Synonym of enlivening

Alternative for enlivening

enlivens, enlivened, enlivening

Synonym: brighten, cheer, inspire, stimulate,


Causing strong feelings of excitement and happiness
animating energising energizing exciting envigorating invigorating rousing stimulating vitalizing vivifying exhilarating bracing refreshing reviving quickening stirring inspiring electrifying restorative inspiriting uplifting stimulative moving revitalizing lively thrilling tonic breathtaking arousing galvanizing revitalising provocative hair-raising rejuvenating thought-provoking interesting challenging inspirational galvanising brisk motivating exhilarative charged fortifying gripping fresh cordial vital spirited encouraging activating titillating appealing spine-tingling adrenalizing hectic intoxicating motivational healthful influential vigorous galvanic electric persuasive kicky mind-blowing provoking health-giving cool impelling mind-bending mind-boggling heart-stopping rip-roaring emotional affective meaningful thirst-quenching touching inciting crisp reinvigorating soul-stirring exhilarant life-preserving life-sustaining livening rejuvenative keen chilly life-giving strengthening revivifying exalting salubrious life-saving cold affecting healthy striking animated energetic heartening enthusiastic hearty anthemic instigative instigating triggering awakening piquing enabling spiriting renewing activation invigoration resuscitative inflammatory resurrectional refreshful agitational sharp life-restoring stem-winding biting restoring life-renewing nippy envigoration freshening cooling rallying fascinating high hyper esthetic reanimating regenerative aesthetic parky zesty rescue salutary beneficial pick-me-up impassioned emotive passionate memorable dynamic impactful riveting dramatic impressive poignant vibrant emotion-charged heady gladdening cheering giddy elevating eye-popping exhilaratory animative overwhelming powerful captivating amazing intriguing wonderful roborant intense astonishing sensational stunning enthralling enchanting awesome shocking fabulous absorbing innerving action-packed startling sexy magnificent explosive wild incredible brilliant compelling delightful suspenseful spectacular incendiary entertaining rabble-rousing awe-inspiring wondrous enticing piquant controversial eye-opening beguiling magnetic charming fiery deep staggering cliffhanging knife-edge astounding complex complicated difficult baffling confusing puzzling strong seditious heartrending stupendous mind-altering inflaming inviting seductive heartbreaking riotous attractive alluring fantastic vivid compulsive amusing pleasing diverting bold revolutionary engaging pleasurable tantalizing demagogic expressive contentious arresting aggressive engrossing suggestive tantalising divine marvellous out of this world marvelous remarkable entrancing influencing prompting galvanical heart-pumping spine-chilling bloodcurdling terrifying frightening hair-curling alarming chilling horrifying fashionable trendy sparkling potent elating hallucinogenic exalté nerve-racking stupefying inconceivable hallucinatory psychedelic adrenaline-charged edge-of-the-seat laden pervaded permeated filled imbued suffused fraught loaded full saturated beautiful jaw-dropping boisterous rollicking ripping uproarious tense giving one food for thought melodramatic amazeballs heart-pounding adrenaline-fueled tragicomic tragic shaking trembling heart-stirring jolting dazzling shivering quaking vibrating shuddering buzzy volatile adrenalized vehement frantic blood-tingling exquisite large mad swinging fab miraculous boss power-driven AC DC juiced motor-driven electrical electronic plug-in rechargeable telling tender bright fervid fervent fierce burning ardent breathless heart-rending significant heart-warming sententious upsetting tear-jerking surprising subversive zero cool annoying offensive battery operated graphic colourful warm blinding radiant galling goading insulting curious insurrectionary insurrectionist notable hot noticeable glaring gleaming pronounced definite vexing aggravating attention-grabbing dissentious affronting maddening infuriating exasperating irritating colorful meaty charismatic eventful hypnotizing hypnotic mesmerising worthy of note mesmerizing preoccupying bewitching unputdownable portentous trenchant topical fine unboring buzzworthy immersing hypnotising unique newsy splashy relatable prepossessing involving racy out of the ordinary exceptional newsworthy consuming mesmeric spellbinding noteworthy showy emphatic magical enjoyable malevolent dangerous wicked treacherous causing trouble disturbing edgy outrageous funny marked in-your-face agitative incensing insane pleasant stimulant pushing confrontational spurring insurgent anarchic excellent crazy unreal unbelievable humorous witty rebellious fomenting agitating agreeable fun bad daring ridiculous profound first-class primo grand momentous like wow majestic swell far out hunky-dory imposing super extraordinary splendid groovy dandy first-rate monumental superb delicious lavish terrific stately glorious massive luxurious hate-mongering intemperate rabid mutinous congenial recreative droll nice irresistible hilarious chucklesome seditionary incitive comical mouthwatering appetizing relaxing scream clever riot be a ball cheerful fun-filled gas gay side-splitting priceless like a red rag to a bull fetching luring tempting heavenly appetising


