Synonym of emotionally moving


Producing strong feelings and emotions
affecting poignant moving touching sad heartbreaking stirring distressing pathetic pitiful upsetting harrowing emotional disturbing tragic piteous emotive impressive plaintive pitiable painful powerful saddening heartrending agonising agonizing impactful haunting uplifting telling affective heartwarming heart-rending tear-jerking soul-stirring heart-warming arousing affect woeful gut-wrenching miserable distressful lamentable wretched sentimental deplorable poor grievous mournful sorry sorrowful dismal traumatic rueful tender unfortunate doleful exciting tearful regrettable abject forlorn disquieting bitter compassionate shocking thrilling expressive to be pitied arousing dramatic melancholy nostalgic vile appalling excruciating difficult joyless cheerless dreadful shabby tragical afflictive melting evocative dire commiserable base worthless wistful impassioned scurvy dolorous stunning afflicted suffering commiserative distressed low comfortless mortifying horrifying perturbing meager meagre agitating mean inadequate contemptible unlucky tragicomic worrying striking tormenting unsettling nagging stressful awkward hurtful frightening bad depressing afflicting horrible horrendous bittersweet concerning disgraceful awful terrible crummy rotten diabolical execrable abominable odious ghastly atrocious lousy frightful godawful calamitous disappointing nerve-racking unsatisfactory hideous abysmal heart-breaking beastly desolate merciful warming beseeching ruined supplicating imploring entreating beggarly despicable insignificant cheap paltry desolating controversial sensitive mind-blowing sympathetic responsive dreary teary drear intense deep inspiring visceral perceptual noncognitive feeling intuitive ruthful useless puny petty passionate heart-wrenching inflammatory contentious delicate eloquent impelling derisible small touchy meaningful gripping breathless significant rousing provoking sententious hot-button problematic mediocre saccharine mawkish over-sentimental lachrymose sugary cloying syrupy heart-melting affectional soppy mushy gooey cornball weepy schmaltzy cutesy drippy sappy grand inept shoddy awesome hokey with a sting in the tail sweet-and-sour with mixed emotions devastating rubbish foolish-looking disastrous catastrophic silly ridiculous god-awful direful absurd egregious shameful inferior hopeless ludicrous derisory laughable second-rate cataclysmic third-rate sucky lovey-dovey unforgettable three-hanky gee-whizz highly impressive indelible spookish uncanny weird unearthly eery creepy memorable spooky eerie atmospheric ongoing obsessive persistent repeated recurrent lasting lingering recurring alarming troubling disconcerting unpleasant troublesome fearful not to be forgotten never to be forgotten objectionable horrific horrid irksome worrisome discomforting confronting distasteful unpalatable severe forbidding revolting loathsome daunting torturous grim humourless sober offensive sombre repellent uncomfortable unnerving foul detestable irritating annoying unsavory harsh humorless unbearable disagreeable nasty repulsive gruesome repugnant solemn discomposing somber troublous gloomy icky stinking unendurable fraught vexatious lurid macabre disgusting nauseating unacceptable sedate displeasing unwelcome hairy nightmarish sickening obnoxious grisly gross undesirable grave monstrous unappealing repellant uncool yukky cruel grotty yucky hellacious unhappy abhorrent uninviting grody ugly sour nauseous anguished unsavoury uncongenial unlovely unpleasing galling hostile off-putting nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking hard discouraging trying brutal vexing heavy fierce acute dismaying onerous bleak wearisome damaging perplexing serious embarrassing bothersome inconvenient burdensome harassing aggravating savage oppressive laborious ominous sinister foreboding threatening extreme insufferable disheartening tiresome startling discommoding toilsome consequential tough vicious dangerous injurious violent rough crushing intolerable tricky harmful forceful racking sharp dispiriting thorny intrusive impeding disruptive ferocious critical destructive pessimistic funereal strong torturing melancholic unrelenting hellish chilling raging unfavorable unfavourable wrenching ruinous deadly searing sticky vigorous prophetic uncertain demoralizing mortal dejecting great lethal discomfiting mighty piercing punishing wounding taxing demoralising morose ungovernable exasperating overwhelming wicked biting exacting strenuous terrifying black adverse scarring hefty thunderous tense uneasy drab flustering peracute demanding ticklish tearing prickly fatal unmanageable insupportable killing dark ruthless exquisite unpropitious problematical merciless rugged maddening infuriating dodgy knotty inauspicious impossible evil intractable vehement depressive furious intemperate sullen tortuous incommodious explosive unkind glum almighty consuming forcible rigorous arduous blistering rancid life-threatening repressive pesky potent resounding hateful lugubrious dynamic stinging excessive very bad intensive smart sobering perilous not to be borne menacing austere parlous precarious pain-filled blinding restless nervous anxious soaring disconsolate shattering pitiless oppressed impoverished stark uncoveted anguishing unwanted mirthless dispirited dolesome obscene Spartan crashing invidious unforgiving feel-bad poverty-stricken cold depressed despairing niggling plaguy pestiferous pestilential tricksy touch-and-go spiny catchy dingy plangent pensive dejected despondent mephitical irritable bewildering testing troubled revulsive frustrating unamusing grueling penetrating murderous relentless stiff hardhanded inhuman aggressive extremely upsetting considerable sore remorseless grief-stricken barro burning caustic cutting scandalous noisome fulsome noxious inclement deathly hapless fateful importunate pestilent charged unpopular unattractive major operose formidable pounding gruelling unsparing undisciplined murder uphill rowdy infestive messy disorderly straitened inhospitable spartan scabrous stern inexorable stringent hazardous ill-fated disenchanting tickly unenviable unlikable tasteless flavourless flavorless dislikable insipid yicky savorless flat ill-starred weighty big grinding bumpy blue morbid itchy scratchy unwished-for hard-hearted overpowering causing discomfort ill-fitting struggling compromising humiliating unreasonable cyclonic demeaning degrading wild all-powerful death-dealing recalcitrant embarrassed cringeworthy dicey untimely discountenancing perverse wayward cringey gnarly improper inordinate profound uncontrollable toe-curling fiery rampaging rabid uncontrolled rampant riotous unrestrained cringe-making storming immoderate unchecked fearsome unfettered uncurbed inflamed unbridled keen emphatic desperate hot urgent energetic concentrated peppery convulsive flaming enraged blustery paroxysmal turbulent volcanic frenzied coercive stormy outrageous tumultuous aroused tempestuous heavy-duty gale force out of control full of force beyond bearing more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand


