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encompasses, encompassed, encompassing

Synonym: encircle, enclose, include, surround,


All around or nearby a particular place or thing
surrounding peripheral neighboring neighbouring abutting adjacent adjoining bordering nearby circumambient encircling flanking immediate outlying proximate border circumjacent close contiguous enclosing fringe fringing juxtaposed near skirting verging circumferential circumforaneous conterminous joining neighborhood neighbourhood nigh touching next-door enveloping including ambient concealing shrouding all-embracing enfolding next nearest connecting closest outer outermost underlying overall throughout conjoining approximate vicinal perimetric very near overshadowing in close proximity close at hand not far away near at hand in the vicinity overarching on the edge on the outskirts close by next door alongside handy beside convenient approximal coterminous accessible at hand connected flush attached next to close-up local bordering on near-at-hand interconnecting joined impinging meeting ready side-by-side hard by close-by within reach warm close-at-hand next door to not far off at close quarters within spitting distance within sniffing distance a hop, skip and a jump away just round the corner community edging bounding vernacular juxtapositional contactual against vincinal adjacent to abreast proximal available around on the edge of in contact in the area not remote within stone's throw within range by close to near to neighbouring on abreast of proximate to contiguous with attached to approximate to by the side of on the side cheek by jowl with back-to-back side by side imminent impending approaching walkable nearly upcoming in the neighbourhood of not far from within reach of within earshot in the vicinity of on the doorstep within close range of within sight around the corner under one's nose in spitting distance within striking distance within walking distance across the street on your doorstep in the ball park cheek by jowl a stone's throw away give or take a little


Wide or comprehensive in scope or applicability
across-the-board complete total broad comprehensive full sweeping widespread all-embracing all-inclusive blanket thorough universal wholesale all-encompassing general indiscriminate overarching panoramic wall-to-wall broad-brush common generic global one-size-fits-all overall thoroughgoing all everything extensive far-reaching panoptic wide wide-ranging without exception broad in content including all categories including all members exhaustive inclusive encyclopedic compendious embracive cyclopedic omnibus grand encyclopaedic in-depth cover-all broad-gauged all in all-in broad-gauge catholic all-around all-round worldwide whole across the board large-scale umbrella expansive unlimited entire all-out interdisciplinary extended multidisciplinary cross-disciplinary international absolute ecumenical unrestricted deep integral perfect intact compleat detailed plenary outright pervasive ubiquitous nationwide unqualified countrywide rangy coast-to-coast pandemic far-flung full-scale out-and-out planetary ample mass profound broad-ranging gross cosmopolitan cosmic prevalent full-blown vast omnipresent diffuse company-wide radical eclectic clean integrated broad-based broad-spectrum collective unabridged bird's-eye wide-reaching undivided aggregate unconditional rampant lock stock and barrel multinational choate public exaggerated large discursive major overstated overdrawn all-purpose thorough-going infinite whole-hog full-dress comprising nonspecific prevailing boundless painstaking careful popular undiminished long in depth unbroken uncut rife epidemic utter scopic pervading categorical permeating mundane worldly straight-out copious inescapable regular unified astronomical accepted unmitigated all-over full-spectrum immense oversimplified over-general non-denominational unifying non-sectarian encyclopaedical encyclopedical imprecise intensive master panned ruling non-specific meticulous proper significant definitive minute all-comprehensive all-pervading majority intercontinental unbounded received standard basic nonexclusive bulk quantitative unanimous world far-ranging non-selective everywhere full-out life-size one-to-one unrestrained generalized unselective generalised on a large scale outspread preponderate overwhelming all over the place predominant the word diligent extensively considered thoroughly in quantity in bulk no stone unturned in toto catch-all all together with everything included ball-of-wax all-together catchall wholistic rounded full-on holistic replete big picture maximal huge great final from A to Z in the mass abundant plentiful plenteous itemised itemized adequate most largest solid consolidated in one piece inviolate expanded big sizable lengthy categoric pure sheer composite combined organic full-fledged indivisible finished protracted massive humongous completed hefty scopious consummate unblemished unconfined limitless conclusive uncondensed unexpurgated unexclusive endless broad-minded diverse liberal tolerant unsectarian unbigoted diversified maximum untouched unflawed empyrean undisputed terrestrial usual stellar customary celestial flexible undogmatic wall to wall unmarred unreduced undamaged unabbreviated general-purpose multiculti open-minded world-wide varied unprejudiced unspecialized uninterrupted unmarked taken as a whole nondiscriminatory full-length indeterminate charitable receptive open-door open non-restrictive non-exclusive welcoming all-encompassing all-embracing free-for-all open to the public encircling containing synoptic accessible to everyone free to all the works the whole shebang the big picture of great scope


