Synonym of erring

Alternative for erring

errs, erred, erring

Synonym: go wrong, misjudge, sin, slip,


Erring or straying from the accepted course or standards
mistaken guilty offending aberrant criminal culpable delinquent errant lawbreaking lawless misbehaving sinning transgressing blundering deviant deviating fallible faulty sinful straying transgressive wrong in error unmanageable immoral wicked antisocial felonious reprehensible censurable mischievous bad froward difficult unruly naughty contrary troublesome wayward disobedient uncontrollable shifting rowdy erratic devious stray unorthodox unreliable miscreant heretic meandering badly behaved errable out of control off straight and narrow rebellious disorderly insubordinate undisciplined refractory defiant obstreperous recalcitrant contumacious wilful intractable ungovernable wild perverse fractious disruptive uncooperative rascally roguish willful mutinous riotous headstrong uncompliant turbulent unbiddable impish awkward noncompliant untoward bolshie rebel recusant incompliant balky restive attention-seeking exasperating rude incorrigible self-willed non-compliant unrestrained truculent stubborn out of hand rough irksome ill-disciplined badly-behaved full of mischief ill-behaved nonobservant anarchic resistive uncontrolled reckless vexatious untrained insurgent unsteady capricious unschooled aberrative aberrational seditious stroppy troublemaking unsettling disturbing upsetting obdurate unpredictable fickle obstinate ungoverned inconsistent distracting treacherous factious disaffected dissentious uncomplying lacking self-control divisive incontrollable intolerable impossible unbearable undependable mulish noisy raucous cross-grained self-indulgent strong-willed ornery arbitrary out-of-order out-of-line off-base disrupting causing trouble dysfunctional insolent impudent pugnacious whiny petulant problematic socially impaired belligerent troublous maladjusted trying aggressive confrontational combative argumentative tiresome bold hot-tempered disturbed malicious fierce unrestrainable scrappy pesky uncontainable sullen cantankerous peevish hostile undisciplinable nasty devilish loudmouthed wearisome demanding bellicose mean indocile misbehaved playful impolite tricksy puckish brattish scampish prankish annoying teasing gallus fiendish wanton worthless tough evil bad-mannered


Evil or morally wrong
wicked evil bad immoral sinful corrupt vile iniquitous villainous foul nefarious unrighteous vicious wrong atrocious irreligious abominable heinous impious profane wrongful base depraved fiendish mean sacrilegious ungodly unholy blasphemous fallen irreverent rotten black contemptible dark impure monstrous outrageous reprehensible shocking sullied tainted despicable detestable diabolical dissolute execrable godless hateful horrible odious unlawful unprincipled abandoned barbarous criminal dangerous diabolic egregious guilty illicit murderous reprobate worthless degenerate felonious illegal illegitimate indictable lawless perverted roguish scandalous shameful sordid amoral crooked damaging debased deleterious devilish dishonest dishonorable dishonourable flagitious injurious underhand unscrupulous warped adverse baleful baneful beastly bent dirty harmful hurtful incorrigible malfeasant mischievous nocuous noxious pernicious prejudicial rascally scoundrelly shady stinking unethical unsavoury unsavory dastardly detrimental heartless ill indecent maleficent peccable wayward shameless black-hearted low-down morally wrong bad news not cricket culpable censurable blameworthy errant reproachable blameable at fault disreputable blamable responsible answerable atheistic offending delinquent condemnable to blame vice-ridden debauched dissipated decadent intemperate in the wrong low discreditable disgraceful blameful ignoble indefensible inexcusable offensive unworthy demeritorious amiss accountable reprovable liable chargeable deserving blame peccant on one's head in error unregenerate damnable aberrant sinning treacherous underhanded notorious ignominious infamous uncharitable wretched unbecoming undignified abject cowardly abhorrent inequitable incorrect mistaken misguided unbelieving sceptical agnostic cruel nasty currish shabby degraded lamentable caitiff disgusting snide obscene inelegant menial servile scurvy paltry non-believing heathen heretical non-theistic faithless barbarian