Synonym of erected

Alternative for erected

erects, erected, erecting

Synonym: build, construct, straight, upright, vertical,

Antonym: demolish, destroy, ruin,


To have brought into existence
created built constructed forged made produced actualized concocted constituted brought into being brought into existence brought to pass catalyzed caused to be coined effectuated gave rise to generated originated catalysed did got going knocked off knocked together knocked up manufactured molded moulded synthesised synthesized turned out drew on invoked set up put up formed put together put in place fit together assembled fashioned fabricated composed effected shaped established brought about found founded instituted initiated organized shope pieced organised cobbled up confected pieced together crafted developed formulated rendered framed devised threw together fixt in position reared prefabricated run up fudged together made up raised ran up thrown up thrown together shapen threw up began started commenced introduced executed designed set down set in motion embarked on launched engineered enacted materialised realised setted put in motion affected installed materialized machinated realized instigated authored cast rigged secured inaugurated germinated exercised engendered modelled modeled completed yielded hatched spawned developt contrived implemented invented begat knocked out cobbled together rigged up structured whipped out patched together eked out sculptured churned out rustled up begot hammered out worked wrought cooked up planned thought up dreamt up prepared conceived schemed plotted come up with arranged whipped up brewed improvised worked out projected trumped up masterminded fixed drafted hit on draughted excogitated imagined cooked drew up came up with evolved drawn up discovered mapped out drummed up outlined orchestrated fixed up conceived of got ready vamped faked pioneered brainstormed laid choreographed innovated thought of falsified laid out readied set out vamped up blueprinted conjured up feigned envisioned ad-libbed budgeted intrigued fit wangled sparked schemed out strategized about faked it put on doped out cut played it by ear dished up ushered in compiled cultivated lied envisaged coordinated manoeuvred caused calculated prevaricated maneuvered charted finagled mapped fibbed pretended made ready roughed out misrepresented lay out blocked out worked up got planted kicked off fathered blent blended issued jury-rigged started out inducted brought on combined spun jacked up rattled off mixed conceptualized mustered sketched forecast conspired penned negotiated manipulated compassed marshalled marshaled visualized visualised pictured pondered wrote written supplied fitted simulated furnished dreamt dreamed procured strategized brought cogitated finessed dissembled dissimulated come out with prepped started up set off scripted patterned weaved staged sketched out traced conned opened up started off carved out perfected handled equivocated set groomed put down dashed off winged it got up parented set type comped put over put pen to paper procreated jammed put in order put one on thrashed out compounded made do ad libbed codified becast conceptualised cast about beared put through put one over endowed jived hit upon revolutionized came out with spearheaded modernized begotten revolutionised rang in modernised given rise to baked provided gotten mashed fused amalgamated melded coalesced mingled told recounted narrated commingled span premeditated fantasized intended processed fostered proposed slated intermingled managed controlled begun related contemplated commixed gathered systematized systemized collated immixed forecasted represented detailed learnt served scraped up handed over counterfeited learned propagated indulged presented catered accommodated alloyed depicted fancied incorporated indited unfolded planned out connived spoofed harvested conceited delineated ideated perceived mounted directed mobilized superintended thought ahead united admixed stage-managed sorted out linked joined accumulated amassed anthologized floated connected collected visioned imaged hewed carved stamped shammed hew minted sculpted yolden yold scribed grasped brought out imbibed mass-produced mastered extemporized associated adapted brought off pulled off adjusted equipped edited encompassed gotten going meditated infused quarterbacked steered thought out colluded chalked out perjured adumbrated exaggerated hallucinated ordered rhymed versed opened derived stumbled upon mooted uncovered brought forth woven wove outfitted accoutred conducted concerted made arrangements figured on reckoned on figured out fixed to laid in provisions roughed in lined up fabulized fantasied kidded balanced got underway kicked something off brought together promoted ground out built castles in air hatched a plot formed a mental picture of stretched the truth come upon skeletoned scammed poetized relied on your wits coined a phrase carried out coagmented told a terminological inexactitude jockeyed paltered did off the top of your head made a pretence of caused to happen tailored moved told untruth picked up started the ball rolling dreamed about bred created out of thin air made provision mobilised deceived flown by the seat of one's pants winged reached an agreement rung in supervised detected sired fitted out improved not told the truth anticipated fictionalised fudged done offhand operated emerged worked something out batched fired up cogitated on filled in told a fib created fiction patented extemporised roughed scared up timed punted departed from the truth planned ahead misstated did offhand built up worked on flew by the seat of one's pants formed a picture of laid eggs told a white lie smoothed the way invented a story scored pulled the wool over somebody's eyes activated done off the top of your head pulled strings decided ruminated storified occasioned pulled wires systematised angled fabled tossed off obtained spitballed assimilated fangled fantasized about made like stirred up slapped together swung settled on busked it acquired doctored sparked off slapdashed prefabbed upstaged made a show of told a lie consummated fantasised speculated mixed up determined gotten up improvisated provoked shoveled told stories fictionalized pulled someone's leg told a little white lie pushed pencil bore ordained thought on one's feet matured made up a story shovelled got off borne finished done played games appointed come out scribbled settled up induced banged out inculcated cranked out told untruths noted down book gotten ready for got ready for drew drawn seen saw gave taken care of given took care of hewn carven equipt bargained for sang sung came upon gotten off drawn on gave birth to broken the ice given birth to broke the ice ghostwrote ghostwritten gave the appearance of given the appearance of forswore yourself spoken with forked tongue spoke with forked tongue forsworn yourself taken up took up spoke off the cuff spoken off the cuff thrown something together threw something together saw in the mind's eye seen in the mind's eye saw in one's mind seen in one's mind came out broke open broken open given forth gave birth given birth gave forth


