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Curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement
funny comic humorous amusing comical farcical ludicrous ridiculous laughable eccentric entertaining risible chucklesome clownish diverting hilarious jocular whimsical mirthful odd preposterous rollicking waggish light-hearted quaint quirky witty zany antic comedic engaging facetious humoristic hysteric hysterical killing oddball off-the-wall riotous screaming sidesplitting sportive tongue-in-cheek uproarious wry rib-tickling side-splitting sparkling wacky absurd camp campy crack-up gelastic joshing laffer quizzical riot for grins gagged up jocose priceless silly jokey merry slapstick playful jolly mischievous hysterically funny gay good-humored good-humoured joking a scream flippant clever lively jesting cheerful crazy killingly funny a hoot lighthearted pleasant jovial teasing flip smart foolish bizarre frivolous derisory rich frolicsome too funny for words inane roguish very funny high-spirited screamingly funny scream blithe jocund fantastic fun gleeful goofy derisive derisible glib beguiling quick-witted a laugh enjoyable impish extremely amusing unusual delightful scintillating queer interesting flaky pleasing wisecracking stupid cockamamie pleasurable pathetic cockamamy joyous flakey blithesome boffo happy agreeable bantering slaphappy outrageous fanciful ironic in jest sharp quick smart-alecky smart-aleck tongue in cheek curious puckish peculiar weird original prankish freakish arch sunny festive ingenious ludic piquant cheery light noisy charming freaky cheering outlandish daffy grotesque daft cheeky captivating enchanting nutty snappy appealing sharp-witted off the wall strange compelling absorbing fascinating spirited in fun sassy intriguing riveting laughing gut-busting har-har mocking saucy satirical sarcastic fresh nonsensical relaxing incongruous unserious a barrel of laughs smarty-pants asinine stimulating cute highbrowed animated madcap nonserious vivacious custard-pie comedical boisterous rowdy childish knee-slapper outrageously funny ribald rum wacko ludicrous. laughable epigrammatic fun-loving convulsive rip-roaring hearty brilliant pixieish tricksy scampish pixy pixie sly leprechaunish rascally devilish knavish wicked elvish very amusing unsatisfactory inadequate embarrassing pitiful unimpressive laugh-a-minute escapist fantasy distracting joyful raucous too much kittenish jaunty clowning bubbly gamesome convivial exhilarating novel gratifying gladdening for a laugh exhilarated idiotic a laugh a minute highly amusing loony jerky fool dippy fool-headed batty gump dizzy screwy goofus bright penetrating keen piercing intelligent insane burlesque mad a card a caution nimble-witted fool around crazy shtick Mickey Mouse unreasonable cut up sprightly capering unlikely irritating snazzy tactful profound racy cutting quick on the draw quick on the uptake pointed a joke a bit much OTT a bit thick annoying over the top singular cocky casual inappropriate incisive adept smooth not serious joculous putting one on pulling one's leg offbeat idiosyncratic capricious unconventional wise pert impertinent sardonic offhand insolent apt agile bold highbrow brazen cool nimble ready nifty chimerical dotty fantastical crotchety rude irreverent impudent dismissive disrespectful precious cutesy congenial recreative nice dicey uncertain kinky old-fashioned imaginative random creative chancy arbitrary flighty breezy mincingly clever lippy moving inspiring stirring enthralling provocative exciting engrossing fun-filled enticing gas restorative rousing poignant striking entrancing thrilling affecting impressive be a ball kooky crackpot cuckoo lunatic kookie screwball looney balmy hare-brained carefree nuts cranky off-centre senseless cracked simpleminded fatuous irrational wild brainless witless harebrained cockeyed unwise whacky out there featherheaded lunkheaded bubbleheaded dry weak-minded half-witted half-baked barmy way out off the air lightweight trivial trifling glad recreational amused incredible illogical unbelievable chipper ribbing chaffing razzing kidding rallying fooling funning implausible meaningless pointless gladsome imbecilic buoyant laughter-filled euphoric unthinkable unreal monstrous astonishing shocking inconsistent elated perky in high spirits larking avant-garde way-out surreal superficial far-out erratic bonkers shallow irresponsible inept tomfool sappy loopy unpredictable thoughtless overfamiliar insouciant unorthodox Bohemian far out potty dilly brassy brainsick unhinged deranged crackers demented outré crazed loco maniac wud maniacal unsound bedlam scatty meshugge mental bughouse crackbrained psychotic slang fruity unbalanced remarkable haywire bats funky gaga spaced-out queerish moonstruck off-kilter weirdo out-of-the-way whacko psycho meshuga bizarro certifiable dumb gonzo looney tunes loony tunes non compos mentis in left field acting crazy