pagan infidel low-minded idolatrous heathenish off-color religionless iconoclastic nonreligious nullifidian freethinking undevout skeptical free-thinking unspiritual objectionable convicted deplorable opprobrious remiss incriminated unacceptable caught convictable licentious condemned out of line impeached doomed censured accusable unjustifiable unpardonable insufferable regrettable repugnant unforgivable exceptionable obnoxious loathsome dreadful terrible awful appalling gross unspeakable horrid unpleasant hideous revolting ghastly horrifying repulsive disagreeable inhuman sickening repellent malevolent malicious horrendous savage unfair frightful distasteful ugly bestial coarse filthy accursed vulgar infernal brutish nauseating barbaric hellish horrific lewd intolerable improper sinister satanic malignant perverse cheap nauseous God-awful noisome shoddy tawdry spiteful sleazy dire gruesome crude knavish miscreant callous smutty wanton forbidding unseemly brutal squalid rancid repellant fulsome yucky facinorous macabre sadistic putrid grisly ruthless unkind nightmarish frightening inappropriate uncouth louche abysmal grewsome demonic sorry terrifying fearful rude grim unsettling indelicate unfriendly profligate degrading unwholesome unclean hellacious alarming venal salacious naughty cacodemonic lousy catty seamy seedy merciless harsh violent cold-blooded disgustful loathly lurid terrific nightmare ominous fearsome inhumane off-putting unjust cursed confounded malign undesirable scary flagrant sleazoid disrespectful distressing unhallowed disturbing glaring very bad unbearable common sick unnerving desperate brute intimidating direful poor insupportable overwhelming abusive devious unfaithful redoubtable godawful deceitful carnal prurient unrefined untrue spine-chilling untrustworthy libidinous unhealthy hair-raising mercenary boorish indecorous demoralized calamitous perfidious fraudulent from hell extortionate vilifying risqué demoralised uncivilised uncivilized unutterable double-dealing two-faced hollow-hearted demoniac Mephistophelian demoniacal transgressing inclement ruffianly blackguardly sneaky rancorous wrathful thievish shadowy bad-hearted pestilential mephitic creepy demonical demonian Luciferian unsuitable eerie good-for-nothing slavish humble petty crazed frenetic mad maniacal possessed ferocious base-minded groveling grotesque menacing hardened rakish unconscionable woeful pants chronic sucky pits tenth-rate dismal punk unbefitting no good graceless lawbreaking trashy lowly pitiful plebeian cringe-making spooky threatening bone-chilling out of place uncool pestiferous invidious shuddersome resentful ornery pesky blasted cussed bitter miserable humiliating shy unrespectable piggish gluttonous ferine swinish animal feral irrational defective grovelling gut-churning icky sick-making bloodcurdling under-the-table out of keeping ill-famed indescribable vomitous bogging avaricious skanky morbid lustful lascivious lecherous lubricious fierce remorseless yucko loose libertine rakehell jackleg rakehelly against the law strong a load of pants ill-reputed questionable in poor taste calculated covetous ghostly ghoulish eery bloody bloodthirsty backbiting maligning traducing detractive gossiping crying detracting inconceivable unbelievable unreasonable scungy unimaginable steep highly improper butcherly fell truculent homicidal insensitive disquieting immoderate exorbitant unendurable excessive desecrating destructive ruinous ineffable red hot sanguinary inconsiderate unwarranted extravagant maddening exasperating impossible OTT preposterous vomit-inducing stupefying inexpressible O.T.T. contaminated faulty untamed insubordinate wild heartstopping perturbing upsetting too horrible for words preternatural indescribably bad beyond description undefinable indescribably wicked indescribably evil beyond words violating irreverential inimical stunning astonishing bewildering startling amazing formidable agitating staggering depraving debasing contumelious scurrilous too great shaming disgracing extreme debauching thoughtless self-seeking surprising unlucky unfortunate vindictive over the top hostile unfeeling uncaring coldhearted unsympathetic cancerous disastrous poisonous malefic ill-natured tasteless explicit hard-hearted not nice cantankerous disadvantageous nocent unfavorable unfavourable despiteful virulent bribable scummy