Synonym of dumbfounding

Alternative for dumbfounding


bewildering or striking dumb with wonder


be a mystery or bewildering to


Startling, surprising or shocking in an unexpected way
surprising astonishing amazing shocking astounding stunning stupefying startling jolting flabbergasting blindsiding jarring eye-opening jaw-dropping dumfounding staggering extraordinary incredible remarkable unexpected unbelievable overwhelming disturbing unforeseen unsettling mind-boggling mind-blowing striking disquieting bewildering unusual unanticipated unnerving confounding eye-popping unheard of beyond belief hard to swallow sudden unpredictable unpredicted dramatic sensational awe-inspiring out of the blue from left field without warning surprise outrageous alarming destabilizing uncomfortable destabilising worrying dynamite perturbing disconcerting breathtaking impressive distressing scary frightening frightful upsetting shock brilliant preposterous phenomenal wondrous notable uncommon outstanding noteworthy hard to believe bizarre strange gee-whizz amazeballs befuddling outlandish baffling flustering devastating freakish freaky awful unthinkable unannounced unimaginable out of the ordinary wonderful spectacular stupendous fabulous magnificent miraculous portentous prodigious awesome sublime marvellous tremendous marvelous imposing majestic grand prominent singular beautiful eye-catching arresting commanding showy dazzling monumental out of this world fascinating electrifying arrestive implausible improbable incomprehensible unlikely supernatural inconceivable difficult to believe admirable profound splendid extravagant transcendent resplendent far-out fantastical out of sight splendorous inspiring great perfect towering sightly sumptuous exquisite surpassing dreamy luxurious lavish unmitigated magnific special humbling glorious intense moving something else noticeable conspicuous obvious marked distinct evident salient manifest unmistakable strong distinctive visible clear-cut kenspeckle memorable drop-dead bodacious splashy catchy noisy flamboyant grabby rare pronounced bold significant emphatic clear perceptible appreciable observable forcible forceful lofty charming telling powerful signal jazzy cogent compelling distinguished


Causing of amazement
amazing astonishing astounding blowing away stupefying bewildering blowing one's mind bowling over flabbergasting impressing staggering stunning surprising baffling dazzling flummoxing mystifying puzzling shocking alluring attracting awing beguiling bewitching captivating charming electrifying enchanting enthralling mind-bending perplexing startling striking confounding flooring nonplussing confusing dazing disconcerting throwing overwhelming taking aback knocking for six fazing rocking thunderstriking shaking bemusing dumfounding stumping shaking up striking dumb knocking sideways discombobulating befuddling surprizing foxing bamboozling muddling unnerving beating discomposing upsetting appalling graveling gravelling vexing mazing addling rattling fogging wildering overcoming taking by surprise buffaloing befogging dismaying fuddling posing distracting leaving open-mouthed making someone scratch their head disturbing blowing your mind stopping someone in their tracks overpowering getting flustering taking your breath away knocking the stuffing out of disorienting leaving aghast causing to be at a stand knocking out catching off balance mixing up discomfiting aweing unsettling devastating bothering setting someone thinking muddying paralysing obfuscating horrifying knocking for a loop paralyzing distressing abashing jolting shattering perturbing benumbing boggling numbing rendering speechless throwing off balance boggling the mind discountenancing stirring bedazzling spellbinding touching alarming moving affecting crushing agitating embarrassing disquieting throwing off getting to petrifying putting off fascinating hypnotizing overawing traumatizing worrying eluding frustrating hypnotising throwing into a tizzy messing with one's head leaving speechless traumatising bringing up short throwing a curve hitting like a ton of bricks mortifying scaring frightening terrifying prostrating daunting flurrying chagrining oppressing whelming overmastering swamping discouraging troubling panicking ruffling exercising annoying stymieing defeating exciting affrighting spooking chilling chillin demoralizing jarring snowing sticking greatly upsetting knocking over with feather killing knocking over blurring sweeping someone off their feet giving a turn boggling the mind of consternating taking the wind out of your sails making punchy demoralising screwing up setting someone back on their heels going to your head disorientating springing on dizzying intoxicating putting the wind up putting one away letting down snowing under balling up inebriating carrying away blinding bedeviling bedevilling psyching out giving a shock snookering foiling sticking it to grinding down delighting confusticating harassing outwitting disordering filling with wonder filling with amazement gobsmacking causing wonder striking with awe confuscating getting at throwing for loop putting away making speechless breaking someone's heart throwing for a loop besotting making your head spin knocking senseless poleaxing stopping putting at a loss saddening making nervous putting into a flap catching unawares putting someone off their stroke causing someone to lose their composure throwing into a tizz sweeping away outraging disheartening dispiriting concerning bringing around hitting putting out of action revolting disgusting offending unmanning nauseating sickening scandalizing dashing disappointing mesmerizing distempering hagriding unhinging undoing frazzling alaruming ailing derailing discomforting disillusioning fussing repelling disenchanting disgruntling pothering gripping arresting involving besetting thickening tangling complicating displeasing provoking filling with consternation weirding out terrorizing messing up freaking out lousing up terrorising snafuing depressing fouling up mucking up jumbling entangling encumbering shaming mixing you up mucking baulking snarling up raveling muddying the waters balking thwarting ravelling stumbling angering antagonizing humiliating intimidating irritating deterring scandalising hitting like ton of bricks raising someone's eyebrows completely surprising insulting grossing out shaking out of your complacency giving offence to antagonising making emotional demeaning conquering sweeping off feet running circles around catching up destroying mesmerising steamrollering doing in hitting for six subordinating downgrading grinding wrecking dishonouring discrediting making self-conscious making uncomfortable owning showing up making awkward making uneasy making ashamed hanging up making a monkey of dishonoring plaguing putting in a spot teasing giving a bad time catching one short putting in a hole bugging putting out of countenance giving a hard time irking putting on the spot transfixing filling with fear immobilizing scaring witless scaring to death scaring someone out of their wits putting the fear of God into striking terror into putting chill on scaring the bejesus out of scaring the pants off throwing into a panic throwing into a blue funk immobilising scaring silly scaring stiff frightening the life out of scaring the living daylights out of deadening dulling freezing blunting dampening weakening anaesthetizing anesthetizing laying out damping cauterizing incapacitating knocking unconscious cauterising desensitizing suppressing diminishing cowing reducing stifling impairing repressing retarding obtunding torpefying drugging disarming rendering insensitive desensitising enfeebling cumbering hebetating galvanizing mooning daydreaming gathering wool throwing a curveball galvanising showboating grandstanding hotdogging stirring up making someone's hair stand on end bedazing blinding temporarily dejecting hamstringing crippling disabling scarifying enrapturing entrancing frighting tranquilizing undermining enervating needling uncalming sapping riding setting back frightening to death bringing to grinding halt palsying shutting down making inert halting stopping dead demolishing making nerveless laming closing debilitating sedating devitalizing filling with terror making one's hair stand on end making one's flesh creep making someone shake in their shoes giving one the creeps sending into a cold sweat scaring the life out of paralysing with fear striking fear into frightening out of your wits scaring the hell out of scaring the pants off of frightening the living daylights out of making one's blood run cold giving someone goose pimples frightening someone out of their wits rapturing stultifying narcotizing pleasing alleviating transporting lessening magnetizing rapping dullening drawing overjoying mitigating checking moderating cushioning abating holding palliating relieving easing assuaging decreasing soothing trancing subduing smothering sending into raptures filling with delight magnetising ravishing slowing getting rid of gassing putting an end to doping depriving taking the edge off quieting tiring KO'ing chloroforming drowning etherizing injuring putting to sleep putting out of order consuming exhausting dimming sweeping over depriving of sensation


