Synonym of embossed

Alternative for embossed

embosses, embossed, embossing

Synonym: boss, stamp,


With raised letters or images on the surface


Past tense for to decorate, typically with a raised design or symbol
adorned decorated beautified embellished enriched ornamented arrayed festooned garnished graced trimmed bedizened decked bedecked blazoned caparisoned dressed drest draped emblazed fancified did done did up done up dolled up fancied up prettied up gussied up prettified enhanced dressed up set off furbelowed tricked out decked out garlanded furnished gilded gilt got up wreathed engarlanded bejeweled bejewelled tarted up spruced up emblazoned swathed bedight fixed up did out done out gotten up furbished bespangled improved embroidered jazzed up hanged hung covered painted coloured smartened beribboned brightened accessorized bedighted befrilled colored titivated fit set accessorised primped pranked brightened up prinked smartened up spiffed up added ornament to packaged styled papered glamorized looped threaded gentrified adapted renovated tailored wallpapered shaped clad clothed varnished attired appareled apparelled zhooshed made beautiful rigged crowned mensed gingered up larded gemmed glamorised redecorated remodeled revamped remodelled fitted glazed elaborated perfected burnished frilled slicked idealised finished appointed prankt polished accoutered idealized spruced illuminated fudged overstated aggrandized amplified enlarged zhooshed up spangled hemmed fringed edged added the finishing touch to rigged out made up dressed out gift-wrapped thridden thrid shope shapen overdone overdid added finishing touches added bells and whistles given details gave details knit patched up sorted out restored rehabilitated renewed overhauled refurbished corrected prepared mended complemented supplemented coated augmented sugar-coated camouflaged disguised provided repaired spiffed window-dressed prettied suited catastrophized exaggerated stitched sewed fixed fixt tinselled overlayed aurified touched up glittered tinseled plated begilded whitewashed engilded overlaid washed accented equipped showed off fastened displayed showed presented figged up expanded on enlarged on dressed to kill worked added on patterned knitted inscribed braided dressed up to the nines cross-stitched quilted illustrated wrought added to overlay shown equipt gone with went with shown off browden wove pattern woven pattern added ornament


Past tense for to set with studs

Antonym of embossed

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