corruptible hard uncivil uncultured brash crass bad-mannered lowbrow tactless insulting discourteous unmannerly grafting swindling buyable profiteering corrupted tricky dodgy raunchy unchaste immodest loutish affronting suggestive colloquial vituperative unpolished derisive rough churlish bawdy ill-mannered impolite X-rated ungracious disloyal gone to the dogs suborned open fast and loose on the take lying deceiving deceptive hypocritical traitorous unreliable duplicitous mendacious inconstant unsound insincere defrauding recreant untruthful cheating fickle treasonable delusive adulterous double-faced falsehearted false perjured false-hearted forsworn back-stabbing double-crossing two-timing mythomaniac apostate renegade Janus-faced


Showing a skilful use of underhand tactics to achieve goals
devious scheming deceitful dishonest sly treacherous tricky underhand calculating wily artful crafty cunning double-dealing underhanded designing dishonorable dishonourable disreputable duplicitous fraudulent guileful immoral unethical unprincipled unscrupulous cheating conniving crooked dirty dubious Janus-faced unfair sneaking sneaky surreptitious two-faced two-timing unsporting unsportsmanlike furtive secret secretive back-alley below the belt clandestine cloak-and-dagger covert dodgy hidden hole-and-corner hugger-mugger indirect shady shrouded veiled backstairs beguiling bent cagey cagy conspiratorial cute evasive fishy foxy insidious low-down murky shrewd slick snide snidey subtle insincere shonky slim errant gimmicky Machiavellian oblique obliquitous shifty under the table playing games playing politics put on faking one out not straightforward deceptive slippery disingenuous untrustworthy corrupt false sharp lying perfidious stealthy rogue roguish fast mendacious deceiving hypocritical untruthful illegal misleading dissembling faithless questionable suspicious knavish unlawful unreliable double-faced unfaithful astute untrue plotting unjust defrauding clever scandalous base traitorous undercover fly double-crossing suspect amoral hollow-hearted false-hearted hush-hush contriving mean unconscionable low counterfeit delusive iffy criminal fake villainous inglorious phony wicked private dirty-dealing truthless phoney manipulative underground stealth privy sneak equivocal carny swindling behind-the-scenes seedy pretentious elusive nefarious sketchy doubtful smooth backhanded ignoble cutthroat bad disloyal rascally shameless venal shameful intriguing snaky recreant sinister illicit fly-by-night hollow malicious dissimulating smart corrupted reprobate exploitative put-on double left-handed evil conscienceless ambidextrous black pretended captious slinking sinful canny fallacious feigned dark ignominious cynical degenerate sordid delusory disgraceful hoodwinking mysterious not candid not frank cowardly dastardly improper unctuous collusive opportunistic discreditable bluffing inequitable illusory inconstant unsafe deep wrong Punic undependable vile uncertain astucious irresponsible sham petty wrongful fickle irregular foul dangerous shabby of dubious character spurious potentially illegal off mock not to be trusted colluding shadowy stinky under-the-table closet trick mean-spirited Byzantine bewildering entrapping confusing caballing conspiring unpredictable bootleg slimy intentionally misleading mala fide under-the-counter in secret unhonest wry greasy intelligent witted streetwise keen salty ornery hostile opportunist specious adaptable resourceful unsavoury wrongdoing malfeasant under the counter uncandid skilful skillful ingenious nifty sub-rosa concealed dicey fugitive expedient unfrank unveracious ruthless unconscientious backbiting deviant bogus deluding untrusty skulking cloaked not entirely truthful terminologically inexact lubricious fink trustless perilous ensnaring wormlike casuistic selfish degrading self-seeking degraded mercenary unworthy arrant yellow venomous unsteady insecure unstable hard to pin down changeable mutable variable subversive shorthanded unrespectable infamous glib like a snake in the grass unsound unsavory pseudo bamboozling falsified forged unprofessional against the law imitation treasonable lurking virulent vipery economical with the truth on the QT under wraps on the quiet nasty adulterous not to be depended on fair-weather not dependable shy louche shoddy notorious opprobrious plausible rascal bum seeming