The state of being bewildered or unclear in one's mind about something
confusion bewilderment puzzlement perplexity bafflement mystification dither wonder befuddlement disorientation wonderment befuddling discombobulation discomfiture distraction doubt fluster muddle uncertainty bamboozlement discomposure disconcertion perplexing stupefaction agitation astonishment bemusement bewilderedness chagrin confounding confusedness daze discomfiting perturbation shock tangle abashment awkwardness demoralisation demoralization disconcertment embarrassment flap fog lather mixup stew unsettling upsetting whirl addling blurring cluttering difficulty maze misperception misunderstanding obscuring pother surprise tangling turbulence head-scratching stirring up stupor haze consternation amazement awe trance incomprehension distress disquiet dismay muddledness anxiety hysteria mortification nervousness trepidation incredulity nadaville gauze lala-land narcosis glaze uneasiness startlement unease disbelief obscurity fear spin alarm flusteredness shame dazedness discomfort swoon worry disturbance panic upset obfuscation devastation doubtfulness disquietude questioning fright suspicion nonplus humiliation inquietude disorder horror terror vagueness blankness deliriousness dread surprize derangement admiration egg on one's face muddlement insanity madness mania numbness delirium speechlessness fearfulness apprehension stunner marvel frenzy apprehensiveness astoundment state of shock something else one for the books unclearness dumbfoundedness giddiness concern dwaal cluelessness blur angst skepticism quandary wooziness doziness qualms misgiving dimness indistinctness malaise trepidity jumble dubiety fogginess dumbfoundment dwam blindness lack of comprehension disillusion curiosity scepticism flabbergastment astoundedness flabagast obliviousness trance-like state confused state loss of face state of confusion state of bewilderment state of disorientation feverishness fever trancelike state state of stupefaction crazedness harassment discord abstraction mental unclarity lack of understanding frustration beating ruin failure defeat state scare alarum funk tizzy tizz swivet undoing disappointment rout overthrow cold sweat jam crush cold feet rush confoundment stopper flabbergast mental distress comedown vexation descent conquest vanquishment defeasance dementia dementedness blow irrationality trauma bombshell hallucination lunacy incoherence calenture revelation whammy temporary insanity temporary madness injury thunderbolt earthquake excitement encounter rude awakening eye-opener state of agitation double whammy bolt from the blue state of perturbation source of consternation kick in the teeth source of distress a bolt out of the blue source of amazement a bolt from the blue

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