Synonym of elongate

Alternative for elongate

elongates, elongated, elongating

Synonym: extend, lengthen, prolong, stretch,


To make or become longer
lengthen extend broaden enlarge widen stretch out make longer expand swell inflate dilate distend balloon bloat bulge stretch fatten tumefy intumesce thicken pad bulk protuberate jumboize puff up blow up fill out make larger become broader make deeper become longer increase in size grow bigger become thicker make bigger make broader grow larger become bigger make wider become wider make thicker become deeper increase augment puff out amplify develop fill grow boost spread heighten add to build up compound billow escalate multiply supersize pump up mushroom magnify belly open become larger raise accelerate aggrandize stoke hype up protrude rise burgeon bourgeon project snowball swell up jut bag poke pouch beetle overhang stick out bilge swell out stand out let out unfasten supplement spread out puff prolong protract diversify wax get bigger beef up bunch start pout pooch unfold bulk up extrude bulge out branch out blob make greater round out fatten up bug out pop out overstate exaggerate aerate enhance distort plump ferment blow out well up fill up pump undo unpin proliferate become bloated magnify importance climb appreciate mount gain accumulate boom top up pull out release outspread open up roll up increase in scope scale up balloon out dome balloon up ream get wider put on weight gain weight get plump jut out be prominent sag stuff become more numerous open out be full to bursting project outward be swollen extend operations broaden one's horizons become distended span let down hike upsurge bolster pyramid flesh out get larger cover range unroll continue open wide soup up tack on slap on reach branch be unbroken burst forth belly out billow out be inflated


To make a quantity bigger
increase raise enlarge improve increment boost build enhance further multiply add expand extend proliferate advance amplify double elevate heighten maximise maximize optimise optimize augment consolidate develop enrich escalate inflate progress strengthen better build up deepen magnify reinforce triple widen annexe annex broaden compound lengthen accelerate aggrandize amass ameliorate beef up bump up crank up dilate distend hike up inflame jack up lift make better make bigger make greater make larger prolong pump pump up reenforce sharpen step up supersize swell top up upraise mount pad parlay protract redouble snowball spread supplement swarm teem thicken wax blow up collect flesh out follow up go up grow hype jack mark up pullulate ratchet up shoot up slap on tack on up upscale add to intensify rise mushroom accumulate balloon climb burgeon gain appreciate bourgeon boom rocket soar roll up stoke upgrade skyrocket spiral surge aggravate exacerbate hike accrue mount up stretch accentuate increase rapidly worsen get bigger make worse fill out grow rapidly amp up exaggerate cultivate flourish fortify go through the roof go through the ceiling thrive rise rapidly promote become larger gather pick up upsurge spring up pile up scale up foster increase in size put up pyramid intensate sprout leap up touch up leap help rouse bloom uplift prosper speed up bloat cumulate jump refine eke out spin out polish jump up puff up turn up perfect scale fatten run up elaborate fill puff out stimulate become more numerous hone adjust boost up stretch out build on be jacked up arise explode nurture exalt go sky-high encourage bolster take off straighten out quicken ascend get larger overstate continue forward pad out reach swell up soup up grow in drag out smarten push up greatly increase drastically increase correct amend reform revamp draw out spike dramatically increase overdo make longer brush up string out rectify fine-tune update bulge get higher hit the roof climb sharply rise steeply acquire diversify heat up emphasize uprise flower flow shape up fuel hot up make perfect make strides top propagate intumesce tumefy emphasise bulk sweeten zoom bump become bigger increase exponentially buttress push make louder treble increase suddenly put on draw increase in scope open run riot mend outstretch proceed increase dramatically prolongate bulk up add fuel to the flames improve on add fuel to the fire become greater let out endow smarten up increase threefold move up meliorate work on increase by three increase in extent increase in complexity liven up louden crank something up go up in price concentrate breed hasten stress increase in value surge up underline magnify importance uprate manifold aggregate metastasize luxuriate diffuse force up stir up inject gallop spur on puff peak enforce economize husband spring breadthen develop rapidly well grow stronger pile become louder grow louder crescendo pervade blossom revalue incline become distended appear mature deteriorate burst detonate burst forth expatiate piggyback grow full get to become large get taller increase in weight outspread start to be be hiked up distort billow stack up issue turn around upsize send up grow greater ape up grow larger be enlarged be stepped up be extended be magnified be increased be amplified revise make higher branch out advertise revitalize advertize fan the flames of ensue follow complicate blow out spread out go off tend succeed confound confuse spurt grow quickly become worse ramp up vault tower escalade spin rally revitalise tag on stockpile fan the flames produce put on a spurt support shore back up give a boost brace get stronger stock up purify edit emend recuperate complement do well be successful embellish become wider come on renew rise up extend operations broaden one's horizons rise in value go from bad to worse put salt on the wound uptick rub salt in the wound buck up make intricate make complex spiral upwards add insult to injury supply subsidize goose up fetch up subsidise send through the roof fix up transcend excel change for the better be added work up fast-track reflate shift up ratchet turn the corner modify perk up set right keep burning rekindle feed stir poke add fuel to dramatize embroider overplay shore up fix mitigate assuage remediate redress eke economise overestimate triplicate work out make progress make headway increase slightly move forward forge ahead hyperbolize overemphasize tick upward shift upward fluctuate upward cram dramatise surcharge overemphasise elaborate on temper drive tighten up envigorate polish up illume burnish vitalize propel invigorate smooth jazz up multiply by three add on increase in round off fill up punch up stoke up make up add fuel to fire drive up stretch the truth put fuel on duplicate acquire more of something assist aid blow something out of all proportion blow up out of all proportion make a big thing out of repeat stiffen toughen nourish nurse abet beef perpetuate put on weight get plump round out fatten up gain weight swell out pull out delay stall serve toughen up tighten succour hold persist sustain dualize replicate hold up drag your feet wire-draw extend the duration of increase twofold dupe duplify double up let it ride keep up carry on keep something going go on with multiply by two approve make more stringent make more rigid make stricter instigate succor pave the way for drum up give a leg up egg on make more rigorous