serpentine catchy imposturous scoundrelly falsehearted malevolent perjured forsworn mythomaniac apostate renegade pretending despicable back-stabbing contemptible dissolute queer cheap licentious mercentary praetorian stop-at-nothing abandoned profligate wanton beggarly squalid rotten ungentlemanly overdone exaggerated artificial unpleasant scurvy detestable paltry worthless strange odd execrable illegitimate wretched sleazy grubby abject unsportsmanly jive mealymouthed phony-baloney Pecksniffian lacking sincerity lip phoney-baloney mealy reticent afraid mincing hesitant euphemistic biased prejudiced sorry deplorable scummy lame currish scungy lousy peculiar funny pretend pseud ratty scabby opprobious miscreant putrid offensive blackguardly discriminatory low-minded problematical dubitable disputable debatable shaky problematic doubtable off-color ill-gotten partisan with tongue in cheek diffident overdelicate affected restrained prim out of order not cricket against the rules discriminating prejudicial partial unequal bigoted ambiguous improbable unlikely implausible not quite right far-fetched not kosher iniquitous weighted distorted unwarranted intolerant warped coloured slanted preferential mealy-mouthed undue loaded unbalanced uneven arbitrary blameworthy culpable vicious cruel grievous unrightful inexcusable injurious colored one-sided non-objective uncalled-for unnatural contrived simulated assumed forced plastic factitious mechanical strained ersatz canting sanctimonious self-righteous faked stilted laboured mannered fabricated pietistic labored pharisaical pious synthetic stiff manufactured jivey oily feigning cod fictitious fakey pharisaic man-made dummy unconvincing substitute smooth-spoken smooth-tongued goody-goody so-called faux imaginary make-believe meretricious holier-than-thou moralistic bland caviling assuming self-conscious not genuine actorly cavilling inauthentic imitative mimic reproduction incorrect ostensible unreal invalid theatrical inaccurate erroneous wooden superficial studied unfounded Pharisaic Pharisaical sophistical overripe posed overworked professed ham hammy pi campy churchy concocted Tartuffian inexact avowed apparent quasi- religiose imitated faulty flawed replica constrained stagy facsimile mistaken imprecise apocryphal prevaricating fibbing equivocating counterfactual misrepresentative invented formal cooked-up to keep up appearances dual rehearsed backstabbing overblown improvised hypocritic flimsy manmade derivative surface double dealing model toy purported insignificant weak unauthentic chemical cast nonnatural posey imagined not trustworthy unspontaneous conceited melodramatic affectated awkward counterfeited playacting fraud for form's sake of bad faith alleged rigid inflexible bound begrudging coercive grudging binding conscripted slave stringent forcible made hokey makeshift constructed ironic illusive fanciful off the mark made up trumped up contrary to fact misrepresenting inventing misstating committing perjury falsifying sophistic paltering virtual wannabe would-be self-styled pirate quasi devoid of validity paradoxical cryptic enigmatic sardonic supposed quack charlatan shammed masked impostrous in name only covered dissimulated as it were not real not legit to all intents and purposes elaborate arty-farty precious empty ostentatious likely colorable vain presumable credible probable sophisticated baseless flattering illogical presumptive nugatory idle wreck uptight taut farfetched wired put unglued tight choked smug priggish double-meaning double-edged in a state hard put nervous wreck strung out at end of rope simpering apish genteel highfaluting airish conscious artsy camp chichi seemingly correct moralizing plausible but wrong apparently right self-satisfied superior stuck up gone Hollywood pompous preachy censorious stuffy moralising too good to be true trumped-up


Wrong or faulty
