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dozier, doziest

Synonym: drowsing(a), drowsy,


Feeling drowsy and lazy
drowsy sleepy somnolent lethargic dozing enervated half asleep heavy-eyed inactive listless nodding slow tired torpid unenergetic asthenic fatigued idle indolent languid lazy slothful sluggardly slumberous slumbrous weary dopey logy lymphatic neurasthenic yawny lacking in energy sluggish languorous snoozy yawning comatose dull heavy quiescent draggy slumbersome lifeless inert oscitant groggy passive dead out of it exhausted unresponsive slack apathetic stagnant bleary-eyed lax limp quiet down blah slow-moving dog-tired laid-back half-awake asleep on one's feet soporific slumbery sleepyhead asleep sedentary flat half awake nodding off phlegmatic dilatory laggard static depressed bovine vegetating languishing insensitive insensible weak tardy indifferent faineant fainéant dormant sapped pooped leaden mooney sleepyheaded stiff sullen off sluggard hebetudinous drippy lumpish whacked do-nothing heavy-lidded worn-out worn out burnt-out tired out drugged dazed knackered dopy restful ready for bed done in half-asleep dead beat all in hardly able to keep one's eyes open lackadaisical supine dreamy moony easy ponderous plodding lagging dawdling measured creeping slow-going leisurely crawling debilitated deliberate impassive snaillike delaying moderate loitering tortoiselike postponing procrastinating stupefied slow-paced shiftless unhurried spiritless stupid stuporous having spring fever without energy gradual slow-footed numb benumbed unenthusiastic narcotic relaxed lacklustre nebbish lackluster neb spent uninterested motionless unproductive burned out somnific flagging otiose pococurante Laodicean paralyzed sodden latent paralysed hibernating sleeping unconcerned droopy blahs pining energyless laid back inconscious cold out gentle steady sedate vegged out out cold tortoise-like unrushed laboured comfortable undemanding dead to the world out to lunch pokey dragging dallying leaden-footed snail-paced poking poky snail-like dillydallying laggy lollygagging late behindhand labored imperceptible remiss drained stretchy unmoving stolid wimpy shot wearied lumbering dead tired weakened wooden beat shattered kaput


(informal) Lacking in intelligence
stupid thick thick as two short planks dim dumb dopey crazy barmy cretinous birdbrained pea-brained pig-ignorant bovine slow on the uptake soft in the head brain-dead boneheaded lamebrained thickheaded chuckleheaded dunderheaded wooden wooden-headed fat-headed muttonheaded daft not the full shilling airheaded Boeotian bubbleheaded dopy dorky knuckleheaded lunkheaded nitwitted pinheaded softheaded thick as mince thick-witted woodenheaded witless slow unintelligent dense obtuse dull doltish dim-witted simple half-witted vacuous idiotic mindless brainless slow-witted foolish imbecilic empty-headed fatuous senseless ignorant moronic gormless weak-minded oafish unsmart bonehead simple-minded opaque lamebrain dull-witted soft vapid dof dippy dotish naive dunce-like blockheaded glaikit silly half-baked stolid imbecile gullible chowderheaded divvy inane blockish asinine dotty as thick as two short planks goofy sluggish lumpish dead from the neck up simpleminded scatty crackpot nutty cuckoo batty thick-skulled feeble-minded daffy imperceptive insensitive mad uncomprehending insane damfool torpid thoughtless crass giddy lethargic screwy feebleminded kooky loony looney wacky lunatic whacky kookie scatterbrained balmy harebrained hebete deficient inexperienced unthinking green backward thick-headed feather-brained loopy immature crackers nuts cracked mental heavy bonkers flighty braindead absurd blind halfwitted potty preposterous unresponsive illiterate vacant dappy tomfool nonsensical screwball featherheaded zany unwise sappy uneducated retarded dimwitted inept jerky untaught cockeyed fool impractical unschooled unaware unreasoning uninformed boorish innocent numskulled slow on uptake hare-brained unintellectual shallow not with it mentally deficient mentally handicapped in the dark wet behind the ears not intelligent very stupid puerile childish unperceptive