Inspiring or feeling hope and optimism


Inspiring wonder or amazement
wonderful astonishing amazing extraordinary incredible wondrous astounding awesome breathtaking remarkable awe-inspiring enthralling exciting glorious blissful captivating charming divine dramatic enchanting heavenly magical majestic marvellous marvelous miraculous prodigious special spectacular splendorous staggering startling stunning stupendous sublime thrilling tremendous unique beguiling bewitching dream-filled empyreal enlightening ethereal eye-opening eye-popping fabled fairy-tale fairytale-like fantastical far out far-out fascinating heart-stopping envigorating invigorating jaw-dropping mind-bending mind-blowing mind-boggling out of the ordinary out of this world portentous resplendent sensorial stimulating striking unbelievable unheard-of unimaginable like a dream come true fabulous surprising awful sensational impressive phenomenal fantastic magnificent overwhelming great terrific brilliant splendid grand outstanding stirring exhilarating excellent superb super amazeballs stupefying monumental electrifying monstrous rousing inspiring intoxicating galvanizing unreal humbling exhilarative charged galvanic electric inconceivable moving imposing kicky intense huge enormous massive vast immense colossal gigantic galvanising exceptional mammoth unusual mighty hair-raising gargantuan unprecedented uncommon giant rip-roaring unparalleled humongous mega titanic mountainous elephantine heavy jumbo monster stellar whopping astronomical cosmic astronomic bumper herculean Brobdingnagian whacking oversized humungous leviathan supersize gigantesque cyclopean cosmical walloping pharaonic oceanic fab heroic beautiful supersized strange heroical galactic vasty planetary Himalayan unheard of superior super-duper king-sized king-size pleasing dazzling king size awe-striking hallucinatory psychedelic mind-altering good bad utmost out-of-this-world state-of-the-art preternatural weird bizarre outlandish positive confounding formidable theatrical singular superlative something else rare surpassing royal what heart-stirring all that and a bag of chips unusually good providential joyous better than expected wicked notable spine-tingling noteworthy cherished touching perfect superhuman inexplicable unaccountable ridiculous far-fetched absurd crazy mad wild first-rate first-class gee-whizz freakish wonderworking anomalous supermundane numinous supranatural the what great promising too good to be true the utmost challenging complex complicated baffling confusing difficult puzzling inordinate large substantial sizeable considerable flabbergasting abnormal fantabulous immeasurable ginormous profuse towering mortal big copious ominous gross