amiss incorrect wrong inappropriate defective faulty improper unsuitable untoward awry confused false mistaken rotten adrift astray bad flawed graceless imperfect inaccurate inapposite inapt incongruous indecorous inept infelicitous malapropos perverse unapt unbecoming unfit unhappy unsatisfactory unseemly erroneous fallacious crooked foul haywire sick unfair unlawful out of order glitched up contradictory irrational wrong-headed unreasonable illogical off target unorthodox irregular off course off the right track wide of the mark disobliging wayward aberrant obstructive delinquent unhealthy disobedient miscreant uncontrollable fractious ornery rebellious thrawn unhelpful troublesome mean out of place unfitting out of keeping unacceptable unbefitting unsuited ill-advised ill-suited untimely tasteless indelicate tactless inopportune injudicious undesirable ill-timed inapplicable undue awkward misplaced incompatible unwarranted ill-considered ill-judged inadvisable unseasonable discordant inexpedient lacking in propriety indecent unprofessional unladylike ungentlemanly irrelevant ineligible inconsistent uncalled-for inharmonious in bad taste undignified absurd indiscreet uncouth misguided unfortunate clumsy regrettable unworthy illegitimate rough ungodly imprudent inadequate gauche stupid discrepant preposterous odd unfitted disproportionate in poor taste uncomely inadmissible ludicrous at odds ill-adapted beyond the pale out of the way bad form invalid impolite coarse unsound rude immoral extraneous immodest meaningless senseless discreditable unreasoning inconsequential malodorous unmannerly impolitic vulgar nonrational weak inconsequent loose irreconcilable clashing dissonant jarring maladroit ridiculous insensitive inapropos unconnected incoherent abnormal silly foolish unreasoned ill-fitted unworthy of mad out-of-place out-of-season off-base not designed not up to scratch ineligible for unequipped for unprepared for not proper unsuited to inadequate for ill-chosen ill-suited to unsuitable for unfitted for off the wall not good enough inappropriate to not designed for ill-adapted to improprietous untactful impertinent immaterial unqualified unconventional offensive out-of-the-way pointless irrelative uncalled for objectionable funny off-balance detrimental unhandsome tacky unlovely salacious not done unmatched disparate dissident disagreeable interfering not up to snuff not qualified not pertinent not germane out of character unvirtuous wanton ill-bred shameless incautious boorish churlish ill-mannered discourteous inconsonant off uncivil shocking out of line left-field foot-in-mouth way off dishonourable dishonest corrupt unethical unscrupulous dishonorable against the rules not cricket inefficient uncool useless ineffective bad-tempered stroppy far-fetched thoughtless erratic reasonless full of hot air capricious quirky ill-tempered vacant arbitrary all wet not suitable slow incompetent dull not equal to not good enough for no good inexpert inexperienced unhandy unfacile flat jejune inadept unmeet undexterous unproficient insipid banal unrefined disreputable poor crass tawdry ruffian shameful raffish inelegant crude cheap rowdy conflicting contrary disconsonant strange bizarre off-key spurious specious untenable unscientific ironic paradoxical unjustifiable unjustified not in harmony divergent unrelated uncoordinated shifting unbalanced unpredictable distorted lopsided jumbled unavailing uneven rambling in opposition alien foreign incongruitous unintelligible twisted incongruent fitful fantastic inconclusive standing out a mile like a fish out of water sticking out a mile insane impossible sophistical nonsensical implausible casuistic idiotic groundless crazy unfounded imbecilic inane unproved sophistic daft unsubstantial beyond belief fatuous nutty wacky cockeyed hollow screwy barmy self-contradictory off beam way out without basis not making sense beyond the bounds of possibility not following full of holes without foundation


Having or showing faulty judgement or reasoning
misguided misplaced unwise erroneous foolish ill-advised unwarranted fallacious imprudent injudicious unfounded deluded ill-considered ill-judged impolitic inadvisable inappropriate misconceived misled mistaken unsound rash bearded bum-steer confused deceived disinformed errant faked-out indiscreet inexpedient stonewalled stray straying unreasonable off course uncalled for labouring under a delusion led up the garden path foolhardy reckless incautious careless thoughtless unthinking hasty irresponsible short-sighted brash tactless undiplomatic silly inconsiderate ill-conceived indelicate wrong-headed hare-brained heedless impulsive improvident overhasty stupid graceless irrational naive senseless unintelligent harebrained undesirable mindless unguarded ill-thought-out unconsidered unsuitable precipitate illogical inane witless unwary madcap