agony straits destruction dullsville thorny problem contamination soreness Waterloo yawner pollution droner nagging malignancy corrosion despair irritator stirrer motivator excitant stimulator mover meddler prod spur busybody energizer a thorn in someone's side ruination depression death mildew contagion fungus smutch infestation wretchedness trauma tragedy eyesore sight withering dump boring situation tedious thing tedious person tiresome thing bad situation tiresome person heartache fiasco bête noir heartbreak blow catastrophe misadventure debacle albatross drama down failure sadness dud fatal attraction blot on the landscape sad event ill fortune stroke of bad luck


A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome
anxiety concern uneasiness worry apprehension unease disquiet nervousness angst apprehensiveness disquietude perturbation tension fear misgiving suspense agitation consternation stress fearfulness foreboding fretfulness trepidation butterflies distress doubt edginess nerves tenseness worriment anxiousness jitteriness restlessness solicitude suspicion uncertainty watchfulness willies abdabs care dubiety flap fuss jitters shakes sweat twitchiness yips agita botheration collywobbles concernment creeps drag fidgets jumps misery mistrust nervosity shivers trouble heebie-jeebies jim-jams suffering nail-biting cold sweat goose bumps ants in pants all-overs screaming abdabs butterflies in the stomach Joe Blakes panic dread needles sense of foreboding pins and needles alarm upset shock horror disappointment surprise terror frustration discomposure disillusionment fright dissatisfaction disenchantment discouragement mortification chagrin sadness dismay dumps blues hassle depression funk bummer the blahs cold feet blue funk strain hesitation confusion anguish jumpiness inquietude presentiment qualm scruple discomfort unrest disturbance distrust hesitancy fluster compunction nervous tension dither vexation reservation malaise timidity turbulence qualms perplexity diffidence fidgetiness tizzy insecurity scepticism torment pressure hesitance second thoughts premonition skepticism restiveness burden discomfiture disconcertment excitement niggle lack of confidence habdabs touchiness difficulty jimjams woe impatience whim-whams embarrassment anger reservations lack of faith distraction nerviness screaming meemies disconcertion ferment doubts displeasure presage stimulation mistrustfulness dithers misgivings turmoil indecision discontent feverishness annoyance irritation funny feeling dysphoria regret misdoubt commotion chill flutter wariness bother twinge frenzy incertitude sinking feeling demur feeling in one's bones dubitation lather skittishness prenotion flightiness screaming habdabs sorrow second thought grief bad feeling hardship self-doubt affliction irritability pain abashment doubtfulness torture suspiciousness tetchiness reluctance flusteredness unsureness solicitousness remorse disorder dyspathy agony forebodingness burdens pother tremulousness excitability irascibility feeling stew antsiness intuition hunch trembles delirium neurasthenia animation moodiness neuroticism quivers sensitivity to-do shame stage fright disbelief query disgruntlement fret alarum reconsideration idea flurry Weltschmerz disinclination suspicions scruples oppression resentment objection conscience shudder inkling prognostication exasperation remonstrance huff unbelief questions issues uncertainties storm clamour twitter state swivet swelter worries objections shiver sudden fear tumult sense vibes difficulties mental strain twit clamor sixth sense vague feeling sneaking suspicion querulousness question nervous excitement jealousy complaint bustle handwriting on wall bad vibe question mark amazement prickliness awkwardness disquietedness pangs regrets heartache humiliation shaking trembling fidgeting bad vibes augury foreshadowing nag stupefaction astonishment bewilderment hysteria ailment unquiet DTs disorientation sleeplessness the shakes constraint instability penitence queasiness fit of nerves buck fever muddlement trepidity wonder awe muddle mid-life crisis discombobulation humility unassertiveness relevance regard relation irresolution indecisiveness trauma jump tremble fidget demands nerve the willies disruption fever timidness timorousness self-consciousness inhibition humbleness meekness upheaval outcry duress conflict tribulation arousal mental stress emotional strain adversity exertions