Synonym of easing

Alternative for easing

eases, eased, easing

Synonym: aid, allay, comfort, facilitate, help, lighten, loosen, reduce, relax, relieve, soothe,

Antonym: anxiety, care, difficult, uneasiness,


The act of abating, or the state of being abated
abatement decrease lessening relief moderation mitigation reduction slowing alleviation allowance cutback quelling weakening allaying assuagement attenuation blunting curtailment deadening diminution mollification remission slackening softening soothing appeasement extenuation palliation tempering dulling slaking lightening relaxation decline remedy waning amelioration ebb easement let-up comfort cure ease release balm diminishing dwindling modification reprieve drop calming relieving shrinkage dying down comforting improvement subsidence pacification placation contraction cushioning easing off respite tailing off subsiding loosening quenching solace sinking allayment ebbing fall alleviating palliative succor diminishment loss qualification letup mitigating assuaging dying away wane petering out decrement succour dying out rest salving falloff drop-off step down cut modulation damping stilling minimizing minimization slash retrenchment downsize lowering aid care minimising lull vindication justification rollback dilution secours loosing attrition sustenance consolation support assistance suspension abeyance decay flagging restfulness extrication cheer letting up de-escalation deterioration delay break pause interruption retardation well-being degeneration fading away depreciation sweep withdrawal recession refluence reflux backflow retroflux medication medicine conciliation low water outward flow low tide salve concession propitiation accommodation acceding medicament corrective restorative satisfaction reconciliation quieting help healing peace-mongering peacemaking acquiescence dovishness lulling compromise peace offering tranquillization sweetening restoration settlement amends reparation adjustment accession tranquilization grant fading dent fade cessation depletion declining depression desisting dropping away dropping off relenting cooling off saving tapering off


Serving to alleviate a person's feelings of grief or distress
comforting consoling cheering consolatory encouraging reassuring heartening soothing assuaging calming commiserative compassionate condoling gentle protective relieving solicitous sympathetic tender understanding warm caring fulfilling gladdening gratifying heartwarming helpful loving rewarding satisfying supportive uplifting heart-warming inspiriting abating allaying alleviating analeptic bolstering curing freeing health-giving envigorating invigorating kind kindly lightening mitigating refreshing remedying restoring revitalising revitalizing revivifying softening solacing succouring succoring sustaining upholding warming mollifying sedative lenitive palliative mitigative alleviative relaxing restful mild peaceful quiet calm tranquillizing dreamy narcotic lulling tranquilizing tranquil pacifying quieting reposeful placid soporific emollient demulcent empathetic sensitive concerned benevolent responsive positive nurturing inspiring thoughtful considerate boosting stimulating affectionate appreciative empathic indulgent generous charitable promising propitious auspicious hopeful beneficent giving attentive philanthropic maternal philanthropical gracious paternal affirmative altruistic cheerful feeling enthusiastic approving pleasing welcome tolerant accepting forgiving patient forbearing tenderhearted sympathizing benignant warmhearted magnanimous approachable softhearted commiserating sympathising humane lenient kindhearted bighearted good-natured human perceptive merciful pitying clement comprehending kind-hearted


Present participle for to loosen or slacken the tension of

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