asinine negligent immature hotheaded untimely improper wrong impetuous temerarious idiotic brainless risky hot-headed spur-of-the-moment pointless unreasoning devil-may-care playing with fire maladroit unadvisable inept impractical crazy crackbrained unpolitic headlong ridiculous dumb daft imbecilic moronic precipitous wild childish insensitive unfortunate fatuous inattentive overbold nonsensical regardless wacky helter-skelter over-adventurous simpleminded futile idiotical harum-scarum tearaway unthought-out dim-witted featherbrained wronged ill-timed unreflective disadvantageous misjudged doomed flawed misunderstood misconstrued detrimental fooled tricked infelicitous unsubtle garrulous nosy scatterbrained spur of the moment inapt unsensible inconvenient unadvised unrecommended premature clueless damaging prejudicial harmful headstrong inadvertent cavalier poor damfool inopportune untoward uncaring unsympathetic offhand not recommended bad vacuous unreasoned lamebrained out-of-place misdirected nonrational meaningless lamebrain not thought through badly thought out giddy half-witted fruitless birdbrained feather-brained flighty hurried pell-mell flying cursory drive-by rushed gadarene kooky aberrant nutty mad leaving self wide open off the deep end ignorant absurd ludicrous laughable risible farcical preposterous fiery sudden precipitant frenzied determined furious insuppressible passionate jumping to conclusions obtuse unsafe unobservant unwatchful off-guard unalert unmindful uncautious wary bold unvigilant neglectful derisive dopey derisory comical doltish daredevil pathetic cockamamy cockamamie caught napping asleep at the wheel fast-and-loose sticking one's neck out not careful leading with one's chin any old way off guard asleep on the job foot-in-mouth pay no mind unseemly audacious overconfident unheeding crackpot daring badly planned half-baked cock-eyed venturesome venturous kamikaze overventuresome adventuresome adventurous uncontrolled uncareful breakneck carefree unsmart death-or-glory out of control hell-for-leather fast and loose bull-in-a-china-shop over-venturesome off the top of one's head quick speedy swift slapdash abrupt casual rapid fast blind remiss dangerous violent perfunctory spontaneous lavish myopic extravagant unpremeditated immoderate outrageous indifferent unrestrained unexpected absent-minded crude rough lightning superficial untactful brief rushing unconcerned imperceptive frivolous wanton prodigal gauche intemperate shortsighted previous capricious automatic gruff desperate profuse clumsy excessive impromptu whirlwind harsh blithe napping bungling unpolished fleeting reactive haphazard brisk blundering awkward uncircumspect vulgar unsagacious astigmatic instantaneous fleet unpredictable instant short instinctive mechanical oblivious nonchalant knee-jerk wasteful unconscious untroubled impracticable frantic unworkable involuntary intuitive erratic unplanned spendthrift unworried unforeseen uninterested irreflective unanticipated abandoned thriftless boorish blunt unreserved feckless hectic passing desultory death-defying sharp immediate subitaneous summary unfettered deaf listless near-sighted fanciful expeditious sloppy snap coarse careless of dozy crass hot breathless rapid-fire nippy splitting snappy galloping zippy fleet-footed dizzy rattling blistering short-term lax credulous unprepared meteoric accelerated prompt unlooked-for quickie without warning nearsighted whistle-stop jumping the gun ad hoc short-lived luxurious cool heady fearless intrepid courageous radge unrealistic unthoughtful surprising snatched brave dauntless undaunted chaotic lively trigger-happy tempestuous empty-headed barmy suicidal scatty fantastic unduly quick hazardous disregarding riotous shiftless profligate too soon startling happy-go-lucky wide open uneconomical unthrifty unfeeling derelict nonobservant half-cocked risk-taking lunatic fantastical easy-going unaware uninformed off deep end out on limb slipshod undiscerning unsophisticated lawless dotty dippy inconstant divvy unintended airy flippant insouciant unpractical gratuitous supererogative fly-by-night ditsy delinquent short-range restricted limited extemporaneous unwarned unknowing unsuspecting swaggering breezy romping light-minded disorderly disregardful insane unreal bizarre self-destructive overnight fast-track squandering free-spending reflex