Comprising of, as part of a whole
including incorporating comprising covering embracing involving constituting containing consisting of carrying entailing numbering subsuming comprehending enclosing inserting building in taking in embodying having compassing spanning co-opting holding engrossing comprising of taking into account dealing with integrating assimilating consolidating counting absorbing combining considering mustering accommodating adopting admitting bringing in encircling drawing in providing for taking account of allowing for encapsulating engulfing consisting inholding surrounding enveloping amounting to accounting for swallowing up borrowing concerning classifying listing examining made from occasioning deeming requiring demanding pertaining to treating of surveying referring to attending to extending as far as having as a consequence leading to reckoning extending to going as far as looking on resulting in factoring in taking into consideration lasting engaging composed of electing accepting enfolding converting connaturalizing homogenizing homologizing spreading over extending over ranging over stretching across denoting counting in collecting organizing concentrating touching on linking numbering among taking note of hooking systematizing bringing into line homogenising making one's own taking over bringing into the fold codifying establishing blending merging fusing bringing together organising unifying systematising amalgamating gathering together adding appending putting in imputing appropriating intermixing imbuing implanting sending sending with bearing storing entering keeping stowing adding in boasting seating having capacity for having space for having seating for having room for


Present participle for to physically surround
enclosing surrounding encircling ringing circumscribing girdling circling environing compassing girding skirting bordering bounding confining fringing wreathing engirding besetting fencing in hedging in hemming in closing in walling in shutting in enveloping embracing inclosing edging begirding belting wrapping banding blockading rounding girting girthing hemming cutting off cincturing circumventing locking in encasing rimming enwinding engirdling orbiting circuiting boxing in investing penning corralling fencing besieging enfolding limiting flanking circumnavigating immuring caging impounding hedging boxing up binding cooping margining containing verging outlining mewing up locking up blocking off lining encaging looping imprisoning delimiting beleaguering housing closeting interning framing muring trapping cooping up cordoning off going around mewing forming a barrier round forming a ring around ringing round sealing off fencing off penning in penning up walling pounding demarcating holding hurdling jailing fixing covering kettling sieging casing including circulating restricting defining gaoling straitening demarking delineating forming a ring round setting terminating railing in closing in on laying siege to marking off going round putting inside marking out tying haloing enringing cloaking swaddling blanketing swathing bowering embowering circumfusing girding in enwrapping incarcerating ensphering coiling touring circumducting moving around isolating sealing segregating mounting trimming keeping capturing holding captive boxing coiling around closing enwreathing thronging inundating enclaving writhing around holding in caging in leaguering setting in a frame closing around partitioning off closing off separating off dividing up sectioning off blocking establishing congregating assailing assaulting attacking determining shutting off specifying deciding forming a barrier around constraining hindering working over working on identifying settling classifying designating stipulating coming at from all sides distinguishing prescribing rotating round revolving round pivoting round turning round sailing round whirling round spinning round moving round travelling round detailing marking setting bounds to setting the boundaries of setting the limits of laying down staking out curbing setting out restraining holding back enshrouding hampering prelimiting trammelling trammeling barring shutting up nailing down mewing in walling off sheathing protecting shutting roping off taping off shielding guarding defending curtaining off screening off securing screening safeguarding quarantining sheltering warding storing separating bulwarking fending forfending railing keeping safe detaining putting under lock and key holding prisoner shutting within rounding up cocooning coating locking encapsulating partitioning sealing in sealing up possessing retaining cladding turning off cutting insetting cribbing palisading barricading fortifying keeping within bounds stopping halting picketing taking away packing keeping under lock and key tucking cupping capping crowning dressing reinforcing canopying hooding clothing papering over overcasting crating superposing superimposing putting something on top of placing under cover placing something over packing up saving preserving shading insulating harbouring harboring inoculating hiding covering for affording protection to watching over concealing cushioning keeping from harm giving refuge conserving covering up havening taking care of providing protection for providing safety