loss of face incitement melancholy quandary cynicism responsibility repentance contrition pang heart skipping a beat mixing rocking nervous state overextension trial distention heat intensity passion urgency misbelief dilemma nervous stomach tizzy, tizz caution expectancy albatross lack of self-confidence vacillation insecureness possessiveness questioning hullabaloo state of agitation hubbub state of anxiety hoopla squeamishness warning sign omen pressure of work reluctancy faltering superego censor pause portent forewarning distrustfulness pique snappiness spite vibrations vision indication admonition winds shortness ill-will overprotectiveness testiness impetuosity wake-up call discontentment unhappiness pang of conscience twinge of conscience second sight gut feeling winds of change feeling in your bones wind change mania peevishness vehemence disaffection irritableness curtness brusqueness abruptness intolerance aggravation disapproval debate problem controversy challenge grievance letdown disfavour disregard disapprobation disgust discontentedness forethought expectation anticipation forecast apprehension about rivals demurral protest dubiousness argument quick temper awareness boding tizz exception contention expostulation dispute aversion malcontent heartburn envy lamentation weariness desolation indisposition distaste boredom disfavor malcontentment dislike disrelish disliking hopelessness ennui whirl faint heart chicken heart white feather fear of carrying out an activity weak knees remonstration bone of contention demurrer stink backing out yellow streak tiz-woz overexcitement hyperactivity emotion


A state of low spirits
doldrums depression gloom gloominess glumness melancholy dejection despondency misery sadness unhappiness apathy boredom desolation despond despondence disconsolateness dispiritedness dolefulness downheartedness dreariness forlornness heartache heartsickness heavy-heartedness inertia joylessness listlessness malaise miserableness mournfulness oppression pessimism sorrowfulness tedium woe blahs blues despair dismalness ennui hopelessness blue devils bummer disinterest dismals dullness dumps funk inactivity indifference lassitude letdown lethargy mopes sluggishness slump stagnation stupor torpor yawn low spirits black mood blue funk sorrow pensiveness melancholia grief moroseness defeatism dejectedness dolor desperation dolefuls megrim wretchedness wistfulness the hump the blues down trip distress cheerlessness anguish pain discouragement agony worry regret heartbreak disconsolation torment disappointment mourning moodiness suffering anxiety angst woefulness lamentation grieving dolour rue bleakness heaviness of heart infelicity disheartenment disquiet discontent dismay discomfort chagrin dissatisfaction vexation broken-heartedness affliction torture somberness bitterness lamenting weariness uneasiness trial bereavement mortification tribulation lugubriousness seriousness restlessness heavy heart Weltschmerz trouble upset anhedonia hurt dysphoria demoralization straits bemoaning lowness sorriness weltschmerz demoralisation languor tearfulness mental suffering desperateness the dumps mopery catatonia heaviness excruciation down misgiving grievance weeping horror hardship dole broken heart travail lament sulks bewailing unease enervation trauma the mopes sullenness downcastness negativity strain world-weariness disquietude shock stress displeasure ordeal dourness foreboding saturninity discontentment abasement abjection abjectness morbidity darkness heavyheartedness emotional suffering qualm dashed hopes mulligrubs mubblefubbles slough of despond worriment irritation low headache hump resignedness deploring remorse low-spiritedness pining repining blackness blue Johnnies pang the dismals morosity jadedness devastation discord poignancy eyes postpartum depression peepers agitation sombreness cloud unrest resignation misfortune mirthlessness turmoil strife scruple cross spectre specter shadow pall burden embarrassment tumult mope a low repentance blue sorrowing keening distraction illness purgatory care mental pressure satiety acedia spiritlessness fatigue languidness surfeit wailing hell tension pressure sickness weakness extreme upset deprivation being bummed baby blues poverty heartbrokenness the doldrums tenseness concern harassment nervousness fear Gehenna murder rack nightmare dysthymia discomfiture megrims martyrdom dread trepidation disillusionment