Present participle for to influence, usually emotionally
affecting influencing touching upsetting altering changing impacting modifying striking swaying transforming disturbing overwhelming perturbing stirring troubling acting on agitating attacking concerning conditioning damaging devastating distressing grieving hurting infecting involving paining saddening shaping controlling determining forming governing hitting hitting hard impressing manipulating moving reaching shaking biasing biassing deciding exerting influence on fazing guiding impacting on striking at throwing working on bowling over having an effect on impinging inducing inspiring interesting knocking back marking overcoming prevailing regarding relating shaking up taking hold of telling on bearing upon getting to having an impact on impinging upon impressing on knocking for six prevailing over making an impression on tugging at your heartstrings going to your head turning someone's head constraining dictating molding moulding interacting with forecasting injuring corrupting vitiating destroying afflicting crippling ruining spoiling marring contaminating impairing demolishing annihilating ravaging compromising harming breaking sabotaging tainting polluting defiling occurring poisoning crushing weakening blighting debasing wearing away spreading to striking down playing havoc with wreaking havoc on doing damage to regulating ruling meddling intruding trespassing prying obtruding encroaching interrupting imposing containing checking restraining taming curbing inhibiting directing bridling mastering having a bearing on subduing disciplining keeping measuring holding underlying inclining pulling in predisposing shepherding reining in disposing making inroads leaving a mark on getting the better of being a factor in making an impact on keeping a tight rein on holding in check

Antonym of emotionally moving

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