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ensures, ensured, ensuring

Synonym: assure, cover, defend, guarantee, guard, make certain, protect, screen, shelter, shield,


Made certain and protected against discontinuance or change
assured secure sure certain guaranteed dependable sound confirmed fixed sealed settled solid clinched established impeccable infallible reliable unerring unfailing faultless indubitable irrefutable nailed-on sure-fire unquestionable cinched clear-cut decided definite insured pronounced racked set surefire undoubted nailed on absolutely certain beyond doubt in the bag made certain nailed down on ice sewed up concluded certified a dead cert open-and-shut bound a sure thing can't-miss tested effective fail-safe efficacious foolproof trustworthy sovereign accurate tried and true warranted tried and tested stipulated stated positive undeniable unequivocal indisputable incontestable incontrovertible evident manifest unmistakable obvious clear absolute patent conclusive unambiguous categorical transparent unarguable irrefragable inarguable unanswerable unchallengeable accomplished beyond question not in doubt acknowledged decisive plain accepted proven definitive firm watertight final self-evident authentic emphatic palpable apparent genuine not in question no ifs ands or buts undisputed unquestioned undebatable unchallenged uncontested straightforward unimpeachable recognized unshakable unassailable compelling express undoubtable veritable true downright apodictic demonstrable flat recognised beyond dispute undisputable uncontestable real sure thing doubtless open concrete beyond the shadow of a doubt actual exact unconditional last precise deciding ascertained known frozen determinate hard inexpugnable hard-and-fast stable dinkum peremptory factual affirmed having down pat confirmable authoritative there are no two ways about it verifiable all sewn up supreme provable as sure as eggs is eggs establishable safe stone cold cast-iron secured attested iron-clad copper-bottomed ultimate demonstrative observable uncontroversial convincing marked clinching unequivocable airtight as plain as a pikestaff staring one in the face no mistake beyond a shadow of a doubt no two ways about it explicit direct unambivalent nonambiguous unqualified distinct specific straight lucid unreserved luculent outright blunt pellucid perspicuous candid unblurred barefaced bald understandable ringing luminous comprehensible univocal intelligible easily understood black and white no strings attached flat-out no fine print lucent cut-and-dried limpid bright-line broad crystal-clear no holds barred crystal no catch well defined crystal clear straight from the shoulder point-blank open and shut straight out bald-faced black-and-white clearly expressed flawless perfect pat cold superior well-grounded sure-enough well-founded down pat beyond a shadow of doubt bona fide for certain without doubt


In accordance with a constitution
constitutional legitimate legal chartered lawful statutory vested authorised authorized licit official codified constituted permissible permitted ratified sanctioned warranted approved democratic representative by law within the law in accordance with the constitution proper rightful valid legit kosher legalized legalised bona fide just allowed recognized licensed recognised licenced allowable genuine admissible due above board on the level judicial on the up and up acceptable justifiable established right condign innocent protected ordained judged enjoined passed enforced decreed card-carrying canonical by the book going by the rules authentic statutable real true correct binding sound justified juridical ordered commanded warrantable ruled legislated enacted jurisprudent mandated legitimatized jural acknowledged accepted honest accredited upright contractual endorsed of right de jure legislative suitable appropriate admitted decriminalised decriminalized orthodox sanctioned by law fair enforceable authenticated bonafide documented formal verified ex cathedra credible certified authoritative validated granted straight precedented enforcible prescribed aboveboard certifiable sure enough undisputed actual veritable effective usable unexpired legally acceptable signed and sealed in effect in force true-blue legally binding tolerable tolerated OK excusable pardonable pukka venial passable all right applicable in order within accepted bounds satisfactory reasonable defensible tenable sanctionable sensible okay supportable operational active influential probable logical well founded current operative in operation at play in use in execution commissioned sufferable effectual bearable unforbidden unprohibited countenanced understandable available fit vindicable well-founded sustainable defendable maintainable plausible explainable arguable forgivable condonable remissible unconcealed frank forthright overt open candid unequivocal trustworthy rational possible worthy likely pertinent concedable relevant fitting square able to hold water not unlikely not impossible upfront standing indicative fair and square

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