To be triggering enthusiasm or eagerness
exciting thrilling exhilarating rousing stirring animating enthusing stimulating delighting inspiring inspiriting invigorating moving elating lifting vitalizing buoying charging electrifying enrapturing galvanizing gladdening gripping heartening intoxicating pumping up tickling uplifting bucking up energising energizing envigorating galvanising gingering up jazzing up livening up pepping up perking up picking up stirring up evoking firing getting going giving someone a buzz giving someone a charge giving someone a kick lighting a fire under putting zip into quickening tickling someone pink firing the enthusiasm of firing the imagination of reviving arousing revitalizing encouraging vivifying rallying refreshing revitalising cheering up bracing cheering restoring inciting awakening strengthening activating rejuvenating brightening buoying up revivifying waking up boosting renewing provoking brightening up filliping fortifying triggering enkindling reanimating resuscitating kindling juicing up amping up firing up spiking reinvigorating jump-starting inflaming zipping up regenerating motivating instigating breathing new life into recreating spurring emboldening recharging freshening repairing rekindling goading elevating whipping up promoting kick-starting sparking wakening spurring on working up improving resurrecting renovating waking fanning refreshening building up enthralling giving a boost to bouncing back sparking off bringing out comforting piquing prodding awaking reawakening reinforcing revving up intensifying setting off reassuring giving a shot in the arm to impassioning giving a lift to calling forth turning on touching off giving a buzz pleasing consoling steeling raising engendering lightening fomenting rewaking rewakening reactivating agitating egging on relieving livening exalting enhancing geeing up bringing around spicing up drawing forth giving a lift generating bolstering breathing life into warming impelling titillating urging reconditioning recovering initiating commoving making whole bringing into being tickling pink calling into being touching up driving gratifying leavening seasoning spicing adding zest to assuring fulfilling sustaining supporting winding up transporting whetting priming giving new strength to satisfying solacing heightening updating replenishing captivating prompting rejoicing chirking up bearing up modernizing looking up entertaining zapping regaining innervating keying up giving a new lease of life to snapping out of it making happy modernising imbuing riling fuelling fueling giving life to amusing adding zing to empowering diverting contenting making more exciting enheartening causing helping ameliorating dynamizing propping up indulging pleasuring humoring suiting restarting gladding taking a turn for the better re-establishing humouring sending putting some spark into psyching up vivificating informing activizing innerving shaking giving pleasure to agreeing with raising someone's spirits relaxing bringing back charging up needling making someone feel good bringing to shaking up suffusing modifying bringing to life roiling touching influencing infusing charming swaying soothing zhooshing incentivizing enriching irking incensing feeding augmenting confirming magnifying affecting irritating fostering instilling putting new life into hotting up zhooshing up fascinating regaling cooling entrancing angering eliciting vexing grilling ruffling bestirring getting better sweetening relaunching reinstituting hardening recalling getting going again rescuing saving raising your spirits inducing giving shot in arm gassing feasting increasing enabling arming bowling over snapping up flustering giving the kiss of life to making merry blowing away the cobwebs firing with enthusiasm making content bringing joy to recuperating bringing about taking heart giving someone pleasure bringing back to life setting up maddening jolting building a fire under raising spirits knocking dead giving new life to triggering off steaming up starting taunting challenging feeding the fire tickle to death making happier upsetting adding spice to working into lather hitting the spot bracing up putting new life in brushing up zesting getting your act together adding zest making something swing incentifying reestablishing getting someone going boosting moral reintroducing putting some life into becoming livelier pushing applauding disturbing startling lifting up redeveloping reproducing filling with joy tempting nerving persuading making real fleshing out edifying giving a new lease on life becoming lively stiffening exacerbating nurturing giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation performing CPR coming to life enforcing disinhibiting taking off moving to action sharpening getting to spooking working actuating dispatching precipitating springing growing overcoming springing up bringing round rediscovering permeating pervading nourishing powering making confident pouring it on giving courage to cooling down topping up building putting life into jumpstarting egging giving a bit of zing making something go with a bang accelerating becoming more cheerful feeling happier putting new strength in putting new heart in putting new heart into changing lightening up taking a load off loosening up making more cheerful curing making healthy healing lighting up teasing stoking up growing buoyant boosting up igniting reenforcing cheering on penetrating impressing inclining lacing tantalizing speeding making alive crazing asking for it mounting intensating bugging redoubling deepening making waves satiating adding some colour to adding some zest to bettering refining interesting calling tantalising enticing producing alerting making wild summoning up heating up nudging sating making your head spin going to your head transforming gaining convalescing getting into the mood mending striking smartening up quenching occupying titivating pricking praising getting one going acting as a incentive to acting as a stimulus to stinging acting as a spur to acting as a fillip to acting as a impetus to speeding up getting one started rising becoming optimistic becoming hopeful soaring civilizing cultivating adding a little something to being responsible for giving one an idea carrying getting occasioning starting off giving impetus enduing infecting beghasting distracting freshening up cleaning up neatening tidying sprucing up airing out dusting cleaning filling bielding boosting someone's morale spiriting someone up raising the morale of stimulating spiritually giving confidence to consolidating giving hope to lifting the spirits of stiffening the resolve of juicing beguiling absorbing pepping slaking serving becoming cheerful making brighter clearing up gaining strength reigniting giving someone a thrill turning someone on making very happy giving someone great pleasure enchanting civilising advancing