Synonym of ebbing

Alternative for ebbing

ebbs, ebbed, ebbing

Synonym: decline, decrease, diminish, lessen, recede, retreat, subside, withdraw,

Antonym: flood, flow,


The action of something that ebbs
decline deterioration degeneration descent decay weakening decaying enfeeblement debilitation declension degradation fall ebb decrease lessening drop decadence downfall degeneracy devolution dwindling waning collapse downgrade reduction diminution worsening debasement abatement retrogression disintegration withering lapse fading atrophy regression slide shrinkage moderation let-up slackening sinking depreciation dilapidation falloff downturn slump easing breakdown declination devaluation abasement rot eclipse decrement comedown spoliation diminishment slip relaxation crumbling failing failure loss wane adulteration corruption dent depletion dissolution petering out ruin dying down drop-off relapse falling-off falling apart aggravation decadency spoiling vitiation ruining destroying harm dissipation undermining destabilisation damage destabilization rotting putrefaction decomposition perishing corrosion break-up subsiding respite slowing lull falling down diminishing falling to pieces slipping dying away fade cessation declining step down depression suspension abeyance shrinking easing off desisting dropping away attenuation dying out dropping off relenting erosion contraction cooling off saving cut tailing off alleviation amelioration tapering off spoilation putridness wasting extinction disrepair ruination senescence dying mold blight decrepitude rust gangrene mortification consumption impairment mould release delay break cutback pause letup remission interruption retardation de-escalation minimization slowing down curtailment wasting away breaking down dip discount subtraction deduction detraction plummet dive plunge recession downswing downtrend lowering taking away crash tumble demise down backsliding flameout nosedive cadence downcome falling off downward spiral overthrow defeat bankruptcy flop downslide destruction deflation downtick deficiency end washout miscarriage impoverishment bust rupture stoppage nonsuccess stagnation sag death slowdown subsidence wreck downgrading checkmate reversal undoing foundering trough termination folding markdown stalemate inadequacy lemon deficit nonperformance rout mess loser botch bungle misstep frustration turkey abortion bomb misadventure fiasco implosion retrenchment total loss false step lead balloon flash in the pan sinking ship faux pas slash minimizing demotion downer minimising fall-off letdown skid annihilation return lightening retreat exhaustion devaluing bottom-out mitigation loss of status bad times bathos disappointment cutting falling disillusionment let-down reversion anticlimax declivity trimming reverse rollback dereliction dégringolade recidivism liquidation disgrace dilution inactivity blow attrition drain falling away vanquishing comeuppance insolvency shakeout malfunction devastation doom nose dive halt disruption unsuccess extermination labefaction disorganization seizure stagflation disorganisation nonachievement shutdown fizzle Waterloo unsuccessfulness rainy days lack of success economic decline non-function credit squeeze hard times credit crunch write-down receding depravation downsize setback dropoff Götterdämmerung deprivation reversing rotation inversion precipitation privation disappearance landslide downshift sharp fall forfeiture squandering neglect negligence misprision delinquency oversight default plummeting dislocation perversion degringolade rundown downhill trend shortfall backslide fragmenting standstill flagging skydive breakup omission compression striction decrescence constriction condensation tainting recidivation retrogradation slack arrest paralysis breaking up waste free fall pruning slimming fading away expenditure nonfeasance loss of success closure letting up Black Monday rainy day disgregation bound entropy anergy using up use expending want axing chopping limiting modulation sweep backflow withdrawal refluence reflux retroflux meltdown emptying milking sapping draining economy subdual subjugation pullback slimming down steep fall palliation damping allaying deadening appeasement modification cushioning assuagement fall from grace bleeding scaling down dumps nose-dive rut funk low bottom devitalization obliteration entropy low tide low water outward flow phasedown bottom out closing placation softening tempering calming quelling soothing stilling pacification dulling relief demolition decimation demolishment humiliation humbling belittlement cheapening desolation belt-tightening running down enervation immiseration wastage salami slicing blue devils bad period blue funk the skids decrease in value lowering in value extenuation mollification discomfiture cropper pratfall havoc subversion reduction in value unemployment unseating accounting allowance topple shutting down close-down going under winding up loss of value ousting conquest toppling deposition elimination nemesis big trouble bane debacle loss of face reality check expiration passing loss of power expiry rack and ruin road to ruin loss of prosperity curtains quietus decease non-event impecuniousness pennilessness penury beggary indebtedness pauperdom administration receivership croaking passing on snuffing passing away passage grave damp squib fate exit great divide financial ruin not what it was cracked up to be ineffective conclusion