disenchantment ho hums shiva vapors vapours lugubriosity troubles reminiscence ailment ailments ills cynicism loss of confidence lack of confidence cold feet lack of enthusiasm throe stitch passion ache hurting twinge squalor clinical depression frustration disgruntlement lack of interest disfavor indignation infirmity disease debility feebleness indisposition aching moaning crying languishing bad news anvil chorus endogenous depression disapproval disillusion resentment aggravation disfavour exasperation disaffection discontentedness distaste fatalism doubt distrust nostalgia reactive depression decrepitude disorder condition sickliness infirmness malady unhealthiness fretfulness dislike annoyance disrelish disgust unfulfilment anger nihilism negative thinking suspicion dyspepsia postnatal depression malcontentment discomposure malcontent disapprobation one's black dog expecting the worst doom and gloom ill-humor gloomy outlook dim view dark side lack of hope temper sulk dreaminess expectation of worst grump absent-mindedness looking on the black side grumps paddy foulie mood bate mard bad mood bout of moping fit of bad temper fit of pique bad temper fit of ill temper


A sudden severe or prolonged fall in the price, value, or amount of something
slump drop collapse decline downturn plunge decrease depreciation downswing fall plummet slide crash depression falling-off lapse lowering meltdown nosedive recession reverse tumble devaluation steep fall trough blight bottom descent dip downslide downtrend dumps failure falling off funk letdown low nose-dive rut sag slip bad period bad times blue devils blue funk rainy days the skids dive deterioration reduction lessening diminution drop-off downfall cut ebb abatement falloff downgrade dwindling decrement diminishment loss degradation degeneration downtick degeneracy decadence devolution shrinkage skid sinking dent depletion worsening fall-off decay retrogression step down waning declension slack hang slackness nose dive weakening droop ebbing debasement withering vitiation spoiling abasement declination stagnation wane adulteration deflation sinkage declivity ruin rotting markdown cutback diminishing down plummeting precipitation loss of value dropping off aggravation declining contraction slackening curtailment dropoff landslide slowdown dilapidation disintegration decaying breakdown let-up standstill inactivity eclipse ruining fading destroying harm spoliation rot enfeeblement debilitation dying down paralysis shakeout regression skydive downhill trend dégringolade downward spiral retreat corruption free fall corrosion perversion disrepair dislocation degringolade bottom-out failing devaluing bottom out cheapening sharp fall comedown atrophy downgrading lowering in value decrease in value discount backsliding reduction in value accounting allowance hollow concavity slant cant tilt sinkhole sink basin list distortion settling pitch drooping slumping sagging relapse spill header stoop bend bowing stooping bow flop concession topple cropper pullback deduction slash tailspin subsiding allowance cutting write-down settlement downcome plunging falling going down coming down slope incline impoverishment ramp precipice chasm abyss minimizing deficiency minimising cliff gully gorge depth gradient downhill downslope hanging easing chute shrinking backslide recidivism retrenchment minimization attrition drain subtraction erosion recidivation dilution attenuation raceway deepness difference decadency depravation demotion ruination receding disappearance minus alleviation deprivation downsize retrogradation privation mitigation rollback lightening forfeiture squandering subsidence shortfall dissipation de-escalation compression striction decrescence condensation constriction slowing expenditure consumption exhaustion pruning trimming slimming letting up relaxation moderation expending using up use impairment waste fade cessation dying away chopping limiting axing milking emptying sapping draining easing off desisting relenting dropping away dying out inclination want retardation hill scarp subdual subjugation slimming down bleeding cooling off petering out saving tailing off trip grade angle scaling down tapering off bank adret versant bajada escarpment lean rake fall from grace running down upgrade camber channel fall from favor original sin trail track leaning rise and fall bevel runway heel shaft funnel conduit gutter tube course spillway sluice