unimaginative rattlebrained comatose hebetudinous slumberish lifeless inert duncelike phlegmatic placid thick-skinned limited insensate callow somnolent inanimate log-headed credulous numbskulled impassive fatheaded loggerheaded cloddish clottish listless inactive irresponsible imprudent foolhardy rash reckless idiot slothful chowderhead dizzy frivolous featherbrained skittish ditzy indiscreet erratic unstable not bright purblind ridiculous bone-headed cockamamie know-nothing unknowing unwitting addle-pated inconsistent feather-headed unmindful incompetent nescient oblivious sheepheaded pea-brain pie-faced insensible unacquainted incognizant mentally slow muddle-headed unhinged deranged unlearned unread clueless unconscious untutored unlettered benighted untrained unknowledgeable touched ill-informed unenlightened unsophisticated unscholarly nonliterate superficial unworldly unqualified unconversant brainsick cranky bughouse crackbrained psychotic slang fruity unbalanced demented haywire bats crazed gaga loco maniac wacko wud maniacal moonstruck unsound bedlam whacko meshugge psycho meshuga certifiable analphabetic uninstructed uninitiated flakey bedlamite not quite right not all there looney tunes flaky loony tunes fried a brick short of a load two sandwiches short of a picnic as green as grass non compos mentis in the ozone off the wall out of one's gourd anencephalic anencephalous unreasonable injudicious irrational ludicrous ill-considered ill-advised pointless laughable risible illogical incautious short-sighted impolitic careless negligent heedless fantastic misguided meaningless improvident cockamamy derisible misinformed infantile out to lunch uncultured impulsive apprenticed uncultivated unsuspecting inappropriate futile bizarre weak idiotical addle-brained blind to dark empty inadvisable rude farcical hasty neglectful unworkable ill-conceived impracticable insipid brutish absent-minded nerdy unearthly indelicate outrageous unconsidered unreasoned nonrational fruitless daydreaming cock-eyed purposeless blundering unstudious coarse gross madcap complacent soppy ill-mannered idiotish squirrelly smoothbrained trifling worthless stupefied donkeyish obstinate fanciful fantastical extravagant unrefined forgetful unpractical tearaway dummy clownish feeble mooning inattentive spaced-out out moony derisive derisory comical unreal shortsighted as daft as a brush unrealistic without thought pathetic vain wishy-washy flat innocuous gratuitous out of it poor wild foolishly stupid eccentric smooth-brained grotesque weird strange peculiar incongruous odd queer doolally gonzo devoid of intelligence undesirable unfortunate bad risky aberrant off your head off your trolley unversed indiscriminate wanton off the air up the pole mechanical instinctive barbarous barbaric inadvertent unintended precipitate remiss automatic uncalled for spontaneous involuntary reflex unpremeditated intuitive unintentional blank expressionless inexpressive deadpan unmeant blunt untactful feckless napping unheeding vague dreaming dreamy inscrutable poker-faced absent abstracted glassy numb catatonic stony emotionless uninterested idle incurious motionless indifferent unexpressive


Muddled in thought or mind
addle-brained confused bewildered simple flustered muddled nonsensical perplexed befuddled woolly-minded muddleheaded mixed-up disoriented disorientated unbalanced unhinged delirious shook up glassy-eyed with Alzheimer's disease dopey pixilated spacy unglued at sea whacko discombobulated pixillated spaced-out dizzy muzzy spacey unsettled zonked gone demented unstable all at sea fouled up crazy psychotic out-of-joint addlepated screwy shell-shocked absent-minded senile punchy muddle-headed zonked-out shot to pieces dazed deranged not knowing if one is coming or going out to lunch irrational unsound unscrewed punch-drunk silly slaphappy not with it spaced out dopy addled stupefied stunned confounded distracted bemused bushed bedeviled befogged raddled fogged addle spaced bedevilled woozy groggy out of it puzzled light-headed lightheaded wobbly unsteady lost faint reeling staggering shaky fuddled adrift giddy woolly baffled addlebrained