switching on starting up giving rise to meeting disporting engrossing involving engaging obliging corroborating upholding substantiating preoccupying immersing upraising accommodating surfeiting flattering satisficing enamoring bewitching delectating putting on cloud nine putting on top of the world letting the sun shine in catalyzing catalysing alluring wowing pandering to cloying capturing selling catering to providing for doing the trick filling the bill authenticating holding the attention of slaying cracking up grabbing ecstasizing jogging arriding ravishing pleasing greatly making a hit with someone appealing to going over big attracting getting one's kicks warming the cockles of the heart grooving burgeoning girding backing placating bringing alive making more forceful backing up giving weight to prospering lending more weight to bearing out calming assuaging condoling flavouring flavoring giving condolences to commiserating condoling with giving sympathy to palliating succouring easing making one feel at ease allaying composing besoothing making well bringing comfort to commiserating with pacifying mollifying lightening burden empathizing with succoring giving solace to sympathizing with putting at ease salving quieting fears souring colouring arising wakening up making lively letting sunshine in putting pep into making more lively poisoning distorting shaking a leg getting up coming to turning out piling out greeting the day rising and shining rolling out upping and at 'em bestirring oneself coming around adding colour to putting some spirit into making more interesting coloring tingeing tinging aggravating baiting chafing offending discomposing infuriating propelling pressing making leading to leading invoking resulting in bringing on exhorting begetting abetting fermenting setting going creating calling up coercing brewing bringing summoning effectuating forcing setting in motion putting in motion troubling putting up to developing compelling breeding extending amazing picking expanding astounding mobilizing setting on conjuring up blowing away calling to mind mobilising effecting perturbing amplifying distressing educing adding to astonishing accentuating stepping up exercising worsening originating beginning making worse siccing extracting burning up beefing up bringing forth talking into adding fuel rooting on coming round worrying alarming hatching concerning remembering setting alight escalating unsettling minding disquieting dismaying disconcerting awing aweing yielding furthering contributing to dazzling spawning flurrying unnerving bothering hounding disposing annoying manifesting running paining widening confusing convincing pressuring grieving badgering thinking of undoing ailing derailing discomforting fussing distempering hagriding unhinging frazzling alaruming coaxing recollecting converting impacting driving on fazing broadening necessitating frightening reminiscing about pressurizing suggesting exaggerating evincing actualizing procuring afflicting whipping harking back to setting prevailing upon galling rattling retaining retrospecting knocking out weirding out bringing to mind regaining consciousness prevailing on winning over drawing on hearkening back to bethinking thinking back to flashing back to getting out of bed fanning the flames of cranking up recovering consciousness freaking out reminding translating into drawing out coming to one's senses putting a bomb under harkening back to rousting looking back on pressurising flashing on honing coming back to life coming back from the dead rising from the dead exerting shocking intriguing cajoling giving courage snowballing mushrooming putting into action stoking rooting advising inveigling having as a consequence having as a result pushing forward making brave chivvying stunning giving a shot in the arm suggesting to hinting to making for suscitating spurring to action making enthusiastic setting on foot causing to appear setting afoot getting something going stirring embers adding fuel to fire constraining harassing overjoying nursing confounding predisposing conditioning directing imposing on determining orienting adding fuel to the flames making a splash enlarging knocking someone's socks off making braver accumulating becoming worse crowding jogging memory sounding seducing discomfiting raising from the dead reappearing surfacing restoring to life dragooning bullying spiriting up leaning on riding herd on acting upon drumming up sowing the seeds fanning the flames sowing the seeds of lifting the morale of giving confidence giving pep talk perplexing inviting operating mustering up working on contributing risking making happen lashing flushing palpating hooking grappling dazing deranging bewildering planning plotting hinting rabble-rousing scheming insinuating placing reminiscing bringing to pass having a hand in entailing incenting dilating frenzying exasperating tripping knocking one's socks off giving joy to racing one's motor having a part in ending in interfering making uneasy complicating puzzling depressing disheartening scaring tiring intruding outraging getting in the way tapping conducing to taking one's breath away magnetizing taking your breath away jarring magnetising maximizing costing reviving the memory of recognising flashing coming to one conducing bethinking oneself of citing recognizing leading on getting smoking initializing concentrating agitating for soliciting fanning the fire forwarding maximising pyramiding blowing up hiking up jacking up multiplying swelling hiking running up distending jumping up making angry sending into a rage setting ablaze setting afire setting fire to setting aflame echoing routing cranking conjuring expressing imparting encapsulating initialising taking out of mothballs making active compounding extorting calling out reminding one of milking putting one in mind of incarnating digging cueing emphasizing countenancing favouring favoring giving the incentive to giving someone a cue helping out heaping on emphasising darkening piling on pointing aggrandizing toning up accenting stressing doing overwhelming overawing hurting conceiving wounding reaching overpowering propagating mustering giving birth to telling on making an impression on showing off taking someone aback leaving a mark on killing registering making splash pushing around feeling respect buffaloing feeling admiration scoring cutting a figure making a hit making an impression grandstanding bulldozing having an impact on saddening harrowing cutting setting on fire searing mortifying torturing making miserable tormenting making wretched discombobulating thinking back reminding oneself of thinking back on reminiscing on ringing a bell bearing in mind gnawing at piercing affronting cutting to the quick causing anguish to causing anxiety to making flip giving someone grief ventilating making anxious examining working someone up bugging up pushing buttons