unintentional unwitting uncouth tasteless incidental off one's guard apathetic whimsical uninhibited momentary monstrous scandalous heinous anxious fluctuating fickle fitful uncreative unimaginative careless of one's duty callous emotional unprompted freakish unrepressed unfussy purposeless lackadaisical fugacious transitory without regard shocking atrocious worried distracted straightforward alacritous quick-fire unhesitating in the dark supererogatory hit-or-miss cyclonic hurricane tumultuous very fast tornado half-hearted slight token lacking foresight slack rude unmeditated vacant unmeant brutish asleep at the switch out to lunch sketchy routine eager fierce ardent like a bull in a china shop heavy-handed free and easy uncalled-for impassioned vehement unbridled shallow random depthless uncritical uncivil unreflecting ad-lib fervid restive forgetful unperceptive winging it not in the loop hit or miss heedless of abundant free volatile inattentive to disregardful of going off deep end spasmodic acute quickened paying no heed to neglectful of blind to unheeding of regardless of taking no notice of unconscious of deaf to not paying attention oblivious to explosive unusual speeded high-speed without notice without delay out of the blue not bargained for express extremely fast dangerously fast at speed flat-out at full tilt


An act that goes against a law, rule, or code of conduct
transgression crime sin wrongdoing offence wrong error misdeed fault trespass breach lapse misdemeanour violation lawbreaking misbehaviour felony indiscretion peccadillo vice debt encroachment evil-doing infringement malefaction mischief mischievousness misdoing offense wickedness contravention infraction iniquity misbehavior misdemeanor slip bad behaviour breaking of the law delinquency misconduct malfeasance criminality dereliction impropriety atrocity mistake scandal gaffe blunder illegality faux pas failing outrage unlawful act negligence boob goof lawlessness villainy evildoing solecism immorality injury gaff malpractice miscue caper delictum delict tort stumble criminal act racket flub clanger peccancy slipup fluff blooper fast one slip-up immoral act misjudgement misjudgment fall from grace boo-boo evil corruption oversight abomination gaucherie break abuse misstep bloomer hit petty larceny failure illegal act bungle screw-up improper act mortal sin act of wickedness job breaking case depravity inaccuracy evil deed impingement fumble guilt unlawfulness mismanagement miscalculation familiarity screwup clinker bad behavior brick cybercrime injustice trip e-crime omission bobble unprofessionalism naughtiness malversation foul-up violation of the law infraction of the law breach of the law antisocial behavior boner breach of etiquette howler bad deed unprofessional behaviour bad foul play flaw indulgence glitch dereliction of duty unethical behaviour breach of ethics petty crime perversity vandalism dishonesty wrongfulness ill shortcoming sneak enormity flouting carelessness profanity blasphemy rupture dirt miscarriage illegitimacy wrongness clandestineness illicitness evil behavior obtrusion entrenchment poaching incompetence misuse impiety shadiness crookedness act of dereliction act of misconduct misunderstanding dirty pool dirty deed sinning misapprehension knavery disservice wrongful entry veniality non-observance professional misconduct misjudging horseplay insubordination shenanigans incivility rudeness indiscipline affliction calamity moral transgression blow catastrophe breach of conduct unrighteousness dodginess arson rape robbery murder assault burglary slight sinfulness maladministration unlawful activity degradation backsliding non-compliance with invasion evil act charge bad act unjust act thinko mess-up defect flop indecorum hash mess botch failure to observe intrusion fall disruption act of evil Freudian slip lapse of etiquette social blunder colossal blunder criminal offense acting up monkey business disturbance violating interruption blunder in etiquette yielding to temptation original sin fail upset trespassing transgressing hiccup goof-up brain fart folly barry hastiness ingenuousness simple-mindedness excitability naivete unseemliness indiscreetness stupidity thoughtlessness bumble unthinkingness misspeak crudeness dumb move foolish mistake dropping the ball slip of the tongue


Present participle for to commit a mistake or error