Oddly humorous
odd quaint strange bizarre eccentric outlandish queer whimsical weird curious peculiar unusual offbeat funny quirky unconventional singular crazy wild freakish cranky erratic kooky funky oddball abnormal remarkable wacky screwy rum bizarro whacky irregular kinky weirdo queerish extraordinary far-out spaced-out way-out off-the-wall out-of-the-way off-kilter uncommon off the wall anomalous kookie idiosyncratic aberrant freak freaky unnatural unfamiliar zany outré flakey flaky far out way out out of the way atypical deviant capricious quizzical off-centre off-center out in left field out of the ordinary unorthodox fantastic uncanny different suspicious mysterious puzzling unexpected perplexing mystifying questionable dubious unaccountable baffling incongruous unco nutty wacko daggy beat characteristic bent cockeyed left-field out there ludicrous exceptional grotesque ridiculous fanciful eerie fishy untypical preposterous uncustomary suspect unique unaccustomed spooky creepy rare outre in left field original old-fashioned kookish nonconformist dotty rummy madcap laughable special eccentrical excentrical avant garde doubtful off the beaten track shady out-there doubtable disputable equivocal dodgy disquieting debatable shaky dubitable problematical surprising problematic exceeding aberrated unwonted especial comical unhinged touched mad irrational unbalanced demented phenomenal extraordinaire preternatural uncharacteristic dilly inexplicable surreal nonsensical fantastical foolish insane cockamamie unreal slang absurd off the rails bugged out off-beat exotic unknown astonishing outrageous wonderful extravagant barbarous awkward alien foreign unheard-of eye-popping unheard of funny peculiar cuckoo daft crackpot deranged batty cracked daffy avant-garde crazed silly nuts lunatic maniacal looney mental loopy barmy psycho whacko loco gaga crackbrained haywire scatty fruity gonzo dippy bonkers loony psychotic crackers balmy brainsick unsound meshugge bughouse certifiable unstable bedlam wud meshuga moonstruck bats potty Bohemian alternative stupid maniac berserk off the air delirious doolally nutsy looney tunes loony tunes non compos mentis out of one's mind out to lunch deviating screwball disturbed idiotic psychopathic bohemian disordered distracted boho barking unglued bananas flipped out raving mad not the full shilling round the bend around the bend off one's head as daft as a brush off one's rocker barking mad divergent clownish novel aberrational devious unrepresentative deviate amusing comic non-typical goofy prodigious heteroclite individual unpredictable unwise experimental hare-brained senseless fatuous sick esoteric sectionable heterodox schizophrenic hippy paranoid sociopathic buggy bushed squirrelly flipped schizo not right upstairs not quite right in the head not all there not in one's right mind not right in the head nutty as a fruitcake a few cards shy of a full deck mad as a hatter away with the fairies off one's gourd one card shy of a full deck foaming at the mouth stark staring mad mad as a March hare a few sandwiches short of a picnic round the twist out of one's tree out of one's gourd up the pole off one's nut stark raving mad sick in the head off one's trolley inconsistent progressive advanced innovative unthinkable unimaginable unordinary loner cool untraditional fresh jarring wayward isolated monstrous perverse nonstandard malformed unhealthy warped twisted perverted breaking new ground distorted anomalistic corrupt individualistic unnormal heteromorphic artistic off your trolley off your chump arty skittish distinctive light-hearted farcical unprecedented maverick informal frenzied manic hilarious waggish chucklesome diverting arty-farty confused distraught hysterical neurotic schizoid schitzy off-base radical unreasonable rabid raving uncontrolled out of the common not normal off-color out of line inept jerky fool brainless weak-minded witless harebrained simpleminded half-witted featherheaded asinine half-baked tomfool lunkheaded bubbleheaded sappy ape frantic psychopathological nutso derailed bemused moonstricken unsettled unceremonious demoniac raging yarra dazed off dreamy wrong left bank carefree laid-back relaxed joshing humorous dumb camp witty campy paranoiac paranoic porangi violent as mad as a March hare having bats in the belfry of unsound mind deprived of one's wits manic-depressive crazy as a loon stark mad over the edge non compos severely mentally ill mentally ill one sandwich short of a picnic not together not of sound mind in another world mentally deranged having a screw loose in a daze with a screw loose off the deep end as mad as a hatter in the ozone having kangaroos in the top paddock flipped-out unrealistic unzipped dingy freaked out off the chain out of one's head out of one's box out of one's skull incredible acting crazy far-fetched wondrous enigmatic astounding sensational awesome imaginative chimeric romantic spectacular incomprehensible stupendous breathtaking romanesque glamourous glamorous weird and wonderful marvellous chimerical marvelous illusory