Shockingly bad in quality
deplorable unfortunate wretched dire dreadful grievous pitiable regrettable sad terrible lamentable miserable sorry abysmal atrocious awful lousy pathetic appalling diabolical disastrous distressing poor rotten unacceptable unhappy unsatisfactory woeful cheap contemptible cruddy crummy despicable dirty grubby heartbreaking inadequate inferior lame mean melancholy nasty paltry pitiful ratty scabby scummy scurvy sneaking substandard very bad calamitous chronic frightful God-awful afflictive blameworthy bummer dishonourable dishonorable dolorous faulty godawful grim horrifying intolerable mournful opprobrious overwhelming scandalous shocking sickening stinking unbearable horrible rough horrid horrendous abominable mediocre below par bad poor quality cheesy junky gross garbage meagre blah bad news low-quality not up to scratch sub-par rubbish raunchy execrable scurrilous tinhorn beastly trashy disgraceful low-grade ropy detestable icky duff not up to par laughable damnable meager schlocky dissatisfactory bush-league cut-rate the pits unspeakable poxy bum low-rent pants wack odious el cheapo diddly second-rate not good less-than-stellar useless grody two-bit bargain-basement egregious irremediable grotty rubbishy crumby erroneous poor-quality third-rate not the best not up to snuff fallacious reprehensible sucky second-class stinky indefensible valueless worthless grungy under par dismal vile disagreeable shoddy abject hopeless unpleasant offensive deficient shabby loathsome base distasteful abhorrent shameful objectionable a load of pants direful obnoxious imperfect disgusting disappointing low hideous repugnant sordid foul tragic revolting subpar repulsive suboptimal heartrending defective displeasing repellent harrowing piteous wanting unwelcome below standard upsetting ghastly undesirable nauseating distressful repellant gruesome coarse crude nauseous unlucky noisome pits common schlock catastrophic insufficient yucky unfavourable ugly ignominious ruinous sorrowful unfavorable noxious inappropriate rancid gloomy unsound below average sleazy exceptionable wicked tragical unpalatable cheerless unsavoury punk doleful afflicted cheapjack forlorn flawed disturbing subnormal feeble unsavory hellacious obscene dodgy adverse evil fulsome cataclysmic affecting sour uninviting tawdry rueful gut-wrenching wrong outrageous average loathly unsuitable junk inopportune heart-rending disgustful indifferent middling not up to much joyless ordinary devastating inept trumpery out of order unexceptional pedestrian insufferable squalid degenerate moving unfair bitter good-for-nothing dime-a-dozen harsh untoward tenth-rate leaving much to be desired beyond the pale ignoble poorer lemon downmarket insupportable off desperate comfortless tatty gimcrack depressing agonizing unpropitious filthy disreputable low-down infelicitous godforsaken hack hateful black improper yukky unlovely unpleasing uncongenial scungy déclassé tinny amateurish out of line ill-fated agonising touching not much cop ill-advised plaintive heinous jerry-built vulgar traumatic saddening uncomfortable weak bush desolate lacking painful alarming malodorous destructive cursed unwanted unsightly illegal cruel fetid putrid awkward hapless destitute harmful discreditable unsportsmanlike low-minded ill-starred low-end poignant festy hellish yucko unscrupulous fatal foetid unprincipled unseemly beggarly immoral underhanded sick-making off-putting unreasonable tearful suffering distressed deceitful grave unethical inauspicious serious stirring tacky horrific too bad deadly bleak cataclysmal disquieting nefarious sombre excruciating hostile tear-jerking sneaky not on deceptive inadmissible incompetent solemn somber unappetizing ruined censurable damaging monstrous anguished rude no-good bodger broken fateful crippling dark unbecoming forbidding grisly shattering disheartening snide luckless hurtful frightening nightmarish smelly derisory forsaken doomed unprosperous rank acrid skanky polluted mephitic jinxed in a bad way out of luck pongy whiffy despisable currish from hell smudged bedraggled befouled smutty miasmal sullied bemired dusty unclean uncleanly draggled grimy funky muddy stained mucky besmirched blackened niffy dingy begrimed soiled half-pie olid poison unholy ungodly cheap and nasty no great shakes poorly meanspirited on the nose disdainable unpopular disrespectful malicious malevolent undesired careless negligent