Present participle for to cover or hold within
enshrouding enveloping shrouding swathing embosoming enswathing veiling cocooning embowering enclosing enwrapping circumfusing embracing enfolding inclosing bosoming mantling wrapping bowering lapping investing involving muffling surrounding covering swaddling cloaking encasing sheathing draping masking folding wrapping up encircling winding engulfing hiding concealing obnubilating girdling overlaying immersing bundling up blanketing screening obscuring covering up infolding binding overspreading bandaging palling protecting clothing clouding disguising entwining curtaining padding captivating consuming bedecking circling furling paving cosseting trussing grabbing cinching pressing clinching camouflaging sheltering twining absorbing muffling up cradling locking rolling up twisting turning shingling imbricating shielding wrapping around girding containing cooping superimposing guarding rolling hemming fencing shutting in coating hugging clasping squeezing clutching occulting cuddling eclipsing burying blotting out carpeting suppressing belying bundling ensconcing shadowing grasping packaging enclasping crushing shading papering over obstructing darkening overlying holding smothering straining adorning adumbrating caching blocking out holding tight holding close submerging flooding wreathing plastering cladding boxing smearing dimming topping capping encrusting daubing overshadowing crowning bedaubing befogging sheeting blurring misting hazing fogging blackening overclouding bedimming beclouding blearing overcasting dislimning packing clinging stashing blinding seizing extending over taking in one's arms clinging to confining lacing decorating housing dissimulating dissembling lining inwrapping caking encapsulating dressing up donning fondling wedging embedding gripping shuttering sinking gift-wrapping secluding stifling letting fall in folds lagging soundproofing umbraging separating closing overrunning besmearing grappling secreting shutting off shutting out walling off stopping something being overheard boarding up doing on the sly bushing up cushioning folding in your arms grabbing tightly taking gathering obfuscating glooming louring overwhelming giftwrapping insulating growing dim becoming cloudy fuzzing up clouding over becoming gloomy becoming overcast washing over spreading over spreading around coiling curling throttling making shockproof spreading thickly over twirling veneering parceling parcelling laminating inundating heaping showering blocking facing surfacing inlaying whirling nestling staying near taking in your arms folding in arms holding onto holding someone close loving receiving following the course of accolling welcoming lying close keeping close following closely colling swiveling swivelling rounding spinning ornamenting plating glazing overlapping trapping casing tying obliterating suffusing varnishing washing curling up folding up wheeling winding up murking pettifogging hindering stonewalling bemisting benighting spreading blanking out putting over casting a shadow over tying up parceling up packing up putting out of sight keeping out of sight


(refer to) Present participle for to have a relation or connection with
referring concerning pertaining involving relating addressing covering entailing affecting appertaining applying belonging impacting implicating regarding touching treating canvasing applying to having reference to having to do with pertaining to relating to touching on appertaining to bearing on contending with corresponding with having a bearing on having relevance to impacting on bearing upon dealing with having relevance for belonging to having a reference to having a relation to pointing at taking in connecting with having a connection to having something to do with going into referencing including going over referring to delving into looking into enmeshing entangling embroiling concerning itself with interesting having an impact on occasioning pointing to discussing examining scrutinizing telling of analysing reviewing reporting on analyzing studying detailing documenting exploring talking about tackling deliberating on recounting giving details on investigating giving details of giving an account of giving a rundown of providing details of probing expounding on giving the facts on looking at taking on describing talking through comprising of commenting on conferring on bringing up informing of explaining digging into speaking about sifting through scrutinising depicting inquiring about debating embodying bearing connecting touching upon corresponding to suiting alluding fitting having an effect on centering upon befitting combining vesting associating joining inhering with connecting to

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