Synonym of effulgent

Alternative for effulgent


Illuminating or reflecting light
bright brilliant radiant beaming dazzling shining splendid glowing incandescent lustrous blazing flaming lucent luminous fluorescent fulgent refulgent resplendent vivid bedazzling candescent clear lambent lucid sheeny shiny Day-Glo gleaming sparkling glittering shimmering scintillating phosphorescent luminescent glistening irradiant flashing coruscating intense glossy ablaze illuminated glaring twinkling flickering lighted aglow light glimmering polished burnished sunny lit glistering glinting glorious burning relucent glowy iridescent beamy rutilant fulgurating ardent glittery luculent satiny scintillant illumined golden argent sunlit moonlit auroral fulgid irradiated silvery mirrorlike alight fervid nitid fervent agleam sleek radiating splendent fulgurant fulgurous clinquant flashy fiery scintillescent blinding transcendent red-hot winking white-hot strong razzle-dazzle glitzy illuminative brightening soft shinning cheery healthy satin rubbed buffed luminiferous glassy aflame glacé translucent crystal beamful varnished stunning glazed opalescent splendorous noticeable conspicuous gleamy irradiating waxy slick sparkly reflective convey smooth hot white beautiful warm chatoyant on fire intensely hot fierce overpowering flaring neon vibrant shimmery rich extremely bright smouldering suffused smoldering lit up limpid brightened lightsome colourful colorful pellucid transparent crystalline lurid deep striking gaudy flamboyant bold garish splashy psychedelic see-through kaleidoscopic jazzy gay showy transpicuous silky unblurred loud deep-coloured eye-catching clear-cut bright-coloured highly-coloured highly colored well-lit silver ruddy rosy well-lighted well lit well-illuminated patinated slippery brightly illuminated well illuminated reflecting light diaphanous reflecting silken sericeous satinlike full of light well lighted semitransparent full floodlit undimmed brightsome astral star stellar visual dramatic unobscured sunshiny cloudless glass-like colourless gossamer translucid semi-transparent semiopaque colorless liquid bespangled spangled starry radiated celestial sidereal stellary stelliform crystal clear

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