wooly astray tipsy hazy gaga weak off-course woolly-headed nonplussed vertiginous dazzled slap-happy staggered inattentive trippy dreamy mixed up thrown weak-kneed at a loss weak in the knees numb off-track drugged rattled swimmy whirling bleary dumbfounded bamboozled aswoon upset disturbed in a muddle off balance stoned in a state of confusion sailing not adjusted off-beam eccentric drowsy dumbstruck half-asleep agog maladjusted distraught foolish rocky nauseated nauseous senseless capricious whimsical daft puckish pixyish touched impish prankish fazed queasy stuporous stupid insensible cold disconcerted disorganised flummoxed stumped disorganized asea shaken shook vague benumbed strayed tottering swimming off-balance teetering numbed balled up seeing stars slow tired swaying sleepy light blind dumb blinded come apart drunken roaming roving lost one's bearing with rubbery legs thrown off balance out of control with legs like jelly weak at the knees in a stupor mazed wildered going round in circles all over the place not knowing whether one is coming or going


Not paying attention to something
inattentive distracted abstracted dreamy absent faraway oblivious daydreaming preoccupied distrait musing unmindful woolgathering dreaming ditzy lost absentminded unconscious unheeding removed unobservant diverted distraught inadvertent regardless scatterbrained vague inobservant undiscerning unobserving unperceiving unwatchful apathetic bored listless unnoticing absent-minded wool-gathering lost in thought miles away in a brown study out to lunch not with us lacking concentration not concentrating off-guard off in a world of one's own absorbed bemused heedless distant careless pensive unaware forgetful engrossed scatty neglectful negligent thoughtful far away vacant not with it unthinking giddy brooding disorganized birdbrained dizzy wandering erratic rapt thoughtless empty-headed unreliable feather-headed feather-brained in a world of your own mooning airheaded moony disorganised detached withdrawn remote with a mind like a sieve blank spacey agitated disregardful intent imagining fantasizing puzzled bewildered unsystematic fantasising immersed somewhere else goofy silly featherbrained mystified nonplussed ditsy dippy dappy wrapped up harebrained flighty inconscient worried apt to forget immersed in thought deep in thought unfocused pipe dreaming woolly-headed a million miles away indifferent unseeing insensitive unconcerned empty not there gone frantic frenzied hysteric hysterical delirious vacuous beside oneself deaf forgotten ignored unnoticed out in space omitted minus bare hollow deficient devoid undependable in short supply hung up wrapped-up spellbound deep taken up fascinated caught up anxious asleep engaged bugged elsewhere baffled frivolous surroundings idle frothy lightheaded slaphappy puerile irresponsible light-headed madcap futile yeasty light-minded with one's head in the clouds stupid illogical bird-brained irrational space cadet goofing off slapdash slipshod lax confused unaware of events head in the clouds perplexed flustered troubled insensible amnemonic inattentive to slack negligent about nirvanic unwitting oblivious to sloppy remiss not thinking clearly disconcerted ruffled discomposed speculative out of it looking out window having a memory like a sieve inclined to forget remiss in asleep on the job indifferent to not on the job remiss about like an absent-minded professor lax about pestered harassed befuddled tormented meditative reflective ruminative with a memory like a sieve fazed confounded hassled intangible unreal misty shadowy fantastic sidetracked at sea chimerical phantasmagoric dreamlike phantasmagorical beautiful otherworldly excellent astral unsubstantial mythical introspective marvelous superb illusory imaginary whimsical nightmarish wistful immaterial introvertive marvellous in a reverie with your head in the clouds out of this world in a flap driven to distraction in a daze in a dream muddled disoriented dazed discombobulated muddleheaded stumped addled disorientated pixillated mixed-up pixilated muzzy addlepated shell-shocked punchy zonked-out dopey spaced-out punch-drunk