The giving of fresh strength or energy
refreshment revival stimulation freshening envigoration invigoration reanimation renewal energising energizing renovation restoration restoring revitalising revitalizing strengthening enlivenment regeneration rejuvenation repair resuscitation revivification perking up rehabilitation reinvigoration recovery revitalization recuperation resurrection rebirth renaissance healing cure rejuvenescence resurgence renascence reawakening convalescence rehab amelioration betterment mending remedy redemption rally snapback improvement reparation redintegration turn for the better a turn for the better return to health getting better process of getting better awakening re-establishment comeback reintroduction reinstallation quickening reappearance relaunch recrudescence bringing back risorgimento resumption cheering reinforcement consolation enkindling waking bringing around coming to return rebound reactivation recurrence upturn repetition reformation recharging new beginning recommencement reopening happening again breaking out again replenishment refilling upswing rekindling re-emergence continuation new dawn refurbishment redevelopment new birth restitution fightback face-lift pickup advancement reinstatement revamping reincarnation new life cardiac massage artificial respiration transmigration facelifting belle epoque golden age metempsychosis triumph return to life new start restart revampment reemergence reinstitution restarting carrying on intermittence repetitiveness frequency habituation regularity gain rallying transformation return to success modification conversion reconstruction fresh outbreak taking up again return to reoccurrence transmutation redecoration modernization alteration metamorphosis picking up reorganization transfiguration transmogrification remodeling makeover innovation changeover flux reorganisation remodelling revamp overhaul new look refurbishing

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