To gradually lessen
taper decrease diminish dwindle lessen subside wane abate decline ebb fade reduce de-escalate die away drop off ease fall let up lower moderate pall peter out recede relent remit shrink slacken weaken die down die off plummet slump thin out wilt wind down bate close contract drain drain away fall away fall off phase down ratchet down rescind shape slacken off taper off trail away trail off die out phase out tail off thin down drop sink attenuate ease off quell lighten depreciate curb curtail relax mitigate alleviate plunge downscale decrement temper downsize droop soften flag cut minimize wither go down cut down slash grow less slow down minimise restrain cut back devaluate deplete grow smaller dip shrivel ease up regress descend come to an end drop away slack off nosedive degenerate decay tone down deteriorate fade away dry up evaporate calm down become smaller wear away wear down depress rachet down tumble fail minify dent dive scale down quieten crash slow roll back settle waste quiet trail melt away nose-dive go downhill knock down waste away crumble take a nosedive erode trim run low impair pare disappear dissolve clip collapse subdue mark down terminate bring down step down check make cutbacks in blur melt get smaller pare down degrade limit lose edge narrow down dilute allay dim dampen calm cheapen couch cease narrow quieten down slope assuage vanish extenuate withdraw dial down stop take the edge off shorten take down retire downturn trim down trim back retrocede make less make smaller crater desist dull devalue evanesce get less languish slack take the bite out take the sting out grow faint rebate cool off become less thin come to a stop become weaker settle down go through the floor fade out whittle down hit the floor become lower fall short modify tail away peter ration blunt lull deaden modulate shave release restrict relieve incline downwards slope down tilt downwards slant down palliate mute damp muffle disengage stifle mollify still grow deflate condense prune finish slake cushion soothe wrinkle slim turn down dock damp down come down slip flow away atrophy take it easy amputate crop abridge soft-pedal halt decelerate unlax end coast cool telescope go downwards get lower round down go easy fall down level off slack up abbreviate retrench disintegrate chill out cool it retreat give way give in become weak die away or out die away or down cut back on make reductions in retrench on salami-slice slim down be on the way out draw to a close relapse fizzle out totter lose lapse skid drag buckle backslide back away drop back fall back pull out return discount flop bow out go back retrogress move away disperse perish retrograde retract back depart move back lose value cave in dematerialize emaciate fly go lag flee sag undervalue go into a tailspin fold up hit the dirt decrease in value tip over break down be precipitated take a header decline in price back off move further off etiolate lower in price cut in price go away draw away draw back flow back hush fold deliquesce grow feeble pass off evanish poop out vanish into thin air fag out tucker out grow dim rarefy become less loud tire become unimportant die on vine clear drop down deduct write down lower the price of undersell make cheaper rein in put on sale subtract disgrade demerit render worthless offer at a giveaway price drive down reduce the price of write off axe ax cast down amortise downgrade tighten qualify amortize run down worsen slide get worse rot devolve hit the skids go down the toilet die go to pot go to the dogs go down the tubes wear off come to nothing run out falter go backwards become worse go to rack and ruin stagnate fall through be in decline shrivel up fall apart pass away break up go to the pack dissipate give out succumb faint expire fizzle debilitate wizen disimprove pass dilapidate grow worse be neglected come to a halt go bad fall to pieces lose ground revert cease to exist go to pieces flatline blow over spoil grow weaker vitiate debase miscarry exit moulder elapse discontinue be abandoned conclude run dry molder constrict determine quit age dispel be forgotten be disregarded corrode go from bad to worse be no more lose quality break off take a turn for the worse wind up be the worse for wear dead-end leave off move backward wink out ebb away wither away lose strength lose intensity pine weary sicken grow weak become emaciated clear up reverse give up mummify come to grief putrefy weather damage lose courage become debilitated go out drift become unproductive grow barren grow sterile run its course compress dry become less intense be gone make something worse decompose go down the tube lose its effect lose its effectiveness suffer become dilapidated run to seed pejorate go to seed abort misfire compact be on your last legs fall apart at the seams go into decline be used up cease to yield squeeze fall into disrepair diffuse scatter disassemble be handicapped appear in a poor light be impaired be at disadvantage be damaged be shown to disadvantage desiccate cease to be become obsolete grind to a halt constringe capsule capsulize reach depths scrimp become extinct blast blight become limp hit rock bottom come apart at the seams be destroyed unmake come to a halt end come to a an end take in infrigidate freeze freshen ally frost disappear from the face of the earth numb drift back recidivate slip back sink back become stale become marcescent adulterate mar break undermine injure alloy break into pieces close out become shadowy become indistinct become vague become confused make faint become blurred lose it miss the mark end in defeat be a fiasco end gradually end in disappointment be worse for wear go dead pack in impoverish cripple tremble limp throw back lose headway turn the clock back turn back founder demise decease croak part bomb bust lose spirit be deficient exterminate ruin abolish go awry go amiss be wanting be insufficient kick in conk out pass on kick off peg out step out pop off check out be ruined be lacking be found lacking strike out be inadequate not come to ripeness