To have set up on a long-term basis
established set up founded instituted formed initiated created based incorporated assembled inaugurated enacted launched started up built constructed started stationed centered ensconced entrenched grounded implanted organized put in place rooted secured setted brought about centralized got going landed lodged moored planted positioned put set down centralised centred consolidated domiciliated embedded fixed fixt installed organised placed stuck constituted introduced structured set located found authorized legislated predicated laid foundation ratified corroborated built up authorised decreed putten originated invested inculcated set in motion put in motion activated set off set going switched on kick-started triggered commenced brought into being started off turned on actuated began begun opened pioneered put together gotten going operated kicked off triggered off opened up laid the foundations of set about developt developed tripped energized innovated ushered in energised cranked up sparked run got underway mobilized made up mobilised instigated logged on stimulated animated initialized devised propelled made active inducted brought into existence dreamt up gained access touched off entered into signed in laid the first stone of initialised accessed laid the cornerstone of fired up embarked on connected powered logged in made produced roused ran moved drave driven druv drove reset contrived engineered shaped programmed actualized come up with floated instated designed come out with masterminded put up introed enabled fathered hatched cranked made a start on put in got something going started the ball rolling set out revved up jump-started put in gear put on set out on called up gotten under way engendered taken up got under way took up effected arranged led leaded materialized signed on bootstrapped spurred crystallized coordinated ignited scheduled planned rebooted prompted framed orchestrated choreographed prepared transpired push-started boosted managed blueprinted administrated directed conducted restarted galvanized motivated conceived of electrified shope applied shapen impelled cooked up concocted loaded came up with turned out schemed stirred prodded aroused came out with marshalled marshaled charted projected authored invented brewed generated thrown together machinated brought on hammered out effectuated knocked off brought to pass catalyzed started out knocked up knocked together threw together crafted kicked something off formulated jumped into got something moving fashioned sorted out brought in started computer booted up cultivated got something functioning entered mounted fixed up bowed gotten off the ground laid out crystallised fabricated booted entered on sparked off cold booted made arrangements for sowed the seeds of looked after interacted with straightened out molded started to strategized about sown the seeds of gotten ball rolling issued materialised launched into brought up the curtain on jacked up engaged powered up turned over licked into shape conceived got ball rolling warmed boot started out on got cracking on dealt with composed started on caused to be supplied power to laid setted the ball rolling on ordained run up concerted forged galvanised moved into got something off the ground implemented entered upon budgeted for spurred on setted in place schemed out mapped out moulded settled up commenced on struck into supplied energy to endowed timetabled got something working catalysed got off the ground embarked upon bump-started loaden undertaken undertook taken out of mothballs took out of mothballs got started gotten started drawn up thrown up drew up threw up ran up rang in did rung in given rise to gave rise to done been responsible for taken care of were responsible for saw about was responsible for took care of seen about gotten together got together lay out seen to saw to got things rolling broke in broke the ice gotten things rolling broken the ice broken in taken action on got going on gotten feet wet took action on broke the ice on gotten going on broken the ice on got feet wet gone into tore into torn into went into


Past tense for to raise and place in an upright or perpendicular position

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