spacy zonked dopy at a loss at sixes and sevens muddle-headed spaced out amnesic amnesiac confusional mixed up unhinged unbalanced demented unglued all at sea unsound senile psychotic deranged unstable crazy unsettled out-of-joint whacko captivated mesmerized consumed addle-brained glassy-eyed shot to pieces screwy not knowing if one is coming or going shook up with Alzheimer's disease fouled up unscrewed ignorant entranced involved hooked intrigued riveted gripped occupied submerged enthralled entranced by in a world of one's own preoccupied by bound-up up to here mesmerised head over heels fascinated by distracted by eat sleep and breathe riveted by taken up by captivated by all wound up enthralled by spellbound by stupefied stunned fuddled thrown dumbfounded clueless shaken flummoxed bushed unnerved discomfited addle astonished bamboozled spaced befogged astounded raddled fogged bedeviled floored beaten shaken up mazed wildered taken aback thrown off balance bedevilled fuzzy


Not cautious of possible dangers or problems
unwary careless heedless incautious thoughtless unguarded unwatchful rash hasty imprudent inattentive indiscreet mindless reckless unobservant unsafe unthinking absent-minded napping off-guard uncircumspect brash credulous ignorant ill-advised impetuous inconsiderate negligent unadvised unalert unprepared unvigilant off one's guard injudicious ill-considered foolhardy improvident foolish impulsive precipitate headlong unwise unconsidered ill-judged impolitic irresponsible madcap devil-may-care unmindful wild temerarious harebrained overhasty harum-scarum misguided irrational blind neglectful hotheaded passionate premature impractical headstrong inadvisable unheeding myopic bold hot-headed daring short-sighted stupid unsagacious astigmatic imperceptive fiery immature frenzied determined furious insuppressible jumping to conclusions adventurous regardless precipitant venturous venturesome unaware tactless unknowing undiplomatic daredevil indelicate hurried oblivious graceless unthought-out remiss forgetful hare-brained audacious slapdash inexpedient sudden ill-conceived spur-of-the-moment off guard disregardful of inattentive to regardless of deaf to oblivious to unconscious of neglectful of unheeding of nearsighted playing with fire taking no notice of paying no heed to blind to shortsighted hell-for-leather distracted suicidal misjudged sloppy uninformed unadvisable abstracted unreflective unwarned unsuspecting not thought through badly thought out near-sighted leaving self wide open off the deep end uncareful kamikaze self-destructive in the dark insensitive short-range restricted short-term limited incognizant untimely infelicitous unsubtle garrulous nosy unacquainted undiscerning unconscious unfamiliar unnoticing uninstructed unrecognizing deaf not in the loop unmindful of spontaneous impervious to indifferent precipitous unpremeditated lax blithe instinctive extemporaneous capricious impromptu snap helter-skelter over-adventurous involuntary whimsical unplanned intuitive uninhibited uncautious wary overbold emotional freakish unprompted unrepressed heedless of pell-mell flying cursory drive-by rushed gadarene careless of abrupt unpredictable abandoned quick offhand not paying attention swift unmeditated hectic superficial perfunctory speedy unexpected automatic fast-and-loose caught napping foot-in-mouth ad-lib jumping the gun ill-thought-out winging it not careful asleep at the wheel sticking one's neck out leading with one's chin any old way asleep on the job pay no mind


Lacking elegance or grace, akin to an oaf