In a period of decrease or decline
on the wane contracting declining decreasing diminishing dwindling shrinking dimming drooping fading away growing faint on the decline sinking slackening subsiding tailing off tapering off abating attenuating dissolving failing falling off lessening petering out receding winding down atrophying deteriorating flagging giving way in remission melting away slumping weakening collapsing crumbling degenerating disintegrating dying out evaporating in a slump obsolescent on the way out vanishing withering evanescing moribund drawing to a close in a state of deterioration waning moderating fading easing falling lowering falling away dropping off letting up tapering de-escalating dying down dropping relenting dying away remitting palling ratcheting down phasing down reducing draining away disappearing easing off decaying coming to an end descending regressing plummetting plummeting growing less going down relaxing plunging retrograding quelling shriveling shrivelling softening mitigating wilting alleviating wasting away depreciating trailing off slacking off dipping going downhill worsening nosediving retreating withdrawing curbing growing smaller easing up lightening curtailing tempering minimizing devolving dying off restraining retroceding decrementing stopping fizzling out drying up slowing down falling back slackening off becoming smaller minimising wasting lapsing languishing rotting crashing tumbling going ceasing dropping away diving wearing away melting closing toning down trailing flowing back cutting ending draining sagging retrogressing dulling downscaling downsizing depressing terminating going away calming down dying subduing wearing off running out growing dim coming to nothing rolling back getting smaller nose-diving drawing back taking a nosedive checking retiring settling dispersing relapsing depleting lagging emaciating trailing away eroding cutting down backsliding devaluating getting less running low wearing down quietening slowing blurring halting cutting back minifying slashing quieting dissipating allaying clearing dampening sliding perishing calming cooling off passing assuaging narrowing down skidding cratering finishing giving out impairing denting slacking going back breaking down bating clipping taking the bite out breaking up taking the sting out losing ground taking the edge off coming to a halt moving back fading out going out becoming weaker fainting going into a tailspin getting lower becoming less rebating reverting blunting deadening blowing over condensing degrading returning limiting shortening pulling out backing away narrowing losing edge falling through damping relieving elapsing diluting stifling faltering expiring lulling sloping trimming decomposing quietening down scaling down folding flopping flying stilling dematerializing fleeing mollifying deflating discontinuing desisting slipping slaking cushioning concluding tiring falling steeply paring quitting determining muting tightening dialing down downturning thinning out falling sharply cooling losing tottering axing evanishing couching bringing down leaving off going through the floor departing damping down becoming lower flowing out making less soft-pedalling succumbing running dry stepping down growing feeble trimming down getting worse decelerating dropping rapidly extenuating coming to a stop trimming back marking down caving in making smaller knocking down settling down winding up dead-ending hitting the floor thinning soft-pedaling taking a dive backing ceasing to exist making cutbacks in dispelling falling short passing away flowing away paring down passing off taking down levelling off dilapidating breaking off winking out modifying tailing away fizzling palliating muffling reversing modulating becoming less intense closing out growing dropping down flatlining losing strength losing intensity withering away wearying pining slanting down clearing up tilting downwards inclining downwards turning down going downwards giving in becoming weak smothering amortising running down casting down amortizing qualifying downgrading slimming wrinkling sinking lower ebbing away suppressing petering diffusing disassembling scattering soothing releasing compressing constricting running its course thinning down rescinding shaping phasing out elongating dying away or out dying away or down moving backward devaluing telescoping disengaging breaking into pieces unmaking moving away becoming emaciated dragging buckling cheapening compacting rationing hitting the dirt tipping over decreasing in value taking a header losing value bowing out declining in price folding up ending gradually losing its effect coming to grief losing its effectiveness grinding to a halt tranquilizing backing off retracting moving further off drawing away squeezing becoming debilitated shriveling up becoming shrunken becoming enfeebled growing weak placating becoming unproductive ceasing to yield growing barren coming to a halt end coming to a an end growing sterile capsulizing capsuling constringing coming down vitiating debasing impoverishing trembling crippling limping losing spirit growing weaker etiolating putting damper on putting the lid on putting a damper on making less intense numbing becoming blurred becoming shadowy becoming vague becoming confused becoming indistinct making faint scrimping taking in abridging amputating cropping slacking up shaving deliquescing becoming less loud rarefying vanishing into thin air pooping out becoming unimportant fagging out hushing dying on vine tuckering out falling down abbreviating retrenching whittling down rounding down wizening mummifying losing courage chilling out unlaxing cooling it coasting surrendering regrouping running away yielding giving back recoiling recidivating going backwards slipping back sinking back drifting back growing worse losing headway throwing back going to the dogs turning the clock back turning back going to pot moldering going dead packing in mouldering


Present participle for to deplete, or be depleted, in physical strength or energy
languishing fading flagging weakening declining decaying wilting withering failing sinking deteriorating drooping dwindling diminishing sagging lagging emaciating going rotting wasting moldering mouldering sickening fainting pining tuckering hungering longing hankering yearning ailing brooding desponding teetering going downhill wasting away growing weak withering away fading away fizzling out going to pieces knocking out fagging out going into a decline conking out going soft dying on vine degenerating worsening crumbling retrograding atrophying regressing devolving sliding going down the toilet slipping slumping collapsing hitting the skids going to pot getting worse retrogressing disintegrating waning going down the tubes descending falling degrading going to rack and ruin depreciating going to the dogs disimproving lapsing dropping breaking down becoming worse falling apart growing worse spoiling falling off stagnating going backwards going bad falling to pieces taking a turn for the worse going to the pack debilitating impairing lessening becoming dilapidated lowering wearing away going to seed corroding perishing debasing putrefying vitiating nosediving decreasing depraving skidding backsliding losing quality breaking up corrupting going from bad to worse decomposing dying receding suffering contracting palling going off slackening appearing in a poor light dropping off demoralising perverting turning warping staining demoralizing debauching becoming moribund having one foot in the grave falling into decay reverting relapsing returning coming apart at seams reducing taking a nosedive making something worse damaging depressing falling down dissolving reaching depths hitting rock bottom pejorating coming apart at the seams falling into disrepair running to seed undermining breaking losing it adulterating marring alloying injuring dilapidating becoming debilitated going into decline falling apart at the seams

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