blundering mistaking miscalculating misjudging boobing slipping up fouling up goofing screwing up flubbing fluffing fumbling stumbling tripping getting something wrong going wrong making a blunder making a mistake misapprehending blowing blowing it bollixing boo-booing deviating fluffing something getting it wrong getting things wrong going astray goofing up lousing up messing up muffing nodding snafuing making a boo-boo barking up the wrong tree blotting your copybook making a bloomer snarling up dropping the ball making a hash of something dropping a brick getting the wrong end of the stick making a mess of putting your foot in it bungling botching bobbling butchering bumbling mangling boggling booting foozling dubbing mucking up murdering mismanaging spoiling bollixing up tripping up mishandling making a muck of gumming up making an error making a hash of muddling marring ruining bodging making a Horlicks of making a nonsense of ballsing up speaking out of turn dropping a clanger balling up putting your foot in your mouth floundering messing slipping doing badly making a pig's ear of making a howler confusing misconstruing misdirecting misconducting hashing mending distorting misapplying miscomputing missing botching up wrecking getting wrong making a botch of falling down muddling up erroring misestimating misreading misunderstanding misstepping missteping careening queering making hash of lousing faltering making mistake muffing something up lapsing making a slip fudging misgoverning mishitting making a dog's dinner of choking misfielding doing clumsily grappling making a faux pas making a false move pulling a boner misconjecturing failing doing something badly mutilating patching damaging misruling maladministering losing the handle miscuing mixing up making a boner miscueing snarling perverting prostituting exploiting confounding overlooking misemploying putting foot in mouth sinning delivering badly behaving badly jumbling destroying muffling veiling bollocksing up bolloxing bolixing bolloxing up bolixing up stuffing up wasting squandering losing miscarrying throwing scuppering fouling throwing away jacking up


Present participle for to fail to adhere to the proper or accepted standards


Present participle for make an incorrect estimate of
misestimating misjudging miscalculating misconstruing misunderstanding misgauging misreading misconceiving misinterpreting mismeasuring misdeeming mistaking underrating underestimating overestimating blundering undervaluing overvaluing overrating misreckoning stumbling miscounting blowing discounting disregarding overlooking getting wrong going wrong slipping up messing up getting signals crossed dropping the ball mixing up missing by a mile getting it wrong taking amiss misapprehending getting the wrong idea getting the wrong end of the stick making a mistake confounding misknowing miscomprehending confusing putting a wrong interpretation on getting the wrong idea about misperceiving missing getting someone wrong getting hold of the wrong end of the stick receiving a false impression estimating wrongly getting the wrong impression misapplying judging incorrectly missing the point boobing misthinking losing count misrepresenting calculating wrongly failing perverting distorting taking wrongly not registering getting your lines crossed about getting wrong impression taking something the wrong way getting the wrong impression about getting signals mixed taking the wrong way mishearing getting your lines crossed getting your wires crossed mistranslating setting too low exaggerating getting a false impression of making a wrong interpretation of failing to understand making an error getting something wrong making a mistake about making a boo-boo making a howler supposing prejudging dogmatizing misconjecturing belittling presupposing wronging presuming getting the wrong end of the stick about barking up wrong tree doing someone an injustice jumping to the wrong conclusion about coming to hasty conclusion putting foot in falsifying misidentifying muddling up having wrong impression garbling conflating miscategorizing misclassifying mischaracterizing failing to appreciate mislabelling misdiagnosing mislabeling taking for wrongly diagnosing misinterpreting as mistaking for confusing with confounding with incorrectly diagnosing mixing up with

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