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wearing away by frictionof a substance, especially a strong acid; capable of destroying or eating away by chemical action


Having the power of gradually wearing, hanging, or destroying the texture or substance
corrosive eroding abrasive corroding burning wearing harsh scarring strongly acid mordant rough caustic coarse acrid strong grating scratching scratchy rasping acid alkaline stinging destructive nauseating irritating keen abrading scarifying raspy attritive grinding polishing scraping scuffing coarse-grained rubbing chafing frictional smoothing grainy sharpening cutting biting scathing sharp bitter vitriolic trenchant severe sarcastic acrimonious virulent searing nasty mordacious savage vicious acerbic cruel sardonic hurtful devastating spiteful withering venomous astringent malicious barbed catty incisive satirical unkind fierce acerb acidulous blistering wounding pungent snarky tart acidic scalding poisonous satiric penetrating piercing rancorous ferocious critical mean scornful smart-mouthed scorching smart-aleck smart-alecky hateful unfriendly hostile brutal vindictive aggressive hard stern waspish razor-edged sarky pointed unsparing derisive callous antagonistic curt malevolent brusque belittling malignant abusive rude malign cynical splenetic stringent mocking rigorous unsympathetic inconsiderate truculent contemptuous pernicious maleficent slashing churlish malefic envenomed tough irascible extremely critical strict ill-natured evil-intentioned heartless dry unfeeling violent merciless ruthless unrelenting insensitive grim disparaging pugnacious belligerent resentful derisory angry sulphurous sulfurous pitiless cross contentious cantankerous bilious crabbed salty vitriolous squint-eyed jeering poignant offensive disrespectful ironical taunting rapier-like ironic wry scoffing vehement austere sound firm uncompromising exacting smart rigid unfair unjust forceful heavy excessive unyielding unbending stinking foul reeking snide snarling coruscating acetic tonic baleful vengeful despiteful ireful wrathful unblunted piquant extreme rowdy polemic bad overwhelming overpowering stabbing vituperative censorious choleric derogatory edged acute inimical bellicose cranky crabby testy indignant irate peevish sadistic sneering antipathetic wanton highly effective wise bad-tempered ill-tempered cold-blooded carping adverse annoying unpleasant arrogant evil disdainful galling hate-filled sharp-worded thoughtless peppery double-edged ungracious comfortless ill spiky argumentative gruff ill-disposed sly hard to take subtle deadpan rubbing the wrong way droll laconic deprecating waggish sharp-tongued matter-of-fact apathetic straight-faced low-key quietly humorous poker-faced sour dripping with malice


Causing great and irreparable damage
destructive calamitous catastrophic devastating ruinous cataclysmic fatal disastrous damaging harmful hurtful detrimental noxious pernicious deadly lethal deleterious injurious cataclysmal violent wounding annihilatory baleful brutal crippling damning dangerous devastative disadvantageous fateful fierce ravaging savage unfortunate baneful dire maleficent annihilative cancerous consumptive cutthroat eradicative evil extirpative internecine lethiferous mortal noisome pestiferous pestilential slaughterous suicidal toxic venomous wrackful wreckful fell death-dealing environmentally unfriendly bad adverse malignant poisonous nocuous inimical virulent unfavourable malicious malefic unfavorable wicked prejudicial ill malign tragic terrible unhealthy dreadful awful mischievous unwholesome grievous undesirable vicious malevolent nocent hostile negative prejudicious corrupting nasty spiteful hazardous cruel sinister unpropitious woeful distressing bitter direful lamentable miserable appalling untoward counterproductive unlucky perilous rancorous mean septic menacing catty corroding corrosive mephitic subversive critical evil-intentioned catastrophal shattering painful vitriolic unsafe vindictive undermining viperous murderous unkind poison hateful toxicant corruptive crushing wretched threatening grave ill-fated ominous infective corrupt pestilent deathly severe incendiary black offensive foul deplorable contaminated toxiferous ill-starred parlous insalubrious inopportune dicey antagonistic acid peccant costly abusive vengeful miasmatic morbid inauspicious unconducive horrible despiteful life-threatening caustic regrettable shocking unpleasant insidious heartbreaking frightful afflictive hard hapless acute rotten ill-natured sad grim annihilating killing harrowing risky desolate withering forlorn stinging terminal unfriendly cutting antipathetic inexpedient mephitical barbed vile apocalyptic disturbing repugnant unwelcome harsh ill-disposed resentful defamatory sharp acerbic earth-shattering acrimonious serious troublesome dark repulsive disagreeable distressful heartrending abhorrent horrendous gross abominable spoiled bothersome agonizing vituperative vexatious ruining destroying gruesome sorrowful objectionable distasteful unnutritious galling unhappy doleful spoilt cussed ornery agonising reckless treacherous madcap depressed precarious mortifying untimely desolating contrary opposed convulsionary aching hurting contagious unadvantageous harassing sinful iniquitous cantankerous reprobate nefarious miasmic tough mortiferous artful portentous fire-and-brimstone apocalyptical climactic climacteric ghastly envenomed poisoned splenetic tragical unpromising infectious immoderate impoverishing extravagant depleting draining exhausting wasteful horrific counter unsympathetic infelicitous hideous full of hate epidemic communicable imperilling imperiling atrocious capital incurable unsalutary unwelcoming bad-natured hellfire catching of evil intent grudging hate-filled shrewish grisly monstrous blighting messy not conducive oppugnant inimicable inimic disaffected at odds scathing slighting aspersive nightmarish tart waspish beastly low predictive prophetic revealing oracular incriminating heinous biting razor-edged astringent uncool envious petty insulting unnourishing bloody disease-ridden plague-like alkaline mordant damnatory condemnatory very dangerous blue sorry innutritious insanitary evil-minded dripping venom full of spleen dirty full of gall accidentally on purpose viperish pathetic touch and go junk tainted sickly unhygienic unhealthful abject anguished mournful unsuccessful acrid burning aggressive rapacious moving dismal abortive trenchant mordacious pointed civil family exterminatory exterminating internal implicating derogatory condemning pitiable stirring dejected melancholy piteous despondent pitiful ill-boding doomed luckless unsound decayed impure pathological gloomy decimating havoc-wreaking heart-rending implicatory strong accusatorial conclusive implicative dooming ill-intentioned mutually harmful mutually destructive abrasive keen disheartening discouraging weighty sombre earnest forbidding sobering sedate urgent worrying strenuous sober unamusing ugly solemn somber depressing far-reaching disgusting revolting intense displeasing horrid repellent mighty irksome trying icky unsavoury yukky nauseating annoying difficult unappealing unpalatable uncomfortable yucky lousy uncongenial unlovely detestable irritating unpleasing unsavory execrable crashing invidious obnoxious grody odious sickening fearful rancid pesky sour off-putting gut-wrenching

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