A jester or entertainer
comedian comic wag joker wit humorist jester card jokester gagster farceur gagman gagger funnyman clown wisecracker quipster buffoon prankster cutup kidder life of the party funny man stand-up comic punster zany trickster fool jokesmith funster dag caution funny woman stooge actor banana laugh top banana joculator entertainer comedienne hoot character madcap funny person josher straight person second banana case scream stand-up riot hard case barrel of laughs buffo punner harlequin satirist practical joker merry andrew banterer stand-up comedian merry-andrew antic million laughs a million laughs epigrammatist comedy actor comedy actress show-off kibitzer one yell sketch quiz hoaxer gag person fribble trifler jestress larker japer court jester eccentric caricaturist cartoonist pierrot dolt punchinello funny girl standup comic comic writer impressionist mime punch mummer picador cut-up ribald funnyperson mountebank merrymaker writer of comedy motley nut oddity pantaloon original screwball oddball crank knee-slapper flake merryman nutcase nutter kook weirdo crackpot crack crackbrain fruitcake codger court fool head case comedian comic tease jackpudding clownlike person Pantaloon Pierrot Punchinello class clown wearer of the motley amusing person lark giggle amusing situation nonconformist individualist somebody very funny something very funny piece of fun simpleton moron idiot wacko odd fellow oner square peg in a round hole queer odd bod zombie odd fish wack spook rara avis freak queer fish rare bird


One who acts in a silly or ridiculous fashion
buffoon blockhead dolt dunce fool idiot nincompoop chump donkey dope dullard dunderhead ignoramus jackass moron numbskull simpleton birdbrain bonehead buffo clot dag fathead halfwit ninny nitwit numpty twerp twit wag zany antic berk bozo joculator muppet nit prat wazzock monkey silly billy dimwit imbecile lamebrain nerd dork goon loon oaf dummy turkey dipstick clod jerk sap cretin boob pinhead knucklehead mug dumbhead airhead charlie putz git chucklehead mooncalf dingbat thickhead wally goof pillock noodle noddy schlemiel doofus chowderhead dum-dum schmuck clunk simp divvy yo-yo dumbo tomfool clodpole dip cluck loggerhead ding-dong plonker bogan lamer goofball numskull coot muttonhead dumb-bell pea-brain gobdaw knobhead nyaff gowk klutz sumph lummox galoot drongo spud zombie wiener galah dumbbell pudding-head nerk balloon dill wooden-head goofus weeny schlepper poop dingleberry gink squarehead boofhead palooka mompara poon nong alec goat meathead lump spoony meatball wing nut ninnyhammer stupid yahoo half-wit dodo nimrod schlub mutt clown clodpoll stupe bubblehead woodenhead deadhead mome dummkopf shlub natural saphead lunkhead cuddie hammerhead schnook stock hardhead ratbag cuddy gander golem goose know-nothing dim bulb geek thicko eejit dweeb dorba booby lightweight plank featherhead cuckoo gonzo illiterate bore prick dumb ox silly charley lunatic softhead stooge ding-a-ling nutcase nut dumb cluck weenie joke butt laughingstock simple stupid person lame-brain sucker mockery innocent target brute jest mark mock sport derision foolish person twonk bruiser Neanderthal dupe weirdo lout clodhopper boor gawk lug rascal lubber hulk baboon freak duffer drip scatterbrain loser hoot object of ridicule easy mark victim fair game peabrain musclebrain lowbrow prig yokel juggins muggins incompetent schmo featherbrain rattlebrain flibbertigibbet ditz numptie wimp goof ball bumpkin hick yobbo wuss joker ape stumblebum barbarian Simple Simon yob tosser tit dildo bear gorilla figure of fun blunderer hobbledehoy bosthoon churl goober witling beast scozza chav skate oik cougan ox jestee plaything weed butt of jokes clumsy idiot Merry Andrew clownlike person merry-andrew dull person object of derision giggle bird-brain schlep clodpate mampara bungler kook goop butthead milksop loony screwball dumdum pain in the backside pain in the rear pain in the neck pain in the bum harebrain pea brain botcher bumbler amateur tosspot bodger bimbo retardate ignorant dotard retard addlepate beefhead bust jughead slow learner mental defective born fool cloth-head fluffhead airbrain space case silly person silly goose weakling nutter eccentric fruitcake maniac crank crackpot head case crazy oddball wacko madman madwoman crackbrain headbanger nutjob schizo oddity character crack quiz sicko bug sickie nutso psychopath flake meshuggener whacko psycho radge original codger weirdie wackadoodle wack basket case wackadoo bedlamite zealot dement odd bod bigot non compos mentis

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