Extend out, over, or beyond the main body or line of something
jut project protrude overhang beetle extend bulge impend poke stick out bag balloon belly billow bunch pooch pouch pout protuberate start swell obtrude poke out beetle over bulge out lengthen pop stand out be imminent go beyond distend jut out extrude expand dilate puff out bloat swell out loom fill out pop out inflate puff up extend beyond bug out enlarge thrust out balloon out push out hang out hang over dome rise point fill blob protend outthrust bilge mushroom tumefy be prominent intumesce billow out come through blow up loom out butt out shoot out stick up belly out be inflated pooch out pouch out become larger come out bulk emerge push show spread show up hang cantilever prolong lap over ride over hold out bag out stick roll surge balloon up be conspicuous stretch out bounce pitch sag toss puff peek rise up project outward be swollen grow plump fatten extend over jut over protrude over stick out over project over be full to bursting roll upward engorge become bloated round out become swollen well up blow out swell up become inflated become distended portend bulge over jut out over loom over stand out over command overtop endanger cantilever out poke out over bulge out over impend over tower above flap over droop over be suspended cantilever out over rise above swing over dangle over stick out like a sore thumb cast a shadow stretch widen increase increase in size droop flop thicken flap augment broaden amplify pad burgeon bourgeon make bigger snowball grow larger make larger become bigger hang loosely catch the wind ferment pump up distort heighten develop boost magnify supersize escalate compound hike bolster pyramid upsurge protract get bigger soup up beef up tack on lop bulk up slap on drop loll swag dip tumble dangle hang down lean curve down fall unevenly jumboize become wider make wider make broader become broader become thicker make thicker become deeper grow bigger become longer make longer make deeper

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