Synonym of erased

Alternative for erased

erases, erased, erasing

Synonym: cancel, cross off, obliterate, wipe out,


Past tense for to remove completely, leaving no trace
deleted effaced expunged obliterated removed cancelled canceled excised eradicated rubbed out eliminated wiped out abolished annihilated blotted out crossed out exterminated extirpated liquidated struck out blanked out blue-pencilled blue-penciled bowdlerised bowdlerized censored deled redacted scored out scratched out wiped off annulled blacked out blotted cancelled out canceled out cleaned up cut disannulled dispatched gutted killed laundered negated nullified rooted out scraped off snuffed out stamped out struck stricken swept away trimmed withdrew withdrawn blued pencil cut out put a line through removed all traces of took out taken out destroyed axed put an end to scrubbed scrapped quashed extinguished zapped dropped lift set aside terminated blocked out squashed put paid to inked out edited out voided razed omitted shed scratched wasted ended nixed put a stop to edited demolished rescinded repealed finished off excluded gotten rid of got rid of suppressed revoked decimated totalled totaled elided discarded denied forgot rid called off invalidated abrogated wiped off the map recalled cleaned wiped off the face of the earth trashed countermanded stopped aborted did away with done away with smashed retracted obscured vacated avoided upset abated lifted shut off put down cast aside wiped from the face of the earth reversed abandoned wrecked torpedoed devastated desolated offed repudiated squelched overturned junked chopped purged whited out obviated called nulled dismissed shut out finished discharged stroked out brought to an end cried off concealed rolled back struck down weeded out knocked off declared null and void washed out rubbed undone undid covered sanitized forgotten forgat sterilized cleared snipped dissolved stripped stript ruined slaughtered levelled leveled reneged sterilised sanitised expurgated cleansed discontinued crushed vaporized nuked pulverized shattered wracked exsected pulled down expelled ditched disclaimed renounced recanted overruled jettisoned made void dismantled disowned counterordered backpedalled rendered invalid abjured backpedaled subverted vaporised pulverised wiped vitiated repressed called back unloaded cut up did in done in Xed out cleaned off put kibosh on taken away took away declared invalid put the lid on put the kibosh on cast down left out put out of your mind let go rendered null and void disposed of struck through rubbed off shot down overthrown overthrew shrouded screened closed hid obstructed thrown out threw out stricken down unpublished disinfected quelled faded eroded bleeped decontaminated scored crossed through banished ridded covered over extracted subtracted flattened disrupted smoothed away rubbed away bulldozed pulled ruled out passed up amputated exscinded slashed creamed massacred butchered torn down tore down uprooted took back overrode taken back overridden blacked checked sank sunken sunk dispensed with felled unbuilt forswore forsworn neutralized stunned deracinated budged ravaged defeated knocked down inhibited prohibited disestablished superseded dumped cleared away sponged out scrubbed off ousted emptied neutralised scattered spilled dynamited toppled battered spilt unmade capsized reduced bombed crashed laid waste ejected refused scissored out lopped off closed down evicted polished off knocked to pieces scoured cleared out disregarded slurred backed out of washed off rinsed off declared given the chop gave the chop knocked something on the head mowed down broke down razed to the ground wiped off face of earth cleaned out sponged up chucked out marked out sponged off loosened knocked out scrubbed out turfed out stricken through KO'd routed out shifted mopped up missed out postponed kicked out sent packing cleared up booted out killed off left off got off destroyed root and branch recorded over scored through hidden extraught wore away worn away fell gave up given up forgot about forgotten about gotten off the hook got off the hook broke off broken off tore up teared up blew down blown down broken down shook out shaken out gotten off thrown down threw down taken off took off blown sky-high taken apart blown to bits took apart blew sky-high blew to bits gave something a miss given something a miss thrown out on your ear threw out on your ear given the bum's rush gave the bum's rush vetoed offset disallowed ruled against offsetted rejected suspended disaffirmed backtracked on put to rest put six feet under reneged on shut down counteracted counterbalanced disavowed abnegated unsaid weaseled out withcalled backed out made null and void undermined overset altered refuted disbanded disqualified made ineffective counterchecked redressed wound up turfed opposed contravened contradicted ignored outvoted retreated nigged put damper on entombed buried laid in the grave brought to a close held a funeral inhumed interred rendered void split up welshed backed down backed off put into liquidation divorced weaselled weaselled out gone back on went back on relaxed laid to rest changed weakened downed prostrated remitted countered backwatered circumducted impaired unfitted redlined retired countervailed rebutted repelled raised belayed belaid counterpoised brought down confined compensated restricted limited waived discounted disproved frustrated crossed belied blackballed impugned dinged traversed reorganised stonewalled stood down wangled out opted out wormed out ceased adjourned defied flouted predominated dominated prevailed bottled up hushed up corked up crawled out of pulled the plug concluded prorogued negatived bankrupted turned down dishonoured disobeyed trampled underfoot antagonised disconfirmed antagonized disunited phased out turned thumbs down foreswore foresworn trampled upon pulled back rendered inert called all bets off forgot it forgotten it reorganized wound down destructed severed collapsed shot disorganized loosed dishonored called in apologized retrograded receded apologised retroceded broke up broken up brought to naught drew back drawn back did a U-turn on done a U-turn on relinquished apostatized refused to fulfil wiped slate clean gone back on your word went back on your word changed mind worked against wormed out of backtracked reeled in resolved into dialed back sold out eaten your words changed one's tune ate your words had change of heart rowed back on faded out broke broken brake gainsaid blew blown thrown over threw over disproven rendered meaningless rode roughshod over ridden roughshod over gone against went against broke with broken with shotten forsook forsaken flown in the face of flew in the face of took in fallen back taken in fell back done an about-turn on did an about-turn on


