Synonym of eleemosynary

Alternative for eleemosynary


generous in assistance to the poor


Relating to or dependent on charity
charitable benevolent altruistic humanitarian beneficent philanthropic philanthropical good gratuitous do-good generous magnanimous humane liberal kind unselfish bountiful bounteous unstinting munificent giving compassionate openhanded big-hearted open-handed lavish kindhearted bighearted public-spirited considerate free ungrudging kindly helpful benignant big freehanded selfless kind-hearted almsgiving unsparing benign caring free-handed self-sacrificing princely all heart sympathetic merciful noble gracious obliging goodhearted greathearted socially concerned fulsome open freehearted tolerant openhearted hospitable indulgent good-hearted friendly nonprofit well-disposed gentle great-hearted prodigal decent not-for-profit non-profit non-profit-making generous to a fault tenderhearted neighbourly warmhearted thoughtful soft-touch accommodating chivalrous large-hearted neighborly self-denying civilized human welfare immaculate civilised idealistic useful beneficient valuable social-minded moralistic respected approving holy pharisaical inoffensive goody-goody spotless angelical esteemed unerring creditable bleeding heart good scout Robin Hood high-minded doing good works extravagant lofty unmarred pietistical chaste pristine graceful pietistic unflawed solicitous overgenerous honourable overabundant immoderate open-hearted thriftless intemperate profligate wasteful unrestrained improvident donating prosocial patriotic contributing redeeming virginal untouched prayerful unblamable redeemable unprejudiced wild casual unstinging exuberant free-and-easy over the top handsome honest moderate excellent easy acceptable reasonable loose just fair honorable public- spirited comforting wholesome warm-hearted angelic understanding lovable soft easygoing agreeable mild soft touch cooperative tender-hearted benefic maternal polite good-natured pitying brotherly calm sweet genial congenial tactful propitious cheerful affable likeable warm softhearted unoffensive likable mellow sociable lenient dutiful bleeding-heart delightful soft-hearted attentive well meaning cordial motherly fatherly good-tempered loving regardful well intentioned affectionate good-humoured tender fatherlike clement nice respectful sweet-tempered gallant heart in right place amicable good-humored amiable pleasant feeling pleasing courteous supportive engaging patient well-mannered deferential forbearing empathetic sensitive concerned responsive empathic approachable forgiving nonprofitmaking civil sentimental fond complaisant bonhomous encouraging state public hearty commiserative doting well-bred comradely mindful chummy commiserating companionable gentlemanly decorous beneficial advantageous ladylike piteous mannerly consoling courtly genteel diplomatic favourable sparing reassuring accessible favorable palsy matey buddy-buddy palsy-walsy happy salutary sympathizing condoling urbane bland unctuous stately comprehending suave forthcoming touchy-feely open-minded sympathising paternal well disposed NPO loving and giving community-minded full of pity woke socially aware receptive moved courageous heroic vulnerable well-behaved culturally sensitive hail-fellow-well-met collegial hail-fellow heedful observant valiant natural righteous consolatory sorry not for profit helpful to others thoughty social Christian brave aware eager to please eager to help understandable profitable mushy emotional cultured cultivated refined polished good-mannered appreciative accepting perceptive devoted loyal fraternal uplifting fearless bold intrepid dauntless stout-hearted acquiescent breezy compliant welcoming broad-minded marshmallow softie well mannered enthusiastic pally protective inspiring nurturing inspiriting noble-minded valorous heartfelt socially conscious couth auspicious cheery sincere earnest wholehearted genuine easy-going willing to please even-tempered favourably disposed personal intimate inviting eager boosting gratifying stimulating fortunate lucky knightly convivial amorous deep providential opportune soothing cheering fulfilling ruthful having heart in right place right conducive old softie smiling dexter bright well-intentioned well-meaning

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