thoughtless untimely shameless bungling petty critical callous degraded disadvantageous dreary compassionate arousing commiserative excessive measly crying ineffectual ruthful vicious unpromising insubstantial dishonest damning disconcerting unworthy ill malignant depraved indecent crass graceless impermissible too much over-the-top drab parlous tremendous degrading sullen morose drear slimy amiss outcast extremely bad perturbing vexatious unsettling crooked annoying to be pitied galling severe unsought agitating not the done thing hard-hearted over the fence a bit much fearful irretrievable unnerving end-of-the-pier cheapo foul-smelling evil-smelling macabre lurid crushing discouraging unappealing depressive impoverished sepulchral indigent glum piss-poor tormenting impaired scary fearsome not up to standard terrifying dejected afflicting weak sauce underhand intimidating formidable from hunger ominous shady redoubtable bodeful hair-raising spine-chilling terrific savage nerve-racking not cricket off-color god-awful of low quality for the birds second rate of poor quality merciful off-colour crook off colour out of sorts sick insignificant stricken shattered burdened pained troubled unsuccessful star-crossed desolating well below par wet dislikable stark dilapidated commonplace dissatisfying tricky irregular indiscreet negligible blithering worst heart-wrenching inefficient reduced limited wanky out of bounds dangerous flimsy shlock shlocky seedy rebarbative second-best pressing crucial low quality rejected impotent little naff flaming grieving thin damaged low-life not cutting it strictly for the birds blue urgent extreme small derisible ill-chosen ropey inexpert ridiculous absurd ludicrous narrow-minded excluded uninvited restricted sparing inappreciable inconsiderable ineffective disconsolate agonized risky precarious acute hazardous perilous infernal accursed confounded drastic second class cheapie unkind troublesome troubling down at heel run down annihilatory devastative silly foolish-looking tortured racked agonised spiteful dread no good gnarly ill-favoured piddling unjustifiable inexcusable discomforting worrisome irksome footling sinistrous baneful baleful portentous exigent not good enough very unpleasant stressful daunting torturous despondent unwished for unwished-for stupefying oppressing fierce scowling villainous stupid scarring ill-omened ill-boding discomposing humourless humorless difficult sober irritating mortifying pernicious blighting earth-shattering messy heartstopping lethal mortal beseeching imploring commiserable entreating supplicating not wanted ill-favored leaving a lot to be desired regretful hairy worrying fraught sedate troublous unendurable startling staggering stunning astonishing grewsome bewildering amazing nightmare lowest of the low rock-bottom the dumps slipshod under-strength demoralizing extremely upsetting demoralising debased deathly unfriendly cheap-jack of a sort surprising derogatory discourteous uncharitable uncool unbefitting insensitive glaring fraudulent concerning irredeemable provocative impertinent impudent affronting insolent inconsiderate corrupt funereal morbid treacherous unsporting crafty tactless inexpedient indecorous injudicious humble servile slavish menial dreich lugubrious saturnine injurious unadvantageous cowardly ungentlemanly double-dealing wounding provoking slighting insulting nail-biting heart-breaking nerve-wracking a pity sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome elegiacal tenebrific elegiac not quite the thing sly cunning devious wily heartless good-for-naught no-count meritless no-account tough detrimental inapt vindictive Machiavellian cheating shifty conniving designing calculating guileful unimpressive Cimmerian poverty-stricken uncivil vexing impolite unmannerly dubious questionable unfeeling uncaring coldhearted unsympathetic illegitimate inequitable shrewd unlawful deceiving unsportsmanly cold-blooded barbarous despiteful not nice sadistic inhumane ill-natured malign catty brutal inhuman virulent inimical condemnable out grovelling humiliated subservient meek groveling deferent hangdog self-effacing knavish slick scheming inacceptable reject undue ill-suited ill-considered ill-timed unsuited illicit hard catastrophal ill-gotten Janus-faced below the belt against the rules won't do half-baked not quite the done thing craptacular

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