oafish loutish boorish brutish awkward clumsy coarse graceless lumbering uncouth unmannerly blundering bumbling crass gross inelegant rough uncultured unrefined unsophisticated bearish blockish blunderous bungling churlish dorky gawkish gawky inept klutzy lumpen lumpish Neanderthal stolid stumbling uncoordinated undexterous ungainly yobbish butterfingered clodhopping lubberly swinish ill-bred ape-like heavy-handed all thumbs badly behaved rough-hewn rude vulgar unpolished crude ill-mannered impolite uncultivated uncivil discourteous uncivilized bad-mannered ungracious uncivilised unmannered tasteless ungentlemanly inconsiderate ungraceful gauche unladylike barbaric common cloddish maladroit rustic ignorant clownish disrespectful uneducated blunt brusque indelicate lowbrow thoughtless philistine mannerless barbarous gruff barbarian lowbred indecorous impertinent curt ungallant impudent stiff unco incult offensive roughneck incompetent insolent inexpert primitive uncalled-for savage thuggish wooden raw unhandy unskillful loud ham-handed raffish ham-fisted cack-handed unhandsome unskilful unchivalrous rugged wild botched sullen slobbish insensible illiberal doltish classless amateurish surly low gangling audacious insulting unwieldy cheeky improper unworldly insensitive uneasy uncomfortable fresh stilted harsh socially awkward heathen abusive ornery cantankerous heavy presumptuous artless unpleasant offhand provincial fumbled ponderous heathenish Neandertal natural unsavoury tactless derogatory disgracious ungenteel abrupt sharp short foul-mouthed low-bred dense spastic unsavory flip contumelious malapert rustical underbred loud-mouthed socially unsure stupid inefficient lacking in social graces socially inept like a bull in a china shop crabbed obtuse useless foolish muddled untutored dour bovine mean disagreeable uncharitable unskilled brutal lewd misbehaved cumbersome irritable crusty ill-humoured bulky base hick cruel inhuman butterfingers ill-humored brash elephantine unceremonious floundering unfit plebby ocker raunchy fumbling green disparaging shy shameless weedy unadept untactful inexperienced untoward untalented unable splay uncomplimentary having two left hands having two left feet inurbane lippy hulking smart-alecky handless inaffable outlandish corrupt with two left feet out-of-line all fingers and thumbs botching bourgeois inapt unfeeling callous shambling parochial sketchy lethargic pert brassy undiscriminating imperceptive earthy troglodytic unenlightened materialist unread commercial rowdy bullying accident-prone laborious backward immature ill-behaved countrified unpoised illiterate rough and ready moody clunking hoonish plebeian dull puddingy slouching left-handed tart loudmouthed benighted hooligan uncourteous fumbly helpless ill-shaped off arrogant anti-intellectual inartistic witless asinine poor sleazy sordid shoddy unseemly sassy cavalier undiplomatic coltish offish cocky vicious untamed merciless hillbilly backwoods two left feet uninformed nervous mouthy smart alecky brazen unfriendly ill-tempered morose bad-tempered overbearing insubordinate disdainful tacky cheap tough intrusive yokelish bounderish peremptory out of your depth skill-less gangly bashful nervy severe ribald hard foul indecent profane bluff obscene vacuous thick mindless sheepish forbidding fierce stern dirty austere bawdy roughcast grim vulgarian filthy pig-ignorant intimidating louring grievous steely stark callow geeky unkind mean-spirited embarrassed nerdy flinty onerous ungentle bitter hardhanded oppressive socially lacking lacking in social grace socially anxious socially incompetent self-conscious ill at ease murderous lowering snippy grumpy ill-natured touchy cussed cross-grained polite miserly unsociable grouchy truculent unneighborly ugly clunky impure trailer-park smutty blue nasty X-rated pornographic suggestive off-color salacious inappropriate snappy no-nonsense lascivious naughty gutter saucy unprintable off colour trashy locker-room wanton adult fruity terse immodest near the knuckle immoral risqué porny grave stag serious indiscreet racy ungodly unsmiling short-spoken snappish vile brusk brief unsubtle brisk native downright direct spicy steamy gamy sober wicked stony unbecoming sombre somber scatological to the point scatologic Rabelaisian strict licentious ferocious impatient rigorous abrasive caustic malodorous impetuous cold unsuitable in bad taste broad simple ordinary laconic stringent unrelenting pitiless rash hardened crisp disapproving solemn frowning hasty matter-of-fact inexorable unfitting incorrect outspoken horny carnal voluptuous fleshly aloof devilish plain-spoken perverse incongruous unhappy amiss infelicitous malapropos wrong inapposite unapt frigid