Synonym of erect

Alternative for erect

erects, erected, erecting

Synonym: build, construct, straight, upright, vertical,

Antonym: demolish, destroy, ruin,


Enlarged and rigid


To put up by the fitting together of materials or parts


To place or position in a given place or location
place position instal install locate plant base establish implant lodge root set station fix put set down ensconce entrench center ground land stick centralize moor domiciliate put down roots embed centre centralise situate settle park set up found build site dispose post ingrain construct seat lay rest deposit deploy predicate plonk engrain enroot garrison imbed bed posit emplace depose form infix intrench hinge impact stand leave prop hang dump stow bung dig in pop put down lay down impress insert engrave etch anchor nestle take strike brand derive protect perch roost arrange stamp consolidate imprint squat create sit assign depend range stay array take root plunk detail drive home put in place drop repose put on duty headquarter pattern underpin premise plan reside dwell inhabit store stuff pitch shelter screen balance cover hide shut shove bear model make print conceal shield hang one's hat fortify be dependent delve ditch stash strengthen confirm cement define fence put in position fling down set in position throw down let fall dig fasten curl up snuggle up originate construct defences dig trenches grub burrow support focus sustain hide away carve out stem inscribe designate offset lean hole up rear bottom instil emanate bury inculcate spring sink grow roots imbue extend distribute redistribute inlay root in ground in pose become established become settled use as a basis radicate teach instill indoctrinate din in drum in use begin to sprout begin to germinate plop drape fix into have its origin in drill into din into drive into hammer home utilize traced back to breed in the bone drum into drill in hammer in sow the seeds bring plank consign to concentrate spread out utilise adopt open implement organise display expand organize unfold lounge leave out plunk down plank down sit down take battle stations put into position form front set out put out patrol fan out mount fit connect furnish line put in set in place settle down fix up build in settle in bed in


To fix onto a backing, setting, or support
mount place set fix instal install attach fit secure affix position emplace put up set up put in place put in position put insert locate situate lay lodge station plant park plonk deposit site put in outfit rig lean prop stick dispose implement arrange post assign poise stand rig out fit out deploy billet base kit out garrison put on duty embed anchor wedge hitch establish bed implant engrain clamp fasten sink thrust root bury enroot entrench catch moor connect furnish line make fast zero in set in place fix up build in bed in settle in settle down ingrain infix imbed settle intrench impact impress bolt cement ground tie imprint brand inlay instill instil etch pin engrave bind clip consolidate set in press stamp nail bond brace found couple link build plunge lash screw glue introduce inculcate rivet freeze to hammer in tuck in work in pop in join deboss batten push ensconce inscribe jam tack print stabilize drive hold construct solidify rigidify congeal stiffen dig in stabilise steady graft ram in drive in center stick in chain enclose pinion tie down centralize inject clinch nail down stay put thrust in inset insinuate append centralise stay centre set down drum into add place in shoehorn interleave interlope shove in slot in intrude admit squeeze in fit into become settled obtrude edge in drive home infuse peg send mark form seat breed inseminate sow propel clap drop punch slip engraft put down supply slide close compress thicken harden make port carve chase emboss fortify fix into load slot annex dock berth strengthen confirm protect define fence delve take designate offset pump impel fill land staple dig strike construct defences dig trenches domiciliate put down roots tie up pierce submerge surround immerse pop tuck work adjust button tighten annexe grub burrow hole up rest din in drum in shove bung imbue take root fix firmly picket cable tether depose bend hook on batten down button down lock up predicate support focus sustain push in stuff in put into breed in the bone radicate drill in drill into teach indoctrinate din into sow the seeds drive into hammer home become anchored become implanted fix in place hinge rear bottom grow roots anchor itself embed itself record become embedded register get stuck become stuck become caught become fixed come to rest become established depend root in ground in make firm tack on make permanent interpose interpolate interject enter incorporate intersperse intercalate include drag in lug in fit in sandwich between sandwich in fill in


To praise someone or something, especially in an eloquent speech or in writing
panegyrize acclaim celebrate commemorate commend praise aggrandize appreciate exalt glorify lionise lionize revere venerate worship admire adore distinguish esteem hail hallow sanctify compliment decorate dignify eulogise eulogize laud magnify value ennoble observe prize sublime uprear extol keep look up to roll out red carpet be faithful be true give glad hand give key to city live up to sing someone's praises reverence applaud honor honour emblazon pay tribute to pay homage to sing the praises of respect recognize toast salute fete recognise give accolades to take your hat off to give credit to show appreciation of sing paeans to monumentalize memorialize memorialise bless idolize carol hymn extoll hero-worship resound deify apotheosize crack up big up halo hold in high regard idolise build up lift intensify set on pedestal hold in awe set on a pedestal hold in high esteem put on a pedestal transfigure proclaim signalize signalise congratulate welcome speak highly of make much of immortalize acknowledge celebritize immortalise give recognition to solemnize publicize sing make famous publicise solemnise flatter endorse tout cheer recommend flag felicitate ballyhoo drink in drink a toast to eat up lap up usher in drink to crack someone up wax lyrical about sing praises of rave about approve of big something up say nice things about throw bouquets at hand it to rave over take off hat to pay respects heap praise on crack something up express admiration for pat on the back kudize give bouquet take one's hat off to cry up speak well of cry something up festival holiday treat feast entertain roll out the red carpet wine and dine hold reception for


In a level or upright position

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