Past tense for to cause the death of
killed murdered destroyed dispatched executed slaughtered assassinated massacred slew slayed slain butchered eradicated annihilated decimated exterminated terminated wasted croaked extirpated liquidated eliminated whacked obliterated offed blackballed claimed downed felled fell iced neutralised neutralized stiffed topped nixed scragged smote smit smitten smited smoked waxed asphyxiated crucified finished garrotted got gat gotten hit hat hitten snuffed strangled suffocated guillotined hung hanged immolated lynched sacrificed cut down took out taken out took someone's life taken someone's life wiped out caused the death of did to death done to death ended the life of finished off knocked off put away put down put to death rubbed out took the life of taken the life of bumped off did away with done away with made away with blew away blown away carried off disposed of did for done for mowed down shot down did in done in cut to pieces polished off put to sleep wiped from the face of the earth put an end to zapped snuffed out terminated with extreme prejudice put to the sword removed abolished silenced canceled cancelled expunged gave someone the works given someone the works blotted out wiped off the face of the earth put end to gotten rid of got rid of vaporized vaporised purged taken took ended greased excluded sterilized dragged scratched drug sterilised effaced extinguished cleared away dragged down gunned down ethnically cleansed sent to kingdom come stretched out deep-sixed stamped out swept away blacked out cleaned up sent to the gas chambers rooted out took down taken down taken care of took care of chilled dusted shot defeated put paid to put someone out of their misery cooled put out of its misery dusted off ruined overcome overpowered routed stabbed mutilated worsted shotten decapitated discarded smothered devastated moved in for the kill electrocuted bested garotted knifed dispensed with beheaded overwhelmed brought down murked discontinued euthanized overcame taken a life did took a life done took away taken away took off drove to the wall taken off driven to the wall


Past tense for to erase the memories and personality, while still leaving an intact, living brain and body


No longer alive
dead departed deceased late lifeless perished fallen inanimate demised lost insensate insentient slain slaughtered breathless inert killed murdered still cold exanimate lamented unanimated wasted asleep cadaverous down mortified spiritless stiff buried liquidated not breathing offed passed away passed on reposing silent at peace bereft of life no more not existing pushing up daisies resting in peace with God bought the farm checked out cut off gone to meet maker gone to reward out of one's misery six feet under pushing up the daisies under the sod as dead as a doornail dead as a doornail having breathed one's last defunct gone extinct low expired nonextant out cold mineral unconscious inorganic motionless comatose at rest bygone vanished dead to the world bypast done unresponsive insensible inactive soulless not living quiescent nonvegetable azoic nonanimal inoperative idle dull out for the count no longer with us casualty assassinated bitten the dust disintegrated retired former finished senseless kicked the bucket bit the dust in the grave laid to rest turned to dust gave up the ghost man-made dear departed much lamented late lamented unmoving desert faint waste brute limp no longer extant no longer living numb chemical manmade artificial desensitized anaesthetized stupefied in a faint knocked out out not natural anesthetized desensitised out of it passed out lacking physical sensation numbed spark out blacked out not organic non-organic abiotic listless vacant impassive without life lethargic apathetic nonliving not alive

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