icy frosty titillating tawdry prurient porn porno hard-core boisterous scurrilous explicit nudge-nudge in poor taste feral unchaste craggy sensual sour roughhewn snippety short-tempered robust beastly spartan bestial imprudent breviloquent relentless low-minded monosyllabic undomesticated straightforward burdensome searing trying excruciating unholy unbefitting unconscionable nonliterate unpolitic injudicious frank sexy erotic rigid disgusting gaudy non-literate undue impolitic undignified fiendish bodily blasphemous unacceptable sickening unrestrained unsympathetic glowering menacing saturnine upfront rough-and-tumble randy rank sexual outrageous uninhabited lush mean-looking ill-advised out of place unworthy discreditable lustful lecherous earnest arousing libidinous obdurate astringent strait-laced grim-faced out of keeping distasteful skin low-down-and-dirty not afraid to call a spade a spade soft-core unlovely low-down salty unclean hard-nosed corporeal close to the bone straight from the shoulder in a state of nature undecorous shocking near the bone unfashionable basic unfinished roisterous rollicking obnoxious unlettered lowdown and dirty vernacular low-born ferine fell homespun agrestic clipped baseborn general succinct concise testy large subhuman unscrupulous pithy Philistine pointed nescient ungentlemanlike improprietous gloomy dismal jungli revolting irascible undeveloped gritty ill-suited unsuited dreary decisive uncontrolled unwise inadvisable sooty formal petulant common as muck tight-lipped vigorous hard-skinned rough-skinned tough-skinned uncommunicative poker-faced aboriginal crotchety crabby taciturn exploitative corrupting beyond the pale nauseating businesslike bald off-colour mature unthinking unperceptive tetchy cross bizarre fast libertine evil-minded orgiastic incontinent reserved juicy ridiculous foulmouthed unwholesome colloquial derisive bad degrading unsettling affronting vilifying vituperative unutterable chilly stuffy unemotional rogue careless untimely lacking in propriety unfair unworthy of uncomely unseasonable gruesome sick purple low-down and dirty off-colored out of line sly scabrous gamey rascally distant exacting inflexible precipitate dusty unconventional unjust unrighteous unequitable reprehensible unrightful wrongful melancholic bleak hard-faced dejected glum sulky unforgiving authoritarian unyielding unbending forthright candid open hearty flashy garish concupiscent angry drastic pulling no punches remote solid ramrod unequivocal flash showy ostentatious good-natured genial approachable debased not mincing one's words speaking one's mind calling a spade a spade not beating about the bush extreme in the gutter lusty meretricious naff tatty friendly hard-boiled godless immoderate punishing punitive inordinate crippling kitsch blustering barefaced cheery honest sincere taboo threatening unbroken ornate hideous pretentious unsightly unclassy trivial artificial makeshift fiery disreputable exorbitant swingeing towering excessive unmerciful strong overweening intolerable steep draconian sinful depraved irreligious impious profligate repulsive cheap and nasty ignoble questionable speaking as one finds scandalous malicious rakish calloused fearsome physical animal odious hardheaded overextravagant extravagant headstrong insane plethoric baroque intractable overmuch overdue frightful frightening irreverent atheistic colourful cutthroat grimy mucky grubby wilding hellish horrible uncompromising colorful unvirtuous epicurean venomous intense great implacable pagan sacrilegious non-theistic shameful ruffian humourless sedate humorless staid repressive sobersided demonic evil iniquitous weighty uncomic free sybaritic luscious sensuous hedonistic luxurious untouched infernal satanic diabolical out of the way overrun overgrown rampant agrarian appetitive Dionysiac unspiritual voluptuary escaped neglected luxuriant indigenous deserted desert waste desolate po-faced malevolent unhallowed moving stirring exciting hedonic stimulating delightful physically gratifying pleasing animalistic hot tactile sensory sharpened debauched

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